Blaine and Trey – Week 03

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Weeks run Thursday thru Wednesday, as Thursdays are the days the group meets for their weekly updates.

This is not a sex story, but rather a story of two individuals meeting and falling in love.

Week 3


The group meeting went well. Each individual group of two had been working hard on their sections, and they were able to put together a preliminary outline of all aspects of the project. Dustin, of course, was there, and sent not-so-subtle looks of lust toward Trey, which he ignored. Trey told the group about movie night, with an open invite for anyone who wanted to come. He even encouraged them to bring favorite movies to share.

As they were wrapping up for the afternoon, Jordan reminded them that the following week was Thanksgiving, so they would not have their regular Thursday group meeting. He encouraged them all to get together with their partners sometime during the week and they would meet again as a group the following week after that.

That night, Aimee, Logan, and Blaine all showed up together at Trey’s house. A few minutes later Lisa and Angela arrived. The only project members missing were Dustin, no doubt because of his conversation with Trey the previous week, and Jordan — the project leader. Aimee had brought a movie to watch, and after a quick vote, majority ruled that pizza would once again be the meal of the night. Trey made the call and disappeared into the kitchen to get things ready while the rest good naturedly fought about who would sit where.

When the pizza arrived, Blaine was shocked to see that Trey had added an order of hot wings and had also made a salad to go with the pizza. As he loaded up a plate with salad and hot wings, he remembered Trey’s comment from Sunday — Trey had noticed that he didn’t care for the pizza and had tried to make sure Blaine would enjoy dinner. Blaine shyly met Trey’s eyes and whispered “Thank you” as Trey handed Blaine his Sprite and a fork for the salad.

Aimee again took the loveseat, but this time shared it with Logan. Lisa and Angela sat next to each other on the couch. Blaine quickly eskişehir escort bayan took the chair, leaving Trey on the couch with the two giggling girls. Everyone enjoyed the movie, and had a great time. After it ended, Blaine volunteered again to help clean up.

“I hope you enjoyed the food better tonight?” Trey asked with a sly grin on his face.

“Thanks Trey. It was great, but you didn’t have to order something just for me, or make a salad. I am used to not eating much when pizza is ordered, most places don’t make the type of pizza I like; it’s not a favorite.” Blaine blushed.

“It was no big deal, and I figure everyone should get to have something they enjoy… what type of pizza is it you like?”

“I usually get one with an alfredo, or ranch sauce instead of tomato based. Normally I’ll go to Papa Murphy’s and get their take n bake chicken garlic ranch.”

“Can’t say that I’ve ever tried it.” Trey replied as he finished putting away the now washed and dried dishes from the night. “Hey, I wanted to tell you I took your advice. Gage and I have been emailing the last week or two; I figured there was less of a chance of a fight if I contacted him by email. It’s been going well, so I’m going to call him this weekend and try to talk things out.”

“That’s great. I think you need that. If you need to talk just let me know. I don’t have much experience in relationships, or speaking with ex’s, but I’m a good listener.” Blaine tried to show his support, even though he was afraid Trey would get back together with Gage, maybe even move to where Gage was to try to sustain the relationship.

“I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks”

A few minutes later they finished the clean up, and Blaine left for his dorm room.


Blaine’s phone signaled an incoming text “just wanted to let you know. Talked to Gage today. It went well! Wants to talk again tomorrow.” From Trey.

“Glad to hear it. Hope tomorrow goes well too?” From Blaine, to Trey.


Text to Blaine “are you going home for the holiday?” eskişehir escort From Trey.

To Trey “yeah, plane leaves Wednesday afternoon, returns Sunday afternoon. You going home?” From Blaine.

To Blaine “want to come over for dinner tomorrow? Will tell you how it’s going with Gage.” From Trey.

To Trey “sure, will be there. How many people u inviting over? I will cook.” From Blaine.

To Blaine “just u. the rest don’t know about Gage yet.” From Trey.

To Trey “ok, will see u then.”


Blaine knocked on the door, carefully balancing a bag of groceries for dinner. Trey let him in, taking the bag to the kitchen and snooping thru it as he set it on the table. “What ya makin’ for dinner?”

“I thought I would do something simple. Steaks with baby potatoes and a salad. Dinner rolls, and Brownies for dessert. That okay?”

“Sounds great, what can I do to help?”

“Trey, you don’t have to help. You do all of the work every Thursday night, setting up for all of us. Let me do this, okay?” Blaine responded, smiling slightly at the man who tries to take care of everyone.

“No problem, I’ll just sit here and keep you company, okay?” Trey lazily straddled a kitchen chair backwards, resting his arms and chin on the back of the chair as he watched Blaine unpack the bag.

“That works for me. How do you like your steak? And you never told me if you had plans for the holiday.” Blaine started prepping the potatoes for the oven — cutting them into a pan adding butter and spices.

“Yeah, I’m going back home for a few days. Make mine rare please!” Trey eyed the two thick steaks appreciatively.

As Blaine worked quickly and efficiently to get dinner done, Trey told him that things were going really well with Gage. They had talked a lot. Gage apologized to Trey for agreeing early in their relationship that they would be monogamous, even when he thought he couldn’t be. Gage had said he didn’t want to lose Trey, and was afraid if he asked for an open relationship that’s exactly what would happen. He also escort eskişehir admitted that he shouldn’t have cheated on Trey; he should have been open and honest. They both agreed to talk more over the Thanksgiving break.

Whenever Blaine looked up he saw that Trey had an enormous smile on his face as he recounted conversations with Gage, and even shared some memories from when they were together. Trey really seemed happy about how things were progressing.

Blaine grabbed a few items off the table and turned to the counter to mix up the brownies. His back was to Trey, so he didn’t see Trey jump up from the chair and sneak up behind him. Blaine jumped when he felt Trey’s arm around his waist, surprised at the contact. Trey softly kissed Blaine on the cheek, distracting him as he swiped a finger full of brownie batter out of the bowl. “Thanks for encouraging me to speak to Gage. I probably would not have pursued it on my own. You’re a great friend!” Trey gently squeezed Blaine’s waist, pulling the smaller man toward him for a quick one armed hug before letting go. Trey licked the batter off his finger “This is really, really good! I can’t wait for them to be done.” He grinned mischievously as he left the kitchen.

Blaine sighed, happy things were going well for his friend, but still worried it meant he would be losing basically his first friend since junior year of high school. Admittedly, Trey’s kissing him and hugging him was somewhat confusing, because the two friends usually did not have any contact; but Blaine just figured Trey was overly exuberant about his reconciliation with Gage.

Dinner went well, and the boys fell into their now normal routine of cleaning up — Blaine washing dishes, Trey drying and putting away. After dinner, Trey invited Blaine to stay a while longer, but Blaine declined — still having one class the next morning and having to pack to go home for Thanksgiving. The young men decided to get together on Sunday evening to work on their Business Logistics project, since they wouldn’t have the normal class time on Thursday for it. Trey walked Blaine to the door, and suddenly pulled Blaine close, hugging him tightly. “Have a great Thanksgiving, I’ll miss seeing you.” He whispered into Blaine’s ear. Blaine cautiously wrapped his arms around Trey, as he replied “I’ll miss you too. Have a good holiday. Text or call if you need to talk.” Blaine disentangled himself from Trey’s grasp and left for the dorms.

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