Betty’s Blog of Bound Boobies Ch. 02

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The fidgety girl went to relieve herself and readied a glass of wine. Her gaze drifted back to the waiting holes in the wall. Would she be able to stuff her tits through those taunting openings? How would that feel? The event started at 9am, so she had to be ready by then. But if something didn’t work out? Shouldn’t she check if her boobs actually fit?

Betty walked over to the wall, positioned her naked body properly and pressed her soft breasts against the two intriguing gaps. It quickly became obvious that it wouldn’t be that easy. The openings were simply too small for her humongous melons. If she only had brought some duct tape and zip ties! Betty took another sip of wine and wondered if Bob had thought about this little problem.

Not sure what to do next, Betty searched the room for tools she could use to get herself prepared. The fridge indeed was well equipped and so was the bathroom. But that was no surprise as Bob had specifically mentioned those supplies in his note. What was a surprise though, and a rather pleasant one at that, was the sizeable dildo she found in a drawer of the nightstand, complete with a small bottle of lube and a note that simply said ‘Enjoy!’

Betty inspected the toy closely and wondered if the fat pleasure stick would fit inside her little box. It was definitely bigger than anything she had fucked so far. The odd base of the rubber dong piqued her interest, especially the little metal bracket on the lower end of its shaft. Suspecting that it was designed to fit on some sort of holder she went back to the holes and searched the area. And indeed, there was a sturdy looking little plug of sorts affixed to the wall, just at the right height. She slid the toy into the holder and giggled like a schoolgirl. The pink rubber dong pointed vertically up in the air, the slight angle making it aim right at where her tight love tunnel would be. The toy buzzed for a brief moment before it died down again, the thick shaft jiggling slowly. Betty wrapped her hand around the fat head and grinned excitedly. This little adventure turned out to be better than expected. But first she had to take care of the important part, her tits.

Another search finally netted her what she needed. A bag full of thick, strong rubber bands had been waiting for her in one if the cupboards, complete with small scissors in case she needed to cut them. Happy that she was finally able to fix her little problem, Betty sat down and took another sip. Her thoughts wandered as she pictured herself trapped in those holes, invisible strangers prodding her flesh from the other side, the large pleasure stick squeezing climax after climax out of her sweaty, writhing body. The excitement was just too much for her and once again her fingers found their way to her squishy, wet sex.

“Come on, girl!” she scolded herself, “Time to focus!” and turned her attention to the bag she just found. She grabbed one of the black bands and began toying with it, stretching the material in different ways. It was a strong band alright but it was perfect for the task at hand. Betty glanced at the watch. It was 3am already. “Time flies when you’re busy!” she thought and decided to check her blog.

First she was alarmed when she saw a post on there that wasn’t from her. But then she remembered that she had created an account for Bob and handed him the keys to the kingdom so to speak. He had argued that he needed access and admin rights if he should indeed take ownership of Beep and Boop. If he owned those two puppies it would only be logical that he owned their güvenilir bahis blog as well. Hard to argue against. So what did Bob write about?

To the fans of Beep and Boop,

As we wait for those two sweet, squishy balls of flesh to appear at our event tomorrow, I would like to hear what you guys would like to see them perform. It’s still a bit early but I for one can’t stop thinking what to do with those cuties. I’m planning a number of experiments to find out what they like best and I would love to get some inspiration from their fans. If everything goes according to plan I’m confident my esteemed guests tomorrow will be happy to try some of your ideas on our two squishy stars. So use this opportunity and tell me what you like to see!

Betty scrolled down, wondering what her fans would come up with. But for some reason she couldn’t open any of the comments, even though the feedback counter was showing 57 new comments and climbed up as she watched! Did Bob lock her out of her own blog?

Of course the post had sent her mind on a spin. She couldn’t stop thinking about all the things her fans would suggest and the fact that she couldn’t even see what they proposed drove the excited girl crazy. And it made her horny as hell. She took another sip as she thought about the possibilities, her sweaty hands massaging her tender melons as she fantasized about the things to come. It didn’t take long for her hand to find her dripping sex once again and soon Betty was screaming like a banshee as her fingers violated her hot, tight hole.

Once more she scolded herself for her weakness as her body slowly recovered. And she was only too aware that she hadn’t progressed with her task in the slightest. It was high time for her to prepare Beep and Boop.

Getting ready to start her preparations, she suddenly wondered how everything would play out on her blog. Sure, Bob would post his stuff, engage with her fanbase and set up everything to his liking. But shouldn’t Beep and Boop comment on how things were going? Bob would know jack about how her boobies felt, so that’s something she would need to take care of herself. And of course she could, but for that she would need to have her mobile in her hand and type while being tethered to the wall by her own tits! Would that actually work? She grabbed her phone, opened the blog and created a new post. At least Bob still allowed her to do that! Before she started writing, she pressed herself against the wall, simulating how her body would be positioned once she had pushed her tits through the holes.

And… it didn’t work. She simply didn’t have enough space to type anything. But without Beep and Boop commenting it was only half the fun! She was stumped. Why didn’t she think about this earlier?

Betty toyed with her phone wondering what to do. Suddenly a pop-up appeared on the screen, nagging her to try out voice control. Voice control! That would work! Finally a reason to use that stupid feature! Happy to have found a solution, Betty began experimenting. It didn’t take long for her to get the hang of it. She even changed the hot word to activate the phone to “Boobies” just for the fun of it! Satisfied with herself she performed a final test and let her mobile write a blog post just by talking to it.

Beep and Boop speaking,

We are about to make our appearance! Just trying out if everything works of course as we have still a few hours until the grand opening and our previous owner still hopes for a bit of rest before the show. We couldn’t care less about her needy self güvenilir bahis siteleri and just want to know how our new home feels! By the way, for some reason our new owner, this Bob guy, doesn’t want us to know what you guys are up to, which, we have to admit, makes us a bit nervous. There’s of course not much we can do about it but please keep it civil, OK? We certainly enjoy the attention and love a bit of rough play but don’t overdo it, alright?

Looking forward to meet you all,

Beep and Boop

Betty checked the text before posting it and was satisfied that everything seems to work just as well as typing it by hand. She looked at the watch again. 6am, no time for rest! Butterflies in her stomach made her feel queasy.

She quickly went to the restroom again, drank some water and went to work. The rubber bands were a bitch to get on, but with enough force she could pull them open far enough to get her tits through. Betty groaned with pleasure as the rubber bit into her tender flesh with force and, within seconds, transformed her soft melons into tight balls. The first bands squeezed the base of her breasts which of course didn’t really help in her quest as it made her tits expand even more. But the following bands positioned in half an inch distance from each other slowly modelled her soft appendages into the form of fat sausages which would be much more helpful for the task at hand.

Squirming from sweet pain, Betty tried whether her breasts would now fit through the holes. Positioned against the wall, she pressed her chest forward, carefully aiming for the rubber-clad openings. Dammit! It surely looked like they should slip right through but something was still blocking her progress.

Betty wondered what to do, examining her weirdly shaped tits jutting in front of her. Then she remembered the lube. Of course! If she made her twins oily and squishy enough they would probably just pop through! And while she was at it, she really should set up that pleasure stick as well! Where was the fun without it?

And so she got going. Soon, her disfigured twins were glistening with lube and the fat dildo, equally shining and oily was dancing on the wall. Breathing nervously, the naked girl was ready to try her luck again. But this time she climbed the dildo first and made sure the sqishy, lubed-up toy found its way into her needy cunt. She sighed with pleasure as the rubber dong penetrated her body. Betty wanted to fuck the fat thing right there and now and it took all her willpower to not get distracted. But somehow she managed to contain the urge and instead pressed her oddly shaped tits against the small openings in the wall.

It wasn’t easy. The holes were still a bit too tight and Betty really had to push forward. But she felt that she slowly made progress. Bit by bit she worked her flesh into the intriguing gaps, stuffing Beep and Boop inside the challenging openings as good as possible. Somehow she made it work, but there was one thing that concerned her a bit. All the squeezing made the rubber bands slowly slide towards her chest. The one close to the tips of her breast had already joined its neighbour and both were well on their way to the band sitting next to them. Betty had a bad feeling about this but continued to push her flesh through either way.

Huffing and puffing, the girl finally managed to push most of her breast through, but the price she paid was now sitting tight against her chest. All the rubber bands had assembled around the bases of her tits and constricted her flesh with force. iddaa siteleri Betty enjoyed the sensations rushing through her body. Her full pussy and her bloated tits excited her to no end. She frantically rocked her ass, desperate to get more friction between her legs.

Ugh, those rubber bands were a tight affair! Way too tight in fact! She had to do something about that and quick. The scissors in the bag, where were they? Betty craned her neck, happy to see that the tool she so desperately needed was still lying on the table behind her. She reached out with her hands, her fingers touching the promising metal. Thank god those scissors were close enough! Pulling her body back a little she confirmed what she already knew: She was indeed stuck. Her bloated pillows were swollen enough that she couldn’t pull them out again, and the constricting ring of rubber around their bases just made things worse. Peering down her bust she worked the blades around the bands and quickly cut them away.

The relief was not as big as she had hoped, but it was still better than before. Betty pondered what to do, angry that she got herself stuck so early in the morning, and even more angry that she forgot to bring the bottle of wine close enough preventing her from taking another sip.

Suddenly she heard something rumble on the other side. A tiny, muffled voice said, “Nice to finally meet you, Beep and Boop. You’re early risers! Welcome to your new home. Let me help you two to get settled. Just relax, this might hurt a bit.”

Then she felt something touch her breasts, two large hands were grabbing Beep and Boop and slowly pulled her flesh away from the wall. Betty grimaced, tears building up in her eyes. She felt her trapped melons move a bit, felt the little tissue remaining on her side of the wall slide through the holes. Once everything was on the other side the hands seemed to be satisfied and patted her swollen flesh approvingly.

“Now then, let’s get everything set up for our little show, shall we?” she heard the voice mumble and felt something cold embracing her left breast. The fact that she couldn’t see what was happening to her made Betty squirm in anticipation. What was the person, presumably Bob, doing to her? Why did he put this… thing… around her breast? It felt like some sort of metal ring that he had squeezed around her troubled flesh. Now she felt him push the cold object into the already overfilled hole. But she couldn’t be sure! And even if so, what the hell was the purpose? She heard Bob talking again.

“You two look great! Now we’ll just have to wire you up so your previous owner can have a bit of fun as well! That’s one… and… another one. All set! Let’s see if it works!”

Betty still had no clue what was going on. But then she felt the hands touch her globes again and… she was in heaven. In an instant the vibrator powered on and rumbled in her dripping channel. Betty sighed happily, pressing herself down on the stick as far as she could. That toy was simply too good! And it only got better! The vibrations slowly increased, got stronger and stronger. Her body responded immediately and in moments Betty was squirming in pleasure. But then the hands left her boobs and… the vibrations stopped. The damn toy left her hanging, seconds away from a tremendous climax! Betty was furious.

“What the fuck!” she screeched, “Don’t stop now, please?”

The hands came back, and so did the vibrations. Again, Betty leaned back, squirming and groaning as the toy made her body sing.

“OK, that’s enough for now. Looks like your previous owner has installed the toy properly and everything is working alright!” she heard the voice saying and the hands left her bound balls for good.

“Oh come on, you’re evil!” Betty shouted, but there was no response.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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