Bill, Karen, Gillian: Our Cruise

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Author Note: This is the second installment of what may develop into a continuing storyline. My decision to continue hinges on the response from you the reader. Please send me your comments! Good or bad I would like to know what you think of the story and the writing style. Thanks much.


The setting sun reflecting off the Caribbean water was truly beautiful, but as beautiful as it was, in my eyes it paled in comparison to the two women between whom I was standing. On the right was Karen, my wife of three and a half years. The woman on the left was Gillian (pronounced Jillian), my eighteen-year-old stepdaughter. I could tell you what they look like, but my description would not do justice to their beauty. Just accept the fact that to me they are gorgeous, and since beauty is in the eye of the beholder use your imagination for what you think is beautiful. Looking at us you would think we were a very happy and affectionate family, and you would be correct. However, it might surprise you to know how affectionate we are; to know we share one bed, and all that bit of information implies.

Six months ago, just before Gillian’s birthday and our wedding anniversary, Gillian approached her mother with a very strange request; “Mom, for my birthday I want three things; I want to make love with you, with Bill, and with both of you together.” To say the least we were shocked, but Gillian presented several strong arguments, and after some brief protestation we acceded to her request. That was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Instead of one beautiful woman to fuck I now had two, and not only do I get to fuck them, but while they fuck I get to watch and play; we are all active players anytime there is sexual activity happening.

A drawback to our relationship is the need for secrecy, and constant vigilance so, as the expression goes, we don’t let the cat out of the bag. In these six short months each of us, at one time or another, has found it very difficult to hold our tongue and not brag about our new relationship; about who we sleep with, and the new direction our love has taken. You can probably imagine all the tension that causes, and that is why we are standing on a cruise liner watching the sunset.

Last week I came home to find my ladies by the pool, and it was obvious that catching some rays was not their only intent. Both of them were naked and had their heads buried in the other’s crotch. I quietly passed through the sliding glass door from the den to the patio, and took a seat to observe their carnal act of mutual pleasure. Just as I sat down, Gillian rolled Karen onto her back, removed her twat from her mother’s face, and then she shifted her body around so she could concentrate exclusively on the beckoning pussy. With considerable skill she licked repeatedly up one side of Karen’s pussy lips and down the other constantly providing stimulation to my wife’s cunt. After several repetitions of the lingual movements Gillian quickly sucked Karen’s clit into her mouth applying a pulsating vacuum suction with her tongue and cheeks. Gillian applied then released the suction repetitively causing Karen to arch her hips off the mattress on which she was lying. Then, and only then, did Gillian release the suction and grasp the clit with her teeth. Karen, in orgasm, thrust, and thrust, and thrust her hips upward as if trying to fuck the sky, and from her mouth came a long banshee type scream of; “I’m CC UU MM MM II NN GG!” and then she collapsed with Gillian’s mouth still attached to her pussy lips. After about thirty seconds Gillian began to again arouse her mother, but Karen stopped her saying: “Enough, I’m not like you. I can’t do that over and over. Let’s take a break.”

“Hi, ladies. That looked fun; sorry I missed the first part.” The girls jumped at my voice, but when they realized it was me they relaxed. “You two listen, I have some things I want you to do. Karen, in the morning call your office and have Gladys clear your schedule for the next two weeks. Gillian, you do the same, and if that means Loco-Burger wants to fire you then so be it. Today is Thursday; you have from now till Sunday morning to take care of business and pack.”

“Pack for what?” they said almost in unison.

“How about twelve days in the Caribbean on a cruise liner? —— Both of you can close your mouths now. I called Alice at Acme Travel, and this is the only cruise departing from anywhere for the next ten days. It’s for adults only, so we won’t have kids running all over the place, and there is some unspecified theme. I told her to book a suite and our flights. Ladies, we need a break, so get your swimsuits packed. Our flight leaves at noon.”

In about a nanosecond two beautiful, naked women were all over me; hugging, kissing, knocking me to the patio floor, and in general molesting my body. —— Damn, life is sometimes so demanding!

Our flight and ship boarding were smooth and almost enjoyable; think about that for a moment, how enjoyable bursa bayan eskort is any commercial airline flight. The ship’s departure was interesting and fun with music, yelling, and streamers everywhere, but within two hours we were out of sight of land, and that is where you find us now; on the balcony of our suite looking at the sunset.

“Ladies, the shower will hold three for water running on body time, or two for elbow in mouth washing, and one if you want to get clean. Dinner is in one hour, but there are plenty of places to grab some food if you don’t want to eat in the main restaurant. While you decide where you want to eat I’m getting in the shower.”

I walked into the bathroom and began to undress; “Oh Bill, do you really want to eat food or would you prefer to eat us?” I looked out the door to see both my women lying naked on the bed with their feet toward me, and with their legs spread so that my focus was on their completely shaved cunts.

“Very, very tempting, but I have this growling noise, and gurgling in my stomach? As good as you two look, I need some nourishment, and if you want cock later you have to feed me now. In other words I need food.” With that I dropped my jockey shorts and stepped into a relaxing shower.


That bastard! I didn’t really mean that, but here were two beautiful, horny women tempting him with their naked pussies, and he was more concerned with his stomach. In a way I was affronted, but then again I know Bill, and if he doesn’t eat and take his pills he turns into a true grouch. Plus, a growing boy, or at least the part Gillian and I want to grow needs sustenance. We girls decided food was the best course of action, but I wanted to get even. As we dressed I thought of a way.

For our first meal aboard ship, Gillian and I dressed in light summer dresses. Mine was lemon yellow with lime green flowers and Gillian wore a similar design of pale purple with chartreuse blotches. The dresses weren’t designed to wear with a bra, and if the material had been just a little bit thinner the pink tips of our tits would have been visible. As it was, the air conditioning made our nipples stand proud and erect as a beacon for whoever chose to look; man or woman.

We all walked into the passageway, and while Bill turned to lock the door, Gillian and I faced him and lifted our skirts to pussy exposure level. Bill’s eyes bugged out and his mouth fell open to see us standing in a public walkway with our cunts on display. I causally commented; “Just remember this is what you passed up for food. If anyone takes an interest in these we may just take them up on their offer.” With that we dropped our skirts and strode away looking for dinner. I didn’t really mean my comment about accepting an offer for outside sex, it was not an ingredient in our sexual melange, but it planted a seed of suggestion in each of us.

The brazenness of how Gillian and I acted excited all of us. Bill had a difficult time walking with his hard-on, and I know between our legs, Gillian and I were equally wet. I am positive about Gillian because we sat across each other, and when I placed my foot in her crotch it almost slipped inside her pussy. Bill sat between us, and at different times during our meal either Gillian’s hand or mine stroked his cock, and he managed to put a finger or two in each of our twats. It was exciting and fun, and by the time dinner was over we were extremely horny.

Gillian chipped in; “Come on, I’m full, horny, and I want to fuck. Lets go to the cabin.”

“That sounds good” I said, “but hold on. This is a big trip, and while I dearly want to fuck both of you, we can do it later. We know where we’re gonna spend the night, but right now we’re out so why don’t we explore the ship a bit. I want to see some of the floorshows, and do some dancing at the disco. Besides that Bill, if you take us dancing there’s a good chance our dresses might get a little too high when you twirl us around.” At first there was a disappointed look on both their faces, but at my final comment frowns quickly changed to smiles. With their concurrence we headed to Adventure Land.

In the Cabaret Room we sat in a half-circle booth with Bill in the middle. The waiter took our drink order, and we cuddled very close. In a brazen move, we ladies unzipped Bill’s trousers and each grasped his turgid tool. Meanwhile, Bill put his arms around our shoulders so he could reach under our outside arm and cup a tit or tweak a rock-hard nipple.

When the floorshow began we understood the unspecified theme of the cruise. The host took center stage; “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard the Caribbean Freedom for our tenth annual Swing Caribbean party. The whole purpose of our cruise is to allow you time away from children to do the things, and I mean all the things, that adults might like to do. To set the proper mood for your voyage our theme this year is “The High Seas; Sex It or Leave bursa evi olan escort It.” Now, ladies and gentlemen, without further ado the Caribbean Freedom is pleased to present “Exotica.”

The floorshow was unlike anything I had ever seen. There was the usual dancing and songs, but included in the show were people doing all kinds of fucking. The plethora of combinations, and the amount of sexual juices dripping on the stage was truly amazing.


I’m young, and I have very limited experience with the world, but I’m not completely naïve or unknowledgeable. I know my way around sex, but that show included positions and combinations I wouldn’t have thought possible. The scene I liked best had two women, one man, and one male Great Dane. Somehow they got into a line so the man fucked the first woman’s ass, while the second woman fucked his ass. Not to be omitted, the dog mounted the second woman and fucked her pussy. That was a great one, but the entire evening was utterly amazing, exciting, and so very arousing. As I looked around at the other passengers I saw expressions of awe and wonder. I also saw people in their booths fucking, or other sexual activities. It’s a good thing I pulled my dress up around my waist before I sat down otherwise it would be a sopping wet mess; my cunt was leaking juices like a fire hydrant.

“Look guys, I’m tired of messing around. I’m horny and I want to fuck. We can do it here, go back to the room, or I’m striking out on my own.” Bill mouthed “here” so I climbed on top of the table, pushed my top down to expose my tits, and pulled Bill’s face into my crotch. His lingual member leaped out to stoke the fire along my pussy lip-line from top to bottom tonguing away the excess juices. Moving in tight circular motions he lashed at my labia minor, pussy hole, and clit. I know his tongue would have delved into my ass had I pressed my knees to my tits, and given him the go ahead, but that was an area I didn’t want him to explore, and what he was doing felt good enough.

I didn’t know what Mom was doing, but I guessed she was under the table with her mouth wrapped around Bill’s cock. One thing I have learned about Mother is if it relates to sex she likes it, and she is particularly keen on cock sucking; especially Bill’s cock. If someone paid her to suck cock she would be a very wealthy lady. But as I said, I didn’t know for sure what she was doing, and my supposition was proved wrong when two knees straddled my head, and a wet, hairless pussy covered my face.

Bill’s tongue action on my clit and Mom sitting on my face rapidly moved me toward a crescendo sexual climax. I wanted to arch my back, but my legs were dangling off the table, and Bill’s hands reaching around my hips and up to abuse my tits, prevented me from putting my feet up. That didn’t stop me from cumming very hard several times. I came so hard one time I actually bit Mom’s pussy lips, but all that did was boost her over the edge of sexual gratification; mother and daughter achieving orgasms together; what a beautiful concept.

Bill continued to lick my cunt and take me toward another high, but being a considerate lover I made him stop, pushed Mother off my face and asked; “Bill, have you gotten your nut off yet?” When he replied no, Mother and I took immediate action. We literally attacked him pulling him on to the table and ripping the clothes from his body. Karen, faced toward his feet, slipped her pussy over his mouth while at the same time she grabbed his feet as I pushed them up toward her to hold. With his feet in the air, Bill’s cock, balls, and asshole were completely exposed; a fact I took full advantage of as I slithered my tongue around and into that little brown hole.

Up to this moment I had never licked any man’s butt hole, but how could I resist such a tempting target. The instant my tongue began to lave his anal area a shiver emanated from his very core. I didn’t know if it was pleasure, fear, pain, or what; I cared, but Bill wasn’t yelling for me to me to stop so I kept right on licking. His anus opened a little as I licked and probed, and when my tongue could penetrate no further I wetted my fingers and slipped one then two past Bill’s anal sphincter. I thought he was going to come unglued, but after a moment he began a slow wiggle of his ass, and when Mother momentarily lifted her cunt off his face he said; “That’s great, do more!” Of course I, being an obedient daughter, did as directed and lodged a third finger in my stepfather’s asshole.

That was all he could take at the moment so I turned my attention to another target; Bill’s balls. They were very large; larger than on any other male I have ever fucked. I took this opportunity to caress them with my unoccupied hand. I carefully patted, rubbed, and finally rolled them one at a time and together in my fingers. Bill, just as any other man, was tense as I handled those most important, and sensitive pieces of his anatomy, bursa rus escort but after a few moments he began to relax; he relaxed until I slurped one into my mouth. With gentle movements of my tongue, teeth, and cheeks I was able to soothe Bill’s fears, and when I took the second testicle into my mouth he remained calm.

Two of my actions, fingers in his ass and mouth on his balls, lifted Bill to a very high level of sexual arousal. He was as excited as he had ever been despite the fact that as yet neither Mother nor I had touched his steel-hard cock; that deficiency was about to change. Mom saw I was occupied with his lower areas so she leaned forward and sucked his prick-head into her mouth. It was not her intent to make Bill cum this way. She held him in her mouth only long enough to make sure he was wet, and then Karen sacrificed the “I’m getting my cunt licked” position on her husband’s face and shifted her groin area toward his monstrous cock (7 inches of very hard and erect cock is monstrous enough for me). With a swift movement she grabbed his cock and placed it, not at her pussy, but at the entrance to her ass. With nary a moment’s hesitation Mom sank her body onto the rigid man-tool forcing the head through the anal orifice and into her rectal depths.

Just a few minutes ago I licked my first male butt hole, and now I was watching up close and personal as Mother forced my stepfather’s cock into her ass. My body was on fire. This was one of those times I wished I had more than two hands because I would have used the third hand to rub my clit until I exploded. All of a sudden, just like a dream come true, I felt a stimulating caress begin to fondle my vulva area. The pleasure of arousal blocked out reason; I didn’t question how, or by whom this was happening, I was just glad it was happening. Higher and higher I climbed Orgasm Mountain until at last I crested the top and began the speeding decent on that age-old roller coaster named “I’m Cumming.” Only when I reached the end of the ride did I question how; he was young, handsome, naked, and he had a hard cock that I demanded he put in me immediately.

That was rather selfish of me, but I wanted that dick inside me. It took him a moment to transition, and I took that time to check on Mom and Bill. My fingers remained in Bill’s ass, Bill’s cock remained in Mom’s ass, and she was moving her ass up and down that cock with both speed and power. The look on her face was intensity personified. It was a look she always, and only, wore just before she experienced a massive orgasm; in this case an orgasm I didn’t witness because of events at the other end of my body. While I didn’t see Mom cum, I certainly heard her. Not only that, but I felt Bill’s ass muscles contract around my fingers several times as he reached the epitome of pleasure.

Just as Mother and Bill were cumming I sensed the man’s large, rigid cock slip into my cunt. The thrusts were slow and shallow at first, but the tempo increased rapidly, and the length of stroke became deep enough that I could feel pubic hair tickle my ass cheeks. Each in-stroke pulled my clit toward my ass while the out-stroke allowed it to slip under the labia cover; either way my clit was rubbed and stimulated. Each stroke brought me closer and closer to an orgasm of superlative quality. A sudden increase in his tempo signaled my benefactor’s impending climax; faster, harder, faster, harder he slammed into my body until the strokes changed to hard single thrusts, and from his mouth came the undescriable, but very familiar sound of intense male culmination. That cry was the final trigger to detonate an orgasm that spread from my cunt throughout my entire body.

Only two people, my parents, had ever given me as much pleasure as the person whose cock was now gradually shrinking in my pussy. I let it shrink until it fell out then I turned and grabbed the owner in powerful hug, and kissed him passionately on his lips. Our tongues fought for possession of his mouth; I won, and the prize was the right to explore his cheeks, teeth, gums, and even his tonsils if I could have reached them. Long and hard did I kiss him. So long in fact that we collapsed to the floor, and rolled under the table without any awareness by either of us. At last are mouths separated, and while in a very tight embrace I whispered soulfully into his ear; “Thank you. I don’t know who you are, what you look like, or anything about you, but what you gave me just now was beautiful. Thank you.”

He whispered back to me; “It’s very out of character for me to say this, but you’re the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I saw you this afternoon when we boarded, and this may sound like come-on bullshit, but you made me tremble. I had the same feeling when you walked through the cabaret door, and when the passion level in here became so intense I took the opportunity to touch you in hope you wouldn’t turn me away.”

“Turn you away! Mister, you’ll be lucky if I ever let go of you. You have no idea of either how my body feels or the emotions going through me right now. Nope, I’ve decided, your mine!” After that, with intensity and passion tempered by tenderness I kissed him. It was a kiss, not of sexual arousal, but rather as acknowledgment of the role assumed by this new man in my life. —— “In case you’re interested, I’m Gillian.”

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