Birthday to Remember

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A heart felt thanks and love goes to JuLLie for the editing help, keeping me on track with the actual events and allowing me to share my birthday with others. This story would not have been possible without her.

John always enjoyed his drive to JuLLie’s house. The scenic winding roads of rural New York combined with the hum of his sports cars engine were relaxing and sometimes an adrenaline rush. However today the 20-minute drive from his marina on Lake Ontario to JuLLie’ s seems to take forever. You see today was John’s birthday and he was excited about spending it with the love of his life.

So just what were their plans for the evening? Both JuLLie and John are very spontaneous and neither likes making the so-called, ‘Set in Stone’ plans. They talked of an intimate dinner at a local restaurant or JuLLie may fix one of her Italian dishes and eat in. John really didn’t care; he just wanted to spend it with JuLLie.

Though they’ve only been together a little over 6-months, acting like twins who seem to be of one mind they’re so compatible. NOW, when it comes to making love …… WELL, let me tell you, it’s like they have a sixth sense of each others needs, where pleasing one another becomes their inner most desire. The desire to please is so overwhelming that it’s difficult to find the words to adequately express their experience. In a feeble attempt to describe their experience the words incredible or extraordinary still fall short in reality. Sex becomes a journey of exploration where foreplay is savored as though sacred and is elevated to an art form. John and JuLLie take extreme pleasure traveling through wave after pleasurable wave towards orgasm. Every touch holds the excitement of their very first touch. With each caress, they’re seeking to give as much pleasure as possible to the other pursuing and ascending to higher and higher plateaus of ecstasy.

Knowing this background is it any wonder why John is so anxious to get to her house.

“Finally,” John sighs.

Turning off the main road he heads up the hilly driveway. Filled with an anxious excitement he parks the car and walks up the paving brick walkway to the house. With the dinner hour rapidly approaching he remembers their potential plans and briefly diverts his attention to his watch.

Looking up as he reaches the front porch, he stops dead in his tracks, his smile quickly wiped from his face, “What the hell?” He questions, finding a note taped on the front door. His heart sinking fast as he pulls the note from the door but his smile returns as quickly as it had left.

The note simply said, “Welcome John. Come in, I’ll meet you in the den in shortly.”

Opening the double oak doors and stepping into the foyer he could hear music playing softly down the hall. Immediately he took notice of the dim lighting and lavender scented candles.

Following his instructions he headed towards the den finding the curtains drawn, a fire in the fireplace and a single chair in the middle of the room with another note pinned to the cushion. This one written on her personal heart filled lavender stationary reads,

“Relax…. be patient…kick your shoes off, gaze at the fire, enjoy the music I will be with you soon. Ohhhhhhhhhh I almost forgot Happy Birthday Lover,” she had written and including a little smiley face among the hearts.

“Sure it’s my birthday, but a fire in the fireplace on August 1st in the early evening with the air conditioning on. What on earth is she up too?”, he quizzically questioned.

With the seconds passing like minutes and the minutes like hours, “Well,” he said to himself, “There are no other cars outside and there’s nowhere for anyone to hide in here, other than under the desk. So I guess it isn’t a surprise party.”

(In real time John had only been waiting about 2 minutes but his anxious energy made it feel like hours alone in the den.)

At that moment, hearing a sound John turned towards the hall just in time to be totally captivated by JuLLie closing the French doors behind her. “I hope I didn’t keep you waiting,” she smiled, “Mind if I CUM and join you,” she said with a distinct emphasis on CUM.

It was a jaw dropping sight, her hips swaying to the music immediately sending a sexual tingle through his body. “Please do ‘CUM’ in,” John smiled.

Appearing to float across the room stopping between John and the fireplace. She’s wearing a very revealing fishnet mini dress with matching G-string and, when I say net I mean it was a crocheted net, further accented by sheer thigh high black stockings. John hadn’t seen her quite like this before, a goddess, a woman so sensuous and sexy she could have made a eunuch cum.

Watching her move across the floor was breathtaking in itself. Literally, his breathing became stuttered leading to a stirring that reached deep into his soul. Her every move appeared to be in slow motion; the net caressing and highlighting her curves… the perfect expanse of flesh between the nylon tops and hem excited him. In his mind there was no other description almanbahis adres to compare this lovely vision other than, art in motion.

She wasn’t hot, she was sizzling; JuLLie’s fair skin made the perfect contrast to the 3″ squares of black fishnet. Her soft skin moving beneath the net playing peek-a-boo with his glances was serving only to heighten his desires not to mention stir up his sexual juices.

Slowly swaying her hips to the music, adding a little sexual bump and grind, she slowly works her toes up the inside of his leg reaching his ever hardening cock …… gliding her nylon clad toes over his balls brings her foot to rest on top of his leg.

Visible through the nylons are her perfectly polished red toenails.

Unable to restrain himself, John places his hands on her toes, gently massaging her foot he caresses her ankle, slowly moving upwards. Pausing briefly, enjoying the shapely curve of her calf muscle before continuing to the back of her knees. “Aaahhhhhhhhhh……. Mmmmmmm…… Sooooooo…… Goooood,” she coos. Her body shivering as his hands caress her inner thighs “Mmmmmmm …… Oh God …… Mmmmmmm …… So Gooooood,” she whispers.

Taking his time and extreme pleasure in the touch of the lace, places his left hand at the top of the stocking. Slipping one of his fingers under the silky material, pauses to savor the touch and texture of skin and silk, his fingers transitioning back and forth between the two. As his hands move higher and higher, her hips begin a sinuous rotation urging his fingers to the tops of her thighs. His fingertips trace the crease between thigh and pussy the backs of his fingers occasionally flirting with the lips beneath thin damp triangle of fabric.

“Aaahhhhhhhhhh,” she moans, her body giving a little shiver. Slipping her foot to the outside of his leg, following it down and gently to the floor. Wiggling tightly into his lap she pushes her crotch against his hard cock, up and down humping again and again.

He could feel her wetness soaking through his trousers to his rock hard cock. The sexual tensions are high …… the scent of sex is heavy in the air between them.

His fingers busying themselves tracing little circles on the soft skin of her thighs as she holds his face in her hands, kissing and licking every inch as she prolongs her sensuous grinds, dry fucking him through his trousers.

Slowly moving forward as she rises to her feet ……straddling his knees teases him by pulling the G-string’s waistband up high on her hips …… the lacy crotch pulls tightly over he mound clinging to every curve, accentuating her pussy. Gentle tugs pretending she’s going to remove it and then not.

Putting an extra wiggle in her hips she turns her back to him. Backing towards him showing off her outfit, swaying her beautiful ass over his lap he’s receiving the lap dance of his dreams.

Sliding his hands up over her hips to the small of her back and back down to the supple flesh of her ass as it waves in front of him, and oh my god what a beautiful ass she has …… beautiful curves …… the cheeks, “Mmmmmmm so round and firm,” he says softly.

JuLLie’s fair skin making the perfect contrast to the black netting brings his eyes to quickly to focus on her large breasts. Her taut nipples poking through the delicate netting …… her fingers paying special attention to them…. His pulse races as he watches her tease them …… pulling, pinching and fondling them.

His eyes racing wildly over her body, nearly popping out of his head not knowing where to focus … tummy … thighs … tits. Finally he finds his eyes fixed on the soaked crotch of her G-string and a trail of fluid trickling down her inner thighs; MY GOD, was she excited, but he was equally as excited! The intense sexual heat being generated between them was so strong he could feel it from his seat. All of his senses were alive and he was ready to explode.

“OH MY GOD,” he exclaimed, “Fuck me …… Fuck me now…… Please Fuck me JuLLie and I can die a happy man!!”

For a moment JuLLie stands quietly in front of him with the smile of an angel looking into his eyes. Caressing his face with both hands he raises his hands, palms up cradling her breasts …… lifting them, feeling the fullness, the firmness, gently grazing his thumbs across her nipples. Her body quivering at his touch as her eyes close, her body jerks then stiffens, and relaxes as her knees buckle.

Consumed by a sudden wave of pleasure a low pitched moaning growl emanates from deep down in her throat “Aaaaargggggh,” joined with a flush of fluid trickling down between her legs. She steadies herself and fights the urge to collapse on top of him.

John’s mind is just reeling out of control from image to image, thinking of the vision before him and the fantasy of what is yet to come. JuLLie trying to retain control and not to give in to the orgasmic wave which had shaken her to her very core, says in a weak quivering voice, “No more touching until I say so.”

His cock hard as a steel bar pressing against the restraints of his almanbahis adres trousers and shivering in anticipation he begs, “JuLLie take me now! Fuck my brains out. You’re torturing me. I don’t know how much more I can take.”

A sly smile on her face, she moves forward until their knees touch… lifting her leg up and over his, her pussy undulating mere inches from his face. Her hips swaying back and forth left to right to a sensuous beat. His eyes trained on the little wet lace triangle, the lace barely covering and clinging to her pubic mound. He can make out the two puffy lips, a prominent slit and her erect clit pressing against the fine black lace.

His cock now solid, straining for release but not wanting to spoil her sexual tease he grits his teeth and watches her legs part around his thighs. Her hands cupping each of her fabulous tits, her nipples framed by the fishnet are so huge, so extended. Continuing to pinch and tease them she rubs them back and forth over his lips.

Then as if that wasn’t tease enough, seductively she slides her right hand down beneath the G-string …… triggering a deep stuttering breath, visibly biting her lower lip her body stiffens, back arches. He can see her fingers visible beneath the fabric slowly outlining her slit, up and down caressing each side of the lips. Her pace quickens as two fingers disappear from view in and out they probe faster and faster. Until she settles onto his lap wracked by yet another wave of small orgasms… “Mmmm …… Oooohhhh …… Yesssss …… Yesssssssssss …… Aaahhhhhhhhhh,” her eyes close, her tongue glides between her lips.

Her scent is heavy in the air, his heart pounding rapidly as their breathing becomes ragged, removing her hand; her eyes never leaving his, raises her fingers to her lips…teasing him…slowly sucking and licking each finger, one at a time. Once again her fingers disappear only to reemerge applying a generous coating of her juices as if she were sensually applying lip gloss… then kissing him full on the mouth transferring her sweet taste as their tongues intertwine in a passionate dance.

Breaking their kiss, she rises passing her nipples just inches from his lips…teasing him as she brushes her fingers across the bulge in his trousers then pressing her fingers to his lips allowing him the pleasure of sucking each of them, one at a time.

Still straddling his legs .. JuLLie suggestively holding the G-string ties in her hands releases them and grasps the hem of her dress. Slowly, ever so slowly peeling it up over her head, she revealing her voluptuous tits and tossing it to the floor. Arms on either side of his neck she places her hands on the back of the chair, leaning in allowing his tongue to ring each nipple teasing him, taunting him all the way…burying his face in the valley between them, then pulling away.

Not able to take this sweet torture any longer, John breaks the no touching rule, raising his hand between her legs presses his palm flat to her crotch feeling the dampness and moist heat. Gently he begins to rock it back and forth. Suddenly with a jerk her body is wracked by a much stronger orgasm.

Her head thrashing from side to side “Aaaaargggggh …… I’m cumming …… John I’m cumming again,” she cried out in raw passion, squirting and furiously grinding her cunt hard into his hand.

“Sorry, I broke the rules,” he said in a devilish whisper.

“Mmmm-uhuh-Ahhhhhhh,” totally consumed she moaned weak and breathlessly, “Uh-Huh. I wondered how much you could take,” she sighed, as her voice went high, “I forgive you, just don’t stop …… please don’t stop,” moaning and hugging his face into her tits briefly resting her head on his shoulder.

Taking that as an approval of his actions John slides the G-string to the side. Inserting one finger, then a second between the slippery wet lips. Her muscles tightening down on them like a vise and in the blink of an eye with two fingers buried deep in her wet pussy and the other hand rubbing her thigh.

“Aaahhhhhhhhhh…” she gasps. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” as her body shakes and shudders uncontrollably in the midst of another orgasm.

Her knees buckling again, dropping firmly onto his lap thrusting herself onto his fingers, her legs spread wide, her head thrown back as he vigorously wriggles his fingers, probing for her g-spot while finger fucking her.

With sudden urgency, one by one, unbuttoning his shirt, breathing deeply into his chest, as each is unbuttoned. Her hot breath and tongue moving across from nipple to nipple following her fingers lower and lower was only taking him higher and higher.

Sliding his shirt off, tickling his shoulders with her fingernails as her tongue skips back and forth across his masculine chest, teasing and tickling. Meanwhile with expert precision her fingers unfastening his belt, pulling his zipper down while sliding back off his knees. Taking his trousers down with her, she kneels on the floor between his feet and flings them out of the way.

Just as quickly as his cock came springing out he felt his almanbahis adres cockshead being squeezed between her lips. The luxury of her talented tongue circling the head was almost enough to put him over the top, “Ahhhhhggggghhhh,” he shrieked out in orgasmic delight as his balls tightened and his first mini-orgasm spurts into her mouth. JuLLie licking her lips sticks her tongue out showing him a little white pearl of liquid balanced on the tip. Looking up at him giving him a devilishly sly smile before engulfing the full length of his rod.

Slightly spreading his thighs apart … cupping his balls and with her fingers she begins to fondle them … rolling them … lifting them. Grasping the root of his cock with her thumb, index and forefingers she squeezes stroking slowly to the head and back down again. At the top of the next stroke, with her thumb pressing just under the ridge of his cockshead she runs the tip of her tongue in and out of his slit wrapping her lips over the mushroomed head taking it deep into her throat as she follows her fingers back down to his balls.

His body shaking and quivering, trying to hold back, nearly erupting in orgasm as her lips touched his balls “Ahhhhhggggghhhh… Ohhhhhhhhhh … Yesssss,” he shrieked arching his back, spreading his legs wider. Involuntarily thrusting his cock at the feeling of the head being teased at the back of her throat.

Grasping his cock at the root she continues stroking up and down while simultaneously pressing her tongue against the slit. Then moving down below his balls she licks upwards across the ball sac, the full length of his shaft and circling the head. Continuing her teasing as the tip of her tongue follows the ridge licking the pre-cum from the slit and once again engulfing the head full length of the shaft deep into her throat. All the way down until her lips touched his balls causing his head to flail back and forth. Squeezing down on the PC muscle was all he could do to stifle a major eruption leaving him ooozzzzing massive amounts of pre-cum.

A feeling like his blood was boiling …… his balls throbbing. Her hot breath against his pubic hairs and the audible gulping sounds as she swallows continual shots of pre-cum unconsciously finds himself weaving his fingers in her hair following her head up and down, basking in the euphoric feelings of her warm mouth and soft throat massaging his cock.

With pre-cum oozing JuLLie releases his cock from her lips. Slowly she rises from the floor grazing her fingernails over his balls, taking a moment to squeeze and massage his cock between her breasts, coating her nipples in slick pre-cum and giving his enormous cock a few good strokes as she stands up.

Once again turning her back to him, she backs up until their knees touch. Spreading her legs even further to straddle his she takes a G-string tie from each hip between her fingers simultaneously pulling, allowing the G-string to drop away to the floor. Now her beautiful body totally revealed to him in its naked splendor.

Slipping his hands around her hips to her stomach, kissing the small of her back. Touching her as though it was the first time, gliding his hands up and down exploring every little curve and crevice, hips, thighs, over her ass and back to her stomach as she spreads her legs even further and begins easing down onto his lap.

His cock twitches as she grasps the root with both hands. Stroking it up and down guiding it to the warmth and silkiness of her pussy. Gliding the swollen head up and down her slit, teasing her clit with the head, over and over back and forth squeezing and stroking with both hands making him harder and harder. Each stroke bringing his pre-cum oozing out the slit mixing with her juices; when as if that wasn’t enough, she first leans forward, then scooting back and in the blink of an eye the silky warmth of her pusssy slowly envelopes his cock as she settles into his lap grinding his cock deep inside her.

“Mmmmmmm…Ahhhhhhh…. Ohhhhhhhh,” the two of them gasping and moaning as her cunt stretches around the girth of his cock. His sensations heighten even more feeling her inner walls pulsing and quivering as her muscles grip and release his shaft.

With her toes on the floor, her hands on his knees she raises and lowers herself grinding down meeting his thrusts, taking him in deeper and deeper. JuLLie’s stocking clad thighs sliding easily against his flesh adding that extra measure of sensory stimulation.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Aaahhhhhhhhhh,” suddenly her body stiffens and shudders, gripping his knees her head rocks side to side as a wave of pleasure washes over her.

Leaning back, riding out her orgasm molding her back into his chest she’s fully focused on grinding herself onto his cock.

Intently kissing and biting her neck, his arms draw her in tightly. His right forearm cradles her tits, his left hand sliding down her abdomen straight to her clit. Massaging her clit his back arches with each thrust as he fucks her in a steady rhythm. Feeling her cunt muscles massaging his cock squeezing and releasing over and over like a milking machine, “GOD…Oooohhhh My Gaawwwwwd,” she cries out almost violently, “I’m cummmming…… I’M CUMMMMMING AGAIN!!!” her creamy juices flowing around his cock drenching his balls.

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