Bhabhi Ji Pt. 02

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“Hi, Shyam sir!” she texted.

“Oh hello, my sweet thing!” responded Shyam, pleasantly surprised when Sunita reached out.

“I have something for you,” she replied.

It took but an instant for Shyam to harden at that suggestive sentence. This was flirtatious.

“My imagination is running wild!” he texted.

“I think you have more for me than I have for you,” she teased him, thinking of the thick cock she had ached for almost every time her husband fucked her. Once you taste something gourmet ordinary things lack it, she reflected.

Transcending distance her pussy went slick in tandem with his cock going hard.

“Have always been ready for you, since that night,” baited Shyam.

“Ok now seriously! Can I call you?” she asked.

He called her in reply.

“Shyam sir!” she said in a hoarse voice.

“I am no longer ‘sir’ for you my dear!” he said.

“You will always be!” she said, her eyes moist at memories of how nice he had been as a boss; and how strong and powerful he had been as a lover for that one night.

“Listen,na!” she said lapsing into an informal tone. “My brother and his wife run a business in oils. They are looking for a new General Manager and I think it is just the break for you. My Bhabhi-ji asked me if I knew anyone and I instantly thought of you.”

“Wow! That sounds nice, thanks!” said Shyam. “I am interested. Is it anywhere near where you are?” he asked, hopefully.

“No, no, it is right there,” said Sunita. “But I want to be discreet about how I refer you to her.”

“Why?” asked Shyam, puzzled.

“No, you are well qualified. I just think you should directly approach her,” insisted Sunita.

“Don’t you think I give Bhabhi-ji your reference?” asked Shyam.

“No,” she said bluntly, her mind wandering off.

She did not want her Bhabhi-ji to guess Shyam’s real identity. Other than his true identity Bhabhi knew more about Shyam than Shyam would ever know.

It had been one of those nights when Sunita visited her brother’s place and that same evening her bhayya (brother) had to travel. As happens in Indian homes, the two women slept in the same room. And drifted to gossip.

After covering all the topics that normally women engage in gossiping about they came around to sex.

And when Sunita thought Bhabhi ji was asking about sex in the marriage her Bhabhi quickly disabused her of that notion.

“Never mind these boring men!” she snorted. “Have you ever done anything interesting?” she challenged Sunita.

“Yes, once,” replied Sunita, her thighs rubbing together involuntarily.

“Wow!” exclaimed Bhabhi. “Tell me more!”

“Nothing much to tell,” said Sunita, remembering the night long fuck-fest. “It was just once,” she repeated. And then she thought to herself: Shyam had cum three or four times that night. Once it was in her mouth and remaining times deep inside her. she had been clogged with his semen and her bath next morning had been so very long. And still later in the day she still felt she had him inside her. Was that once?

As for her own countless orgasms…

“Chalo, at least once!” exclaimed Bhabhi excitedly. “Tell me what really stands out for you of that one encounter?”

“He was thick, much more than Kumar,” she murmured, her face going red.

“Thick!” said Bhabhi hoarse with excitement. “Some of my friends talk about long and big but I tell you – thick is the real thing!”

“Bhabhi!” said a shocked Sunita. Her brother’s wife seemed to have had experience in this department.

“Arre thick? I will tell you what is thick!” she said mischievously.

“Where did you find someone?” asked Sunita incredulously. Husband and wife were running an enterprise. Her Bhabhi was quite involved in the business so there must have been opportunities aplenty. But at the same time there was a need for extreme discretion.

“Not the office!” she challenged her sister-in-law.

“Right at home,” laughed Bhabhi ji.

“How come at home?” asked Sunita, mystified.

“Your brother has a strong body builder-type who comes once a week for giving him a massage. A ‘maalish-pehelwan’. Your brother asked him to help me in my private gym,” said Bhabhi, her voice dropping low and conspiratorial.

“And?” egged on Sunita.

“He came in when I was trying to lift myself up using the bar and was struggling. And he just cupped my buttocks in his hands and lifted me up. Then he told me to keep trying and that he would support me to lift myself well.”

“He was lifting me up and down like a toy. My mind went to how your brother wants me to ride him, but he is unable to rock with me by lifting me. I have to do most of the work and my mind immediately to how it would be to be lifted by this strong fellow.”

“I did not know yet anything about his girth. But just thinking of being lifted and dropped back on a cock in a controlled fashion made me juice up.”

Sunita squirmed when she heard these suggestive words from her Bhabhi. izmit escort When she looked up to her sister in law the woman seemed closer to her than before.

“And then he said I should do weights with his help, as well. He encouraged me to pick the heavier ones,” she said. “And then he came up behind me to support my arms and lift the weights up. At that point his cock was firmly against my butt, wedged in the crevice. That is when I noticed how huge he was. The position was wrong because it was clearly contained in his undergarment. It lay broad against me but could not prod me the way I suddenly wanted him to prod me!”

“Shamelessly I ground back on him. He stood firm, unflinching. I would have used him just like that but as I said his cock was held back and up by his firm undergarment. That day I was soggy wet in the crotch by the time we were done. Like this,” she whispered, taking Sunita’s hand gently and bringing it to her crotch through the nighty.

Sunita froze. Her hand did nothing and she made no moves. But she could feel the warmth emanating.

She looked at her Bhabhi’s heaving bosom. She was breathless at the memory of that strong fuck-toy. She could hardly get by any day without him and just the thought of the mindless fucking by that monster made her soppy wet.

“Then?” asked Sunita, pulling her hand back.

“You have no idea what girth means, my little one,” she whispered moving closer. Her hand went between Sunita’s legs. Her petite sister-in-law, saali , could hardly have taken Pehelwan’s cock she thought. The idea of her impaled on him excited her, though.

“So, don’t tell me about girth. Tell me what else in him interested you?” she asked.

His mouth on my pussy,” replied Sunita, not to be outdone.

“Oh, you lucky girl!” exclaimed Bhabhi ji, never hesitating to give credit where due. “A man who knows how to suck and lick is a treasure.” Her mind went back to her attempts to get her husband, Pehelwan and others to bring her to orgasm from that kind of attention and how they had failed.

“Tell me how he sucked you,” she asked. Sunita felt good that she had a lead on her Bhabhi. She felt good also from the hand that was lazily wandering between her legs.

“You can take sucking. But I don’t know about Pehelwan,” she said, her voice thick with lust. “Tell me how he sucked you?” she insisted.

“Actually, he did something interesting,” replied Sunita. “When he was kissing and licking my pussy, my mouth was full of him!” she gasped and spread her legs. Her Bhabhi had found her way inside her nighty. Fingers searched her lips out and gently probed.

“How does that work?” asked Bhabhi ji.

“It is called 69. Each takes the other in the mouth,” said Sunita pushing her hips forward.

“Wait,” said Bhabhi ji abruptly withdrawing her hand to Sunita’s disappointment. “I will show you how Pehelwan can feel. You tell me about 69!” so saying she left the room.

She came back with something in her hand that Sunita did not quite catch. She lay down once again next to her dear and petite Sunita, this time closer than ever, with both bodies touching all along.

Gently leaning on Sunita Bhabhi ji let her larger breasts press on the younger woman’s compact mounds of flesh.

“I have ached to feel a man’s lips on my pussy, but I don’t know what he can do with them. I do know what Pehelwan can do with his cock,” sighed Bhabhi, massaging Sunita’s thigh through the fabric of her nighty.

“How did you discover that, Bhabhi?” asked Sunita looking down at her sister-in-law’s cleavage. That nighty was dangerously low-cut, undoubtedly the one she wore to bed when she had plans with her brother.

“Well, Pehelwan kept pressing into me from various angles for various exercises. Soon I was left in no doubt about the staggering dimensions of his cock. I wanted to check it, feel it, see it for myself. But he never progressed beyond that. Of his strength I knew from the way he toyed with me.”

“Why did he not progress? Did you stop him or scare him?” asked Sunita innocently.

“Hardly! He held my buttocks and lifted me up, so I could chin the bar and I did not say a word. After that what was there to wonder? Nor did I slap him one day when I was bending over and he came to correct my posture. His hands were on my hips and his cock was firmly wedged against the gap in my legs, between my buttocks.”

“You must have hated having your track pants on!” imagined Sunita. If you were wearing a saree…!”

“He still was not going to enter me. After all that grinding, bumping, feeling and touching he never once came without his loincloth tightly wound and his cock pressed back against his belly” said Bhabhi ji.

“Loincloth? Not an underwear?” asked Sunita, puzzled.

“Of course! He is Pehelwan isn’t he! They all wear dhotis and under that the wrestler’s tightly wound loincloth,” explained Bhabhi.

“Then how do you know that I will not be able to take it? Just by the size you felt?” asked Sunita, kind of izmit kendi evi olan escort disappointed.

“No, no, silly. Listen, na!” she said, slapping her saali playfully on her crotch.

“Finally, I had to take things into my own hands. I think he was just being subservient. One day, when he was training me on some shoulder exercise, we were face to face. Just before that, he had been grinding me from behind. I was mindless with lust and decided that between the two of us I would have to be the one to show some guts.”

“I slid my hand in from the top of his dhoti and found the well girded loincloth. I felt for him with my hand and placed my palm along the length of his painfully restrained cock. I could feel the leaps and the twitches. And I could also see that he was almost as wide as the width of my palm.”

As if on cue, Sunita placed her palm on her Bhabhi’s crotch. It felt warm – and humid between her legs, too.

The other woman shifted to accommodate the gentle stroking.

“I managed to unwind the cloth and the monster was unleashed. It felt fantastic. Large, silky and ready to plunder me. As I stroked him Pehelwan groaned. His hands moved from my shoulder and moved to my sides. From there his thumbs stretched to search out my nipples.”

“he was open to me, ready to invade. The problem was with me. Those stretch pants and top need removing. And he was not going to be able to do it. And I was not able to let go of what I had in my hand, fisting him gently. I was transfixed. I struggled to lift up my top with one hand. When I needed to remove the other hand from the t-shirt I switched hands, transferring from one hand to the other lovingly.”

“By now my hands were a slick mess for he was dripping. When I bent to peel down my tights and panties in one go, his was at my face level. Pehelwan could not bear to have no contact and had started gently stroking himself. On impulse, I kissed the head. That was the only time I heard him speak. ‘Bhabhi’ he whispered.”

“Then what?” asked Sunita trying to find the hem of her Bhabhi’s nighty.

“Then don’t you want to know how thick ‘thick’ is?” she looked into Sunita’s eyes. She was much quicker at finding Sunita’s hem and Sunita felt a thick but cool object snake between her legs. She reached under and felt a vegetable. She looked down and saw a cucumber in Bhabhi’s hand. A large one, narrowing into a hip and then slenderer at one end. And the other end, the fuller one, a large full cucumber.

Without knowing anything about dildos or the use of thick vegetables (organic substitutes?) for one she asked, “Which end, Bhabhi?”

Letting Sunita finger it like she had fingered Pehelwan’s cock she led her unknowing saali to the thick end of the cucumber.

“No!” said the petite woman withdrawing sharply, her legs closing involuntarily. It was not a protest. It was disbelief. “How can that even go in?” she asked in shock.

“That is what I told you!” said Bhabhi ji triumphantly.

“How did you?” asked Sunita partly sitting up as her sense of shock widened to include the idea that her brother’s wife had fucked Pehelwan.

“What?” asked Bhabhi.

“How did you take in something that thick?” she asked, her legs falling open again.

“Oh, that? When I kissed the head of his cock he lost all control. I was bending in front of him and my breasts were hanging free. My legs were a bit spread apart because I was looking for balance. But that is where his strength came in handy. He just bodily lifted me up from just under my breasts and let my body slide down controlled till his hands captured my buttocks.”

“Our men,” she scoffed. “Strength in a man is a wonderful thing you know. These guys can neither pleasure us fully. Nor handle us with expertise. Nor are they endowed like the working classes! Unfortunately, you might never experience that.”

Sunita went over that in her mind. Why would she not get a go at Pehelwan? Could she ask her Bhabhi for ‘some’?

“That is what I want to give you a taste of here,” said Bhabhi ji suggestively stroking the cucumber.

“But tell me what happened next, before that,” pleaded Sunita. Her pussy was dripping wet from the thought of a cock of those proportions and the fucking her sultry and voluptuous Bhabhi might have gotten.

“I think he was a virgin,” said Bhabhi, slowly dipping the cucumber in a bowl of oil. “Vegetable oil from my own oil pressing plant,” she reflected pointlessly.

“How do you know?” asked Sunita.

“For one, beyond lifting me up like a toy he did not know what else to do. Then there is the matter of how long he lasted. And finally, the big mess he made when he came,” said Bhabhi ji as she caressed Sunita’s crotch with the lubricated cucumber.

“If he did not know how did you get ahead?” asked the younger woman, her legs spreading wider and wider for the pleasure the cucumber promised. She now had some idea what that vegetable was intended for though she did not quite know how it would work out. There was a sponginess to the hardest of cocks and something natures invention had a way of making it probe effectively. The man was designed to invade the woman with a coaxing apart of lips while the woman was designed by nature to take in the man with an elasticity custom-built for whatever it was to receive. Nature’s ways…

“His cock was under me. I could feel the thickness stroking me from my pussy lips to my butt. And I knew that the precious lovely wetness was dripping onto the floor below, staining my expensive carpet there. it was getting wasted and I needed it where it ached the most.

As he rocked back and forth I reach between us with both hands. We both looked down as I held him, with apprehension, in my hands. We simultaneously looked up into each other’s eyes as I held the large bulb-head to my pussy lips. I rubbed quickly, just the head, just on my lips.”

At this point Bhabhi ji mimicked that same action on Sunita’s pussy, prising the lips open with the head of the cucumber.

“It was only then I realized how open and ready my pussy was,” said Bhabhi ji.

“SO am I Bhabhi, open and wet,” gasped Sunita thrusting her hips. But she winced when Bhabhi ji tried to thrust the cucumber in. “No. no, no, the other end,” pleaded Sunita.

Then Bhabhi ji continued, “I held the impatiently bobbing cock between fingers of both of hands and wedged the head into the nest where it belonged. I let go of my body completely to indicate to Pehelwan that I willed him to go up into me. Pehelwan was in full control owing to the sheer strength of his arms, shoulders and chest. I held on to the steely muscles, but it was not really needed. I could have let myself go as a doll in his hands.”

“The way he moved me suggested masturbation rather than fucking. He pumped me onto himself, rather than thrust into me. I was speared around his cock and for several seconds I was pounded on to him.” As she said this Bhabhi ji thrust the cucumber into Sunita in rhythm. The movement of the bodies of the women had a cadence with the story.

“Pounded on to him is accurate. It was not him pumping into me. My eyes were riveted on the sliding piston. When it first entered me, the thick pillar was dry. I was prised open like an elastic tunnel. When he lifted me off the second time, the cock came out slick with whitish secretions of, I don’t know, him or me. But with every pump the cock became slimier with our mixed juices.

“And then came that ‘is he a virgin?’ moment. Your Bhai Saab, brother, takes much longer to cum. Within a few thrusts, the strong muscular frame I was pounding started to shudder. Pehelwan seemed to channel all the throes of his body into his cock and it convulsed in orgasm. As the pussy was so totally full and stretched by that inhuman cock, every throe of his was transmitted to me. And then the second ‘virgin’ moment – the copious flow of cum. He came and came and came in torrents. I was filled, clogged, choked and with any pumping cum spewed in all directions like a leaking pump.” Her mind also noted the use of an industrial analogy from her experience on the oil pressing unit’s shopfloor.

Sunita whimpered with excitement generated by the narrative and the slow and steady fucking by the cucumber.

“Then what about your pleasure,” asked Sunita thrusting herself harder and harder against her Bhabhi and the cucumber. She needed the kind of Pehelwan pleasure that Bhabhi ji was describing.

Bhabhi clarified, “What about my pleasure! I think I came ten times when the cock stretched me open wide and another ten times as the pillar scraped me on its way out and then again when he let me drop and drove me on to him. I lost count of my orgasms as he fucked me mindlessly. Those few strokes were no doubt too few. No doubt I wanted more fucking. But I was not short of cumming and orgasms.”

“I wanted more. I have never wanted more of a man and his cock right after being fucked to orgasm. He had only unleashed my lust for pleasure with that initial animalness. So much so that when he lay me back on the table, I remained in him. I could not take my eyes off that cock. I craned my neck and saw the white, wet mess between us and I glowed with the fat plug and its vibrations inside my pussy.”

Bhabhi ji brought her face to Sunita’s face and let her lips hover over her lips. Sultrily, fucking with the cucumber continuously, she asked her saali, “What about what that man did to you?”

Sunita shivered as the lips were so tantalizingly close. She had never been this close to a woman and somehow Bhabhi ji felt like a warm, exciting, experienced and older woman who was sensuous. “That man?” she stammered. “He sucked me!” she moaned.

“How does that feel, Sunita? I am showing you how a thick cock can feel. Can you show me how being sucked feels?” asked the older woman desperately. While Sunita was receiving the steady attention of Bhabhi ji, her new-found lover was feeling the aching vacuum between her legs more and more with every passing moment.

“for that you will have to lie back, but I need your Pehelwan fucking too!” whined Sunita.

“What exactly was that position you talked of?” asked Bhabhi ji.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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