Bosom Buddies Ch. 02

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(Author’s note: Everyone in this story is at least 18 years old)

(Another shout-out to ErikaKane for her help editing the story to make it more reader-friendly, thanks!)


Turned out my last thought had proven correct: Stephanie kept our little dalliance a secret from everyone, even her BFF, Elizabeth. Was it shame? Or was she just concerned about upsetting the apple cart? In any case, much as I wanted us to, Steph and I didn’t have the lust-filled reunion I had hoped for after I got out of the hospital. It drove me nuts.

We had been so completely comfortable with each other for so long, it was a shock to see the anxiety on Stephanie’s face when I returned to school. The other girls even noticed something was up with her, but she just made something up about being nervous for an upcoming test. The whole situation was starting to freak me out.

Worst of all, there was nobody I could talk to. If Stephanie hadn’t told the others about what happened, that meant she didn’t want them to know — and I wasn’t about to break her trust.

Listen, I know what you’re thinking: “Why didn’t you just text her?” Well, kiddies, this all happened in an ancient, long ago time called the “nineties,” and back then nobody but drug lords and stock brokers had cell phones.

When I got home, I did my best to focus on all my makeup work, but it was hard to think about anything else than Stephanie. I was so hungry to play around with her beautiful naked body, I thought I was gonna have an aneurism–but at the same time I was desperate to fix a problem I feared could ruin the perfect group dynamic between my friends and I.

I phoned Steph after my family had gone to bed, but the call went to the answering machine, and I couldn’t exactly leave a midnight message of “Hey, Steph, it’s Ian. When you get this, could you call me back so we can discuss that time we fooled around after you illegally broke into my hospital room?” I hung up and suffered through another unsuccessful night of attempted sleep.

The next day, I took out my frustrations with exercise, putting everything I had into my after-school run with Amy. I was punishing myself to the limit, especially considering how recently I had been let out of the hospital. Amy didn’t say anything, she just upped her own pace to match mine and we ran in silence.

I was a mess of feelings. Fears about my friendship with Steph, insecurities about my first sexual experience, and an unrelenting, unbearable state of arousal. Every time I stopped to think, my head overloaded with memories of Stephanie. Her orgasmic moans, her soft fingers on my hardness, her buttocks in my hands…

At the end of our runs, Amy and I would race to the finish. Without fail, I would always fall behind my beautiful friend. No matter how hard I tried, Amy was always the better athlete and she would always outrun me.

That race started like any other. Amy pulled ahead of me, as always. And my eyes locked onto the incredibly toned ass in those tight cotton shorts, as always. I had fantasized about that ass constantly for the better part of a year, but on that day I was so frustrated, so insecure, so goddamn horny that I couldn’t stand it. I was filled with the sudden impulse to tackle Amy to the grass and tear those shorts off with my bare hands. I wanted to hold her down and bury my face between her legs, licking and teasing her into a state of absolute bliss while my hands grabbed onto the amazing ass she had tormented me with for so long.

She would scream in pleasure, begging me to make her cum, oblivious to all the other people gathered around, watching in stunned surprise. She’d slide her hands up under her sports bra and aggressively tug at her own nipples in an attempt to bring herself to the orgasm I denied her. She would shout out every known obscenity, bucking her hips against my face, slathering my cheeks with her hot juices. Her red hair would toss back and forth like wild fire–

FUCK! She’s your friend! You’re JUST friends! What is wrong with you, Ian? Why does everything have to be about sex?

I ran as hard as I could. Ran until I was cold and my legs felt numb. For the first time, I actually outran Amy; put her behind me just so I wouldn’t have to see her ass anymore. By the time we reached the end of our run it hurt to breathe. I collapsed onto my back and let the sky above spin in my vision. Amy caught up a few seconds later, positively shocked–maybe even a little angry she lost.

“What is up with you today?” she panted, flopping to the grass beside me.

I couldn’t have told her even if I wanted to. I was fighting just to get air in my lungs, so talking was out of the question. She pulled her knee up into a stretch that accentuated that goddamn motherfucking perfect ass of hers. She thought for a moment, then asked, “You got blue-balls or something? No chance to rub one out in the hospital?”

“You have no idea,” I managed.

“Come on, up,” Amy ordered, socking me in the shoulder, “I’ve got something to show you.”

Amy’s bursa eskort house was just up the block, but my legs still barely made it there after that run. Amy lived alone with her police officer dad, and he was on duty that evening, so we had the place entirely to ourselves. She led me inside her smallish bedroom, adorned with macho action movie posters, a litany of athletic trophies, and a frilly pink bed. The girl really lived the contradiction.

Amy ducked beneath her girlish bed and pulled out an old VHS of The Little Mermaid.

“Why is that under your bed?” I asked.

“Because it’s not a Disney movie,” she answered naughtily. She slid the tape out of its case and I saw that it was actually labeled Cum-Drenched Wet Fucking 5 or something. I don’t remember exactly. I just remember thinking it was hilarious that the franchise was popular enough to merit a fourth sequel.

Amy pushed the tape in her VCR, explaining, “I know girls aren’t supposed to be into these, but I call bullshit. My theory is it’s because so many of the guys in porn are gross looking, I don’t know. You just have to know what to look for.”

She fast-forwarded through the opening credits until a handsome stud with a six pack walked onscreen and robotically announced to nobody in particular, “Oh crap I am late,” and ran out the door.

“You see that guy?” Amy asked, “HE is the reason I stole this from my dad. I’ve watched this one like a thousand times. I showed it to all the other girls and they all got off watching it.”

I swallowed at the implications of what she’d just said. “So, you lent it to them and they told you they liked it?” I asked.

Amy fast-forwarded through another boring part as she answered, “No, they were all here for a sleepover. We were crashing on the living room floor in our PJs and I put the tape in to prove to everyone that porn could be hot for girls too. Sure enough, everyone started getting really turned on, until Talia finally crawled under her blanket to cover up–and announced that she was so horny she was just gonna get herself off and would everybody just please not look.”

My mouth went dry, and it wasn’t from the run. Amy hit play just as an actress with huge fake tits began tugging the guy’s jeans down to reveal his monster of a cock. Amy sighed in arousal, “Some girls could care less what a guy’s thing looks like, or how big he is, but for me it’s the most important part. Like how boobs are, for you.”

The woman in the video worked that beast of an erection into her mouth, but I just wanted to hear more about what happened at Amy’s sleepover–

“So, Talia fingered herself in front of everyone?”

“No, it wasn’t like that. She had the blanket on, we could barely even see her hand moving. It was a little weird at first, but she was real quiet so I just to ignored her and watched my movie. What do I wanna see Talia getting off for, anyway? But then Corrine was like, ‘What the hell,’ and crawled under her little blanket and started touching herself, too.”

On the TV, the guy leaned down and began softly licking the girl’s pussy.

“Ooh, okay, this is the good part. Get under the covers with me.” Amy insisted, and crawled into her bed.

My mind suddenly connected my current situation with Amy’s story.

“You mean, you want me to–“

“Like I said, the rest of us all got off watching this movie together. It would be wrong for you to be left out of the club. Now get under the covers so it won’t be weird.”

I obeyed, feeling her slender hip against mine as I slid into bed. On the TV, the guy rolled the girl onto her stomach and slowly entered her from behind, building speed until her ass was slapping against his pelvis with each hard thrust.

I detected motion beneath our blanket as Amy’s fingers slowly worked away at her clit. Emboldened by her example, my hand slipped beneath my waistband and grabbed hold of my erection. “Then what happened?” I asked.

“At that point, it would have been more uncomfortable if the rest of us had just sat there watching the two of them. So Stephanie, and me, and even Elizabeth pulled up our blankets and started rubbing ourselves, too. It wasn’t too awkward–we were all watching the guy in the movie, not each other. It was actually kind of fun, like a group activity, you know?”

I couldn’t help but picture the five of them, spread out across the living room carpet, frantically frigging themselves beneath those blankets.

Beside me, Amy let out a little moan that snapped me back to reality. I studied her beautiful face as she bit her lip in self-induced pleasure. My rigid cock throbbed in my hand.

On the TV, the actors repositioned so that the girl was riding her man reverse cowgirl, fake tits bouncing wildly as she impaled herself again and again on his gargantuan phallus.

“Who came first?” I whispered.

Amy’s voice was turning breathy and ragged with arousal: “Mmm–Stephanie did. She made kind of a little whimper then went still. Talia bursa bayan escort was next. She made this adorable meowing sound when she came.”

The porn actors built towards their climax; the guy feverishly groping the girl’s enormous gravity-defying breasts as she urged him on. Amy sped up the hand on her clit, panting with pleasure. My jaw clenched tight. “Then who?”

“Ohhh… then Corrine. Then Elizabeth.”

On screen, the guy dove his hand down and violently rubbed at his costar’s clit while she bounced up and down along the whole length of his cock–

I kept focused on Amy’s enraptured face; on the mounting ecstasy written across her lovely features. I timed my own strokes with the frantic sloshing sounds coming from her hand.

“Then what happened?”

Amy’s head rolled back and her mouth dropped open as she sucked in huge, desperate mouthfuls of air. She was so close–

“You’re about–to see–for yourself…” Her breathing changed into sexy little squeaks as she reached the point of no return. I felt my own climax rushing towards me–

In the video, the big-titted porn actress finally convulsed in orgasm, her hips writhing uncontrollably as she stirred her lover’s giant cock around inside of her.

“Ah!” Amy panted, “Ah, FUCK YEAH!” She reflexively grabbed my thigh with her free hand and the whole bed shuddered as she went into overdrive on herself. “Cum!” she shouted, “Hurry!”

In the movie, the guy pulled out and jammed his monster between those big fake tits, using the girl’s own juices for lubrication as he pounded away at her cleavage–

I burst, right next to Amy, moaning loudly as cum splattered across my belly. The sight of my climax pushed her over the edge as well, and I watched as her nimble athletic body twisted and contorted in orgasm. She kept rubbing herself for a whole three minutes, cumming several times in quick succession. Her other hand clamped down painfully on my thigh until she was through.

We lay there for a long while afterwards, catching our breath.

“That was so hot,” she panted.

“So hot,” I agreed.

“Good workout,” she added.

“GREAT workout,” I corrected.

She gestured to the box of Kleenex on her nightstand and I cleaned up. Then she asked me to close my eyes while she got out of bed and changed into something a little less “sticky.” I promised to be a gentleman, but given the situation I had no intention of keeping my word.

Through half-lidded eyes, I watched as Amy hopped out of bed and slid those tight little cotton shorts down off her hips, revealing her unbelievable naked butt to me for the first time. Smooth, tight, perfectly rounded, flaring out enticingly from her tiny waist. I grunted as the sight brought one final spurt of cum from my dick.

Amy pretended not to notice. She slid on a pair of simple cotton briefs from her dresser and then, keeping her back to me, pulled off her sports bra, massaging her full breasts back into their natural, comfortable shape. I silently prayed she would turn around and show me all the goods, but Amy tugged a top on over her braless tits and that was it for the nudity.

The next day, Amy told the others that I was now a member of “the club,” having watched her stolen porno and gotten off while a friend was in the room with me. Talia and Corrine cheered me for this “momentous achievement,” but Elizabeth turned deep red when Amy brought up her involvement. Stephanie didn’t say anything at all.

My masturbation session with Amy had been a great way to end an afternoon, but it obviously hadn’t fixed my situation with Stephanie. For the rest of the week, Steph avoided my every attempt at a private conversation and barely acknowledged me.

I didn’t get a chance to confront her until Friday. Elizabeth, Steph’s usual walking-home buddy, was busy, meaning Stephanie would be hoofing it all alone. I offered to walk with her and there was no way she could turn me down without arousing suspicions from the other girls.

For about half the walk, neither of us spoke. I finally couldn’t stand it anymore, so I broke the silence:

“Stephanie, whatever you’re worrying about regarding me–please stop. I didn’t realize what happened the other night would upset you so much.”

“It didn’t upset me!” she shouted. But she was shouting out of frustration, not anger. She calmed herself and continued, “I don’t know what we’re supposed to do now and it freaks me out. I don’t know what you think of me for doing that with you, what you expect from me, what we’re supposed to tell everyone else–I haven’t even told Elizabeth about that night! Do you realize that? I’m the worst best friend ever; she and I talk about everything!”

“Well then, we all need to communicate, Steph,” I sighed. “We need to figure that stuff out or things’ll keep being awkward, because I don’t think either of us is just gonna forget about what happened. I know I’m not. Hell, I still have mental images of you from that bursa ucuz escort night painted on the inside of my eyelids when I try to sleep.”

She blushed a bit, then faintly whispered, “Do you think I’m a slut?”

“No!” I pulled her into a reassuring hug, “Honey, you’re still a virgin! How could anyone think you’re a slut?”

“But… Do you think Elizabeth will think I’m a slut?”

So that was what this was all about. Steph wasn’t worried about me, she was worried she had ruined her relationship with her sweet and innocent best friend. I met Steph’s eyes–

“No. Not at all. And I think you’d be surprised about how open-minded Elizabeth is about sex. I think everyone would be. She’s not the little girl people think she is. I mean, come on, she actually got herself off in front of the rest of you.”

Stephanie dismissed my comment, “That doesn’t count. She doesn’t have to reach outside her comfort zone around other girls. But she’s terrified of boys, Ian. Liz has never even let a boy feel her boobs.”

“That doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to.”

Stephanie sighed, “If she wanted to, then it would have happened. It’s not really that difficult when you’ve got a pair like these. You walk up to any boy in the world and say, ‘Hey, feel my boobs.’ Done.”

“Come on Steph, that’s not the point. Liz is gonna take things at her own pace, but she doesn’t expect you to do the same. She cares more for you than she cares about anything else in the world. She has since you were both babies. You being a tiny bit more sexually experienced than her is not gonna ruin that!”

Stephanie nodded, knowing I was right. It was as if a huge weight had been lifted from her shoulders. She apologized for treating me strangely the past few days, but I was so relieved to learn she didn’t hate me I had already forgiven her.

We walked the rest of the way home in much better spirits, finally discussing what had happened. Yes, she really had an orgasm that night. No, she wasn’t jealous about my afternoon jerking off beside Amy. And, most importantly, yes she wanted to keep experimenting with me. That more or less made my year.

We talked about what had felt the best, and what we might like to try in the future. We both agreed that we would have to stop fooling around if either of us got into a relationship, but for now we were both single and there seemed no real harm in it. We would be fuck buddies that never actually fucked.

We reached her front door, I waved hello to Stephanie’s mom, and headed home on cloud nine.

Things got better from there. My mom mentioned that she and my dad had to head out of town for a last minute work thing, and I would have the house to myself all weekend. I immediately called Staphanie to tell her the good news.

“We can be alone together for two whole days!”

I heard her chuckle at my enthusiasm. “Ian, it’s going to be a hundred degrees out tomorrow and you’re the only one with a pool. I think it would be cruel if you didn’t invite everyone over.”

She must have psychically sensed how much that disappointed me, because she quickly added, “Don’t worry, I will make sure to stay later than everybody else so we can hang out, just the two of us.”

I had to admit, having all those girls over for an un-chaperoned pool party wasn’t exactly the worst idea ever.

The next day was just as scorching as Stephanie had predicted. All five girls arrived promptly at my empty house carrying beach towels. Talia had brought enough beer for everyone, and Elizabeth had brought supplies for s’mores after the sun went down. I offered some sliced watermelon to my beautiful guests, but with the awful heat nobody wanted to wait a second longer before hopping in the pool.

Elizabeth peeled off her shirt first, her prodigious breasts proudly supported within a dark scarlet bikini top. The contrast of the dark fabric against the pale swell of her exposed cleavage was nothing short of eye-popping. Her bottoms, on the other hand, were somewhat modest board shorts. Every girl has a part of her body she thinks is ugly, even supermodels, and world-class beauty Elizabeth didn’t like people looking at her sensual, Botticelli hips.

Talia had chosen to wear what appeared to be a relatively plain teal green one piece. I say “appeared to be,” because as soon as Talia got that suit wet it turned thin as tissue paper, clinging and stretching across her every curve. Her C-cup breasts got no support whatsoever from the fabric, swaying weightless in the water just as nature intended. Best of all, the wet material was practically see-through.

I stared so hard at her I dinged my shin on the patio table. “I think he likes your choice of swimsuit,” Amy laughed from behind me. She peeled off her clothes to reveal her rather utilitarian swim team one-piece and dove in.

“You’re such a showoff, Tal,” Steph chided, tugging a yellow sundress over her head to reveal a very brief black bikini with a tie in the back that did almost nothing to support her huge breasts. Hypocrite. Steph strutted past me, making sure not to get in the water until she was damn sure I had taken in every inch of her hotness. Perhaps most exciting was how her eyes met mine for a fleeting moment, a private acknowledgement of what she and I would be doing later that night.

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