Big Women’s Anal Sex Club

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Big women have always fascinated me. I can’t quite tell you why. Every time I see a big woman with a fat ass, or a fat woman with a big ass, I want to fuck her in the ass. I was told that big women’s assholes are fundamentally different from those of other women. Their assholes are tighter. Or so I’ve been told. And that’s just fascinating to me. Is there something wrong with me? Or am I simply a guy with an odd fetish? I don’t know, folks. One thing for sure : This dominant urge of mine simply won’t go away. And it’s gotten me into some pretty sticky situations.

The name is Randy Etienne. I’m a tall, good-looking young black man of Haitian descent. I live in the city of Boston, Massachusetts. Currently, I’m a student-athlete at Dale College. We’re a small private school located right outside Boston, in the town of Milton. I’m obsessed with wrestling, folks. I am a varsity wrestler for the Dale College men’s wrestling team. I’m also a fan of the Women’s Heavyweight Sumo Wrestling League, which has headquarters in Boston.

I’m a big admirer of these two wrestlers, Hannah Lee and Sholonda Brown. Two large women, one Asian and one Black. They’re the top wrestlers in the league. One thing I find quite fascinating about Sumo Wrestler Sholonda Brown is that this six-foot-two, busty, thick and big-bottomed black woman used to wrestle for Dale College, back in the day. Dale College has one of the oldest wrestling programs in collegiate America. We’ve fielded men’s wrestling since 1890 and women’s wrestling since 1961. Our school offers a plethora of sports such as men’s baseball, basketball, cross country, soccer, swimming, ice hockey, volleyball, lacrosse, cycling, kaçak iddaa pistol, rifle, rugby, football, golf, tennis, wrestling and nordic skiing along with women’s softball, basketball, cross country, rugby, soccer, swimming, volleyball, cycling, ice hockey, lacrosse, field hockey, golf, tennis, wrestling and equestrian. We compete in the NCAA Division Two.

Every night it was on, I watched the women’s sumo wrestling matches on TV. My buddy Jason Stone, a rich white guy I had some classes with, knew of my fondness for big women, especially wrestlers. What he didn’t tell was that his uncle was part owner of the Women’s Heavyweight Sumo Wrestling League. Damn, I was surprised. I knew Jason’s family was rich but I didn’t know they were filthy rich. Anyway, he arranged for me to meet my idols. Hannah Lee and Sholonda Brown, the two biggest names in women’s sumo wrestling today.

We met backstage, after a particularly intense Sumo Wrestling match. I was quite thrilled to finally meet my idols. Hannah Lee was bigger than I expected. The Asian woman was around six feet three inches tall, broad and fleshy, with wide hips and thick legs. Her black hair was buzz-cut and her ass was simply gigantic. I hadn’t seen a booty that big in ages. Hannah Lee was no spring chicken. This wrestling dame weighed two hundred and eighty pounds. And I’m betting dollars to pesos most of it or at least a good chunk is in her booty. Sholonda Brown was something else. Tall, thick and bodacious. Weighing in at two hundred and seventy pounds, with gigantic boobs and a seventy-inch monster of a booty. Hot damn!

So, there I was backstage with my idols. I was thrilled, and a bit kaçak bahis nervous. Hannah Lee and Sholonda Brown looked at me and smiled. Then, they asked to see my dick. Apparently, they had this long standing tradition of hooking up with cute, well-endowed fans. They asked if I was down with that. I was stunned by that revelation! Of course I was down! I grinned, and whipped it out. Ladies, feast your eyes on my ten inches of long and thick, uncut Black Man Power. The two female giants gasped when they saw what I was working with. I smiled confidently and told them to quit gawking. This dick was made for sucking. And that’s just what they’re supposed to do. Suck me off. Now. I smiled with satisfaction as they did as they were told. Sholonda and Hannah knelt before me and grasped my super-sized black cock. Bow down to the king, bitches!

I sat on a couch while Sholonda and Hannah busied themselves sucking my dick. Watching these two tall, plump bitches sucking my johnson turned me on like you would not believe. They sucked my cock and licked my balls. Man, these two plump bitches were really good at what they did. They got me hard as steel in no time. Worked me over until I came, then they drank my seed. I groaned in pleasure. That was so damn hot.

Next, we tried more fun stuff. Hannah Lee told me the only thing she loved more than a big black dick in her mouth or wet pussy was a dick up her ass. I was happy to oblige. She got on all fours and spread her plump ass cheeks wide open. I pressed my cock against her backdoor and pushed my cock deep inside her. I love the feel of a big woman’s tight asshole around my cock. Meanwhile, Sholonda Brown fingered her pussy illegal bahis while watching us. I began pumping my cock into the forbidden depths of Hannah’s asshole. For such a big woman she certainly had a tight booty hole. Just the way I liked them.

I tapped that fat ass, as they say in the hood. I fucked Hannah Lee in all kinds of positions. I lay flat on the floor and she climbed on top of me, impaling her asshole on my stick. I buried my cock deep inside her shit hole. She screamed her lungs out and begged me for more. We did it another way. I lifted one of her thick legs into the air and eased my cock into her asshole, fucking her from the side. This ingenius method of fucking got us both off a few minutes later.

I took a few moments to recover, then I was ready for round two. As it turns out, Sholonda was a fan as well as a practitioner of anal sex. I bent her over and spread her plump black ass cheeks wide open before shoving my cock into her shit hole. She squealed as I penetrated her. I laughed and smacked her plump ass. I love watching a big woman’s ass jiggle while I fuck her in the ass. I rammed my dick deep inside Sholonda’s asshole, stretching her tight anus from a tight end to a wide receiver. She screamed like a little bitch. That got real boring real fast so I clamped my hand over her big mouth, silencing her. Then I sank my cock even deeper into her asshole. The big black bitch took it deep, and kept her mouth shut. We went at it like this for some time until I came, flooding her asshole with my manly seed. Yeah!

Afterwards, I wished them goodnight and went back to my dorm. I’d remember to thank Jason for this fun night. He’s a good friend. It’s too bad the rich white dude is gay. I wouldn’t mind fucking a few bitches with him. Oh, well. To each his own, know what I mean? Goodnight, folks. I got to get to bed. Got an early class tomorrow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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