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He’d always liked redheads. I’d heard him say that once. I have a tendency to remember everything he says. I blushed when he told me what hair colour he liked though because I’d just dyed my hair a mahogany brown – in my eyes it was a sort of red, even if it was mostly brown.

That was some time ago. Since then I’ve had a burning desire that I’ve tried to keep under wraps. I keep dying my hair though, a little redder every time.

Tonight is Halloween, I know it’s going to be good. Me and my girlfriend we’ve got our outfits worked out because you see, we’re throwing a little party. On the invites I even put what everyone should come as so we don’t end up having too many witches or Frankensteins. We decided he should come as a vampire. Not that he is particularly Dracula-esque but he is tall and he is muscular so the idea of him being even stronger gets my pussy really wet.

I’m getting ahead of myself now. My outfit lies on the bed, ready for me to get dressed but I stand there naked for a little while, my hair still damp from the shower with beads of water running down my back to the little notch between my butt cheeks. It makes me shiver. I imagine his face when he sees me in the outfit and my hand instantly goes to that place between my legs, only the ache is deeper. Desperate to get back some control I feed my hungry pussy, rubbing my clit until I’m dripping and sweaty. I know I’m close as I slip two shaking fingers in and I don’t take long to finish the craziness I started.

I look back at myself in the mirror. I’m flushed and my lips – both of them- look like they’ve been rouged. I would love to say that I am lithe and athletic – I’m sure he would too – but instead I’m curvy, voluptuous even, with breasts that more than one man has said would be pleasurable to die in. I’m hairless apart from the cascades of curly bright red hair tumbling halfway down my back; my new colour is much more outrageous than my usual colour. I touch my mound where only yesterday had been a sprinkling of dark curls, it now feels sensuously smooth and I’m tempted to dip a finger back in.

I know that it’s time to get ready now. I call for Verity, she’s in the next room, to help. God knows I can’t tight-lace myself, this is my first ever corset. It’s black with lace trim, indecently low and can get me down to a 25″ waist. It istanbul travesti arrived yesterday and this is the first time I’ve tried it on. At first it feels comfortable, but then, as Verity pulls tighter a pleasant discomfort settles on me. By the time she’s finished I am smiling, a smile which gets wider as I look in the mirror again; a perfect hourglass. Verity watches me in her costume – a strappy black dress – with barely concealed hunger as I slip on a black thong and mini-skirt. She wants a little taste but we don’t have time, we’ve only got 15 minutes before the guests arrive.

I have done my make-up when the doorbell sounds. Smoky eyes dominate the effect and I’ve added blood red lipstick to stand out. What’s more noticeable though, is the two puncture wounds dripping with blood on my neck and a stunning bright red necklace reading ‘FangBanger’. The first guest smiles at my outfit, as does the next, but when he walks through the door he doesn’t smile. Neither does he take his eyes off me. I pour him a glass of punch and walk over, my eyes never leaving his dark expression. He manages to thank me in a hoarse voice, but there is no polite conversation. He knows what I want and he knows that I know he wants it too. He’s momentarily confused but slips back easily into his normal persona. But his refined accents and talk of cycling seems to clash with his silk shirt open halfway, his slicked back hair and those fangs…

Skip forward with me, we’re getting towards the end of the night. The other guests are drunk, Verity is incredibly horny and he is looking at the pair of us making out in a doorway. I see the moment when he decides to come over to us rather than have a drunken conversation about the meaning of life. I think he’s made the right choice. I’m grinding against Verity’s hips but he knows I’m watching him as he comes round the back of me. He joins in the rhythm, reaching around to put a hand under my skirt and kissing and biting my neck. As his fangs scratch my skin I nearly come with the erotic vampire fantasy that’s playing in my head. She notices him now and slips a hand around me and under his waistband as he slips a finger beneath my thong to feel my hot core. In response I kiss Verity deeper, but grind my ass into his erection. He groans, the first sound he’s made, and reaches for the door handle. istanbul travestileri

In the bedroom, with the door slightly ajar, clothes are stripped from everyone in a mad frenzy until they’re naked and just my corset is left. Verity reaches for the stays but he stops her and instead draws her towards his hard cock. She kneels as she licks the head of his shaft and then takes it all the way into her throat. I watch, completely turned on and can’t help but join in. At first I just kneel to have a little taste of his balls but then Verity’s little moans make me want to taste how turned on she is so I crawl under her slender pale legs and stroke deep with my tongue. She’s incredibly wet and her juice simply drips onto my face as I lick her clit. I feel her building towards climax and she begins to grind her pussy into my face and all I can do is hang on while enjoying the smell and taste of her arousal. I look up as she comes, she’s holding his cock with a look of sweet ecstasy on her face, and smile into her wetness.

The next thing I know he’s pulling me out from under a swaying Verity and throwing me onto the bed. He’s strong and I’ve missed a strong man. He pulls one breast free of the corset and scrapes a fang along the nipple looking at the fake wounds on my neck the whole time. He works his way down to my smooth mound and only then notices the other fang bites on my body, right on my inner thigh. He looks up at me as I prop myself up on my elbows to see his reaction, an intense look on his face. Before I know what’s happening he’s gorging himself on me, his fake fangs sharp against my most sensitive skin. I cry out, in pain or excitement I’m not sure which, all I know is I can’t let him stop. Verity, having recovered, climbs onto my face. She does love a good tongue-fuck and is always greedy for more. His tongue on my clit starts to move faster and faster until I’m a hairs breadth away from release and then he leaves me. A frustrated sound leaves my lips but is replaced with a gasp as he fills me completely in one thrust. It’s my undoing and I fall apart so easily after that, over and over again not knowing where one orgasm stops and the next starts. Verity bends over and licks my clit as he thrusts deeply in and out, taking me to even higher heights.

Abruptly he stops and flips me over onto all fours travesti istanbul and his shaft, slick with my juices, is pressed into my tightest hole. My heart does a little flip. If he takes my anal virginity I’ll be his slave forever. He slides in slowly, relentlessly, and the stretching is such an amazing feeling I moan loudly into the duvet. He starts moving in and out then, filling me up and making me sweat. I push myself up and twist round to watch his face as he takes me. He’s an Adonis, glistening with sweat himself and increasing the intensity until he’s pounding into me. I turn back to see what Verity is up to but she’s in her own little world fingering herself and writhing around the bed. The sight turns me on even more, though I hadn’t thought it possible a moment ago. She finishes herself off with a little whimper but recovers quickly and sees me watching her. She comes over and kisses me deeply, thrusting her tongue in and out with the rhythm of his dick. He reaches a hand around me and finger-fucks me too. Being fucked in all three holes with three different things brings me to the edge and over so quickly I’m left gasping for air. I look at Verity, she’s smiling again, as she turns round and presses her ass to my face. Hungrily I lick her little butthole until she squeals with delight and when it’s all wet I stick my tongue in there, deeper each time, the taste of her butt lingering after each lick.

Obviously this is too much for him, the sight of his own cock buried deep in my ass while I lick Verity’s butthole sending him hurtling to the end. Pumping deeper into me he finally empties himself deep inside while Verity squeals her delight at her own orgasm. He looks at me, concerned that I’m still turned on and aching and puts his tongue to my stretched and sore asshole, soothing it while Verity crawls beneath me and flicks her tongue out to my clit. Then they go to work. They show no mercy as what seems like my most intense orgasm of the night hits me like a brick wall out of nowhere. I fall to the side panting with exertion, he and Verity lay down beside me. We lie there for a long while, limbs entangled until we all relax and drift off to sleep. My dreams are always erotic but this one is full of hot vampire sex and one particularly delicious blond one that’s just begging me to take him into my mouth. I wake with a start and look over at my own blond vampire and realise that I haven’t tasted him and I really want to. He’s still sleeping but that doesn’t matter. I whisper to him as I kiss him awake, I don’t think I want him to go, I want him to stay for a while. He does.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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