Birthday Presents Pt. 01

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Today started off like any other day. I woke up at 0230, snuggled with my wife a bit before I kissed her, rolled out of bed, and began my routine with a light stretch. I noticed that she smelled differently today, but I brushed it off as just another lotion because the store probably didnt have her usual. After my stretch I headed down the hall to begin my security check and noticed that Jessica’s door was wide open.

This was odd because ever since she started at the local university she’s turned into a very private girl and usually slept with the door closed. I poked my head in to make sure she was alright, saw her sound asleep under the covers, and closed the door before continuing to the stairs.

“Must’ve been one hell of a party,” I mumbled to myself remembering her night out on the town with Lynn last night.

I got down to the kitchen, boiled some water for my morning tea, and headed straight to my study where I’d be for the next few hours preparing for my day. By 0500 I had worked through some negativities that were stacking up to ruin my day to day, knocked out my cardio and weights, did my meditation, and reviewed the list of items that would begin my work day. It was time for breakfast and a shower.

After bacon and eggs I prepared the coffee pot for my wife complete with a sticky note that said “Extra cinnamon. Just the way you like it. Hit start and have a beautiful day, Isparta Escort Love.” Before heading back up to shower I threw together some breakfast options for Jessica and left a bottle of water and the Aspirin on the counter with a note that said “I know you were safe, so I hope you had fun last night, baby girl. I love you. -Dad” This was arguably my favorite part of my morning routine. It’s the small things that make someone’s day before it ever begins and I loved starting my day with these small things for them.

_ _ _ _

“How was work, Honey,” asked Jordan before I ever closed the door.

“Long,” I said sternly as I hung up my coat. “My secretary quit, the studio lost power, my top editor is threatening to walk, and I found out that my accountant is stealing from the company.”

“That’s horrible,” she replied with a concerned tone.

“Wow. You look amazing,” I said nervously. I was so wrapped up in my day that I hadn’t even noticed her yet. Her fine, brown hair was ironed out and flowing down her back. Her beautiful neck was completely exposed and adorned with a black lace choker. She wore a fine, black satin dress that hugged every curve of her slim, hourglass figure down to her thighs. She didn’t have shoes on, but her left ankle wore a diamond and lace anklet that I bought her for Christmas several years ago. “What’s the occasion?”

“You Isparta Escort Bayan know the occasion, baby,” she sassed as she slowly, seductively approached me with her hands behind her back.

“No.. I really don’t.”

“Fine,” she rolled her eyes. “Come with me.”

She lead me through the familiar doorways of our home and stopped in front of my study.

“Close your eyes,” my wife said sweetly.

“What have you done to my study, Jordan?”

“Nothing bad,” she bit her lip. “Just trust me.”

I closed my eyes and she covered them with a silk blindfold.

“Jordan-” I was cut off with a finger to my lips.

“Stop fussing and trust your wife,” she finally said sternly. She took my hand, opened the door, lead me to my desk, and helped me sit down.

“What is this, wife,” I asked half playfully.

“Stop fussing,” she said again as she put her hands on my thighs. She straddled me and I immediately knew what was happening. She unzipped my slacks, pulled out my cock, and wasted no time mounting me. I felt her wet walls tighten around my hardening shaft as she lowered herself down and my hands shot straight to her firm breasts.

“God, Baby,” she moaned. “I love feeling you grow inside me.”

My wife rode me for what felt like hours under that blindfold. I kicked off my shoes, and my slacks and dress shirt slowly came Escort Isparta off as we went along. She insisted that she wanted to keep her dress on. She wrapped her arms around my head in a way that pulled me to her chest and covered my ears as she rocked her hips into me. I was down two senses and this only amplified the pleasure I felt around my cock.

“Baby I’m cumming,” I huffed into her chest as I tried to keep from digging my nails into her back.

She moaned lovingly, pushed me back in my chair, kissed me deeply, and choked me with all of her might. I felt her tighten around my cock as her own orgasm began. I gasped and gripped her ribs hard as she milked my cock and rode out the most intense orgasm we’ve ever had together.

“Stay,” commanded my wife after she dismounted me. I heard my mini fridge open and close and she returned to me with one of my green smoothies from the corner store. “Drink up, dear. We’re not done yet,” she finished lovingly.

I opened the smoothie as she stepped around behind my chair. She massaged my shoulders and chest and I relaxed with my drink. The strange new lotion smell finally hit me again.

“Did they not have your regular lotion,” I asked.

“What do you mean,” Jordan responded.

“Nevermind. So what’s the occasion, dear,” I insisted again as I tipped my head back to her.

“Shhh,” she whispered as she knelt down behind me. She kissed my neck and slowly untied the blindfold.

I opened my eyes and right there, just beyond my opened legs in front of my desk, staring at my dripping, wife soaked, and swollen cock, knelt my beautiful girls Jessica and Lynn.

“Happy birthday, Husband,” Jordan whispered into my ear.

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