Birthday Surprise

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It had taken all day, but she was finally ready. Every inch of her skin shaved, exfoliated and moisturized. Pulling the white stockings up over her soft legs, she adjusted the pink bows on the back of her thighs to sit properly.

Grinning at her reflection, she ran a hand over the short, red pleated skirt. Tiny enough you could just see a hint of her lacy white panties, the string of pearls between her pussy lips shining slightly from her being wet already, anticipating what was to come. Her white shirt open at the top, showing ample cleavage, surprising herself on how they stood out, even with the tips picked up from a makeup tutorial making them look fake and larger than usual.

Loosening the tie that matched her skirt, she turned on her heel and walked out of the bathroom. Stopping just outside the door, she quickly slipped on her 3 inch black heels, listening to the car door closing outside.

Giggling to herself, she curls a finger through her ponytail, her nerves haywire as she hears the footsteps to the front door, the key in the barrel meaning her man was finally about to walk through that door. She hears the door open and close as he walks in the door, heart going a million miles an hour when he does that special whistle to get her attention.

“In here,” she barely manages to get out, her throat tight. She hears him kick off his shoes and head towards her voice. Walking into the kitchen, he stops in the archway. His eyes widen, one eyebrow arched in appreciation as he takes her in. Her face heats up under the scrutiny, but she can’t help but smile at his reaction. “Happy birthday?” she whispers, questioningly. His answering smile huge as he all but sprints over to her; his arms going around her waist to settle on her ass.

She wraps her arms around his neck, Escort bayan her hands on his shoulders as her lips find his, he kisses back enthusiastically, his hands tightening around her tartan covered behind. She feels his hands start to inch under her skirt, it takes everything she has to push him back. He looks confused for a moment, as she smiles at him sweetly, her hands running down his chest to the bottom of his shirt, leaning back to pull it over his head.

Her hands automatically head back to his chest, running her nails lightly over the skin, towards the top of his jeans. She gives him one last cheeky grin, before kneeling in front of him. She makes quick work of undoing his belt, pulling it through the loops and throwing it away from them. Undoing the button of his jeans, she bites her lip, her eyes moving upwards to his as she pulls the zipper down. His breath catches as she pulls the heavy material down his hips, taking his boxers with them. Turning her attention to the sight before her, she licks her lips.

Taking a hold of his hardness, she licks the tip, giggling at the slight gasp of breath he takes. That’s all it takes for her confidence to soar, as she takes as much of his cock into her mouth as she possibly can, sucking, her cheeks hallowed as she runs her nails over his hip. She looks up at him as she works, her eyes shining and bright as she watches his mouth open in pleasure. He lets her take control, moving at her own pace until he suddenly decides that’s enough.

Grabbing her by her ponytail, he pulls her to her feet and off his cock. Running his hands down her sides and up under her skirt, he kisses her fiercely, before turning her around and laying her over the kitchen table. She shivers as she feels his hands running over her back, her Bayan escort hips, her legs. He pushes her skirt up to have a proper look at her panties, a small groan coming from him as she wiggles her hips at him. His hand comes down strongly on her ass cheek, before rubbing it gently.

He pulls the panties up slightly, making the beading slip between her lips and rub against her clit. She wiggles and arches her back at him, getting them into the right place for the delicious friction it creates. A slight whimper falls from her lips as he moves her panties around, causing her wetness to double. She wiggles her hips at him some more, until his hand comes down on her ass again.

She rests her head against the hard wooden table as the words fall from his mouth. “Count.” He starts on the left side, his hand making a sharp sound as it comes into contact with the skin. “One.” She whispers. “Two,” as he does it again. He continues swapping sides as she struggles to keep her balance, her legs weakening when they get to “Nineteen.” She’s almost dripping down her own legs, the pearls soaked, her fingers digging into the edge of the table. “Twenty,” she almost moans, her breathing faster as his fingers linger on her warm skin.

She feels him move, almost jumping at the feeling of his tongue cleaning down the beads. He flicks her clit lightly with the tip of his tongue, his hands on her hips as he legs give way. He runs his tongue around her a few times, gently into her opening, then back down to her clit, never giving her more than a second at each place. She’s getting restless now, impatient. Moving against his face to get some relief, arching her back to try and get more friction, more anything. Finally he relents, lapping at her clit until she’s all but screaming with Escort pleasure. He holds her hips, keeping her still as he gets faster with his lapping. One of her hands comes around, her fingers tangling in his hair in a desperate attempt to make sure he doesn’t stop. Finally, she squeals, a small “oh my god,” comes from her as she tightens and comes hard, convulsing against his amazing tongue.

He stops, with one hand on her back to keep her flat, he pulls her panties down, lifting each of her ankles to take them off completely. He stands up, pushing his pants off completely when he notices the package on the table. New plug set, different sizes and some lube. Taking the lube, he gently spreads it over her ass hole. Slowly inserting a finger, in and out in small circles as she wiggles against his hand.

Taking a hold of the middle sized toy, he places it against her back end, the smooth silicone gradually pushing apart her cheeks as it fills her. Moving it back and forth, he finally gets it all the way in. She whimpers at the full feeling, while he stands back and appreciates the sight. Running a hand over her ass once more, he finally runs his cock over her pussy and suddenly enters her. She moans and pushes against him, the beautifully full feeling of both him and the toy slightly overwhelming her.

He groans at the tightness, feeling the toy through the thin layer of skin he starts to move. One hand on her hip, the other in her hair, the perfect ponytail a distant memory as he laces his fingers in tightly, pulling her against him. All she can do is hang on as he thrusts into her, gaining momentum and strength. She gasps, unable to hold on anymore as she comes hard around him, shuddering and pulsing as her legs start to give way again. “Shit,” he groans, trying desperately to keep a hold of her as he feels himself get close. He comes hard, filling her completely as he falls onto her back, his breathing heavy.

He kisses her neck, murmuring how much he loves her into the skin. She smiles, completely spent. “I love you too.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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