Big Daddy

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I just turned 18 and had never had a boyfriend sad but true. My mother had died shortly after my 14th summer and since then it had just been Daddy and me. He tried his best but never could fill her void. I never really got the whole dating thing and kissing and everything like that. I think having a mother could have helped in that area. Daddy kind of discouraged it anyway. I think he was just overwhelmed by the responsibility of being a single parent. He spent a lot of time at the gym working out. I think that it was his way of dealing with the loss but it left me very lonely.

I started taking classes at the local community college and befriended a guy named Wren. He was tall and lean with black hair and creamy coffee colored skin. At 22 he was a late bloomer but then, so was I. He had spent several years in construction building houses. While thin, he was very strong, ripped with long lean muscle. He reminded me of Daddy.

Wren was nearly finished with his associate’s degree and had applied to State. I liked him and he was cool but he seemed to need a lot of help studying. We stayed after class talking all the time. Finally I suggested that we form a little study group at my house on Wednesday nights. While we started out strong with 5 people it eventually got down to just Wren and me.

Wren took the relationship slow. He knew I was a nice girl and also knew that Daddy was real strict. We went out to dinner a few times, his treat, like a real date! I was so excited but Daddy seemed to become more and more distant. He would wait up for me, sitting in the chair reading a book like he wasn’t waiting up. He wouldn’t say a word so I just ignored him and went to bed. But I knew my Daddy, he was a control freak, this would only end badly.

Wren finally kissed me on our third date. He was so aggressive; I was overwhelmed by his hunger. He bruised my lips and stuck his tongue deep in my throat. He reached for my breasts but I batted him away.

Daddy saw my red, swollen lips and sent me to my room. I plopped down on the pink canopy bed and straitened out my skirt. My lips were still tingling and the feeling he gave me when his hands grazed my breasts, well, I shuddered thinking about it.

Later that night, Daddy came to my room and told me that I needed to be careful with Wren. He was too fast for me. I was too young and inexperienced. I was going to get hurt because Wren could never give me what I needed.

“I’m eighteen years old Daddy!” I yelled at him, for once standing up for myself. “I should be able to do what I want and with who I want!”

Daddy’s face turned to stone and he yelled, “No!” grabbing my wrists he yanked me off the bed and threw me across his lap. He hadn’t spanked me in years and I bucked and thrashed figuring he couldn’t hold me. I was wrong. Daddy had been a body builder for years. His arms were as big around as my waist!

“I hate doing this to you but you leave me no choice.” His hand smacked my bottom hard. I stiffened up at the sting through my mini skirt. He smacked my bottom again and then again. “I hate to do this to you baby, but you have to understand what you are dealing with.” My skirt slid up as I sank down on his lap. He rubbed my bare cheek soothing the red welts he had made. I moaned involuntarily. He paused and then pulled my skirt up revealing the pink thong I was wearing. It was the first time I had worn it.

“What the Hell!” Daddy yelled and hit me again on my bare cheeks. I got five more smacks before he stopped. “Tell me you are a virgin.” His voice was firm but furious.

“Yes Daddy! I’ve never been with a guy, honest! Please Daddy!” Suddenly he spread my legs and smacked my girl parts. I was shocked and then I was shocked that it felt good. “Please Daddy.” I whispered shaking in his lap.

He pulled me up and straitened out my skirt pulling it down. I stood before him trembling. A single tear slid down my cheek. He got up, kissed my tear away, and stalked out.

I called Wren the next morning and made plans with him for that night. I knew Daddy would be angry but I was angry too. I was an 18 year-old woman after all! I can handle myself. Wren met me at the campus bookstore so that Daddy wouldn’t find out that I was with him.

We went to a movie and everything was cool at first. Then he put his hand under my shirt. His fingers pinched my nipples and I fell off my seat. He pulled me back up and nuzzled my neck. I felt him sucking on me and then his hand went slowly up my thigh. I pushed his hand down but he was insistent. His hand ripped my panties as he manhandled my girl parts. I was so angry that I stood up and walked out. Wren dumped his popcorn on the floor and followed me out into the lobby.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” Wren called to me. I stumbled out into the cold night air with the dangling crotch of my satin panties sliding along my inner thigh. I continued to walk away but Wren followed saying he couldn’t let me walk home alone. “I’m sorry that I’m pushing you, I just feel out of control when I’m around bursa escort bayanlar you. You’re so hot.”

“Just leave me alone!” I yelled, Daddy was right, I didn’t know what I was doing. I was going to get hurt. Wren shoved his hands in his pockets and walked away. I circled back to the theatre lobby and called home. Daddy picked up and I broke into tears.

“You were right! Please come get me. I need you Daddy.” He said he would be right there and slammed the phone down. He pulled up in the parking lot fifteen minutes later. I opened the door and got in. He didn’t say a word as we drove home. I cried quietly hoping Daddy wouldn’t be too mad.

When we got home I was sent to my room again. This time Daddy came marching up the steps before I had even had time to sit down and collect my thoughts. His big heavy boots sounded like thunder in the stairwell. He opened the door and looked at me in a way he never had before. I turned my eyes away ashamed.

“When are you going to learn?” He yelled storming into the room. I cowered before him whimpering. He put his hand on my chin and lifted it up looking at my face. “Baby you can’t trust boys. They will fuck it up every time.”

He sat on the bed and pulled me over his lap again. “No Daddy! Please! He smacked my bottom. “Daddy, no.” He smacked me again. He pulled my skirt up and freaked when he saw my ripped panties.

“Did he fuck you?” Did he?” he yelled.

“No Daddy! I got up and walked out, he was too rough.”

“Was he?” He smacked me again and then spread my legs pulling at the torn panties. “Let’s see if you’re telling the truth.” His hands ripped the panties down over my bottom leaving them dangling on my thighs like a child being spanked. He spread my cheeks and ran his hand down my puckered bottom and over my folds. I sighed when he touched me. He was so gentle, not like Wren and I wiggled in his lap.

“You like that huh?” He smacked my girl parts again. “You need a real man baby, someone who will make it feel good, make it special.”

“Yes Daddy, please. I need a real man, your right,” my voice becoming hoarse from hanging over his lap. He spanked my folds again and pressed hard on my electric button with his middle finger. He wiggled his finger back and forth until I was panting and gasping. Wren had never made me feel like this.

“Are you saying that you want to be with a real man? You want a man to teach you little girl?”

I nodded my head unable to speak. I couldn’t believe where this was headed. I loved my Daddy and he was the most beautiful man I knew. I shook on his lap while he stroked his fingers over my folds. It felt wet and swollen from the spanking. He spread my juice across my tender skin and flicked my button a few more times until I moaned again.

“Put your hands on the ground.” He commanded.

I trusted him and did as I was told. With my hands on the ground and my feat on the other side I lay across Daddy’s lap. My bottom was up in the air facing him. I was trembling with anticipation.

“Daddy’s going to do this right and you are going to remember.”

“Yes, yes, please, Daddy” I whispered. He slid his fingers across my folds again and again; each time he let his middle finger slip further and further into my hole. I moaned again and he slipped it all the way up as I gasped. It was so tight and I couldn’t imagine anything bigger being in me. “It’s too tight,” I cried.

“It’s perfect” he growled at me and slid another finger in me stretching me out more. I cried out and he flicked my button again and again until the pain subsided and all I felt was electricity searing over my body.

“Oh, oh,” I moaned, “Daddy, you make it feel so good.” He smacked me again hard on the ass and then stood up dumping me to the floor.

“Get on the bed,” he ordered. I kicked off the ruined panties and slid out of my skirt then climbed up on the bed. He followed me tipping the small mattress dangerously. I lay down on my back as he loomed over me. His muscular arms pined me between them. He slipped his knees between my legs and spread them apart with his legs. He still had his clothes on and I didn’t know what he was going to do.

Daddy grabbed the front of my button down shirt and ripped it open, sending buttons flying everywhere. He pulled me up and slid the shirt off my shoulders and then unhooked my bra from behind. He threw the clothes to the floor and fell on my little breasts seizing a ruby red nipple between his teeth. I gasped and arched my back rising up so that he wouldn’t tear it off. He growled and tugged on my hard nipple pulling it strait out and then flicked it with his tongue. I screamed it felt so good.

He shifted his weight and leaning on one elbow slid his other hand between my legs. He put a finger and then another in my hole. It was dripping wet. He switched to the other nipple and nibbled and sucked on it as well. I writhed beneath him and he pressed his body down on me to hold me still. I thrashed bayan sarisin escort bursa against him while he bit my nipple and flicked my button with his thumb. He slid another finger in me and I bit down on his shirt collar to keep from crying out again.

“Do you want more little girl?” He whispered into my ear.

“Yes, please Daddy, I want more, please,” I was shaking all over, barely able to breath.

He pulled away from me and slipped his shirt off over his head revealing his bronze toned chest. He slowly undid his belt and pulled it out of the belt loops as his pectoral muscles jumped up and down. I looked at his pants and saw the biggest bulge in them. It was like a caged monster waiting to get out. I shuddered at the thought of his penis. It must be huge! He laid the belt to the side of the bed and unbuttoned his jeans. He wasn’t wearing underpants. His huge cock stood strait up nearly reaching his navel.

I shook my head and flipped over on the bed in fear. No way was that going to fit in me. I scrambled up to the top of the bed but Daddy grabbed my ankle and pulled me back.

“Uh, uh, uh,” he chided me. “Our lesson is just beginning baby.”

“But it won’t fit!” I protested.

“You just wait and see. Let Daddy take care of you baby. You’re a bad girl to try and get away. You should trust your Daddy.” He put a hand on the small of my back pinning me to the bed and slid out of his boots and jeans. He pulled me up on all fours and grabbed the belt. He folded it in half and whipped my bottom. “Such a bad girl, what am I going to do with you?”

After a two whips he rubbed my red bottom to sooth it and then he whipped it again. I was shaking and barely able to stay up on my knees. He spread my cheeks and felt my hole again. He let his fingers slide in and out, my juice dripping down his hand and over my clit.

“Your getting there,” he grumbled. “Roll over.”

I rolled over on my back and he pulled me up by the hips and slid a pillow under me. He got down on the side of the bed and put his head between my legs. I felt his hot breath blow over my wet folds and I shivered again. His tongue flicked out and slid along my inner thigh. His fingers slid in again and he worked them in and out over and over until I was panting and dying inside. He bit my thigh and plunged three of his meaty fingers in me. I could take it this time.

I slid my hands through his graying curly hair and grabbed handfuls. He plunged his tongue into my hole. It was so stiff and smooth. Then he flicked my button with his tongue. He bit down on it and then sucked it over and over like he had done to my nipple, his tongue flicking it while he sucked. I felt a surge of power flow through me and my back arched up off the bed. He slid the three fingers in and out of me over and over. The pressure was building too fast. I rammed his head into me while he worked me over. I screamed out overcome as I came writhing against his face. I released my grip on him and flopped back on the bed exhausted. Daddy looked up at me and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. His mouth and jaw were all shiny with my juices.

“Stay here and don’t move or you’ll be in trouble again.” He growled. I nodded my head still panting on the bed. I didn’t think that I could move anyway. Daddy walked out of the room and I stared up at the pink lace canopy over my head. I can’t believe my Daddy just did that to me and it felt so good. A smile spread across my face.

“What are you smiling about?” Daddy asked as he walked back into the room, his beautifully muscled body striding toward me. His penis was still erect and I could see it pulsing as he stopped just short of poking me in with it. “Now be a good girl and help Daddy baby.”

He squeezed a little juice from a bottle onto his hand and slid it up and down his cock. It glistened as his hand slid over it. I got off the bed and knelt before him. I put my hand around his massive cock and began to slide it up and down. My fingers couldn’t reach around it. He placed his large hand over mine and applied a light pressure helping me slide up and down over it.

“Kiss it baby,” he commanded gently. I kissed the tip and came back with salty liquid on my lips. “Lick it.” I flicked my tongue out and licked below up and over the head like a lollipop while his hand kept mine stroking it slowly.

“Mmmm, Daddy you taste like a cinnamon stick.” I licked him again and he moaned over me.

“Put it in your mouth little girl.” I did as he asked and opened my mouth around him. He slid it inside me. I tightened my lips around him tasting the cinnamon slick stick. He slid in and out of my mouth still keeping my hand pressed firmly to him. He pumped faster grabbing the back of my head and holding it steady. He went deeper and deeper until I could barely breath. I was gagging. He pulled out of me and wiped his dick across my dripping lips. “You’ll get better at it.” I looked up the length of his body and smiled at him.

“Get bursa evi olan eskort back on the bed.” I did as I was told and even spread my legs for him hoping that he would take me. “My aren’t you eager.”

“You’re a good teacher Daddy.”

“I’ll show you a few more things then,” he said with a wicked grin. He stood between my legs and rubbed the soft head of his cock over my hole and electric button that was still throbbing. I moaned as he ripped open a little foil package and pulled out a condom.

“But Daddy, I’m on birth control pills remember?” He stilled and thought. I had been on the pill since I started my period. It helped with the cramps.

“That’s right baby.” He threw the condom and wrapper on the floor and continued to nudge his cock against my hole. It was tight and I spread my legs even wider for him while I sucked in a pained breath. He stroked himself with one hand and stuck his fingers in me. The juice was pouring out of me now that I had come. “Oh, your so wet, its perfect baby.” He pulled his fingers out and stuck the tip of his cock into my whole again. I squirmed and he put his hand on my chest holding me in place. He sank his cock in deeper spreading me wider. I felt burning and nearly cried out biting my lower lip and he slid out a bit easing my pain. He kept his head in me and flicked my clit with his fingers making me shudder again. He pressed his hand down harder on my chest and leaned over me letting his cock slide in further again. He continued to flick me and I opened my legs even more desperately hoping that it would help. He pressed harder and slid further into me as my hands grabbed fistfuls of the coverlet.

“Oh, Daddy, it hurts,” I whimpered.”

“We’re almost there baby girl,” his voice hoarse and breathy. Suddenly he pushed hard and I felt his pelvis hit mine. I felt like he was splitting me in two. He held it there and leaned down over me. I buried my face in his smooth chest and found a nipple to suck on instead of screaming. “Wrap your legs around me,” he commanded.

I folded my legs around his waist and he slid his hands under my back cradling me to him. He slowly pulled back out and I moaned.

“That’s it baby, now you know a real man. Now I’m going to show you what a real man can do.” He pumped into me once more and I cried out as he hit the end of me. “Mmmm, you’re so good and tight, I love it.”

“Daddy,” I moaned and wrapped my arms around his big chest grabbing onto his broad back. He slid all the way out and then thrust back in again. I hugged him tighter and he did it again swiveling his hips to stretch me out. Then he started to pump in rhythm. He slid in and out slowly letting my juices mix with his lube and I started to loosen up to accommodate him. “Daddy,” I moaned again. He started pumping harder clutching me to him like a doll pinned beneath him. I found his nipple again and latched on to it.

“You like to suck do you?” He slammed into me hitting the end again. “We will have to do something about that.” He pummeled me until I was sure that I would break in two. He was grunting and sweat was dripping down his skin onto me. I held on afraid of what would happen and suddenly he stopped. He pulled out of me and rolled me over pulling my hips back so that my bottom was up in the air. I put my feet on the ground and braced for what was coming. He knelt down between my legs and licked at me again. I moaned at the softness of his tongue. He found my clit and flicked at it again and again until I was shaking.

I felt his thick fingers slide into me again. This time it was an easy fit. He spread my juice all over and circled my bottom hole with his finger. I stiffened up and he smacked my bare cheek in command. I relaxed and then felt his tongue lick all around my bottom while he pinched my clit between his fingers. He licked my back hole making it spasm.

“You like that do you?” He licked my bottom hole again. I whimpered and he licked it again rolling my swollen clit between his fingers until I cried out.

“Daddy, please!” I begged, the torture becoming too much to bear.

“Say please again.”

“Please, Daddy, Fuck me!”

He stood up and pushed his cock inside my dripping hole again. From this angle it felt like it was going even deeper. I moaned as he slid it in and out. His thumb pressed onto my puckered little bottom and I thought I would die. I felt lube run down onto me as he massaged my little hole with his thumb. I squirmed beneath him about to lose my mind. He pinned me to the bed with his other hand on my upper back. He pushed harder with his thumb and my ass opened up letting the tip of his finger in. I shuddered beneath him as he pulled his cock almost all the way out and slammed it into me again. His thumb slid in a little more and I gasped.

“Oh, oh,” I moaned while he pumped me full of his cock. His thumb slid all the way in with a pop as it slipped past my sphincter muscle. He pumped in and out of my hole with his cock and slowly pulled his thumb back and plunged it in again. I was screaming. It was over the top good. “Oh, oh. Daddy, fuck your baby, fuck me good,” I moaned as he pumped in and out of my holes pulling the breath from me. He thrust faster and faster until the mattress of my little bed began to shift and fall off the other side. I wrapped my arms around the sheets and wound them up so that I felt tied down.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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