Boy, I Can Pick ‘Em

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I guess what I recently experienced would have to be the capper to the last ten years of my life and hopefully the next ten will be an improvement.

For background back in high school I was really hot for this very cute little guy Bob. He was on the football team and wrestled and my lusty dream was to have him wrestle me down and do me. Unfortunately Bob was a little hung up on us being the same height and me weighing about 20 pounds more than him and he ignored me in favor of a little cheerleader. So be it.

Not long after that I got over my disappointment with a friend of his. Brad was a tall good looking guy who did outweigh me and did like the big boobs and the horny bleached blonde type. We got married, maybe too quick and too young, but as time went on I became more assertive and Brad just went along. He went along with just about anything I said or did and despite the fact that he was fun to fuck I got bored with him and we divorced.

It was about a year after that I started going out with a friend of Brad’s. George was a smaller guy, 5-8 tall and 150 pounds, yeah again, but he was very interested in me, even though I had 50 pounds on him. I should learn some lessons but we got married. George was a hard worker, good provider and showered me with affection and we had great sex. But in another example of Cathy making the same mistake he became more of a wimp as things went along and we divorced.

By some luck and rare time of good sense I enjoyed a couple of years of being single and happy before I started going out with Brad’s older brother. Jeff was nice big guy 6-3 tall and the same 195 pounds as me except I was 5-6 tall. OK I admit I’m at 225 now but who is to say. We got along well enough when I was married to Brad but everybody changes as they get older and we did really well now. I had hopes that maybe the third time would be the charm.

So one Saturday I blow off work to go over to Jeff’s to get me some lovin’. I hakkari escort went up the back stairs and entered his apartment. Not seeing him in the kitchen or living room I peeked into the bedroom door figuring he was still in bed which would be where I needed him anyway.

Well I got myself a shock. There was Jeff alright, on his knees at the side of the bed in front of who other than my former high school crush Bob, sucking on his 6 inch dick. Which would have been enough of a shocker if next to them wasn’t my former husband Brad on his knees in front of my other ex-husband George going down on his 6 inches.

My first thought was, ‘you guys were getting all the fat girl pussy you could get, if you would have said something we could have been playing block party all these years’.

Now I admit I was cheating on both my wimpy husbands and getting it now besides being with Jeff but damn I couldn’t imagine another woman who could be so lousy at choosing guys. Four of my picks having a homo club meeting. So instead of bursting in and asking, ‘anybody want some hetero sex, I’ll do the four of you’, I just decided to watch.

It was quite a show watching as Brad took his time licking the head of George’s dick and savoring the experience. While right next to him Jeff quickly swallowed half of Bob’s cock and seemed to be sucking hard on it. I wasn’t sure if they learned from my efforts giving both of them head or they just had natural cock sucking talent.

It didn’t take long before Brad and Jeff had their heads bobbing up and down deep throating George and Bob. George just has his eyes closed and head tilted back enjoying himself while Bob was a little more active holding onto Jeff’s head with both hands but not quite fucking his face. That would have been fun to see,

George was the first to cum, his always being a bit quick was part of our problem. Brad was up to the task and swallowed all he had. hakkari escort bayan When Bob was ready he pushed Jeff’s head down and sot his load deep in the back of my boyfriend’s throat and to his credit Jeff didn’t even gag a bit. Well, I thought, he’s got a talent for that.

So Brad and Jeff got the job done and each swallowed a good load of cum and everybody is happy. And I even enjoyed the show. Then Brad and Jeff get off their knees and to their feet before trading places. Bob then begins to give Brad a hand getting his 7 inch cock good and hard as George does the same for Jeff and his 7 inch dick.

I considered taking off but found it fascinating to watch the cocks I knew in action, even if it was an all boys club. It accounted for some things that happened when I was with them or why I wasn’t with them. So I stuck around looking through the partially open door.

With those boys now hard and ready Bob and George hop up on the bed and almost in tandem get on their hands and knees side by side. Brad gets behind Bob and lubes up his ass as Jeff gets behind George to do the same. This should be interesting, I thought.

With a pair of eager butt holes greased and waiting Brad and Jeff help each other roll condoms on their stiff dicks before they kneel down behind their butt buddies. I thought, ‘damn these guys were never this organized in all the time I knew them’.

But there they were, Brad slipping his boner into Bob’s back door as Jeff did for George. Brad and Jeff both pushed their dicks slowly in and out going a bit deeper on each stroke. I watched intently thinking, ‘if any of you boys would have just said something I would have gladly bought myself a strap on and given you a great ass fucking’.

In short order Brad had a good hold on Bob’s hips and, like Jeff was with George, was slapping his body against his ass pounding it deep inside of his buddy. After a couple escort hakkari of minutes, Jeff shot his load first followed shortly thereafter by Brad. Bob and George flattened out on their stomachs well fucked and happy.

Well Brad sits down on Bob’s butt and begins giving him a back massage as Jeff does the same for George. Sure both of the brothers came up short taking care of me, or at least keeping up, but they both always had a talent for massages.

George was the first to roll over onto his back and Jeff, noticing George’s growing boner slid down to suck on it. Bob enjoyed his massage a bit longer then did the same and Brad moved down to start giving him head.

Once George and Bob were at attention, they all shifted positions again. Jeff and Brad got on their backs with Bob lining up in front of Jeff and George between Brad’s legs. Jeff and Brad then swung their legs up, rolled up and put their arms behind their knees to give George and Bob easy access to grease up their eager butts.

Then it dawned on me, face to face man fucks, damn if these boys don’t know how to pound ass. After lubing up their targets George and Bob put condoms on each other and get lined up to get some ass.

The shooters both slid the heads of their dicks into their targets and got down to it. George and Bob started on their knees but once they really got going Brad and Jeff sort of rolled their asses up and they had to get to their feet to match up. But they were up to the job pounding down into Brad and Jeff’s assholes good and hard until George then Bob came and pulled out with a loud sigh.

The four of them then fell into a pile and hugged and kissed. I wondered how much of a show might yet come but decided that I should be more than satisfied with the show I had seen and shouldn’t push my luck before I was discovered. So I quietly backed away from the door and exited the same way I came in and went home.

Oh I did call a guy I’ve been fucking and fortunately he was up for some afternoon action. I’m not sure if I should cut my losses and break up with Jeff right away or wait and see if I can work out a schedule where he might be having another all boy show I can watch. Maybe if I set it up so I can turn on his web cam remotely and watch in comfort.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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