Blindfold Trick

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Editor’s note: this submission contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sexual situations.


Jack walked into his house. He tried to sneak past the lounge quietly so as not to be noticed by his mother, Kate. His gentle tip-toes were no match for her bat-like hearing.

“Jack!” came a yell from the lounge, “Can you come in here please?” Jack rolled his eyes before huffing quietly to himself. He knew what was coming, or at least along what lines it was. Over the past few months his mother had been complaining at him for the pettiest things. Last week she berated him for not cleaning a cup he’d used for coffee. Before that it was because he left the TV on standby instead of turning it off. He was getting sick of it.

After composing himself he stepped into the room. His mother was sat on the couch with legs crossed, stretched out in front of her. She cocked her head at her son.

“Do you know what you did this morning, young man?” She asked with the sarcastic, rhetorical tone he was now used too. Jack sighed and shrugged his shoulders at her.

“You left the milk out!” She scolded, with a slight look a disbelief at his insolent body language. Jack’s eyes widened.

“The milk!?” he cried.

“Yeah! The milk!” She retorted, “Now it’s gone bad!”

“Are you serious?! All you’ve done recently is have a go at me for trivial rubbish!”

“It’s a waste!” She protested.

“Ill buy more milk, ok!?” Jack yelled in frustration. In a fluster he walked out of the room, followed by cries from his mother demanding he return. Jack retreated to his room, sitting on the edge of the bed. With clenched fists he ran over the previous few encounters with his mother in his head. He seethed at how petty she had been in the past few months.

What annoyed him more was that she wasn’t being straight with him. Recently, while on the house computer, he found emails from someone called ‘David’ to Kate. The first few were fairly innocent, a little mild flirting maybe. They were all about meeting for a drink and teasing each other about things that happened at work. Jack guessed it was someone from work as he didn’t see her often go out. As he read further on though he discovered they’d met for a drink and on that night they’d kissed. There were lots of smiley and winking emoticons going back and forth the next morning.

Jack didn’t have anything against his mother finding a new love. She was attractive, with her flowing brown hair and athletic, top-heavy body, and still only in her late thirties. His father had left years ago and had not been seen since, so she was not doing anything wrong. No, the fact was that Jack did not like being lied to. After finding the first few emails he slipped in the question one morning at breakfast. He asked if she was seeing anyone. She told him no. He asked if she was interested in anyone. She told him no again, along with some tripe about minding his own business.

From then on Jack made it his business to intercept all of her emails from this mystery ‘David’, and he did. Over the next week he witnessed the two of them getting closer and closer, flirting more and more until one day Jack found an email where they arranged to meet in a motel. They didn’t want anyone to find out so it was all done in secret, away from their homes. Jack scrolled through the emails looking for more and more. He found quite a few, telling each other what they liked about it.

‘Your hands certainly know their way around.’ Kate wrote. ‘So does your tongue ;)’ Came David’s reply. Reading this made Jack’s limp dick spring into life. With such little detail his imagination was thrown into overdrive. ‘Well there was so much to taste ;)’ came his mother’s reply. Never had he considered his mother in a sexual situation but now his mind was flooded. He could picture his man laying flat on a bed, legs slightly sprawled, with a mighty solid rock of a penis standing proudly in front of his mom who stalked on all fours. He could see her mouth slowly engulfing his member until she had her mouth stuffed full. It was the stuff of teenage fantasy, but none of the less Jack soon felt himself caressing his penis as he sat there.

However, remembering finding those emails did little to suppress his anger in the present moment, having just been berated for leaving milk out of the fridge. He was going to show Kate who the boss was. He quickly opened up his laptop and loaded up his mother’s emails. It was little surprise that there were a whole load more from David since he last checked. Reading through them was a sordid tale. It seemed as though they had met up a few times in the motel for sex. Kate told him how much she liked being dominated. How much she liked it when he held her down and fucked her. She liked the power he had over her. Jack knew his luck was in today.

In the ‘sent’ box his mother had emailed David again, suggesting he come over to her house when her ‘annoying son’ was out. Jack noted the casual insult she’d thrown his way, she was going Hatay Escort to get it all back and more soon. He recalled the email from David. David would never see that again. Instead he quickly set up her account so that emails from Jack’s account appeared as though they’d come from David. He set to work typing an email, trying his best to quote the previous emails so as to appear genuine. He told his mother, as David, how much he liked it when he pinned her to the bed and fucked her. He told her how he loved than she was his slave. He sent it.

It did not take long to get a reply from his mother. She must have been downstairs getting hot at the message she was reading. It read;

‘Oh David, I want you right now. You turn me on so much it hurts. I wish you could come over and take me now. I’d do anything to make you cum.’

Jack felt his dick straining against his pants. The message continued;

‘Please tell me you’re free tomorrow. My son won’t be home and you can fuck me however you want. Please come and fuck me, David.”

Jack licked his lips before carefully typing his reply;

‘I want to come and ravage you again. I want to hold you down and fuck you like a good slut. I’m free tomorrow. Free to come and make you my slave. I have an idea. I want you lay on your bed in your sexiest clothing, waiting for me. Leave the front door unlocked and I’ll let myself in. I want to see you submit to me totally. Lay on your bed wearing a blindfold. I’ll come in and do things to you you’ve never imagined. You won’t see me, but know it’s me. Remember the blindfold!”

Jack sent the message and sat back on his chair in a slightly cold sweat. A few minutes later he got one back from him mother;

‘Oh my god you’ve made me so wet! Yes! Yes please come tomorrow. I’ll do what you say. Anything ;)’

Jack read this and raised his arms above his head triumphantly, trying not to cheer. It was just as he had wanted. He began imagining what his night would be like tomorrow, all the sordid, kinky things he could get away with, when suddenly a knock came at his door.

“Jack?” His mother called. Jack panicked unnecessarily.

“Uh… yes Mom?” He replied sheepishly.

“I just wondered, are you going to the movies tomorrow, like normal?” she asked.

“Yeah, Mom, why?” He reply, a big smile coming over his face.

“Oh no reason. Actually I wondered if you needed a ride there.”

“Oh, no thanks. I’m walking with Mark.”

“Ok then, sleep well honey.” She finished.

The next day came and passed into evening. Jack noticed his mother fidgeting around and constantly asking what time he’d be back. He played it cool and kept calm. He left the house at his usual time and went for a walk around the neighbourhood. Time seemed to go so slowly as he waited. He kept checking his watch, counting roughly how long it would take his mother to prepare herself for ‘David’. As it grew darker he decided it was time to go. There was no going back now.

The front door was unlocked as he had instructed her to. He walked into the house without trying to conceal his footsteps, trying to play the role of the dominant man, however it did not stop his hands slightly shaking and growing sweaty as he made his way up the stairs to his mother’s room. He stripped off down to his boxers and stood outside her room.

Jack took a deep breath before nudging the door open. It was stiff. It grinded against the carpet inside the room. He opened it just enough to let the light through before peering through. Now he could see his beautiful mother laying there on her bed. She wore a black night gown, silk-looking, which struggled to contain her heaving tits. It wrapped tightly around her slender waist and cut off high on her thigh. Her knees were slightly bent as her legs rubbed smoothly against one another, with her fingers interlinked and resting her on midriff. Most importantly of all though Jack saw that she was wearing the blindfold as he had instructed her to.

Jack pushed the door open with greater force now. The dry heat and smell of skin from the room engulfed him, prompting him to enter. Kate twitched her head as she heard the footsteps close by.

“David?” She murmured. Jack stared at her like a wolf stalking its prey, circling to the foot on the bed.

“I can feel you there, David.” She spoke again. Jack could see her chest begin to rise and fall more quickly now, drawing breath more deeply. He stood at his mother’s feet as he traced the outlines of her supple body. Kneeling down, Jack breathed his warm breath over Kate’s feet. She responded instantly by curling her toes and ruffling her legs around.

“Oh, David!” She squealed. Jack watched her smooth legs come up in goose bumps. Placing his hand on her ankle, he slowly ran his palm up the outside of her leg. The feeling was like velvet. He put his free hand on her other leg and did the same. His mother all the while gave delightful, playful squirms. Jack moved his body up onto the bed. Hatay Escort Bayan His chest pushed down on her feet as he stretched his arms further up her legs, grabbing and caressing her thighs. Kate threw her arms above her head, pushing against the headboard.

“Mmm, ooh” were the noises she made. Jack could hear her breathing as he looked up her body. He felt her feet move from under him as she began to part her legs. His torso dropped the mattress between her knees. Eagerly taking the opportunity, he moved further towards his mother. His hands moved to the insides of her thighs. The room seemed to get hotter as he felt around her milky flesh. Her skin became clammy with excitement.

Jack could see her black underwear teasing him from beneath her nightdress. Without much thought at all he pushed his hands under the silk covering the tops of her thighs, and kept going until he found her hips. Lifting himself up a little meant he was able to roll his palms to her sides and beyond. He grabbed two good handfuls of her ass in each palm, gripping tightly. It was like he was kneading bread as he moulded her ripe skin into his fingers, all the while consciously using his wrists to force her nightdress to ride up her body. With each successful grope he performed it tugged the hem up her thighs more and more, helped greatly by Kate as she bucked her hips around in approval.

Finally her cotton underwear was exposed. The air on her uncovered ass sent shivers through her top half. Jack decided to lower his body back between her legs. He used the same trick of breathing heavily, this time against her inner thigh, to heighten her excitement.

“Oh David, you’re driving me crazy.” Kate yelped. Her son pushed himself up, nuzzling himself into the very tops of her legs. Kate did what she felt was natural and spread her thighs further apart. Jack felt even greater temperatures as he looked intimately at the gusset of her panties. Using his fingers, he poked and teased around the edges of the garment, pretending he was about to tug them down or shove his fingers against her snatch. Kate gave the now familiar squeals of delight in reply, rocking her hips letting him know she wanted more.

Jack put his mouth about an inch from her panties, letting her felt his warmth against her pussy. He could smell her excitement. He kissed the material, and immediately felt her moist juices against his skin. He smiled. He knew she was a horny mess now.

Jack pushed himself up, keeping low so he could rub his chest and abdomen against he panty-covered clit as he travelled up her body. Kate’s mouth was open as she took in breath, plump lips and white teeth. He quickly checked the blindfold was tightly in place. He didn’t want this ruined at this stage. Positioning his hips against hers, she pressed down on her pussy. Kate grew wetter at the feeling against her clit. Jack could feel the moisture through his own underwear. He decided to begin grinding slowly against her, pretending to fuck. He bucked his hips with power into hers.

“Oh god, David, fuck me, please.” Kate whimpered, twitching her legs about and pushing her arms against the headboard. Hearing his mother use that word hardened his cock even more than it already was.

“Not yet…” Jack told her. He froze, realising the foolishness of what he’d just done. If his mother recognised his voice it was all over.

“You’re such a tease!” She gasped. “I need you to fuck me.” Jack swallowed a big lump in his throat at hearing this for a 2nd time. His dick pushed out like a rigid tent pole from his boxers. It pushed into her panties and he could feel the shape of her pussy inviting him in, the thin cotton being the only barrier between them now.

Trying to control himself, Jack looked away from his submissive mother. He saw her hands rolling around the ornate headboard which popped an idea into his head. He reached over into Kate’s dresser and pulled out two pairs of underwear. A quick bit of moving around allowed him to straddle himself over her waist. Jack grabbed each of her arms, raising them to meet the edges on the headboard, before fastening them tightly. He was sure to make them comfortable, but without any chance of Kate escaping. She was a caged animal from now on.

Remaining in his straddling position Jack grabbed the bunched up nightgown from his mother’s waist. He yanked it up little by little. Slowly her breasts became uncovered. First was the bottom of her cleavage, well defined and round. Jack leaned over her left tit as he revealed the nipple, leaving her right one covered. He flicked his tongue over its pink nub. His saliva soon became cold which made it grow erect. He finally tugged the whole nightgown up to her shoulders. Both her tits looked amazing, and barely dropped at all. They sat pert and proud on her chest. Jack continued sucking one nipple while gently squeezing the other until both her nipples pointed out with excitement. Looking at his mother’s mouth he saw her still breathing deeply, Escort Hatay occasionally licking her lips lavishly with her tongue.

Jack leaned to the side and quickly removed his underwear. He was butt naked, sporting a raging hard-on. He moved his hips closer to Kate’s face with his cock resting on the top of her chest. Kate knew what it was.

“Wow, what’s that feeling so hot?”.” She flirted. Jack smiled, knowing not to speak. He moved his dick towards her face, slowly rubbing his cock-head over her chin and then on her lips. Kate smiled, showing all of her gorgeous teeth. Blood continued rushing to his dick as he felt the softness of her lips. Kate obliged with what she knew ‘David’ wanted, extending their tongue wantonly to meet his cock. She lapped up the flavours of his pulsing head.

Jack gave a muted groan, trying his best to hide his voice from his mother. He pushed his hips even further forward, treating her tongue to the whole shaft of his dick. Kate obediently licked and rolled her tongue up and down his meaty member.

“Mmm, your cock feels bigger today.” Kate let out momentarily. Jack had to bite his fist upon hearing his mother say that. He felt like he was ready to explode. She lifted her head up a little, letting her take his cock into her mouth. Jack watched it disappear between her lips. He began leaking pre-cum onto her tongue which she gladly accepted. Jack gently thrust his hips rhythmically. Kate bobbed her head to meet him each time.

Jack couldn’t believe he’d made it to this point, tricking his mother into sex with him, without her even knowing. Each thrust towards her face held the undertone of contempt he’d held for her for some months now, but anger had turned to lust now and he would make her his to play with completely.

He ran one hand down her strapped-up arm and down to her face, for a split second considering pulling down the blindfold and revealing his true identity. He thought better of it though, not wanting to spoil what further treats may lay in wait for him. Instead he held her check in his palm as her fed her his dick. It became shiny from her saliva. Each time He pushed a little further inside until he was buried in her mouth. Kate loyally took it, slobbering under him like a Doberman.

As Jack felt himself reaching the point of no return he quickly withdrew from his mother’s throat. Strands of saliva stretched from his cock head and Kate’s lips as she coughed and struggled to get her breath back.

“Now…” Kate spluttered, “Fuck me. Please! Fuck me!” If Jack or Kate had touched his penis as she shouted those words he would have blown his spunk all over her there and then. Taking his time, in order to recover, Jack slowly moved back down her body. Kate pulled on the make-shift restraints, using them to shift her body up the bed to get a little more comfortable. Jack licked his lips at the sight of her heavy tits moving on her chest. After a few seconds he felt like he’d calmed down enough to continue.

“Come on, you bastard!” Kate spurned. Jack felt his blood rushing again. Leaning over her, he grabbed the hem of her panties and yanked down. Her sodden garment slid down without resistance. Kate spread her legs apart as soon as it was peeled off, as if to say ‘Now!’ He was now treated to the sight of her inviting pussy. It was so wet with frustration. Jack crawled over her, putting himself between her thighs. The tip of his penis flicked agonisingly against her labia. Kate pushed her hips towards him as best she could trying desperately to feel him inside her, but Jack wasn’t quite ready yet. Feeling his most mischievous, and having her soggy underwear still in hand, he had an idea. He moved her head a little towards himself and proceeded to stretch her panties around the back of her head.

“You’re filthy!” Kate grinned. Jack stretched them into a thin ‘belt’ which he placed into her mouth and fastened in a knot at the back of her head. Kate could taste all of her sexual juices, now gagged and only able to talk through stunted words. Now Jack was ready.

He placed his hips just above hers and slowly lowered himself down. His cock quickly found her wet hole. His pulsating head urged its way into her pussy. Looking at her face he saw her bite down into her panties. Another eager push buried a little more of himself into her. Kate’s pussy clenched around his solid, unrelenting cock.

“Ahh, ahh!” She moaned. Her legs spread as far as they could, hips pushing up to get him as deep as possible. Jack kept going until he was completely embedded inside her. He kept pushing, even grinding his groan against her clit, he wanted to be so deep.

“You’re so huge, David.” Is what Jack though his mother was trying to say, muffled by her gag. He twitched his penis, wondering if she could feel it. More moaning confirmed that she could. Moving his hips back again Jack looked down at his swollen cock, now shiny not from saliva but from Kate’s hungry cunt. Pushing forwards again, he buried himself again with amazing ease. He continued this for a while, gradually gaining speed and confidence. His mother occasionally tried to voice her approval with words that sounded like ‘Faster’ and ‘Fuck me’ muffled into her wet underwear. All helped along as Jack sucked on her nipples like a lapdog.

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