Big Ben

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I live in Kansas City, but I grew up in the Dallas suburbs. A few months ago, I met Ben at a cookout that my friend and her husband hosted. We struck up a conversation and found out that he grew up on the other side of the same county. His broad chest got my attention, and we immediately started going out.

After a couple months of kissing and fondling, I decided last week that this would be the night I stopped resisting our mutual desires. We had reservations at a nice restaurant and tickets to an R-rated movie. Two nights before the date, I had a dream that had recurred since I was in college where my brother Tom and I had sex. Sometimes it was gentle and sometimes it was intense, but it always ended with us lying together in my bed at my parents’ house. That’s probably because the first time I had the dream was when I’d come home during college and Tom was working on the roof in his bare shirt. Two details were different this time: My brain skipped directly from us being naked to being in my bed, and the bed was the one in my current apartment.

After the movie started, I put my hand on Ben’s leg. Every time a sexy scene came up, I moved my hand up a little. About an hour in, someone walked past us with popcorn, and I had to move my hand to let her pass. Once she was out of our way, we switched and Ben put his hand on my thigh. The difference is, when his hand was only a few inches away from my hip, I lifted it. He said, “Sorry,” and started to move it away. I nodded my head and moved it back so it was still on my thigh but a couple inches across from my crotch. When the movie reached the climax-if you’re expecting me to say that I did too, I’m sorry to disappoint you-he reached over and felt my pussy. I put my hand over his and pressed. I could feel the tip of his index finger at the lower part of my lips. He looked over at me and smiled, and I smiled back.

After the movie, he leaned in and asked, “Your place or mine?”

Even though I’d seen his bed and it looked quite comfortable, I said, “Mine,” without knowing why.

We raced to my apartment. As soon as we were inside with our coats off, we were wrapped in each other’s arms, kissing, hands roaming up and down. Our hands had only roamed a few times before I felt his on my bottom. He didn’t have to push; I pulled myself closer to him and returned the favor on his bottom. “Oh, Amy,” he said.

“Call me Sis,” I blurted out.

I swore I heard a record scratch as he broke the embrace and pulled himself away. “What the hell is going on in your family?” he asked.

“Crap, you mean I said that out loud?” I asked. “Nothing’s going on,” I told him. “Nothing of interest, anyway.” I told him about the recurring dream, and then I added, “I was thinking about it yesterday, and I realized you remind me of my brother Tom.”

“The one you dream about fucking?”

“The only brother I’ve got,” I told him. “Shit, now you think I’m psycho, don’t you?”

“Lots of people have fantasies like that. Most of us just manage never to tell anyone.”

“So you’re not weirded out?”

“Tell me how you imagined it happening,” he said.

I turned my back on him and protested. “This is embarrassing enough already.” He put his arms around me from behind, put his hands on my thighs and kissed my neck. “Umm … this is exactly how I imagined it,” I continued.

“But your brother was working on the roof. Wasn’t he hot that day?”

“Yeah,” I said with a smile. “He had his shirt off.” I understood when I said this that I had chosen my apartment instead of Ben’s to make this as similar to the dream as it could be.

Ben let go of me. I could hear fabric rustling. When I turned around, his shirttail was out, he had the shirt unbuttoned most of the way, and he said, “Welcome home, Sis!” He got the last couple buttons undone before I hugged him again.

“You look hot,” I told him.

Ben made a show of flexing his muscles, which were borderline impressive. “Yeah, I am, aren’t I?”

“Oh, God, you really are like Tom,” I said.

“Sorry about all the sweat,” he said.

“Okay, you can hug me now,” I told him. I turned my back to him again. He put his arms back around me. Instead of putting his hands over my thighs, he put his right hand in between and his left arm under my breasts. I heaved a sigh. I guess he took that as a cue, because he caressed my right breast. I backed up against him, and I could feel his hard cock. His response was to draw his hand up my thigh and over the area right next to my pussy. That made me grind my butt against him. I chuckled.

“What’s so funny?” Ben asked.

“Back when Tom and I were both still living at home, we watched ‘A Fish Called Wanda’ together. Two of the characters are a couple who are pretending to be brother and sister in order to get in on some kind of heist. There’s this one scene where they’re alone and getting ready to have sex, and she tells him, ‘I’d fuck you even if you were my brother.’ Later that night, I poked my head into his room and repeated Casibom the line. He got up and acted like he was trying to grab my ass. I turned and ran back to my room, but in my imagination, I stayed.”

“What else happened in your imagination?”

“Well, it’s tame compared to the dream, but I figure if I’d stayed, he would have put his hands on his hips and acted like he was fucking me from behind.”

I felt Ben’s hands on my hips. “You mean like this?” he asked. He was thrusting back and forth at my jeans.

“Yeah, except I didn’t imagine him actually being hard,” I said, and I added, “like you are.”

He pulled me back to him and caressed both my breasts. “Glad you noticed!”

I went back to the dream. “Hey, you’ve still got tar on your hands!” Ben pulled his hands back and acted apologetic. “And that’s my last clean bra, too! Now I’ll have to do laundry.”

“I’ll get your bag,” he said. He acted like he was picking up a duffel bag, and we walked into my bedroom. I held up the lid of an imaginary washing machine, and he held the bag while I pulled the clothes out of the bag. “Am I supposed to make a crude joke about your underwear now?” he asked.

I held up an imaginary panty. “I’ve been wearing them so long, you can see through them!” I pulled a few more things out and said, “That’s it for those clothes. Gotta clean this one, too, since you got tar on it.” I turned my back to him and turned my shoulders back toward each other. “Help me out here,” I said.

Ben was only too happy to oblige. He had all four clasps undone in seconds. “You know, I had my hands on your jeans, too,” he said.

I looked down and said, “You’re right.” My excitement got the better of me for a moment, as I unbuckled my pants and took them off quickly. I tossed them over the bed where the washer was.

Ben saw the thong I was wearing. He sounded nervous for the first time since he’d asked me out at the party. “I, um, I think my pants have tar on ’em too.”

I looked him straight in the eye and said, “Then throw ’em in.” He took them off, walked over to where I’d dropped mine and let them fall on top of mine. I laughed again. “What’s so funny this time?” he asked. I was looking at his underwear. “What’s wrong with these? I bought ’em new just in case … things went … the way they’re going.”

I could see he was telling the truth. His boxers were white, and I could still see the crease from when they were in the package. “Nothing’s wrong,” I assured him. “Nothing at all. The only time I can remember seeing Tom’s underwear in my dream, it was one of those oversized pair of boxers with the big hearts on them like you used to see in classic cartoons. This is the closest thing I’ve seen since them. It’s like my-Oh, shit.”


“I can’t believe I’m saying this. This is a dream come true for me.”

“I feel the same way, Amy.”

“No, you don’t understand. My dream is literally coming true!”

“So what’s wrong with that?”

“It just seems so cliché to say it.”

“Then don’t say it. Just let it happen.”

I put my hand on Ben’s bicep. Either it had grown in the past fifteen minutes, or I was hallucinating. Either way, I wasn’t complaining. Ben put his arms around me, and I turned my back to him again. He ran both index fingers along the hems of my thong. I felt his cock pointing into me and rubbed my ass up and down over it. “Oh, Big Brother!” His cock slipped out and I could feel it rub my thigh. When I realized how far down it was rubbing me, I smiled. “You really are a big brother!” I exclaimed. I turned around, and his cock sprung up. It didn’t look as long as it felt, but it definitely seemed inviting. “I just drove all the way home from campus,” I said. “I sure am hungry.”

“I might have a snack available for you,” Ben was able to say. I refuse to kneel in front of a guy, but I got on my bed and propped myself up on my elbows. That put me at just the right height for his cock. It had gone from hard to rock-hard in those few seconds. I grasped it with my right hand and stroked it slowly. “You sure have cute little hands, Sis,” he said. We both laughed because my fingers wrapped all the way around the shaft.

“I’ve got some other cute assets, too,” I told him. Had I vocally hyphenated the word “ass-ets”?

I didn’t think I had, but he looked out at my butt and said, “I can see that.”

His cock head reminded me a plum at the perfect moment of ripeness. I reached for his butt with my left hand and pulled him closer. I took the head in my mouth and went down slowly. I couldn’t get it all in, but I was close enough to see his balls. I took my hand off his butt and tickled them. That made him even harder. It didn’t choke me, but I did have to back up a little. I went up and down a couple more times, savoring the sight of my make-believe brother’s cock going in and out of my mouth. Feeling the head against the roof of my mouth was erotic, but I wanted to see it again. I let it slide out, and now I could see my Casibom Giriş saliva all over the head and shaft. I could also see where the saliva ended. I lifted the shaft up, moved forward and licked his balls. I licked each one, and then I sucked them both into my mouth. “Oh, Amy, …” he moaned.

I stroked him and said, “Call me Sis.”

“Oh, Amy,” he repeated.

“Sis,” I insisted, licking his balls again.

“I love you, little sister!” he blurted out.

I could see his balls contracting. “Close enough,” I said, and I closed my mouth over his head. I got a little too ambitious. I tried to put both hands on his butt, and I lost my position. That made him fall onto the bed. Fortunately, he fell beside me, not on top of me.

“You’re right, you do have another cute asset,” Ben said. I could tell by where his voice came from that he was looking straight at my ass. He put his finger at the top of my butt cheek next to the hem and traced the line down. When he got to the bottom, he pulled the fabric to the side and tried to play with my pussy.

“You were sweating so hard, you must be thirsty,” I told him.

“Yeah, I could sure use a drink!” he said. I pushed myself up and then moved around so I was on my back next to him. He pulled the fabric to the side and asked, “Is this one of those machines where you press the button to choose your drink?” He poked a spot near the bottom of where my cunt lips met.

I told him, “Yes, but I gotta warn you, it’s kind of complicated.”

Ben ran his fingers over my pubic hair, occasionally grazing the sides. He palmed the ridge, and when he went past the bottom, the tip of his middle finger separated them a little before the fabric moved back into place. “I guess I need to take the lid off,” he said. He looked up at me, and I nodded. He put his hands on the side straps and pulled my thong down just far enough to expose me completely. He moved up, put his hand back over me and kissed me. I pressed his hand into my pussy just as I had at the theater, but this time with no clothes to separate us. His index finger separated the lips this time, and soon it was burrowing inside me. After the first couple times, he angled his hand so that his thumb was rubbing my clit.

I raised my hips in response. “Ben …” I groaned.

“Uh-uh. Big Brother,” he corrected me.

“More,” I said. He added his middle finger and made me squirm even more. “More, Big … Ben!”

He gave me a devilish grin. “You’re not the first woman to call me that!”

He fingered me even harder. “Oh, God,” I cried. My legs came together and apart, not quite capturing his hand. He lay beside me and finished removing my thong. He climbed between my legs and began licking me. He ran his tongue in a zigzag pattern from bottom to top and then circled my clit. “Eat me, Big Brother!” I begged.

He circled my entire pussy area before dragging his tongue between my lips. He held my hips down and probed my pussy with his tongue. He was amazing. I’d been with guys whose dicks didn’t get as hard as he made his tongue. He pulled out and told me, “My little sister has the sweetest pussy I’ve ever tasted.”

“Then keep tasting!” I insisted. “In fact, don’t just taste. Gorge yourself!” He pulled himself up and delved deeper inside me, then reached up and palmed my nipples. He found a way to bend his hands so that he was caressing the nipples and the flesh at the same time. The combination of all these feelings put me over the top. “Bottoms up!” I cheered as I felt my release coming.

Ben took me literally. He took his hands off my breasts and lifted my ass up. He sucked my pussy flesh against the roof of my mouth and tickled both sides of my ass at the same moment. I couldn’t speak. All I could do was pound the bed with my fists and utter some meaningless syllables for his benefit.

When I’d recovered, Ben was face to face with me again. I could feel his underwear against my thigh. “How do you feel about inbreeding?” he asked.

“I’m on the Pill,” I assured him.

“How does he take you in your dream?” Ben asked. I hesitated for a moment. Ben smiled. “Or do you take him?”

“Missionary,” I said. “But I don’t wanna do it that way.”

“How do you like it, then?”

“Well, the hugging thing felt so natural, I wanna go back to that and see if you can take me standing up.”

“Cool!” Ben said. “I’ve done it in the shower lots of times, but never in the middle of the room with nothing to lean on.”

We both got up. Ben took his underwear off and stood behind me. “Now we’re both naked,” he said.

He put his arms around me just like before. I could feel his cock between my legs. “Yesss,” I said contentedly. He played with my pussy a little with his left hand and used his right to try to separate my thighs. That forced me to bend my knees a little, and I could see the head pop forward. I reached down and pointed the head up. Ben splayed my pussy lips, and I managed to get the head in. He thrust a little bit twice, Casibom Yeni Giriş but his legs were so long compared to mine that he couldn’t keep his balance, and we fell to the ground. I was face down, and Ben was off to my side. I got up on all fours and kissed Ben on the lips. “I love you for doing this for me,” I told him.

“Maybe we should try it this way,” he suggested. I backed up and turned myself. I felt his cock head at my pussy again, and this time he was able to stay inside me.

“Oh, God, Ben,” I moaned. “You’re so thick!”

“I didn’t come here to be insulted!” Ben fake-whimpered.

“You know what I meant,” I insisted. “Show your little sister how much you love her!”

“Oh, I do love you, Amy,” he said. For once, he just did it instead of asking how I imagined it, which was just as well.

I could feel the top of his shaft as it passed across my pubic bone. “You’re so hard!” I exclaimed. “I love a hard cock in my pussy, but I never knew how good it feels on my mound before!” Encouraged, he raised his legs up, and now the feeling there was even more intense.

“You love your brother’s dick inside you, don’t you?” he asked.

At that moment, I felt his cock head slide along my inner wall. It wasn’t what I’d normally call an orgasmic feeling, but it was really profound. “I love your dick,” I said. He was pounding me hard now. I could feel his balls hitting my thighs with each thrust. “I love-“

Ben reached down. He didn’t cover my mouth, but he put his hand in front, as if he were doing so. “Don’t say it now, Sis. Live your fantasy.” I ground my hips back to his, and he asked, “I’ll ask you again. How do you feel about inbreeding?”

I pretended to worry. “Oh, Big Brother, don’t come in my-“

He acted like he was trying to pull out, but he grunted, “Too late,” and it was. He’d shot a couple spurts into my womb before he pulled out. “Oh, no. We’re gonna have a baby with three heads!”

He was spraying his cum on my back. I stayed still because it felt so deliciously naughty. When the cum stopped coming, I turned around and put my hands on his shoulders. “It’ll be okay,” I told him. “We’ll move to Alabama and get married before the baby comes so you can give it your name. Oh, wait, it’ll have your name anyway, won’t it?”

Ben laughed with me and then kissed me on the lips. I moved up so I was sitting on his legs and wrapped mine around his waist. I’d like to tell you that his dick sprang back to life, but it didn’t, at least not right away. We shared an open-mouth kiss that felt like time was standing still. “You can say it now,” Ben said.

“Say what now?” I asked.

“I stopped you before. You said, ‘I love your dick. I love-,’ and I stopped you. Go ahead and say it.”

I smiled. “Make me!” I said. He ran his index fingers down my back. Involuntarily, I stood up, which made him do the same thing to my ass and thighs. “That won’t make me say it,” I told him.

Ben looked up at me. He didn’t have to raise his eyes much because of the difference in our heights. That same difference gave him an idea. “I’ve got my own thing I’ve always wanted to do,” he told me.

“Not his mother, not his mother,” I thought, then asked, “What is it?”

He stood up, put his hands under my butt and lifted me off the ground. “This,” he said. I moved around so he was carrying me on both arms. “Wow!” he said. “When I said that, I really meant this!” Then he carried me to the bed, climbed on top of it and threw me forward. I made a show of rolling over and onto my back again, pretending that he’d thrown me really hard.

I smiled even more and said, “I always wanted a guy to do that, too!” I spread my legs and hoped Ben would take the hint.

He did. He got between my legs and put his cock across my pussy lips. He moved it back and forth across my pussy, and the arousal caused them to open up on their own. He held his cock head down and asked, “You ready?”

“I was ready last week,” I told him. As soon as he was inside me, I wrapped my legs around his hips again and pressed his buttocks. That made him fuck me even harder. “Do it,” I gasped. “Do it again.”

“Say it, Amy!” He repeated it with every thrust, and with every thrust, my resolve got weaker. Then he had one thrust that was a perfect combination of direction and firmness. I felt so many sensations in a single moment: The head touched me deeply and toward my stomach. He was hard enough that I could feel the middle of his shaft on my back wall, and the base of his cock ground against my mound again. I could even feel my cunt lips separating at the top and bottom as he moved in. For a moment during all this, I felt the spot on my back where he’d sprayed his cum before.

I couldn’t resist any more. I put my arms around his waist and held him close. “I love you, Ben.”

“I love you too, Amy,” he said.

“You feel so right inside me,” I moaned. Damn it, where were all these corny lines coming from? I pressed my breasts against his chest just to feel him there. There was a brief lull in the ecstasy, just long enough for me to ask, “So, what’s your fantasy? Who are you pretending to fuck?”

“No one,” he said plainly. “I just want to make love to my girlfriend all night long.” And he did.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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