Better Loving through Chemistry Ch. 01

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I walked away from a job as the resident chemist in a printing company when I spilled highly toxic chemicals on my crotch. That one hit way too close to home. The company specialized in reflective plastics, holographic paper and all sorts of odd printing jobs so we used a lot of unusual chemicals, some of them highly cancerous. The guys running the place were jerks and skipped on a lot of safety measures.

When my crotch became the latest victim of their negligence, I walked. To shut me up, they offered me a very nice severance package. All this to explain how, at 27, I ended up with six months of paid free time on my hands. So of course I started making drugs.

I was living in a loft in the industrial part of town, a great big space surrounded by workshops and warehouses. I had weird work hours and weird friends who liked to party all night. And go to raves. The industrial setting was perfect for that kind of lifestyle. I also knew from experience that the drugs the kids were taking these days were crap. It offended my professional sensibilities when what you thought was a good hit of Ecstasy turned out to be a mix of Speed and baby laxative.

So I made my own. A nice, small batch for me and my friends when we went out partying. I had the means. I had always kept some chemistry equipment at my place, mostly to experiment with food. I made protein powders and supplements because sometimes I was too lazy to cook and wanted some small amount of goo to give me all the nutrition I needed. Gross, but it worked most of the time. So I had most of the equipment I needed, and access to chemicals through various school contacts. In short, I had the lab, the means, the time, and the motivation.

Soon I became “that guy”, the one with the good stuff. I never made a lot, never to sell. For me, it was a matter of safety, and to give back to the friends who made my life a little better. And for the awesome fucking nights rolling on E.

I loved those nights, the sweaty bodies shaken by the thumping music, the waves of heat that ran through the crowd, the mind-expanding spaces you found yourself in as you followed the thread of rhythm. And the girls. Dear God the girls, so many so close, some so nearly naked. The underground raves always felt like they were an inch away from some Dionysian celebration. I kept waiting for the women to rip off their clothes and start gyrating naked in honor of their drunken god.

No such luck.

There was also the problem of the limp dick I got from taking E. Rolling was fun, but I always found myself unable to perform later that night. Too tired, too relaxed and distracted… I had hooked up with a few of the girls in our circle of friends, but I was slightly embarrassed at how often that had simply turned into a night of kissing and hugging until we fell asleep. Nicole in particular. She was a pretty brunette, slim and tall, with a big friendly smile and a shy demeanor. She could dance though. She had crashed many times at my place and I had spent many mornings admiring her ass as she gathered her stuff or made breakfast. Most of the time that ass was in little cotton panties though. Another night spent hugging. I was sick of hugging.

The scientist in me approached the problem like any other chemical problem. Usually, the matter came down to the right amount of the right ingredients. In this case, what I needed was the mind and heart expanding aspects of Ecstasy, but with a dash of energy for the post dancing fun. E and Viagra, essentially. I put my mind to it. It took many almanbahis tries. Too often one chemical neutralized the effect of the other. I finally settled on a method that used a mix of natural herbs and vitamins as well as a tweaked version of MDMA.

I went to the rave that weekend with two doses of my special concoction in my pocket. I also had a few of the regular kind to give out. The place was fairly packed, with about a hundred people jammed inside an old factory. The tin walls and roof barely separated us form the outside, but no one was around at that time of night in that neighborhood. The party was on, the DJ was getting the crowd riled up. The lights were dim, but here and there flashes of light revealed the sweaty dancers.

I was approached by Jen, a cute blond in a pixie haircut. She hugged me and kissed my ear. She looked at me, all puppy eyed. I smiled and slipped a dose in her hand. A regular one. She smiled and skipped away, swaying her ass. I gave away a few more doses to friends before finally finding Nicole. She was in the middle of the dance floor, swaying with the music. She was dressed in loose paisley pants and a long vest that fell to mid-thigh. A cropped tank top covered her breasts. She had a few beads in her hair but otherwise looked far less colorful than everyone else here. I didn’t care. I knew that she was far from boring. Just not as extroverted as others is all.

I danced up to her and whispered in her ear: “I have something stronger than usual, do you want to try?” I put the small tab on my tongue, making a show of swallowing it. She cocked an eyebrow and grinned, then nodded. I placed the tab on her tongue and watched her swallow. We danced some more.

I tested a small dose before, at home, which felt great. Here on the dance floor, with the music blasting and the lights flashing when the drug hit it was like jumping off of a moving train. The world suddenly took a deep breath and then the entire scene flashed forward, and up, and out. The music took over and my body moved. Nicole grabbed my arm and I suddenly could feel her, not just her hand but her whole body, connected to mine by that simple touch. My eyes, meanwhile, were just trying to keep up with the intense visual distortions that surrounded me. Quite pretty, but intense. I focused on Nicole and found her staring at me, her eyes deep and wide and radiant. We both smiled at each other. Because under the slightly overwhelming effect was a tinge of pure joy and love.

I thought I was standing there looking at her, but in fact my body was moving with the music. Nicole closed her eyes and started dancing as well. I kept my eyes on her, but she kept hers shut. She started moving with the music as well, but unlike any dancing that I’ve seen her so before. Her whole body was undulating from head to toe, as if the waves of music were rising from the ground and flaring up through her loose body. It was incredibly sensual. Her hips became the focus of the movement while her hands waved through the air, then through her hair, then down her body.

She brushed her hands down to her thighs and back up, slowly tracing her fingertips across her inner thighs, briefly dipped across her pussy, up her bare belly, swirled around her breasts, up her neck and up in her hair before rising up into the air. I had never seen her so nakedly sensual, especially in public. This was no hallucination; the visual distortions had receded and all that was left were color streaks in the corner of my eyes. Colors were sharper, but almanbahis giriş that was about it. The feeling of joy was still there, and the looseness in the limbs. That pulsing wave of pleasure with every beat of music that drove the body to move.

I was lost in the feeling for some time because the next thing I new I was watching Nicole with her hands under her shirt, massaging her breasts. She clawed her fingertip down and across her belly, tracing circles around her belly button. Her shirt had been pushed up, revealing the black bra she wore underneath and most of a bared breast, pink nipple defiantly peeking out. She plunged her hands under the edge of her pants. I thought she was going to go for it right there on the dance floor, but she swept across and past her crotch. Her pants had quite the elastic waistband. The looseness of the pants allowed her to have both arms up to the elbows in the legs of them. She was obviously running her hands across the bare flesh of her legs as she danced.

The music suddenly blasted a new rhythm and she whipped up her arms in the air, letting her pants drop low, barely hanging on her hip bones. An inch of underwear showed, as well as a small tuft of brown pubic hair. Arms up, stretching her body to the roof, Nicole exposed a long length of skin from nipple to the deep V of her hips. Her belly button became the target of my focus. I knelt in front of her and kissed it, my hands wrapped around her waist. She raised me up to my feet and held my head in her hand. Our hips started to move in unison, a slow grind to the music that blasted around us. We were oblivious to anything or anyone else in the room. We were locked eye to eye, her skin hot against mine.

We must have danced like that for several hours, because next thing I knew the sun was rising and we were in a cab, then in a hallway, then in my bed. Nicole was next to me, her hot breath on my neck. We were still fully clothed, but I had to change that. Every time our bare skin touched we exchanged a flash of intense communication, as if our bodies were talking to each other through the medium of flesh.

I ran my hands over her bare mid-rift, pushing up her tank top. My thumb grazed the edge of her bra, pushed under, letting my whole hand slide under and cup her breast. Her hard nipple poked my palm. I could feel her wave of pleasure as it radiated from my palm through her nipple, like a wave of electricity. I ran my other hand along her side, pulling her shirt up and off over her head, stripping her of her top and vest. She shook her hair loose and embraced me, our mouths meeting in a long and intense kiss. She pulled my shirt off of me until we could embrace closer, skin to skin. I crushed her breasts against my chest, her nipples poking into my flesh like shards.

But everything else about her felt so soft, smelled so good. I buried my face in her hair, her fragrance almost knocking me down. It was a forest and primeval Earth and the thick fur of a lioness in heat. We kicked our pants off, thrashing our legs, rolling on the bed, laughing in each others mouth as we tried to keep kissing.

She gripped my hard, hard cock, this horn growing out of my belly, and guided it into her pussy. There was no resistance, just wet warmth. Her tongue in my mouth was as wet and lively as the flesh around my cock. She rocked in rhythm, pulsating up and down the whole length of it, her back undulating under my hand. I clutched at her hair with my other hand. We were both breathing heavily though our flared nostrils, almanbahis yeni giriş the air we breathed hot and pungent.

Her rhythm became off, jerky. She was cumming around my cock, the wetness spreading around my thighs and balls. She continued riding me, spasming over and over again.

Suddenly she sat up. I was on my back, hands reaching up for her. She grabbed my hands and pressed them to her breasts, massaging her nipples with my fingers. She ground herself onto me, rapidly moving her clit across my pubic bone, my cock buried in her as deep as it could go. She came again, hard, a single long clenching of her whole body.

I should she was going to collapse but she just remained still for a heartbeat or two. I couldn’t see her face, her hair had fallen down in front of it, matted with sweat. Her pussy was swollen and red, wet, her pubic hair a damp mess of brown curls. Then she started rocking her hips again. She needed more.

With one hand she grabbed hold of my head, one thumb tracing my lips. With her other hand she reached down. She rocked forward, freeing my cock from her warm pussy. Her hand grabbed my cock, guided it. Before I knew what she was up to she sat back down on it, driving it deep, inch by inch, into her ass. No lube was needed, we were soaking wet from the waist down with her juices and our mingled sweat. The ring of her asshole pressed on the tip of my cock. Like a moist mouth it relaxed and opened, sliding down along the length of my cock.

She paused. All I could feel was the tightness around my cock. She leaned forward and her wet pussy was pressed forward like a wet kiss across my belly. She was adjusting herself, moving her legs forward. Each movement was delicious agony, my cocking sliding around her ass.

She sat up again, this time with her feet under herself. Her pussy was down aimed at me, wet, open to the air, framed by her long thighs. She braced herself with her hands behind her, opening herself even more, breasts jutting up. She looked at me and our eyes locked. She started rising up and down. Fucking herself in the ass with my cock. It was raw, hungry, her pace growing with her need, but throughout her eyes remained locked on mine. Her face started contorting in what looked like pain. I knew the massive orgasm that was building, I could feel the wave rising, spreading from her ass, her waist, spreading across her body and mine, closing a loop between our eyes and our intermingled sexes.

She freed a hand and started furiously rubbing her clit. I briefly thought about doing something for her, to her, but her pleasure was so raw and personal I knew I could not match what she was doing to herself. Fucking herself in the ass on my cock, pussy open, clit ravaged by her fingers. Her body suddenly closed, her mouth gaped open, head thrown back. Her fingers curled into her pussy, three of them disappearing, pulling at herself. She uncurled, pushed herself deeper on my cock, grabbed my head again, staring at me. She started pumping up and down on my cock, drawing me closer and closer to orgasm. She could see it on my face, shared my pleasure. She started making cooing noises as my hips started jerking, pushing in her. No words came out of our mouths, just noises and whimpers.

Finally I came, lifting my hips, and her, off the bed. She held on to me, accepting the full thrust of my cock into her body, her mouth on mine the better to drink in my scream of pleasure.

We collapsed on the bed and fell asleep in each others arms.

The next morning I woke up feeling completely refreshed and relaxed, but alone.

I padded naked around the loft, looking for Nicole. She was gone. But on the bathroom mirror she had drawn a heart with her lipstick. I smiled, both excited and uncertain about what was to come of this.

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