Bex makes Daddy a Video

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This is a work of fiction. All characters are over eighteen years of age.

Bex was bored. Daddy had a business thing for two days out of town. She had amused herself most of the day; swimming in their backyard pool, working on her tan, shopping on her phone for lingerie, the usual time-fillers. She gave a cute little pout. I wish Daddy were here, she thought to herself.

Bex and Daddy had a special relationship. After Bex’s divorce she had moved back home to heal. One drunken confession later and Bex and Daddy had become incestuous lovers. Not only that but Bex had found out two amazing things. Daddy likes BDSM. And so does his daughter!

Now Daddy and Bex played their adult games almost every night. They had even invited others along. Bex had become a very well trained sex slave for her Daddy. Being his personal fucktoy was something she never thought could be so fulfilling! And her Daddy took excellent care of his Bex.

Except this weekend. He’d said he would cancel if he could but license certification was part of the package, he’d need it to keep running his business. So no Daddy. And no Misty, Bex’s new best friend and sometimes lover. Misty had been Daddy’s slave before Bex, the two of them were now fast friends.

But Misty was out of town too! Some destination wedding crap. All her other friends were busy as well. And now evening was falling, dinner was over, it was the time she and Daddy…

Bex was getting horny. She and Daddy were very sexually active. Normally Daddy was very strict with her about her orgasms. She could only cum when Daddy gave the command. Daddy liked to tease his sex slave for hours before he would allow her to cum. He was an expert at it by now, he knew her body better than she did in some ways.

For this weekend Daddy had told Bex she could cum whenever she felt like it, no limit, no control. He hoped it would sort of make up for him being away. Well now, Bex thought to herself. I guess that’s one way to kill some time.

Her musings continued as she went up to her bedroom. She hadn’t actually masturbated in forever, she didn’t need to. She thought about the days that had started all this.

After she had drunkenly told her Daddy how fucking hot she found him they’d shared one sloppy kiss before she’d passed out. Bex grinned at the memory. Then the next day she’d sent him dirty pic after dirty pic, trying to get him to jump her bones. That had worked out well, she thought. She wondered if she still had any of those pics?

Reaching her room Bex flopped on the bed and started poking at her phone. Yep, there they were, her posing by the pool, all oiled up, different angles, oh god the one with the cucumber, yikes. She had felt so sexy, taking pics to send to her Daddy…

That was it! Bex was going to make a video this time! She’d make sure Daddy loved it. She thought about the best way to get Daddy’s attention, and how SHE wanted to make herself cum, so many choices! Bex got busy.

Daddy was relaxing in his room at the end of a long day of seminars and back-slapping. He was exhausted. And he missed his Bex. He’d thought about bringing her along but she would have been more bored than he was, if that was even possible. He was undressing when he noticed his personal phone flashing at him from the nightstand. A message, from his yabancı gaziantep escort Bex. He smiled.

It was a series of text messages and a video, what looked like a long one. Daddy smiled to himself, remembering the first time she’d tried to seduce him. And it looked like Bex was reminiscing too, from the texts proceeding the video. She wanted her Daddy to know she missed him, she said, and the video was something to keep him company tonight.

Daddy was getting hard just thinking of the sexy as hell pics his daughter had sent. She had a real talent for both taking a great pic and for looking great for the camera. He couldn’t wait to watch her latest offering. He imported the file to his laptop for the bigger screen, clicked play.

Fade in on Bex’s bedroom. She had draped gauzy fabric from the ceiling, her bed was covered with pastel sheets and pillows, the camera was showing us Bex, looking erotic as hell.

She was wearing one of Daddy’s shirts and nothing else. Reclining against the headboard with the shirt unbuttoned she looked as if she’d already been well fucked. Her eyes were huge and dark, she had painted her lips bubblegum pink. One hand was tracing idly down a tanned thigh, the other she held near her throat, she was already breathing hard.

“Hello Daddy.” Bex’s voice was soft, Daddy turned up his laptop’s speakers. She smiled at the camera, a slow seductive smile that promised mischief aplenty. “I was thinking of us, of that first few days, before we started… fucking.” Bex licked her lips. “Do you remember those pics I sent you? I bet you still have them, don’t you?”

Bex was stretching languidly now, the peekaboo of her flesh under the shirt was not escaping Daddy’s attention. Daddy could almost smell her arousal through the screen.

“I still have them Daddy. I bet you do too. So, what’s even better than photos? Moving pictures, private ones, sexy ones just for my big, strong Daddy.” Bex was reaching under the shirt with one hand, Daddy could picture her playing with her tiny pink nipples.

“Are you naked yet, Daddy? Are you lying in bed, hundreds of miles away from your oh… so… horny daughter? Is your cock hard for me yet, Daddy? Mmmm…” Bex had closed her eyes, one hand was now sliding slowly towards her pussy. Her hips were starting to flex as she grew more aroused, legs squirming against each other.

Daddy had indeed stripped and was now slowly running his hand up and down his eight inches as he lay back on the hotel bed. The counter said the video was almost half an hour long and he was going to watch it all before he came. He didn’t want to miss a moment of his seductive daughter’s naughty show!

She focused again on the camera and smiled at Daddy through the lens. Her shoulders rose and fell and Daddy’s shirt was now crumpled around her waist. Her nipples were tight buds pointing at the camera, she had been tanning and the pink skin of her breasts contrasted with the caramel of her chest superbly. Daddy groaned as he watched.

“Daddy, I have to thank you. You told me I could make myself cum all I wanted this weekend. But Daddy, you locked up all the toys. My favorite toys, all gone, poof!” She pouted at the camera, then brightened. “So I had to get creative. A couple gaziantep yabancı escort of clothespins from the laundry room, an old pair of gloves turned inside out…” She flashed her wicked grin. “Gonna show my big strong Daddy how his dirty little girl amuses herself when he’s away.”

“My poor bottom,” Bex went on. “So lonely. No one to spank me, make my sweet ass turn all pink, then red, make my cunt all wet from the pain and pleasure. Not even any nipple clamps. Oh no!” She reached under a pillow and produced two wooden clothespins, held them up to the lens. “Voila! Right on my nips, see Daddy? See how hard my nips get even before I pinch them? Now watch.”

Bex lifted first one tit, then the other, sucked briefly on each nipple, staring right into the camera the whole time. When they were both glistening with her saliva she applied the clothespins, first to the right, then the left. As each clamped down there was a light gasp of pleasure from Bex’s shiny pink lips, her mouth forming an O of delight.

“Oh Daddy, that’s sooo nice…” Her head lolled to the side, she opened her eyes and peered at the cam. “Makes me think of all the times you’ve tortured my pretty nips, Daddy. Makes me want you here, to bite them, suck on them, oh yes Daddy.” Bex was hefting her boobs towards the cam now, showing her Daddy how hard her clamped nipples were getting.

In his hotel room in the dark Daddy watched as his only daughter behaved like a wanton whore for him. She was moaning and licking her lips, telling Daddy all the things she wanted him to do, it was his own personal porno from his fucking daughter, oh god. Daddy was stroking his cock, breathing heavy, consumed with lust as his little girl teased him endlessly.

“Daddy, I was looking for something of yours I could play with, and look what I found.” Bex had donned a pair of men’s fur-lined gloves that had been turned inside out. She lay back on the bed and began running the fur all along her body.

She cupped her breasts, ran the gloves down her waist, along her sides, outside her thighs, her body shivering with the sensuality of sensations the fur produced. She was moaning, eyes closed in bliss, running the fur gloves over her inner thighs, back up to her breasts, torturing herself with euphoria.

“Daddy, you used the fur mitten on me once, remember? Oh, I loved that so much, you never brought it out again, bet you will after this, won’t you Daddy? Oh Daddy it’s so good on my body, my skin, it’s like silk but better, it’s going to make me cum soon, Daddy, without even touching my pussy, it’s that good for me, oh Daddy, I’m picturing you now watching me, watching me cumming for you, yes, cumming for Daddy, oh god so goood!”

Bex’s body was torquing across the bed, her legs scissoring, back arched, moaning Daddy over and over as her first orgasm crashed over her. She was glowing with a fine sheen of sweat, her legs were trembling, her fur-clad hands were gripping her inner thighs as she crushed them together in ecstasy.

Daddy swallowed audibly as he watched his daughter’s wanton behavior. His cock was rock hard and he stroked it slowly as she teased him on the screen. He loved it when she acted the slut for him. She was built for it; firm tits, jiggly ass but escort gaziantep yabancı best of all she just loved sex. Loved turning him on.

Now she’d taken off one of the gloves, the better to finger her wet pussy. She’d propped herself back up and was once again staring right into the camera as she toyed with her clit. Bex had a rather large clit, it stood out whenever she got hot and bothered. She was flicking it with her thumb as two fingers slid over and around her cunt, playing with herself for Daddy to see.

“God, see how hot I am Daddy? How wet I get for you? Mmm, I love your cock so much too Daddy, it fills me up so nice. I wish you were here to fuck me Daddy, fuck me in my pussy or even my ass, all my holes are yours Daddy, fuck your slutty daughter however you want, oh, yes!”

Her sexy talk was turning Bex on just as much as she was trying to turn her Daddy on. She was gushing juices from her tight cunny, flooding her fingers as they pistoned her pussy. She licked her lips and moaned louder, imagining Daddy’s eight inches pumping her ass full of hot spunk. Her cheeks were clenching as she stroked herself into a frenzy. God she loved to cum! Daddy never let her cum all she wanted, now she was driving herself insane with pleasure.

Daddy was watching his daughter orgasm over and over, stroking his cock and trying not to cum. God she was so fucking sexy he thought to himself. He loved the flush that crept up her chest as she came, all those sounds she makes while she orgasms, she was his every fantasy made real. The video would end soon he saw, and picked up the pace as he jacked his rod to his daughter.

“Oh Daddy, such a good cum for you, did you like that? Seeing my pussy twitch and squirt, watching my legs tremble? I bet you did, mmm, Daddy…” Bex removed the clothespins from her nipples one by one, rubbing life back into them with her palms. She crawled up the bed towards the camera.

“Almost done, Daddy.” Bex picked up the camera, the shot stayed on her face as she got back into her bed. “This is the last orgasm I’m taping for you today Daddy. I want you to just watch my face this time.” She fumbled for a moment with something off screen, there was a click and the shot steadied.

“Here we go Daddy,” she said breathlessly. “I’ve cum a lot already so I’m very sensitive right now Daddy, my skin feels so sensuous, oh, now I’m spreading myself for you, oh Daddy I’m such a naughty girl! I need my big strong Daddy to pick me up and hold me, to spank me when I’ve been bad oh Daddy! Daddy!”

Daddy watched his beautiful daughter’s face as she pleasured herself. She was glowing, that was the only word, she was beyond erotic. Not being able to see how she was stimulating herself was maddening for him, he wanted to see her fingers sliding, her chest heaving, oh god she was torturing him!

“Almost there Daddy! Thinking about your cock now, filling me, fucking me oh yes, yes Daddy, oh may I cum please sir oh Daddy, cumming now for my big, oh god, big… strong…. DADDY!!!” Bex’s face was lit from within as she came, eyes closed neck corded flush creeping up her neck and Daddy…

Came, jerking and moaning his daughter’s name, spraying his hot cum all over his legs and belly, transfixed by his gorgeous Bex as she shared his orgasm, separated only by space and time but joined forever by heart.

Bex smiled at her Daddy on the laptop’s screen. “Good night, Daddy, I hope you enjoyed yourself.” She gave him a sexy wink. “But I really do miss you, come home soon. I love you, goodnight.” And fade to black.

The End.

Author’s note: This will be the last Bex and Daddy, we’re keeping some of our fun for just ourselves. Hope you enjoyed! : )

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