Boat Ho Ch. 23

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Leah was barely able to stand up the next morning when she woke up. She limped to the side of the bed Alex was sleeping on.

“Hey,” Leah said as she poked Alex.

“What,” Alex said as she looked up at Leah.

“You better get going,” she said.

“Yeah,” Alex replied as she sat up from the bed.

Alex sat on the bed and looked down at her crotch and noticed she was still wearing the dildo.

“Shit,” Alex laughed as she began to unhook the harness.

Alex made it back to the ship around 7 in the morning. She nearly forgot she had duty that day. She changed into her coveralls and ate quickly and made it to muster. She was surprised when she wasn’t placed on any watches. Maybe they didn’t know about her. She broke from muster and went to the shop with the other airmen who were on duty with her. Alex noticed that the two other guys were staring at her. Moreover they were staring at her breasts. She could hear them making snide comments. She paid them no mind. Alex looked them over and smiled.

“This sucks,” the one airman said.

“You could be in Deck,” Alex replied.

“That must’ve sucked,” the other airman laughed.

“So what do you guys do on duty days,” she asked.

“Nothing,” one of them replied.

“We have to take magazine temps,” the other one replied.

“Temps,” Alex asked, “temperatures?”

“Yeah,” one of them replied, “but we only have one magazine with ordnance, so it’s super easy.”

“And we don’t have to do it until midnight,” one of them said.

“Okay,” Alex laughed.

The day began to drag out and Alex and the two airmen stayed in the shop and watched TV for the most part. They made small talk and she noticed they kept looking at her breasts. Alex replayed the events of the previous nights. He encounter with Cindy and how she abused Leah. She got turned on thinking about both of them. She wanted to relive the night with Cindy, but she knew it would never happen.

Before almanbahis adres she knew it the day slowly turned into night. Alex had spent most of the day in the shop with the other airmen. They barely left the shop. They had small menial tasks to do throughout the day. They had to go to the flight deck to help move some pallets. She found herself back in the shop and fell asleep.

“Lundz,” one of the airman said as he pushed her slightly.

“What,” she said as she looked up at him.

“It’s one in the morning,” he said.

“So,” she replied.

“Magazine temps,” he laughed.

“Oh,” she replied as she got out of the chair.

The other airman was standing by the door. They all exited the shop together. Alex followed them as they made their way to the messdecks and undid a hatch. One of the airmen went down and unlocked the first hatch and they followed him. Alex got into the magazine last. She looked around and noticed it was empty except for one small pallet in the center and a few empty missile containers.

“So what’s in the small box,” Alex asked.

“Flares,” one of the airmen replied.

“That’s it,” she smiled.

“Yep,” one of them replied as he scribbled down the temperatures on the card and his notepad.

“What’s in those containers,” Alex asked.

“Nothing,” one of them said.

“What were in them,” she asked.

“Missiles,” one of them laughed.

Alex walked over to it looked over the large plastic container. She noticed how it was flat in the center and sort of angled and slanted up on either side.

“Those make for good sleeping,” one of them said as the other shut the door.

“Also good for something else,” the one by the door said as he walked towards them.

“What’s that,” Alex asked.

“Fucking,” he smiled.

“Oh,” Alex laughed as they stood in front of her.

Alex tried walking away from them for a second but they blocked her in. She looked around almanbahis adresi and realized she was blocked in. She grabbed the zipper on her coveralls and slowly pulled it down. She popped the button at the top and slowly pulled the top part down over her belt.

“Fuck yeah,” one of them smiled.

Alex quickly undid her belt and let her coveralls fall to the ground. She reached out with her right hand and placed on one of their shoulders to steady herself as she stepped out of her uniform. She stood in her shirt, underwear, and boots as she leaned forward and began to make out with one of them. The other walked behind her and slowly slid her panties down her legs. He leaned in and began to lick and finger her pussy. Alex nearly bit down on his tongue while the other one licked her pussy. They both abruptly stopped and Alex pulled her shirt and bra off in on quick motion. They both stood in front of her and looked over her breasts and body. They quickly lunged in and began to suck on her nipples. Alex let her head fall back as they worked on her tits. She grabbed their heads as she walked backwards to the missile container.

“Yes,” Alex let out.

“What do these tattoos above your crotch mean,” one of them asked.

“Slave,” Alex smiled.

She pulled away from them and jumped up on the container. She spread her legs and plunged a finger into herself.

“It kind of stinks down here,” Alex laughed, “I don’t want to be here all night.”

“We won’t,” one of them said.

Alex slid onto the container and placed herself parallel on it. The two airmen jumped on it with her. One placed himself by her head and the other slowly unzipped his pants and slid his penis into her.

“Oh,” Alex said as he plunged it into her.

She noticed both of them kept their uniforms on. Alex didn’t like this, but it wasn’t the first time that something like this had happened. A few guys she fucked at the same time refused to get naked almanbahis adres with they were with her. So she took it in stride.

“So,” Alex began as a penis was shoved in her mouth.

He was semi-hard and she quickly got him to a full erection. The one on top of her quickly grabbed her hips and began to work up a good pace. She wrapped her legs around him. She heard her boots clack together. He ran a hand over her “slave” tattoos and smiled.

“Don’t,” Alex said as she pulled the penis out of her mouth.

“What,” he said as he moved a hand to her right breast.

“A letter is crooked,” she smiled before taking the penis back in her mouth.

He smiled and continued to fuck her while she sucked the other one rather gingerly. She felt awkward being fucked in the magazine.

“How long,” Alex asked.

“Not long,” one of them replied as he put his dick back in her mouth.

They fucked her for a few minutes in this position. Alex really felt strange being in the magazine like this and wanted it to be over quickly. They traded places as she bent over the container. The airmen took places on either side of it and Alex began to suck one off while the other fucked her. Alex had to lie down on the container as one took her from behind while the other fucked her face. She felt a bit awkward getting fucked liked this and realized they couldn’t keep up.

“I’m gonna cum,” one of them said.

He quickly pulled out and made it to the other side. The other took his penis out of her mouth. She crouched down and the two began to jerk off furiously. One came rather quickly and she had a hard time catching it all in her mouth. She broke down and just sucked the other one off. He shot his load out in four long bursts. Alex was surprised at how much cum he produced. She swallowed it as quick as she could. She pulled back and exhaled after she swallowed it all.

“You taste like my br-” Alex started before realizing what she was about to say.

“Huh,” he said as he put his dick back in his pants.

“Nothing,” Alex replied as she began to put her uniform back on.

She suited up and followed the duo and left the magazine. They locked the door and went back to the shop.

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