Best Friends Forever

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When, I wake up, I’m still naked. Man, all that fucking last night was so tiring. My girlfriend better be satisfied.

I look at the time, and it’s nearly 10:00 AM.

“Shit,” I say to myself. I’m supposed to meet Garrett at 11:30. I head over to the bathroom.

When I look at myself in the mirror, I don’t flinch. I mean, damn, I’m pretty hot, if I say so myself. Black, tousled, hair, big, brown, eyes, and no chest hair? That’s pretty good for an 18 year old. And did I mention, my 7″ cock? That’s something not all the girls know about.

So, I put on my shirt, my skinny jeans, and my sneakers. I’m still quite tired, but hey, Garrett’s my best friend.

I take a cab to his place. I knock on the door, and he immediately opens it.

Hey, Blythe!” he says, sounding excited.

“What’s up, bro,” I say.

“You know, I just wanted to hang out. That fine?” Garrett asks, embarrassed. He looks at me with his intense sea-green eyes. He was almost as good-looking as I am. He had messy dark brown hair, and I promising six-pack. I’ve seen him naked, and man! That 9″ cock? Wow. Not that I’m gay though.

“Oh, yeah, bro, that’s fine,” I say.

“Okay, I’ll just get something in the bedroom,” he says.

I sit down on the couch. 5 minutes pass. 10 minutes. Where the hell is he?

“Hey, Garrett? Where are you?” I almost shout.

“In here, Blythe,” he says. It came from the bedroom.

So I walk into the room.

“What the hell were you–” When I look up, he’s sprawled on the bed, naked.

“Duuuude,” I say. I don’t know what to say. “What’s going on, Garrett?”

He smirks. “Come here,” he says.

Dammit. I’m not gay. I don’t want to fuck Garrett. He’s my friend.

But the stare of his green eyes scare me. I take a step forward.

“Give me your hand,” he says to me. I hold out my hand, and he wraps it around his cock. He was naked, but I was still fully dressed.

“Oh,” he moans quietly, has I wrap my hand around düzce escort bayan it.

Using his both hands, he takes off my shirt, then my pants.

“Take that off,” he points to my underwear.


“Just take it off!”

There I am standing naked in front of him. He leans forward, and kisses me. At first, it’s tender, then he shoves his tongue down my throat. I gag. He grabs the back of my head, and intensifies the kiss more.

In between kisses, I moan. I don’t know why, but I’m starting to like it.

He pushes me to the bed, and goes on top of me. We make out more. I suck his tongue, he sucks my bottom lip, then I bite him… the list goes on and on.

After about ten minutes, he breaks the kiss. We’re both breathing hard.

“Did you like that?” he asks. His voice is full of lust.

“Garrett, man, I’m not gay. I don’t want to fuck. But sure… that felt good,” I say, quietly.

I look down, and discover my cock is hard.

“Shit,” I say under my breath.

“What’s that?”

“Nothing,” I say.

“So you don’t want to fuck?” he asks, disappointed.

“No, man. Sorry.”

“Then I’ll make you want me so bad, you’re going to start begging for my huge cock in your ass,” he says, angrily.


But he already starts to lick my neck. I finds his way down to my nipples, and begins to suck and bite them.

“Oh God, yeah,” I moan. What the hell? Why am I enjoying this?

He begins to kiss my stomach. He works his way down, and begins to lick my cock.

“Fuck, man!” I gasp. I’ve never had a guy suck me.

At that, he begins to suck my cock so hard, I feel so horny, I grab the back of his head and push him down all the way to take in all of my cock.

“Fuck. Fuck. Dude, stop, it feels too good,” I gasp.

But of course, he doesn’t stop. He just begins to suck my head, and tongue fuck my slit. Both my balls are in his left hand, and he jerks escort düzce off the rest of my cock. I immediately cum

“Holy fuck! I’m cumming!” I scream.

My load fills his mouth. He doesn’t swallow; instead, he starts kissing me. My cum explodes all over my face. I swallow some of it. He breaks the kiss.

“Do you want me now,” he asks. He’s so horny.

“Fuck yes, man,”

“Beg for it. Show me how much you want me,” he says.

“Garrett, fuck my virgin ass with your huge cock. Fuck me so hard, the neighbors will hear me scream. Fuck me so hard, I won’t be able to walk,” I say, lustily. “Please, man. Just fuck me.”

I start crying. It’s just that I’m so impossibly horny, I can’t wait another minute. “Fuck me, Garrett. Please,” I moan.

He smirks. He lifts up my feet so both are on the shoulders.

“Are you ready, bitch?”

I moan my answer.

He has no lube.

His throbbing cock enters my ass. At first, it hurts, but I get used to it.

“Ohhhh, God.”

“You want more?”

“Yes, oh God. Yeahh,”

He pushes the rest of his cock in. I scream. He starts to fuck me so hard, I couldn’t think straight anymore.

“Yeah, fuck me.”

“You like that, you slut?” he asks.

I moan.

“God, you’re so tight,” he moans. I don’t know if that’s good or bad.

“Ohhh,” I moan.

After about a minute, I moan so loud, I’m sure the neighbors could hear us.

“Show me how hot my cock makes you, Blythe. Show me,” he growls. I grab hold of my poor cock, and jerk it off furiously. I cum immediately on my chest. Some of it reaches my neck.

“Oh, fuck! I’m cumming! Get ready!” Garrett screams. He’s still fucking me so hard and fast, but he turns it up a notch. I don’t know how much faster he could go.

Then it happens. All of his cum floods my ass. We both scream.

He pulls out his throbbing cock.

It felt so fucking good.

“Dammit,” I gasp.

“I’m düzce escort going to take a shower,” he says, as if nothing happened.

“Can I join you?”

“Of course,” he says.

On the way to the bathroom, we start kissing again. He’s such a good kisser.

He turns the water on, and by the time we’re both wet, we’re kissing each other wildly. I jerk off his cock, and he jerks off mine.

I break the kiss, and kneel down. I start sucking his cock.

“Holy fuck, suck it, you bitch. Suck it!” Garrett screams.

I suck him harder. He cums right away.

“Swallow all of it.”

I take it all in. But it was too much.

“Dammit! Swallow it all!” Garrett slaps me.

“I…. can’t,” I gasp.

“Stand up and fuck me,” he says.

I obediently enter his ass.

“Ohh, God, it feels so good, Blythe.”

I fuck him harder.

“Yeahh, that’s it.”

I pull out.

“Let’s fuck in front of the mirror,” I say.

We both dry up, and we position ourselves. He’s on all fours, while I stand up.

“Fuck me. Now. Hard,” he begs.

I enter him again, and start fucking him hard.

I cum in about three minutes.

“Damn it, I think that’s it for me,” I pant.

“No!” Garrett cries. He starts sucking me vigorously.

“Dude, I can’t.”

We go on the bed again. We’re kissing each other tenderly. But I can tell he wants more.

“Do you want to do that again?” I ask.

“Yes, babe,” he answers.

“Just not now, okay?”

He kisses me a bit harder. I fall asleep.

When I wake up, I thought I was having a wet dream. But I realized Garrett was sucking me. I came immediately. Surprisingly, it was a huge load.

Garrett was taken by surprise. He didn’t swallow it.

“Oh, babe, I’ll swallow it all next time,” he said.

Then he fell asleep.

I was horny again. I got up, and started fucking his ass. He didn’t feel anything. But I came, again. I was screaming so loud, he woke up.

“Oh–” he said.

But I was already kissing him, hard. We were wrapped in each other’s arms.

In between kisses, he said, “I love you.”

I answered, “I love you, too.”

That was the best fuck I’ve ever had, fucking Garrett. I will never forget it.

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