Boat Ho Ch. 22

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Anal Beads

“One of your tattoos seems off,” Skyler said as he lifted his face from Alex’s crotch.

“Shut up,” Alex laughed.

“I’m serious,” he said as he sat up.

“Serious,” she replied as she slid up the bed.

“I’m dead serious.”

Alex finally got of the bed and looked down at the “slave” tattoos above the small swath of pubic hair. She couldn’t see them very well. She ran her hand over them. They felt fine.

“What are you talking about,” Alex asked as she looked at her naked brother.

“The one that looks like a p, it doesn’t look like it’s in a straight line or whatever,” Skyler said.

“Stop,” Alex replied as she gathered her clothes and quickly got dressed.

“I’m sorry,” he said as she opened the door.

Alex rushed to the bathroom and quickly pulled her pants down and looked over her tattoos. Skyler was right! The “p” in ??? was a bit crooked. How the fuck did that happen, Alex thought to herself. How can a tattoo go from straight to crooked unexplainably? She didn’t know how it happened. It had been straight for as long as she could remember. There had to be a reasonable explanation. She left the bathroom and went to her room. She sat on the bed and eventually lie down and fell asleep.

Alex was surprised when she woke up the next morning. The upcoming week was going to be a bit stressful. It was Fleet Week. She had never been to San Francisco before and was ready for the change. It may have just been up the coast, but it would be a world away for her. She had pressed all of her uniforms and ensured they looked good. She was happy to actually wear some of her uniforms.

Alex was surprised when she didn’t get called for line handling. She was happy not to have to do it. She liked relaxing in the berthing and not having to deal with the crap that was going on outside. She emerged from the berthing in her coveralls and made her way to the mess decks. It was there where she caught a glimpse of someone who looked very familiar. She was certain it was Cindy Smith!

“Shit,” Alex said to herself, as the woman got lost among the people on the mess decks.

The rest of the day was a blur. Alex found herself working a lot more. She and Huff ended up working together a lot. But a lot had changed since their first few times working together. She was a bit more focused and seemed to care more about her work. Huff was surprised and relieved by her work effort. They were happy when they got a break in work. They both sat in the hanger bay as they watched some of the squadron people working.

“Ever been to San Francisco,” Alex asked Huff.

“No,” he replied.

“Really,” she shot back.

“Yeah,” he smiled, “I figured you of all people would have.”

“Well I haven’t,” he smiled.

Alex then saw the woman she thought was Cindy enter and exit the hanger bay quickly. She was for sure it was Cindy.

“But I’m sure I’ll like it,” Huff replied.

“I bet,” Alex laughed.

“Lundz,” a female voice called out.

“Yes,” Alex said as she looked to see who it was, she hoped it was Cindy.

“Hey,” the Deck Department Yeoman said, “they need to see you in the shop.”

“What’s it about,” Alex asked.

“I’m not for sure,” she replied, “but I think a bunch of people are getting transferred.”

“Okay,” Alex replied as she made her way back to the Forcastle.

She rushed there as quickly as possible. When she got there a few other Seamen waiting there. She walked up to them and waited with them until the Deck LCPO came out with a Chief from Weapon’s Department. The Chief seemed a bit young. He shot a quick smile to the group and explained they were being sent to G-3. Someone asked why and the Chief said that they needed people. Other than that the transition to Weapons was easy. Alex soon found herself in a weapons magazine with a bunch of Aviation Ordnancemen. All they seemed to do was sleep, even one of the Second Class Petty Officers.

“So what do you do all day,” Alex asked one of the Airmen.

“Nothing,” he replied, ” we don’t do much of anything.”

“Much better than Deck,” she replied.

“I bet,” he replied.

“I’m Seaman Lundz,” she said extending her hand to him.

“Matthews,” he replied as he grabbed her hand.

“Nice to meet you,” she replied as they let go of each other.

Alex looked around the magazine to see a few other people passed out or looking through navy books. She seemed a bit out of place and didn’t know what to do. She rolled her coverall sleeves up to reveal her tattoos. She felt like she could get away with it down here. She hated having to cover them up, she felt like they were a part of her.

“Nice tattoos,” Matthews said as she looked them over.

“Thanks,” Alex smiled.

“When are those IC people supposed to get here,” one of the Airmen asked.

“Fuck if I know,” Matthews replied.

“What’s going on,” Alex asked.

“The 46mc is broken,” Matthews replied.

“The what,” Alex asked.

“The intercom isn’t working,” he replied, “some people should Maltepe Escort be down to fix it.”

Alex walked around the magazine for a few more minutes and tried to get acclimated to it. She walked to the weapons elevator and found a space behind it. She saw another Airman passed out back there. She looked over the semi-empty space. She found an empty stanchion and sat down and leaned against it. She quickly fell asleep.

“Huh,” Alex said as she felt the air getting sucked out of the magazine.

“About time,” the Second Class Petty Officer said as two people in coveralls entered the magazine.

“Sorry,” one of them said as they entered.

Alex walked back to the stanchion and sat back down. This time she sat on the other side. She exhaled quickly as she heard the two people begin to work on the intercom. They didn’t take that long. She heard the clanging of tools as they put them in a bag.

“Where to now, Smith,” the male voice asked.

“Back to the shop,” a familiar female voice said.

“Cindy,” Alex whispered to herself as she stood up.

She walked from behind the stanchion as she saw the two people wrapping up at the intercom. The woman turned slowly to reveal herself. It was Cindy! Alex began to walk forward but Cindy didn’t notice her. She walked out of the magazine before she was able to talk to her.

Alex was relieved when the day came to an end. She made it to dinner around 1930. She found a seat by herself. She quickly ate her food and made her way back to her berthing. She opened her rack and pulled out her sweatpants and iPod. She went to gym and worked out for about an hour. She returned to her berthing and took a shower. She looked over her tattoos. Everything looked fined except for the Russian slave tattoo. She was bit freaked out by that, but tried not to let it bother her. She finished up in the shower quickly and found her rack. She deposited her dirty clothes in her knit bag and changed into her pajamas. She kept her iPod out and began to scroll through the songs.

“Tattoo, tattoo, lights out in five minutes,” the voice on the 1MC said.

“It’s that late,” Alex said to herself.

She shut her rack and locked it quickly. She heard the familiar patter of steel-toed boots behind her. She figured it was someone else in her berthing section. She paid no mind as she attempted to climb into her rack.

“Alex,” a female voice called out.

“Yes,” she replied as she turned around.

For some strange reason Alex looked at her boots first and noticed she was wearing coveralls. She quickly moved her eyes and noticed this woman was qualified in both Air and Surface warfare. She looked up and noticed she was a third class Petty Officer. She finally saw her face. It was Cindy! She looked down at the name tag, it read: SMITH.

“Cindy,” Alex said as she leaned forward and hugged her.

They both let go around the same time. Cindy kept her hand on Alex’s arm. She ran it across her full sleeve of tattoos. Alex looked into her friend’s eyes. She leaned in and kissed her. She didn’t care who saw her. Their lips locked for a few seconds before Cindy probed her tongue deep into Alex’s mouth. Suddenly the announcement for Taps occurred and the lights quickly went out. Cindy took her hand off Alex’s arm and placed it behind her neck. She took her other hand and placed it on Alex’s hip. She slowly pushed her against the bulkhead. She worked the hand that was on Alex’s hip under her shirt. She quickly grasped her right breast. She squeezed it hard. They finally stopped kissing when Cindy had grasped her breast.

“I love you,” Alex whispered as Cindy moved her other hand into her sweatpants.

Cindy gave no response. She just looked at Alex under the haze of the red lights. Cindy took her hand of Alex’s breast and grabbed Alex’s shirt with both hands. Alex complied and pulled her shirt off. She slid her sweatpants and panties off. She stepped out of them and Cindy pushed her back against the bulkhead. Cindy reached into Alex’s sports bra and pulled her breasts out. They flopped out and Cindy grabbed the left one and worked her mouth the nipple. Alex let out a quick sigh, but Cindy reached up and covered her mouth.

“Shhhhhhh,” Cindy said as she pulled her hand away.

Cindy slid her finger into Alex’s pussy. Alex bit her tongue as she worked her finger in and out of her. Cindy took her finger out of Alex and put it in her mouth. Alex liked the taste of her pussy. Cindy worked her free fingers back into Alex while she tasted her vagina on her friend’s finger. Cindy pulled back and leaned in and kissed Alex again. Cindy then jammed her finger into Alex again. This time it was a bit harder. She covered Alex’s mouth again as she jammed three fingers into her. Alex wanted to scream. She wanted everyone in the berthing to know how she felt. Cindy pulled out of her kissed her again.

“To be continued,” Cindy whispered into Alex’s ear.

Cindy slowly backed away from Alex. Alex covered her breasts as her friend slowly disappeared. Maltepe Escort Bayan She pushed her breasts back into her bra and pulled her pants back up. She reached down and put her shirt back on. She slid into her rack and turned the light on. She saw the picture of Cindy and herself taped by her light. She smiled as slowly drifted to sleep.

The next two days were pretty much a blur. She didn’t mind being in Weapons Department, but there was really nothing to do. There was no ordnance on board and the squadrons that were attached weren’t doing any practice with weapons. Alex couldn’t believe how lazy these people were. Even one of the Chiefs came down there and took a nap. Alex didn’t know what to think of them. All she could think of was Cindy. She hadn’t seen her since their encounter in the berthing. Alex desperately wanted to see her again. But she didn’t know what squadron or department she was in. Alex wasn’t really that surprised that she found her. Cindy was very smart and finished first in training and usually got high scores on their boot camp tests.

The arrival into San Francisco was finally there. Alex was forced to man the rails, something she had never done. She was glad that she didn’t have to do line handling. The other good news was that civilian clothes privalges and overnight liberty were in full effect in San Francisco. A lot of other people claimed this was a rarity, and that they should consider themselves lucky. Standing on the rails was a pain in the ass. But it didn’t take that long. Alex was concerned she’d fall off the side of the ship, but she didn’t and neither did anyone else. She was relieved when it was over. When they broke from formation she heard Cindy’s familiar voice.

“Alex,” she called out.

“Cindy,” Alex said as she turned around to see her friend in her crisp summer dress whites.

Alex looked over her friend. She had four rows of ribbons, and both the air and surface warfare devices. She was also an Interior Communications Electrician third class. Alex looked down at her pathetic single row of ribbons and felt bad. She realized her friend from boot camp had eclipsed her.

“Good to see you again,” Cindy said.

“You too,” Alex swallowed.

“Any plans for San Francisco,” Cindy asked.

“No,” Alex replied.

“You do now,” Cindy smiled.

“I bet,” Alex smiled back.

Cindy met Alex in her berthing. Alex showed her the picture of them she had taped to her rack. Cindy said she did the same thing. They made small talk and caught up on things. Alex desperately wanted to kiss her. But she resisted the urge. Cindy explained she’d been on a deployment and had earned both warfare pins and became an Interior Communications Electrician. Alex explained her short deployment history. She didn’t tell her about Lois or any of her more bizarre encounters. Cindy didn’t mention very much about her personal life, just that she had a fiancé at one point in time. They left the ship when it was liberty call for all hands, which was rather late in the day around 1900. Alex noticed Cindy had her sea bag with her. Alex just had he gym bag with a few extra clothes. They left the pier and shared a cab to Union Square. Alex grabbed Cindy’s hand and didn’t let go for the entire ride. Cindy wanted to kiss her but she resisted. They found a decent hotel and checked in, Cindy paid for it. They took the elevator to the their floor and Cindy opened the door and dropped her sea bag by the door. Alex dropped her bag next to hers. The door finally shut and Alex reached forward and kissed Cindy. They kissed for nearly a minute before Cindy pushed Alex off of her.

“I missed you so much,” Alex said as her voice cracked.

“So did I,” Cindy replied.

Alex leaned in and gave her a quick kiss.

“Are you okay,” Cindy asked as she cupped Alex’s face with her hand.

“Yes,” Alex replied as a tear rolled down her face.

Cindy felt it hit her hand.

“Just been a rough past couple of years,” Alex replied.

“I know,” Cindy replied as she leaned forward and kissed her.

She led Alex to the bed and kissed her before pushing her onto the bed. She grabbed her shirt and took it off. Cindy looked over Alex’s tattoos. She ran her arm against her left arm. She made it down to the tattoo they had gotten together. Cindy flashed her left wrist at Alex and smiled.

“I still have it,” Cindy laughed.

“I see,” Alex replied as she pulled her breasts out of bra.

“But you kept building,” Cindy smiled.

Cindy reached forward and began to suck on Alex’s right nipple.

“I love your tits,” Cindy smiled as she pulled back.

“A lot of people do,” Alex laughed.

“I bet,” she replied as she stood up and took off her top and bra.

Alex finally took her bra off.

“Relief,” she said as her breasts flopped out.

Alex looked up at Cindy as she finished stripping. She looked different from their first encounter. Her body wasn’t the gangly 18 year old body she remembered from a few years Escort Maltepe ago. She was more developed. She looked a bit fuller and much prettier. Alex looked at her as she ran her hands down her shoulders. Her hair was still pulled back in a bun. Alex always kept her hair with the bob cut, with the exception of the dyke cut. She wanted her to let her hair down. Alex reached for the bun but Cindy pushed her away. She pushed Alex on her back. She climbed over top of her and began to kiss her. Cindy worked her way down Alex’s body. She got to the slave tattoos and licked them.

“This one seems crooked,” Cindy said as she looked up at Alex.

“My brother said the same thing,” Alex exhaled.

“Huh,” Cindy said.

“Nothing,” Alex laughed.

“What do they mean,” Cindy asked before running her tongue over them.

“Slave,” Alex replied, “in Greek, Latin, and Russian.”

“Fits you perfectly,” Cindy said as she plunged a finger into her friend’s pussy.

“Oh,” Alex yelled out before she covered her mouth.

“You can scream as loud as you want,” Cindy smirked as she ran her tongue on Alex’s pussy.

Cindy slowly worked a second finger into her. She licked her clit as she forced her fingers into her pussy. Alex squirmed around on the bed and even bit down on her finger. But she eventually gave up and began to moan and yell louder. Alex worked her way farther up the bed. Cindy followed suit and Alex wrapped her legs around Cindy. Cindy quickly grabbed Alex’s right leg and pushed it towards her body. Alex grabbed her leg as Cindy continued to work on her pussy. She licked and fingered her furiously. Alex was taken aback by how vicious she was with her. Eventually Alex let go of her leg. She slowly lowered it onto Cindy’s shoulder. Her other leg was under Cindy’s arm. Cindy slowly adjusted herself and placed her leg on her shoulder. She crept up a bit more and continued to finger and lick Alex’s pussy. Cindy slowly began to work Alex’s hips up a bit higher. She sat up and Alex began to support her body with her arms. Her entire body was soon supported by her elbows. Alex felt uncomfortable as she attempted to maintain her balance.

“Okay,” Cindy let out as she pulled Alex’s body down.

She quickly turned Alex over and leaned over her body. Alex looked to her right and propped herself up. Cindy leaned in and kissed her on the mouth. They kissed for nearly a minute before Cindy slid a finger in Alex’s pussy. Alex put her head back down as Cindy kissed her body working her way to her butt cheeks. Cindy kissed them both and sat up quickly. She lightly slapped them both. Alex let out a quick sigh as she continued the light slapping. She eventually started hitting her harder and more frequently. Alex seemed to enjoy the spanking.

“Harder,” Alex moaned.

Cindy pulled her hand back as far as possible and swung it as hard as she could.

“Uh,” Alex let out as Cindy’s hand collided with her butt cheeks.

“You like that,” Cindy asked.


Cindy repeated this for a few more slaps. She looked at Alex’s red ass. She noticed the hand prints she left behind. Alex seemed to enjoy it with each subsequent strike.

“Find something,” Alex, said.

“Find what,” Cindy asked before she slapped her ass again.

“Find something to hit my ass,” Alex gasped.

“Okay,” Cindy replied while she looked around the room.

Cindy pulled Alex farther down the bed and Alex firmly planted her feet on the ground. Alex tried propping her butt up a little bit. Cindy went directly for the blinds and pulled the turning rod off of it. She walked back to Alex and readied the rod.

“Ready,” Cindy asked.

“Yeah,” Alex replied.

Cindy pulled the stick back and swung it hard into Alex’s ass.

“Fuck,” Alex yelled.

“You okay,” she asked.

“Keep going,” Alex replied.

She pulled back and hit Alex again. Alex yelled out again.

“Harder,” She demanded.

Cindy pulled it back even farther and swung it hard into her ass.

“YES,” Alex yelled.

Cindy pulled back again and struck her even harder.

“OH MY GOD,” Alex yelled.

Cindy dropped the rod and crouched down by Alex’s pussy and ass. She reached forward and spread her cheeks and began to lick and finger her pussy. She slid three fingers into her pussy while looking into her ass.

“Fuck my ass,” Alex demanded.

“Yeah,” Cindy smiled as she removed the fingers.

She slid her index finger into her mouth and got it soaked with spit. She slowly worked it into Alex’s ass.

“Ow,” Alex said as her sphincter adjusted to the finger going into her.

“You okay baby,” Cindy asked.

“Yeah,” Alex replied.

“Get on the bed,” Cindy said as she pulled out of her.

“Yes,” Alex replied as she got on the bed.

She crawled on the bed as quick as she could. Her raw ass made it a bit difficult.

“You want me on all fours,” Alex asked.

“Yes,” Cindy replied as she stood up, “look at me.”

Alex complied and turned around and faced her friend who was standing at the foot of the bed. Alex remained on all fours. Cindy reached up to her hair and pulled the bun at the top apart. Her hair quickly fell around her head and neck. It was slightly longer than Alex’s.

“Okay,” Cindy smiled as she bent over and kissed Alex.

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