Birthday Surprises

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This was not your typical birthday celebration where the same old stuff happens. It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.

You see, I have this crazy aunt and Gladys lives in a world of her own and by her own rules. Do not get me wrong, I love Aunt Gladys but she does make it rather difficult at times. But I digress.

It all started when Aunt Gladys arrived at our house, uninvited and unannounced on Cynthia’s birthday. This would not have been all that bad except my wife’s very conservative family was also there. Talk about your fire and ice; what a fiasco! As I said, Gladys lives in her own world and it was not a conservative one. To make matters worse, she was in rare form, belching, reeking of cigar smoke (she smoked only Cuban cigars), and passing the occasional gas (Loudly!). I thought my Mother-in-Law was going to die when Gladys told the stories of her adventures on a merchant marine ship.

This went on for quite some time then, just as Cynthia was about the announce dinner, Gladys said it was time for Cynthia to open her gifts (did I mention Aunt Gladys played by her own rules?). From experience, I knew that it was no use fighting her. The best thing was to hurry things on so that dinner was not too cold.

To start things off, Aunt Gladys presented my wife with a matching pair of concrete lawn jockeys (painted as African Americans). Gladys also presented kolej escort bayan Cynthia a sheer teddy. “Every woman needs something frilly to keep her man around, right deary,” Gladys said to my mother-in-law. If that was not enough she next gave my sweet, somewhat conservative wife, a muscle massager (Gladys’ words) that looked very much like an anatomically correct (if somewhat overly large) vibrator. The card read, “For all those hard to reach places”. Imagine my wife’s horror as she opened the package while sitting next to her minister father only to see a sex toy.

Well, life could not have gotten worse. Dinner was a blur, as was the rest of the evening. My wife said not one word to any one. Thankfully, my in-laws left early, as did Gladys. In fact they left at the same time, with my father-in-law passing up a trip to a bar with Gladys. My wife went straight to the bedroom. My daughters and I cleaned up and then I went to take a shower. When I arrived in the bedroom, my wife was sitting on the bed holding the “massager”. She obviously had been crying.

“What am I going to do with this … THING?” she asked me.

“Throw it out. Gladys will never know.” I replied.

“Guess you’re right.” She sighed as she tossed the gift in to the trash. I went into the shower.

I finished my shower, dried, slipped on my robe, and went into Escort sihhiye the bedroom expecting to find my wife asleep. However, what to my wondering eyes should I see, my wife, on the bed in her new teddy; with the vibrator in her pussy. I stood dumbfounded, not believing my eyes, watching her push the vibrator fully into her pussy and then removing it. I saw the toy glisten as it went in and out. I heard the low hum of the vibrator and it slid hungrily in and unwillingly slid out. I heard the soft gasps as Cynthia made love to herself.

I looked into her open eyes as she used the massager on the “Hard to reach” places. I saw the hungry look in her eyes. I moved to the bed. My intention was to move and kiss her on the lips, but Cynthia had other ideas. She grabbed my manhood and started to rub it all over her tits. The warm softness of her skin felt wonderful. As she used the vibrator to make small circles on her clit, my wife used my dick to make small circles around her nipples. What she did with the toy, she did with her boy. Then she pushed the vibrator into her as she pushes my shaft between her tits. As she approached orgasm, her pace became more and more rapid and her actions more wild. Faster and more frenzied, all the while looking me straight in the eye. Her eyes were burning with lust; her smile was almost demonic.

Her orgasm (I found sincan escort out later it was one of many) was so intense that she lost control. As she bucked like a wild bronco, I had to cover her mouth so she would not alert our daughters. It was long and it was intense.

Finally, she relaxed. She was panting and she shined with perspiration. However, the vibrator was not the only surprise of the evening.

Cynthia sat up and removed the lingerie. She looked lustfully into my eyes and huskily said, “Climb on.”

As I started to crawl between her legs, she grabbed my hips and guided them to her chest, letting my manhood fall between her lovely breasts. She then clamped them against me and I took it from there. Titty fucking was a pleasure I had not experienced since college. Cynthia’s breasts were warm and slick with sweat. My cock slid easily through the valley she created. In and out, up and down I moved, every push ending with my cock’s head in my wife’s mouth.

I approached my own orgasm and Cynthia could sense it. She laid her head back and concentrated on tighten her grips on her tits.

When I release, I shot gallons of cum on her face, neck but mostly on her chest. I rolled off. Cynthia moaned as she rubbed the semen over her breasts. She made several lip smacking noises as she licked the cum from her fingers.

Later, as she lay with her head on my chest, and as I started to drift off to sleep, Cynthia stirred. She started to kiss my chest and neck.

“All’s well that ends well I suppose. But, then again, it may only beginning,” Cynthia whispered in my ear as her wrapped around awakening my cock. I could only think, “Thanks Aunt Gladys.”

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