Between Love and Hate

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The Western Life Center wasn’t the best place to lift but it wasn’t the worst. No one lifted there so the equipment was like new. There was a running track if Kent wanted to run, which he never did. The pool and sauna were a relief when he overdid it with the weights. And it was open twenty-four hours. That was a big selling point for him. Throwing the heavy bar around was a great way to unwind after a long night in the food safety lab.

The hot girl was on duty as she usually was this time of night. She glanced up when he beeped his card, then went back to her textbook. He gave up trying to make small talk with her long ago. He went past the treadmills, past the cable machines, right to the weight rack with the olympic bar and rubberized weights. Watery pop music played over the speakers so Kent put in his earbuds and queued up some real music. Time for deadlifts.

He was working up to his personal best, and getting close, when he saw the girl in his peripheral vision. Babes came in occasionally this late at night but rarely ventured past the stair-steppers and ellipticals. This one kept coming, though, maybe headed to the dumbbell rack. He wanted to check her out but didn’t want to be a dick about it. He kept his eyes on his reflection in the mirror. Pulled the bar up to his thighs, held it, dropped it.

It wasn’t until she was standing right next to him that he recognized her. Paula, damn her, in the flesh. His heart, already pumped from his efforts, raced at the sight of her. She was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, in real life or otherwise. And she looked like a million bucks tonight. Her cartoonish hourglass figure was on full display. Skimpy black spandex shorts barely contained her hips. Her plump breasts sat high and proud under a t-shirt which was cut off just under the word “UNIVERSITY’. Tiny sneakers and ankle socks completed the outfit.

This left plenty of skin on view, flawless skin over shapely limbs. Her eyes were clear, hair shiny. Her makeup and nails were artfully done. Those red smiling lips begged to be kissed. She radiated health and beauty and sexuality and it was all clearly to impress him. He should have been flattered. He hated her, swore he wouldn’t have a thing to do with her. But for a moment he wanted to take her in his arms and let her know how he really felt. His self-respect stopped him in the next moment. He pulled the buds out of his ear and dropped them into his bag.

“What are you doing here?” He asked her coldly, meeting her eyes in the mirror.

“I’m here to lift some weights, bruh.” Her tone was teasing, flirtatious. She held her arms up in the classic muscle pose and Kent saw the bottom inch of her titties peeking out from under the cut-off shirt. The slut wasn’t even wearing a bra. “Maybe if I get some muscles you’ll like me better.”

“Damn it, Paula. You can have any guy you want. Why you gotta bother me?”

“You can have any girl you want, Kent, and have me too, when you decide to be reasonable.”

“Why would I want you, again?”

“Because you love me.”

“Oh, I love you. What tipped you off? When I said ‘Get the fuck out before I throw you out’?”

“We say things we don’t mean when we’re angry.”

“I meant it then. I mean it now. We’re done. Kindly make yourself scarce.”

“OK, tough guy. I’ll give you a chance to prove how done you are.” She picked up her gym bag and threw it over her shoulder. “I’m going to the private locker room on the pool deck. I’ll leave the door unlocked. If you care to join me I’ll do anything you want for one whole hour.”

She leaned in close enough for him to smell her perfume. “One hour. Anything.”

Kent watched her strut away. She was fine, no arguing that. He shut his eyes and tried to purge her from his mind. He crouched and grasped the bar but regardless how he strained he could not get it off the ground. The succubus had sapped his will.


Paula acted beside herself with surprise when she saw him in the doorway, as if he just unexpectedly returned from a war. This annoyed him. But when she dropped to her knees in front of the full length mirror he forgot his annoyance. He locked the door behind him. This was a good place to do it. The pool deck was noisy with the sound of machinery and rushing water. And who swims at one in the morning? He went over to her and nudged her smiling lips with his swollen crotch.

“Hold up. I almost forgot.” Paula swiped and tapped on her bursa eskort bayan fitness watch. “I want to get credit for this. There might be an achievement for it. One hour, starting… now.”

She yanked his shorts to the floor and didn’t even pause to admire the stiff knob that sprang out at her. She simply put her mouth over the head, bobbed a couple times, then took it all the way down to the root before coming up under him to lick his balls. “Oh you’re all sweaty. I love it.” Her tongue swirled around in his pubic hair, circumnavigating up around the base of his cock and back down to his scrotum. What a hungry little whore she is.

She didn’t need to use her hands. Her lips and tongue were everywhere, always in the right place at the right time. She kept her hands on her thighs as she sat on her haunches. Kent watched her in the mirror. Watched her jaws working to accommodate his cock, saw her throat bulging when she took him deep, watched her ass straining the spandex fabric of her shorts. He reached down and pulled the half-shirt over her head, loving the sight of her pendulous boobs bouncing free.

Paula was in the zone and Kent wasn’t hating it. He was getting close to flooding her mouth when she brought her hand up to his shaft and took it out of her mouth. She pressed it to her cheek, opening very wide so his cock head fit in the depression between her two rows of teeth. She softly chewed the inside of her cheek which felt unreal on his dick through the rosy flesh of her face. “You sure you wanna come in my mouth, babe? You only have an hour.”

In answer, Kent grabbed her by her hair and stuffed his dick directly in her mouth, all the way in. After the vigorous deep throating she had already performed, her throat was completely accessible to him. He fucked her face without restraint, his heavy balls mashing against her chin on every stroke. The pressure built up and when he could take it no more he reached down and grabbed her by the nose and started filling her mouth up with come.

Paula gulped furiously to keep up with the wave after wave of his ejaculation. Kent let go of her nose and she gasped for air before resuming her sucking and swallowing. Damn, but she was good at that. Too bad she is such a treacherous snake. She traced her lips with thumb and forefinger, wiping away the excess come and saliva before licking them. “Oh, yummy.”

She rose to her feet and walked over to her gym bag. She took out a big towel and spread it over the changing bench in the center of the room. She pulled off her shorts, left on her sneakers. Taking a seat on the bench and primly putting hands on her knees, she asked, “What now, mister?”

Kent sat next to her and buried his face in her tits without preamble. Man, he could spend an hour on these milk jugs alone. But after a few minutes of motor-boating and groping he worked his way down to her belly button and pushed her knees apart. She fanned one leg over the bench and reclined, giving him access to her little pink pussy lips. Kent slipped his hands under her thighs and leaned in to inhale the sweet fragrance.

It might seem foolish to waste time going down on a slut, given the limited time he had at his disposal. But Kent genuinely enjoyed eating this particular slut’s pussy. He loved her scent, her flavor. He loved feeling up her ass while she wrapped her curvaceous legs around his head. He loved the soft moans she made while he stroked her pussy with long licks of his tongue and nuzzled her soft pubic hair with his cheeks and nose. He sucked lightly on her lips, making small popping sounds when he broke suction.

He dug his tongue into her groove and licked his way up from the bottom to the top of her vaginal opening. He did this several times, mashing her clitoris with the tip of his tongue each time. He pushed her legs up and out and tasted the skin between her pussy and ass. Then he zig-zagged his tongue up and down her entire pubic triangle before starting over and doing it all again and again.

He assumed she got off when he did this. Paula was not very demonstrative about her orgasms. Kent had a theory about why this was. She liked to be seen as a man-pleaser. Maybe she thought that showing too much pleasure in something he did diminished that image. When they were dating he tried to talk about her pleasure but she didn’t like to discuss it. So he just did the best he could and assumed it was enough. At some point she squeaked bursa merkez escort and bucked in his mouth. Was that it? Didn’t matter. He was ready for love again and there were only thirty minutes to go.

He straddled the bench and eased his cock into her hot little box. Still tight after all these years. She moaned dramatically and said, “Oh, how I’ve missed you.” He spit in her face. She guffawed in surprise several times, then stuck out her pink little tongue to try and lick up the droplets of his saliva.

Kent ignored her antics and concentrated on the sweet friction of pussy on dick. He thought about how many times he fucked her like this, how he had taken it for granted, that she would always be there for him to fuck. He had a new appreciation for how tight and wet for him she was, how excited it made him to push his way in there and drill it for all he was worth. He wasn’t going to take this time for granted. He wanted to remember every nuance and sensation.

In and out, in and out, he reveled in how it felt to plow into her willing flesh. In and out, in and out, he loved her calves on his shoulders, her knees pressed into her tits, their hands clutching each other’s bare shoulders. In and out, in and out, her breaths came in long measured sighs. She opened her mouth to say something, but seeing the look in his eyes she thought better of it. In and out, in and out, he picked up his pace, giving her the full stroke. Bitch better remember this too, in case he ever grew a spine.

He felt her watch buzz and looked up at the clock. Twenty-five minutes left. He kept one of her legs on his shoulder and lowered the other to the floor. Straddling the leg, he pushed deep inside her. It felt like half his scrotum was up in her. She whimpered as if it hurt but she wasn’t fooling anyone. He’d fucked that pussy every which way and knew how deep and wide she could go. As far as he knew, that fuck hole of hers was indestructible. It was her super power. Still, he took his weight off her leg and let her get comfortable before resuming the onslaught.

This felt good but he knew it felt even better for her. If she was going to come it would be this way. His pride made him care if she did. His pride resented her pretending it didn’t matter. His pride made him want to make her come or break her in half trying. He alternated jackhammering into her and screwing her side to side and around and around. She was letting out a stream of tiny whimpers and gasps, letting him know he was over the target. Then her watch buzzed again. Twenty minutes left.

He pulled out of her and let her lower her other leg. He guided her to turn around and straddle the bench. He pushed her down so her face and tits were pressed against the towel. He had her straighten her legs so her ass was pointed up in the air. He stepped up behind her with his legs inside hers and eased it in. He set a milder pace than before. At this point he was beyond trying to impress her or punish her. He just wanted to enjoy the moment and not finish one second sooner than sixty minutes.

While he banged her he ran his hands possessively over her plump ass cheeks. Her little asshole winked at him, looking tight and virginal as if it had never had a fat cock stuffed in it. It had been stretched out of shape six times, with him at least, in the five tempestuous years they were together. He fondly remembered each encounter, from the best first date ever to the hotel balcony on their trip to Galveston. Each time it had been good as a porn movie, no awkwardness or embarrassment. He knew things didn’t happen that way by chance. One time he asked how she prepared herself for anal, hoping for an invitation to watch or even participate. She acted like she didn’t know what he was talking about.

Should he try and make it the seventh time tonight? She did say ‘Anything’ so surely she would be prepared for that. But every time he put it up her ass was at her invitation. It wouldn’t be right to just switch to her ass without asking. And he didn’t want to ask; didn’t want her permission; didn’t want to feel grateful to her for granting him that favor. No, if she wasn’t going to bring it up then neither would he. He had her hot wet cunt to enjoy and was on schedule to fill her up fifteen minutes from now. No sense screwing up the itinerary by making a side trip up her rectum.

He pushed her ass down to the bench and sat behind her. bursa sınırsız escort bayan He moved his legs to the outside of hers and pushed his cock back into her pussy. She was getting pretty sloppy by this time. It felt different, doggy style, when her legs were outside his or his outside hers. Either way, it felt great, but different. He lay on her ass and rode her hips at a leisurely pace. His hands roamed over her back and shoulders, reached under her chest to grope her boobs and pinch her nipples. This was the calm before the storm. His last opportunity to explore and enjoy before the desperate build to climax.

Ten minutes left, he sat up and pulled her toward him until she was sitting on his lap. She took over the pace now, riding him like a pro, supporting herself with her hands on the bench between her legs. She went up and down, up and down, then side to side, side to side. She varied the routine so he never knew when to expect her change up. He leaned back on his elbow and watched her ass jiggle and quake while she moved. He could think of worse fates than watching her fat ass bounce on his cock for the rest of his life. Then he thought of who else might have enjoyed this wonderful view while he was busy in the food safety laboratory. That took some of the edge off his rapture.

“Just five minutes left, baby. You going to be able to finish?”

“Shut up.” He snapped. They were the first words he said to her since he entered the room. But she did have a point. He slapped her hard on the ass. “Faster.”

She picked up the pace and started riding him hard, skipping the side to side motion, just up and down, up and down. He slapped her again and she started going even faster. He watched his cock emerge from her glistening pussy lips as she lifted herself in the air, then disappear in an instant as she came plunging down on him. He was ready to blow his top but was going to hold it until the last possible moment. He slapped her again and then she was practically twerking on him, bouncing her haunches up and down on his cock and panting at the effort.

Suddenly her watch started to beep and she came down on him and stayed there, his dick buried in her pussy to the root. She tried to get up and he held her down by her wrists. She struggled weakly against him which gave him the last little stimulus he was waiting for. He went off in her like a fucking bomb while she squirmed in his lap, flooding her vagina with baby batter. As his orgasm subsided he wondered if she was on the pill or something. If she turned up pregnant he would definitely request a paternity test. But no sense crossing that bridge until he came to it.

“When I say stop, you stop,” she said as she slid off his cock. “But I’ll let it slide this time because I think so highly of you.” She pulled the little shorts up over her snatch despite the half pint of jizz he just put in it. Her cut-off shirt went on over her sweaty boobs. Her makeup and hair were a mess. Still hot, though. She kept her eyes on him the whole time she dressed. He pulled on his own shorts and tossed her the towel. She put it in her gym bag and slipped the strap over her shoulder.

“You know where to find me when you’re ready to talk.” She told him, seriously.

“Don’t hold your breath.”

She gave him a thousand-watt smile and, with a finger wave, she was gone.


Kent was feeling pretty good when he cautiously emerged from the pool deck. Sure, his self-respect had taken a beating but getting royally sucked and fucked did wonders for his pride. Despite the bad blood between them, it made him feel special that this beautiful whore had a thing for him. If he refused her too many times she might stop asking. Then he wouldn’t be special, would he?

The exercise room was just as dead as when he left it. Paula, thankfully, was nowhere in sight. Feeling this good, he might be tempted to invite her back to his place for an extended session. But then she might want to hang around afterward and that would suck the fun out of it.

He re-racked his weights and hung the heavy bar on its chest-high pegs. Shouldering his bag he headed out through the lobby, nodding his head to the watery pop music playing over the speakers.

“Did you have a good workout?”

He looked around, unsure who was talking to him. It was the hot girl behind the counter. Her textbook lay closed on the desk and she was looking right at him, not at a spot over his shoulder.

“It was all right,” he replied, feeling standoffish.

“Maybe you’ll do better tomorrow night.”

“Yeah, maybe.”

Kent looked through the glass doors into the darkness of the parking lot. He looked back at the girl. He nodded to her, then turned and pushed his way out into the warm Oklahoma night.

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