Body Swap with Sister’s Boyfriend Ch. 07

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INTRODUCTION & DISCLAIMER – With Richie and Troy still stuck in each other’s bodies, how are they going to change back? And if they do change back, will things go back to normal? Find out by reading the seventh and final chapter of ‘Body Swap With Sister’s Boyfriend’.

Please be aware that this story contains toilet scenes and references to menstruation which may not be to every reader’s taste. Only characters aged 18 and over are in any sexual situations. All characters and events depicted are fictional, with any similarity to real persons living or dead coincidental and unintentional. Please enjoy the end of this series and rate and comment.


A warm and sunny Sunday, albeit with many dark clouds gathering out to sea, meant many people were out and about enjoying themselves in South Queensland. The Gold Coast beaches, suburbs and theme parks were filled with people, and many people had headed to the Hinterland for a day out in the mountains. The Sunshine Coast’s beaches were packed, as were parks and picnic areas in the Logan, Ipswich and Toowoomba regions.

Brisbane itself was packed, from the beaches in the east at Wynnum, Manly and Moreton Bay and west to the mountains, the Mouth Coot-ha lookout having a bank up of cars with so many people wanting to spend the day up there. In the CBD, the Queen Street Mall and surrounding city streets were filled with people, as were the trendy cafes and restaurants around the Eagle Street Pier and other riverfront locations. So many people were out on bicycles that Brisbane might be mistaken for Holland or China, the cyclists sharing the paths with the many runners and other people on roller blades. On the river itself were many boats, some private craft and others commercial vessels ferrying passengers around to see the sights of Brisbane such as the attractive city skyline, Story Bridge and the cliffs of Kangaroo Point.

Especially popular were the many fine parklands around the Brisbane CBD. The historical and beautiful Brisbane Botanic Gardens at the southern end of the city were jam packed, as were the Roma Street Parklands near Spring Hill at the Western side of the CBD.

But most popular of all was Brisbane’s Southbank region, directly across the river from the CBD. People were everywhere in the cafes, shops and restaurants, enjoying picnics and barbeques and Southbank’s famous man-made beach, always very popular, had many people enjoying a swim in the warm autumn day. Another attraction in this area — the giant Ferris wheel close to the riverbank — had a long queue waiting for admission.

It was to Southbank that Jodie Mitchell was currently driving. In the front passenger seat was an elderly aunt of the family who Jodie had agreed to give a lift to as she was now too old to drive. In the back were Dakota and Troy. At least Jodie, Dakota and the elderly aunt thought that the sole male occupant of the car was Dakota’s boyfriend Troy. None of them had any idea that it was not Troy at all, but Richie — Jodie’s son and Dakota’s twin brother — stuck inside Troy’s body.

Jodie glanced into the back of the car, seeing that Dakota and ‘Troy’ were holding hands. At least they weren’t all over each other like they normally were. Jodie cynically wondered if they had so much fun together last night that they now couldn’t be bothered. It seemed a pretty sound theory.

Richie and Dakota had of course spent many hours together in the back of their parents’ car but never holding hands and of course never with Richie in Troy’s body. Crossing the bridge and arriving in the Southbank area, their mother found a parking space and backed her car into it, and the quartet exited the car, all carrying various things for the barbeque lunch. Richie wore Troy’s shirt and jeans with sneakers, the elderly aunt a dress. Jodie was wearing the same blouse and short skirt along with sandals, while Dakota’s tall teenage figure was attired in her white blouse that showed off much of the cleavage of her fabulous D-cup breasts, her torn blue jeans and white sandals on her pretty teenage toes. Dakota had again tied her back into a high ponytail, wearing the same white hair bow as she did earlier.

Jodie’s eyes looked to the right and immediately she was a group of nine very familiar people approaching. These of course were the eight members of the Mitchell family who had driven up from the Gold Coast, plus young Ashley’s boyfriend Jamie. Ashley, looking so pretty in her ibis tee-shirt and jeans with patched cartoon animals held Jamie’s hand, and Jodie wished that her own daughter’s boyfriend was more like Jamie and intelligent and studious.

It didn’t take a degree in psychology to work out that things seemed tense within the group that had arrived from the Gold Coast, and Jodie was an astute woman anyway. She could see as everyone greeted each other that her son seemed to be the problem, and as Jodie looked at ‘Richie’ she could see that again something seemed amiss, but just what she Fatih Escort could not pinpoint. Her husband did volunteer the information that Richie had been somewhat unwell that morning and would have to take it easy, but Doug said nothing more wanting to spare the dignity of his sister-in-law and niece with Cheryl and Ashley obviously having borne the brunt of Richie’s bizarre antics.

“Hello Jodie,” came a voice that she had come to dread in all the time she had been married to her husband, that of her mother-in-law, Betty. The tall blonde looked at the grey-haired woman in front of her with a smile as fake as a three dollar note on her face.

Jodie put an equally fake smile on her own pretty face. “Well hello, Betty. And hello Bob.” Jodie and her father-in-law did not dislike each other, but they did not particularly like each other either, they were more indifferent to each other. The father and daughter-in-law could in theory sit next to each other for a 16 hour flight across the Pacific to America, and not exchange a word.

Bob nodded curtly at his daughter-in-law. “Jodie.”

“Jodie, I must say how nice you look today,” said Betty. “Wearing such a short skirt at your age and the mother of two adult children, not every woman as old as you are would look as good as you do or have the bravery to go around wearing such an outfit in public, but you do and I must say how much I admire that.”

Jodie fumed but said nothing, as did none of the other people in the group, all of whom looked at the sky, the ground, or the adjacent Queensland Performing Arts Centre. Betty then looked at her tall blonde granddaughter Dakota, or Jodie Mark Two as she always mentally thought of the girl.

“Good morning Dakota, I haven’t seen you in a while,” said Betty.

“Good morning Grandma, yes, it has been a while,” said Dakota.

Betty looked disapprovingly at her granddaughter’s blouse that showed off the teenager’s bra strap and enormous boobs, but it was Dakota’s fashionably ripped jeans of which she also disapproved that held her attention more.

“Dakota dear, I think you might want to go to the store where you brought your jeans and ask for a refund,” said Betty, the same false smile on her face. “I don’t know if you noticed but that pair is full of tears.”

“They are made like that,” said Dakota bluntly, not appreciating her grandmother’s criticism.

“Well, well, well, you learn something new every day,” said Betty. She turned to her daughter-in-law, clearly blaming Jodie for allowing her daughter to go out in clothes that she disapproved. “You know Jodie, when I went to school there were girls who had holes and rips in their jeans and other clothes too. Do you know who those girls were, dear? They were the orphans from the local children’s home.”

Doug was about to speak up to get his mother distracted before his wife succumbed to spontaneous human combustion, but never got a chance.

Troy in Richie’s guise had been listening to all of this. He had known that Dakota had little time for her paternal grandmother, and it was obvious to even the unintelligent Troy that Grandma Betty could not stand Jodie. Troy thought about Gary and Cheryl’s wedding pictures which he had looked at the previous day, mainly because he thought the younger Cheryl looked so hot in her wedding dress. In one of the three photos on display Gary and Cheryl were posed with their parents, and the look on Betty’s face was one clearly of delight and pride.

But it was a different story with Doug and Jodie’s similar wedding photos at their own house, again which Troy had looked at mainly because Jodie looked pretty hot in her wedding dress. In the equivalent photo with their parents, Betty was not smiling and looking directly at the bride, clearly not happy with the situation. And the comments this morning from the Mitchell matriarch showed without any doubt she still did not like Jodie one little bit even more than 20 years later.

At Troy’s own house, his mother, sister Kaley and other female relatives often enjoyed watching soap operas and reality shows, and would impersonate the call of a cat when any of the female characters or contestants said or did anything catty, which of course happened often.

And as usual, Troy’s brain went into reverse and his mouth into overdrive, Troy making a cat noise with his mouth, and a clawing motion like a scratching cat with his hand. Everything went silent, everybody glaring at him, Doug putting his hand to his face and wondering when his son would do or say something sensible this week, or even just keep quiet.

The real Richie, in the body of Troy, felt doubly awkward. While he had been okay with holding hands with Dakota while they were together earlier — hand holding very minor considering what the two siblings had gotten up to last night and this morning — it now felt very weird doing it when Dakota’s ‘real’ boyfriend was there. Also Richie could sense the Fatih Escort Bayan tension within the group, and clearly Troy in his guise was at the center of it, which was of little wonder given the way Troy had insulted ‘his’ grandmother. What the fuck else had gone on?


The extended Mitchell family were just one of many groups enjoying picnics and barbeques in the scenic and shade-filled Southbank parklands. Humans were not the only creatures enjoying the sunny Sunday, there were also the birds. Humans meant food. Lots of food that could be scavenged and stolen.

Pigeons, magpies, pelicans, ducks, swans and seagulls were persistent enough, but most determined of all were of course the many ibises that called Southbank home. These greedy birds, colloquially called ‘Bin Chickens’ or ‘Trash Turkeys’ made a nuisance of themselves at every turn, stealing food from unsuspecting people in the parklands and going through the bins, dumpster-diving, eating the scraps and drinking the bin juice. Other ibises were even more militant in their resolve to take food by force, and were entering fast food stores, cafes, bars and restaurants throughout Southbank, flying up onto tables and directly stealing food from diners. They would retreat when patrons and staff chased the troublesome birds away, but would soon return in even greater numbers.

Ibises were not only a major problem for the people at Southbank, other ibises were causing the same issues for people all throughout Brisbane, and on the Gold Coast at the theme parks, beaches and national parks. And with it being such a nice day all up and down Australia’s east coast and into South Australia, ibises were creating similar problems for people in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Adelaide.

It was of course not the fault of the ibises, they were just looking for food and did not know any better, and people made the birds’ behavior worse by encouraging them to take food from their hands or by littering, which enabled them to go through even more trash. Other people, often overseas tourists, were quite taken by the strange white water-birds with black heads and long black beaks and would use food as encouragements to get the birds to come closer so they could take selfies with them.

While the Southbank ibis population were indeed causing a great deal of nuisance, there was an animal proving far more troublesome. The Labrador dog, blessed with intelligence and loyalty, is a breed that can be trained to perform important roles such as a guide dog or as a sniffer dog at airports and shipping ports. However, an untrained Labrador allowed to run riot and with no restrictions on its excessive appetite can be an absolute nightmare, and an animal of this description just happened to be in Southbank this Sunday, and was making the acquaintance of quite a number of people as it roamed free.

“Keep that bloody dog on a leash madam, it nearly knocked me off my bloody bike!” yelled a man aged approximately 50 with a clipped South African accent who was cycling by when the obese golden Labrador leaped out of the bushes at him, causing him to nearly go over the handle-bars as he screeched to an emergency stop.

“Ah, you stupid bloody cyclists should pay road registrations and you should watch out for my dog, if you’d hit him I’d have sent you the bloody vets bill!” screeched the female owner back at the South African man.

One look at the woman told anybody why the dog was the way it was. The woman aged in her mid-60s was short in stature and nearly as wide across as she was high, her obese figure wearing a tee-shirt too tight for her rolls of fat and a pair of tracksuit pants. Her hair was cut short and she wore an expression like she was sucking limes, her demeanor and appearance very much that of a butch dyke. However she obviously had been in a relationship with a man at some stage earlier in her life, her two adult daughters were there and their uncontrollable kids were also in attendance. Richie wondered if the woman and her family were Crocodiles supporters; they would have fit right in at that nightmare ground opposite the public housing flats yesterday.

“I’ll call the bloody ranger, then we’ll see who will be getting a bill!” The cyclist pointed at a sign instructing dog owners to keep their animals on leashes. He shook his fist at the woman, then cycled away, grumbling and mumbling as he went.

“Mum, maybe you should put Toby on his leash?” one of the daughters suggested.

“Nah, he’s okay, if people can’t handle dogs they shouldn’t bloody be here,” said the woman, going through her phone as her dog went up to an Asian family who were about to start up the barbeque, trying to leap up to get the sausages. When it became clear that the dog was not going to get any food here, the obese animal waddled back across to its female owner, nearly knocking an old lady off her feet.

The dog’s owner checked the time on her phone and yelled Escort Fatih out to two of her grandsons. “Hey kids, go and get Grandma Roseanne and Toby their doughnuts, they’re hungry.”

“Yeah Grandma Roseanne,” yelled the older of the two boys, before they returned with two large doughnuts, topped with chocolate and sugar, the interiors filled with jam, custard and cream. Feeding her face with one of the doughnuts, Roseanne gave the other doughnut to the dog, which devoured it with delight, the sugar rush giving the dog a sudden burst of energy.

The dog leaped over to the area where the Mitchell family were about to have lunch, jumping up first at Dakota and then Ashley, both girls pushing the dog away, Rosanne too absorbed in masticating her doughnut to control the dog.

Despite the look on Gary Mitchell’s face showing not a single ounce of humor, warmth or acceptance, the dog decided the judge was the ideal partner to relieve some of its needs and desires with and made some determined efforts to mount and hump his leg, before Gary disentangled the dog and chased it away.

“Control your dog!” he called to Roseanne, who shrugged her shoulders and looked at her phone, cream from her doughnut all over her fat face.

A flock of ibises were on the lawn nearby, the dog running at them and barking. The ibises took to the sky, honking loudly with one bird’s wing nearly hitting the face of the elderly family matriarch Lillian, the diminutive 99-year-old lady leaping back in shock.

This time Roseanne looked up, but all she called out to her dog was, “Toby, don’t chase the bloody bin chooks!”

With no more ibises to chase the dog could not do this, but squatted down in front of Gary and Cheryl Mitchell and farted, before a massive rush of stinky yellow brown shit emerging from the dog’s rectum and going everywhere on the grass.

Having finished having its shit, the dog ran off, Roseanne seeing what the dog had done but doing nothing about it. Gary Mitchell fumed. “Are you going to clean this up or not?”

“You clean it up if it’s such a problem!” yelled Roseanne. “It’s a nice day, why are you being such an old grouch?” She pointed at Cheryl Mitchell. “I think your wife should be the one getting PMS, not you!”

Gary’s face showed his fury. The judge strode towards a bin where there were small plastic bags to collect and dispose of dog excrement. Collecting the smelly dog feces in the plastic bag Gary stormed over to where Roseanne was sitting, and deposited the bag containing her dog’s excrement next to her. “No, you clean it up!”

Without waiting for her response, Gary strode away to wash his hands, while the dog was busy bothering two attractive young blonde women who had been running and were now stretching. The dog came up from behind the first young woman as she was bending over and stuck its nose between her legs, sniffing her sweaty fanny and bum through her active-wear leggings and panties. The girl stood up rigid with an indignant look on her pretty face, before the stupid animal turned its attention to her equally pretty friend, inserting its nose into her crotch and sniffing her sweaty fanny and bum through her shorts and knickers.

After knocking an intellectually disabled boy off his feet and causing him to cry loudly, the fat dog bounded away chasing another ibis, the bird flying away honking and the dog then attempted to chase a flock of seagulls, these birds screeching as they took to the air. All the while Roseanne sat texting on her mobile phone, feeding her fat face with chocolate biscuits, amused by and indifferent to the chaos her dog was causing. The plastic bag of dog shit still sat next to her on the grass.

Richie thought that the dog and its land whale owner were annoying, but he was more concerned about certain other things as he spent time with his extended family. They were now having lunch and the early afternoon weather was now changing. Large clouds were now making their presence felt over Brisbane, the brilliant sunshine now intermittent as the sun went behind the clouds, then would appear again before being obscured once more.

Troy was eating a dry hot dog bun, Richie having heard that he had been sick earlier in the morning. But the way everybody was acting, Richie knew that something more had been happening courtesy of Troy in his guise. First, Richie could not miss that his Uncle Gary clearly had his eye on Troy — or he perceived it Richie — as though he did not trust him. His Aunty Cheryl seemed very suspicious of him too, and at one stage she had been speaking to Jodie. The look that Jodie gave Troy — thinking him to be her son — again suggested to Richie that something funny had been going on at the Gold Coast during the night. His father’s behavior — he seemed extremely stressed-out — only added to this sense of unease.

Then there were his cousins. Jack and Ashley had always been really good friends with Richie, but Jack clearly seemed pissed off at Troy, and Ashley seemed even more annoyed and aloof. At one stage when Ashley went to the ladies’ she clearly was looking at Troy, and to Richie her distrusting expression looked made it seem like she was concerned that he might follow her to the toilet.

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