Born to Love

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Big Boobs

Chapter One

I jogged down the road to the cabin on the lake that I share with our fathers parents. Ever since our parents died in a car wreck when we were 8, me and my twin brother, Michael have been living here with our grandparents. They moved here when Grandpa Luke retired from the military.

I remember the nights I use to cry myself to sleep praying that my daddy would come tuck me into bed and tell me that he loved me. I missed my mothers kisses and tender hugs. Michael doesn’t admit it but he does too. He was always trying to be strong for me after our parents died but I knew deep down he was broken and didn’t know what to do.

That was 10 years ago, and we have both become what our grandparents like to call respectable people. We are both 5′ 10″ with black hair and piercing blue eyes. Michael and I are both very athletic, I run track and my brother plays baseball. We are both on our schools varsity teams. Being seniors and on our schools sports teams seems to make us gods at our school but as I run down the dirt road leading to our cabin after running 5 miles I wonder why the entire student body thinks we are so special. Why everyone seems to want to befriend us and invite us to all the parties. Michael and I have already been invited to almost every single prom after party and graduation party.

My thoughts come to a sudden halt as I turn the corner to run up the dirt driveway to where I see Michael bent over trying to do some repair work on a truck my grandfather use to drive. Michael always wanted a pick up truck and as much time as he spends in his friend, Jeremy’s, garage I have no doubt he could fix it up in no time. He was wearing a pair of baggy old jeans with a few rips in them and his long sleeve button up tied around Ankara escort his waist which left his 6 pack exposed to the sun.

I slowed down my jogging to a steady paced walk and watched him work on the car. I didn’t realize how intently I was staring until my Grandma Rose’s voice broke my admiring gaze, “Rachel can you come help me make dinner? Your grandfather should be home any minute.”

I turned around to see my grandmother standing only 3 feet behind me, with a gentle smirk on her face. I looked at her wondering how long she had been watching me but decided not to push it, “Sure, grams. Let me just wash up and get dressed.”

I jogged into the house and up to my room wanting to avoid any questions. I was starting to slip. I never got caught before. I had become an expert at watching my brother from a distance but was beginning to get scared that these feelings would grow out of control. As I stepped into the shower I let the water wash over me imaginkping that Michael was there with me washing my body, almost as if he were telling me that my feelings were OK. Almost as if he were washing away my guilt and replacing it all with his love. Within minutes I found myself with my hand between my legs bringing me to an extremely blissful orgasm.

Once I cleaned off I picked out a pair if Jean shorts and a spaghetti strap white shirt, hearing the wind chimes on the porch I decided to put a red and blue plaid button up on top of my shirt. I walked down the stairs and into the kitchen where I found my grandmother making her sweet tea.

“So what are we cooking grams?”, I walked over to the stove and lifted the top off a pot.

“Well, I thought we would make a nice beef stew. Do me a favor honey, grab those vegetables and cut Ankara escort bayan them up to put them into the stew.”, she pointed to a large bowl filled with fresh, carrots, broccoli, and corn.

“Sure thing.”

About 30 minutes passed and I had all the vegetables cut up and ready for the stew. My grandmother pulled the sweet tea out of the fridge where it was getting chilled and put it next to me on the counter.

“Honey, why don’t you take a nice cool glass to Michael? He’s been working on that old truck for hours now. Let him know that dinner should be ready in awhile too.”

“OK, yeah.”

I took two glasses out of the cupboard and poured sweet tea into them both. Grabbing them off the counter I walked out the door, down the steps from the porch, to the garage. Looking at Michael he was definitely more dirty than he was when I got back from my run.

“Hey, I brought you some of grams sweet tea and she told me to let you know that dinner would be ready soon.”

“Oh, thanks lil sis I didn’t know I’d been out here so long.” He took a couple big gulps from his tea. “So what’s on the menu?” He looked at me with the most loving smile that took my breath away and made my knees go weak.

I smiled and rolled my eyes at him, “Must you always call me ‘lil sis’, I’m only 4 minutes younger than you?” I took a few sips from my tea.

“It still makes you my lil sis and you didn’t answer the question. What’s on the menu?” He gave me a smile that made me want to melt.

“Um, Grams d-decided on beef stew.” I kicked myself mentally for stuttering. I tucked some hair behind my ear and moved to look at some of his car designs.

I heard my brother moving around behind me until he put his hand on my shoulder. “Sounds Escort Ankara great, lil sis. You know we haven’t talked in awhile. How are you?”

I turned to look at him and realized he untied his shirt from his waist and put it back on but left it unbuttoned. I looked him in the eyes and secretly hoped he could see how much I wanted him to hold me. “Its fine. The usual stuff, you know, worried about college, thinking about the track meet next week, stuff like that.”

Michael shook his head and lifted my chin, “There is something else bothering you. You know you can’t hide things from me and you’re a terrible liar. Talk to me, what’s wrong?”

It feels good to have him touch me. Even something as innocent as this. I want to tell him. I want him to understand what he does to me. I want us to live hapoily ever after but I know that’s not possible and that all I will ever be to him is his baby sister.

“Hey? Rachel? Where does your mind keep drifting off to? Its like one minute you’re here and the next your on another planet. You’re starting to worry me. Is something wrong with you and Eric?”

I shook my head, “No, its nothing with Eric.”

I tried to turn away from him and look back at his drawings but he grabbed my arm and out his hand on my cheek. “You know you can tell me anything and I would never judge you?”

I looked into his eyes, the same captivating blue as mine, I put my hands on his chest and placed my head against his. I leaned my head forward and grazed my lips to his. I kissed him tenderly a few times with my eyes closed and got no response. Looking up at him his eyes were heavy but all he did was look at me. I thought the worst that he hated me and never wanted to speak to me again for doing something so sick and wrong. I pushed past him and ran into the house, up the stairs, and into my bedroom. I didn’t even stop when my grandmother yelled my name. I threw myself onto my bed and cried until I eventually fell asleep.


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