Biker Buddies Pt. 02

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Once I cleaned Joe’s cock of his come and my spit, we got up from the picnic bench and embraced. Joe kissed me tenderly and explored my mouth with his tongue. My own cock was rock hard and my trunks felt wet from pre-come.

‘Baby I’m so hot for you, I could suck you all day’ I sighed as he hugged me close.

‘Wednesday night? Come up to my place and stay the night’ Joe suggested. I agreed very eagerly and after another pash we mounted back on his bike and returned to Katoomba, where I said farewell, mounted my bike and headed home.

Wednesday couldn’t come fast enough and I douched and shaved in preparation for what I hoped would be a hot fuck session with this guy. I was ready and willing to give myself to him and please him in any way he wanted. After packing a few toiletries and spare clothes, I drove my car up to the mountains and found Joe’s address (it was just too cold and inconvenient that day to ride the HD). He greeted me at the door to his terraced townhouse and once inside we fell into a long and breathless embrace.

‘Let’s get dinner afterwards’ I suggested and asked if I could freshen up before joining him in bed. Joe showed me to his bedroom and ensuite and with a little peck on his lips promised I wouldn’t be too long. In the ensuite I stripped my clothes and freshened myself with a damp cloth, before slipping into a jockstrap and low-cut singlet. I found a bottle of amyl and a tube of lubricant from my bag and checked myself in the mirror…. yep, I was very presentable and available for sex.

Joe was already in bed with a lamp on, the lighting of the room set as ‘mood’.

‘I’m ready for sex gorgeous’ I quipped and slid underneath the sheets to be wrapped in his arms and enjoy myself held against his naked body. His manhood was already aroused and I could feel his rock-hard rod grind up against my own hardening cock. I moaned as he squeezed me to him and pampered my lips and face with soft kisses. Eventually we went into full-on lip lock and I opened my lips to receive his warm tongue as it searched deep into my mouth.

We held each other tight and enjoyed the feel of each other’s bodies before Joe let go and slipped down my prone form, layering kisses on my neck and nipples. I squirmed and pushed to give him more of my body and he reciprocated to my delight – working on my nipples with his tongue and lips and then alternating to my armpits which he licked and sucked. All this travesti porno while, I was sighing and moaning, my body was his to play with and please. When I could reach, I sought his cock and wrapped my fingers around it or grabbed his hair or framed his face. This guy’s bedside manner was fantastic and I was on the edge of orgasm.

Presently he kneeled up and straddled my chest, his hard cock poised at my lips. ‘Take this’ he commanded and slipped his hardness into my eager mouth… gently at first, then pushed himself all the way in. I gagged as his cockhead reached into the back of my throat but that didn’t faze him. Holding the back of my head he pushed deeper, making me gasp and gag, then plunged himself further into me. I couldn’t breathe but I held on for fear of disappointing this new lover while he probed the back of my throat with urgent vigour.

Struggling and gasping, I pulled my head back and he relaxed his thrusting cock from my throat, holding it on my lips as I sucked in breath then grunted as he forcefully slid it deep inside my throat again. I was in heaven! This is the type of throat fucking I enjoy and I really get turned on by a guy pleasing himself with me this way. I was prostrate and helpless. Joe knelt over my chest with my head in his hands as he thrust his cock deep into my mouth and throat. Saliva was drooling down my face and chest as his cock plunged in and out of my mouth, thrusting deep into the back of my throat until I gagged then momentarily withdrawing until I caught my breath and then he rammed it back into me with his balls slapping on my chin.

I moaned at the intensity of this throat fucking I was getting and Joe just responded by driving his cock harder into my mouth. Deep down my throat his dick went and again my airway was cut off. He released and let me catch my breath momentarily but again his gorgeous member drove into my mouth and throat and he held my head and cock-gagged me. My head was swirling, my senses overwhelmed and my horniness peaking…this guy was just having his way with me!

As if in confirmation he said, ‘gag on my boner bitch, swallow me whole you hot cock sucker’. This only spurred me on and once again his manhood came my way and I eagerly slurped it down my throat – spit and drool covering my face and chest as he continued to face-fuck me. My own cock was pulsing, extra hard, and near the point of no return alt yazılı porno – without me touching myself.

Presently Joe withdrew his cock from my mouth and I gasped and sucked for air while he dick-slapped me across the face and lips. His hardness shined with my spit and drool and seemed to be well lubricated – for the next act.

Joe moved off me and kneeled between my legs which I gladly opened for him. He hoisted my butt up and I guided my legs onto his shoulders – my favourite part as a wave of vulnerability and passion overcame me, knowing what was coming next. Joe guided the head of his cock at my boi-pussy and gently nudged it into my opening. He spat on to the junction of our bodies and probed his cock a little inside me. I moaned as this beautiful guy commenced to copulate with me. I reached over for the bottle of amyl and inhaled slowly and deeply. Joe sensed my willingness and gave me more of his cock.

Without any lube the process of entering me needed more care and he gently pressed himself into my love hole while the amyl wave softly overtook my body and mind with a rush. With my hands on his strong arms, I pulled him closer and deeper, feeling just a slight pain as he pushed his hardness deep to the hilt amid my soft moans and cooing. There – I had his cock inside me, my arse stretched slightly and deliciously full. Oh my, this is the pleasure I crave for.

‘Ooh baby, you feel good in there’ I moaned, ‘please me again with your cock’. With that request, he slowly withdrew himself until his cockhead sat at my entrance, then gently pushed himself deeply back inside.

‘Awwww yes, beautiful, please again’ I pleaded. Once again Joe repeated the stroke, this time seemingly ending deeper inside me and forcing a low grunt from me. He reached for the amyl and opening the bottle offered the fun to my nostrils where I took a deep draught in each. He was prepping me….

Bottle recapped, Joe withdrew a little faster and pushed himself in a little harder. I grunted in pleasure then he performed the same stroke again and I gripped his biceps to hold onto this hunk of a man and moaned unintentionally as the pleasure of his cock overcame me. I lifted my butt higher so he could mount me from a higher position and once again a slow backstroke preceded a fast, hard and deep downstroke that felt like it was pushing into my very being, deeper, harder, faster.

‘Oh üvey baba porno yes fuck my ass baby, fill my cunt with your cock’.

The invitation was not needed as strokes just kept on coming and he started to man-fuck me. The bed was rocking and I was being pushed down hard into the sheets. Our fucking was becoming rough and raucous and my moans and grunts just urged us on. The pounding was in rhythm and Joe began to grunt and gasp as he put his energy into each stroke and lunge into my now swollen pussy. I couldn’t get enough and bucked against his loins to urge his cock deeper into me.

‘Fuck yes, fuck yeah’ I urged as Joe started to get into the gravy strokes. ‘I’m fucking your tight boi-cunt hard baby. Take my cock deep you slut’ Joe was nearly shouting as he ploughed himself into me while I held on tight as we rocked the bed. My own cock was wedged between us and receiving the benefit of both our bodies meeting. I reached down and clasped my fingers around the head and furiously began stroking myself. Orgasm was imminent as Joe fucked me relentlessly and with a scream, I climaxed hard, spewing rope after rope of man-jizz on my belly and chest. The eruption of contraction was relentless and I moaned and groaned at the pleasure each pulse gave me as it spurted from my cock.

Watching me come sent Joe over the edge and he plunged himself into my arse and let out a primal groan as he released himself into my body. Every few seconds he pulled back and lunged again as another release came and his body shook with each pulse. Seven, eight, nine times or so he grunted and pushed another load into me until finally the spasms eased and he fell onto my prostrate form, supporting himself on his elbows while he breathed hard in post-climax euphoria.

I held him tightly to me and sweat and my sperm slid between us as we both breathed heavily and together shared the calm after the sex storm. I lapsed into a dreamy post-sex state as Joe’s body lay over me and basked especially in the glow of his climax with me. His cock lay inside me still and despite it softening the full feeling was so erotic! His man-jizz was leaking out of my hole as we lay there which made our copulation even more special and prolonged.

In time our breathing came back to normal and Joe was nibbling on my neck and ear as I stroked his back and butt lightly with my fingers. He recovered himself to his knees and his now soft cock plopped out of my sex. He reached down and wet his fingers with our man-made lube, and sexily offered some to my lips which I licked at greedily.

Re-living this encounter with such a hot guy and a hot fuck will be a memory to masturbate over for some time…until our next session… Let it be soon!

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