BFF Ch. 04

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I was exhausted, sexually spent, and still a little drunk. Shannon had just absolutely owned my ass. In less than a day I had totally submitted to her sexuality and embraced becoming a bitch. I had been used, humiliated in public, and had surrendered my ass and agreed to accept being taken by a man. But in that moment, after I had cum with Shannon reaming my ass, I was spent.

Unfortunately for my now well used ass Shannon’s neighbor had seen the whole thing and she had just invited him in to take a turn at least with me, but probably on us both. He was an impressive figure of raw masculine power. He was 6’4 with biceps as big as my waist and ripped everywhere. He had a shaved head and a thick manly beard. There was nothing the combined strength of me and Shannon could do to stop this man, and she had just invited him to take whatever the fuck he wanted. Shannon introduced us both but he declined to give his name and moved across the room with a powerful sexuality.

Shannon and I sat up on the couch and cuddled. The neighbor sat across from us in her armchair and looked like a Viking warlord sitting on his throne. “I have to say I’ve thought about the two of you like this before. Shannon you have the most amazing ass I have ever seen. And this one… well he’s just ripe for bitchdom isn’t he?” he spoke as a hunter preparing to strike.

Shannon stared at this man in a way she never had with me. She was offering herself up to him, with a sexually charged stare she was telling him in no uncertain terms that she would never tell him no. “And you with the body of a god. I bet you could pick us both up at the same time and just do anything you wanted.” Shannon cooed at him, stroking his ego and presenting us both as homage to his masculinity.

“I always take whatever I want. I can see you take what you want too. Your little bitch might really be in for it.” he set his gaze toward me and his raw strength was so much I could barely look him in the eye. “So is this slut bashful or just tired?” he inquired about my sheepish silence.

“To be honest after the raping I just gave his whore ass we’re both pretty low on energy. To be honest that was his first anal, we literally just bought this strap-on like an hour ago. But let us grab some red bull and I promise we’re both down to take that Daddy dick” Shannon called him daddy and I was immediately turned on. I had jerked off to the idea of her calling me daddy but now as this massive beast stared at me I found myself wanted to be the one screaming daddy as he took me in whatever position suited him.

He smiled devilishly “Oh so this little slut hasn’t been taken by a man yet then?” Shannon gripped my thigh “No but this faggot is a cock sucking gay bitch through and through and dying to be taken by the real thing.”

He stood up and walked over to us with his crotch just inches from my face “You may have turned him into a cock sucker but he won’t be a faggot until he takes a real dick in his mouth. And he won’t be a gay bitch until a man penetrates his whore ass and plants his seed. But you are right Shannon, this bitch is ready for breeding.” He stared into my soul and promised he was going to turn me fully into a gay bitch. He then pulled his keys from his pocket and handed them to me “Back bedroom, there’s a black satin pouch on the dresser. Go get it bitch.”

I took the keys and looked at Shannon with uncertainty. “What the fuck are you doing? When Daddy tells you to do something you do it! Now walk your naked ass next door and get your Daddy what he wants!” Shannon ordered as she rose from the couch and took the powerhouse of a man by the arm.

I hurried down the hall wearing only shoes and the collar portion of the leash Shannon had used on me. His apartment was impressive. Leather furniture, hand made wooden table, and two giant axes above the fire place. I passed the first bedroom and could see it was filled with BDSM gear which was both exciting and terrifying. Entering the master bedroom there was an enormous bed and I immediately saw the pouch “Daddy” wanted. I hurried back down the hall and as I re-entered Shannon’s apartment I was struck with an incredible sight. He was now only wearing a pair of tight fitting boxer briefs and sitting in the arm chair with a completely naked Shannon in his lap. She was running her hand across his ripped abs and he was caressing her bare ass.

“About fucking time! Some of us have been waiting for this for a long time bitch! Your goddess is giving you to a man. Aren’t you excited?!” Shannon proclaimed with giddy delight. I handed Daddy the bag and he proceeded to place its contents on the coffee table.

There was no mistake, it was cocaine. Shannon had long loved coke though I had never much cared for it. He made a neat line on the glass top coffee table and offered to Shannon bahis siteleri “ladies first.” She took the line like a champ and then roared “FUCK YEAH! Let’s get this bitch fagged out!” before giving my ass a hard slap. She then positioned herself so that her ass was directly in front of his face as she bent over and ordered “Make a line for daddy bitch.”

I took the coke and made a line across her perfect ass which he immediately consumed before diving tongue first into her asshole. “Oh fuck Daddy! Yeah Daddy eat my whore ass!” Shannon was loving every second of his might. She then stood up and groped my ass before stating “Your turn slut.”

Daddy then stood as well and declared he had a great idea. Shannon apparently had the same idea and screamed “YES! Oh hell yeah! On your fucking knees bitch!” I sank to my knees uncertain as to what was about to happen. Daddy then stepped toward me so the tip of his boxers brushed against my nose. He then lowered them and his massive cock flopped out and struck me in the face with a loud SLAP! Shannon immediately chimed in “Oh I knew you were going to be packing a daddy dick!”

It was at least ten inches and insanely thick with a bulbous mushroom head and an upward bend. Shannon had showed mercy and she took me with the smaller eight inch strap-on, this was going to hurt.

He was already hard, most likely from having Shannon’s perfect ass in his lap. Shannon then grabbed the coke and made a line on his cock which he then presented to me. As I snorted the drug off his hard member both he and Shannon began to laugh hysterically. The sight of me willingly using this man’s cock in such a way thrilled them both and humiliated me, but in a sexually profound manner.

Shannon then lowered herself to my level and spoke directly into my ear “This is it baby. Look at that man’s powerful cock. It’s a real cock and you’re about to take every part of it.” her voice was intense and thick with sexual desire. His massive cock was inches from my face and I stared at it both nervously and with broad sexual desire. Shannon’s breath on my neck, the heat from his cock at my face and the power of the moment had me fully aroused. As my gaze lifted from his cock I traced up his cut abs, across his wide chest, and to his eyes.

He stood towering above me. With his warriors body he stood staring down at me with a powerful look of dominance. His cock filled the foreground of my sight and as I stared beyond it into his formidable eyes I never felt weaker nor more submissive. He lorded over me with his hands on his hips in a power stance Thor himself couldn’t pull off. My lean frame juxtaposed against him as I sat on my knees at his feet, his cock nearly touching my face while Shannon groped my ass.

I sat submissively on my knees looking up at a much more powerful man as Shannon massaged my ass and began to sensually kiss my neck, I disappeared into her and reveled in the attention of this sexual goddess. Suddenly I was jerked back into the moment “Ready faggot? There’s no going back now bitch.” Daddy stated with a dominant matter of fact attitude. I swallowed nervously and my eyes returned to his cock.

Shannon slowly ran her hand across my back and down my hard to my hand where she interlaced her fingers between mine from behind. “You can do this. You’re going to do this for me. You would do anything for me and I want you to be a cock sucking faggot.” she spoke with her lips touching my ear. She took her other hand and traced it along my dick before reaching and massaging my balls. Her hand, still interlaced around mine, then slowly moved toward his cock. With our hands moving as one I gave no resistance. As our hands reached his cock I felt his warmth in my palm and Shannon squeezed our fingers around the thick shaft. At that moment Shannon moved her hand from my balls and gave my shaft a hard squeeze which caused me to let out a “Uuuggghhh!”

“Oh I see he likes Daddy’s cock. You’re just dying to be a faggot aren’t you!” Daddy laughed at the impending doom of my manhood. “Oh yeah! He fucking wants this! He wants to be a fag boi bitch! Don’t you faggot?! Don’t you want to be my cock sucker?! Say it! Say it faggot! Say I want to fag out for you and be your cock sucker Goddess!” Shannon aggressively began to take control as she became increasingly turned on.

I hesitated. I loved being dominated by her. I loved anything involving her and an orgasm. I even loved being on a leash and naked in public, and especially loved having her take my ass. But this was different. This was a man, with her it was a fetish but with him it would become gay sex. It was no longer being pegged by my greatest female sexual fantasy, it would be submitting sexually to a man. Sucking her cock made me submissive, sucking his cock would make me gay.

Shannon began to work canlı bahis siteleri my hand up and down his shaft. Daddy noticed my hesitation “Bitch your goddess just gave you an order! Maybe you aren’t worried that she may never touch your pathetic little dick like she is right now again, but you sure as hell better be worried about what I will do to you!” His tone made it clear that I would be submitting to him in every sexual way and any choice I might have once had was now gone. Shannon then hostilely pressed her forehead into the side of my face as she removed her hand from mine and grabbed the back of my hair “If this faggot doesn’t beg for your daddy dick in the next five seconds you have my permission to take him. You hear that bitch?! You can either suck cock like a good little gay boi for me or you can keep being rude and he’s going to take you like the bitch all three of us know you were born to be!”

Suddenly my hesitation resided. Being humiliated by these two alpha sex deities was insanely arousing. And the idea of this beast taking me, that he could simply take me and that I could do nothing to stop him made me quiver. Suddenly my mouth began to water and yearned for Daddy’s cock. I wanted to be a faggot, a gay bottom bitch filled to the brim with dominant daddy dick while a living goddess pleasured herself to the destruction of my manhood.

I was ready to beg, to plead, and even to be taken by these two. Before I could get the words out Shannon yelled “Open wide bitch!” as she squeezed my balls hard causing me to gasp while simultaneously gripping the back of my head and pushing me hard toward Daddy’s cock. At the same moment Daddy pushed his hips forward to meet my mouth. They wanted me to suck cock, and now they were making it clear that their desires were the only thing that mattered. I would be turned into a submissive gay bottom bitch and they were taking my mouth with or without my permission.

Daddy’s cock had a massive mushroom head that almost didn’t fit in my mouth. As he slammed it forward it smashed into my open lips but didn’t truly penetrate them. I let out a whining feminine “MMMMMMM!!” as his massive member smashed into my face. “Fuck that! You’re sucking this cock bitch! Open that slutty mouth up whore!” Shannon roared as she grabbed Daddy’s shaft and doubled the pressure on the back of my head. Once Daddy was lined up with the target and Shannon began her hard push the colossal head began to push into my widely expanding mouth. The corners of my mouth began to stretch and they felt as though they were about to tear. If this was the torture I would endure from sucking his cock I couldn’t imagine what punishment my ass was in for.

After what felt like an eternity my lips made it over his head and with all the pressure being applied it was like a bursting damn. He was instantly six inches down my throat and I let out a tremendous gag. Daddy knew what he was doing and yelled “HOLD HIM!” as he put his hand on my forehead and withdrew so only his head rested inside my mouth, while Shannon maintained a vice grip to prevent me from jerking away. I was being held down with the head of a cock inside my mouth and I was powerless to stop it. Everything stopped as I let out a series of gags. “Just breath baby, calm down. You’re ok, you’ve got this.” Shannon whispered in my ear without reducing her hold whatsoever. After a few moments I regained my composure as I knelt on the floor with another mans cock in my mouth.

I could see Daddy trade looks with Shannon before saying “Well I think this bitch might just be ready.” I just stared forward with a view of his stomach until he commanded “Look up. Look at me bitch.” My eyes rose and when we connected, him with a power mad sexual look and me with my mouth full, he said “Well, you’re gay now!” he then exploded with laughter.

Shannon laughed as well but her laugh had highly sexual undertones. “YYYAAASSS!! You’re fucking gay! You’re my cock sucking gay best friend!” she screamed with incalculable glee. She then repositioned herself so she was looking me dead in the eyes. “You have a cock in your mouth. You’re a fucking gay faggot! You are GAY! I’ll never let you have me now! No gay bitch could ever fuck me, but he is sure as hell going to fuck you!” Shannon had returned to her dominant state and was loving this.

With that Daddy began to slowly push into my mouth and let out a “MMMMMM!! Fuck that’s a good mouth!” Shannon was stroking and guiding his shaft deeper and deeper into my mouth while staring directly into my eyes “You pathetic little cock sucking bitch. Look at you! You’re on your knees with a real man taking your mouth! You know you’re a faggot now? You’re a gay boi bitch! Suck that cock FAGGOT! FUCKING BITCH!”

Shannon was ravenous and a non-stop stream of humiliation “DO IT! Suck off a canlı bahis man! That’s what you’ve always wanted because you’re just a gay little bitch! You’re not a man! You’re a bottom bitch! On your knees faggot! FUCK! You’re sooo fucking GAAAAYYY!!” Daddy had clearly decided to let Shannon have her fun as he pumped harder and deeper into my mouth he remained silent save for the occasional grunt or “MMMM! Fuck that’s good!”

As Shannon’s gay fetish turned into an increasingly faster and more humiliating torrent Daddy picked up the pace and was now officially face fucking me. “Look at him he’s a fucking man! You’re just a gay little bitch! You’re not even a gay man, your dick is basically a clit, your mouth is filled with cock, and pretty soon Daddy’s going to turn your ass into a bitch pussy! You’re a fucking girl! I can’t wait to dress you and let men smear your makeup with their cum! You make this man cum you gay little bitch! That’s what you do now! You make real men cum! FAGGOT!!” she was on fire and degrading me to the lowest levels. She was about to make me cum with her words alone when suddenly Daddy broke in.

“OH FUCK you nasty fucking whore! You tell this BITCH what he us! When I’m done with you I’m going to make you watch me fuck her ass you pathetic little bitch!” The idea of watching Shannon take the massive cock that was now taking my mouth up her ass was the sexiest thing in the world to me. For her part Shannon agreed “FUCK YES DADDY! You hear that bitch!? This ass you’ve always wanted so bad is going to be impaled on that cock you’re sucking! He’s a man and he’s going to take me the same way he’s taking you right now! So you better be a good gay bitch and make Daddy cum hard!”

Daddy was now thrusting his entire length down my throat as I simply tried not to gag. Shannon was massaging his balls with one hand and forcing the back of my head down his shaft with the other. As they took me I sat there on my knees, fully accepting my domination, fully embracing that the second he entered my mouth I was gay, and fully aroused by both the Viking god face fucking me and the foul mouthed goddess turning me out with her words.

Then it happened. “OH FUCK! I’M GOING TO CUM!!” Daddy loudly proclaimed as he somehow began to pound me even harder. Shannon delighted in the news “YES!! YES! DO IT! Fucking cum in this faggots mouth! When he cums in your mouth you’ll be a faggot forever! You’re gay now! Take his fucking cum! Take his cum BITCH!”

Daddy then thundered “FFFFUUUCCCKKKIIINNNGGG FFFAAAGGGOOOTTT!!” as he sent what felt like gallons of cum into my mouth and down my throat. Cum oozed out the sides of my mouth as I struggled to keep both Daddy’s cock and his seed inside. Shannon screamed madly “YYYEEESSS!! You’re fucking gay! Take his cum faggot! You’re a gay cock sucking bitch now!!”

Daddy began to slowly remove his cock from my mouth when Shannon stopped him. “NO! That cock stays in his mouth until he swallows every drop of cum. Now you swallow Daddy’s dick and all that precious cum he was good enough to give you bitch!” Shannon ordered violently. I did as I was told and tried my best to swallow his cum which resulted in sucking his cock back down into my throat, which Daddy said he approved of greatly. Once Shannon was convinced I had swallowed it all she then allowed Daddy to remove his cock from my now sore mouth.

Once he was out I could tell just out raw and sore my mouth and throat were from the raw face fucking I’d just received. Shannon stood and kissed Daddy deeply and he wrapped his strong arms around her while squeezing her perfect ass. They then both looked down at me.

“So what do you think sexy? Should we give this bitch a break or just break him?” Daddy asked allowing for some small respite should Shannon agree. “Bitch? Oh you mean this gay bitch on his faggot fucking knees who just sucked your amazing cock? NO. I want to own a gay bottom bitch. This is a gay cock sucking bitch. We aren’t done until a real man breads his ass. Will you do that for me Daddy? Will you please bread my slave until he’s a gay bottom bitch, Daddy? PPPLLLEEEAAASSSEEE DDDAAADDDYYY!!” Shannon was being as submissive with him as she expected me to be. I could see she was already his and soon I would be too.

“Ok baby. Grab that leash and your strap-on, I’ll get your bitch and the coke. Let’s go next door, I have some fun toys.” Daddy said as he grabbed his drugs and then tossed me over his shoulder and headed next door. Shannon laughed and was elated at the sight of me being carried off by a dominant man “Oh fuck Daddy! That’s soooo hot! Look at my slut just submitting to you like a good little gay bitch!”

I was naked, being carried on a man’s shoulder to the destruction of my manhood and probably an insanely rough ass fucking. Shannon, my best friend, was humiliating me and mocking my manhood and I was now officially a gay cock sucker. And as I looked over Daddy’s shoulder into the eyes of a naked goddess as she verbally feminized me I was more aroused than any man who had ever lived.

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