Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 21

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At breakfast that morning Richard’s mother questioned him about staying out all night. When Richard started to explain she laughed.

“Don’t give me those silly excuses; you must have been with a girl you wouldn’t have stayed out all night if you weren’t.” “I don’t want to know who it is, but if you are sleeping with her be careful you don’t get her pregnant.”

“She won’t want to join the club” she added with a smile.

“The club?” he asked.

“The pudding club” she exclaimed.

“You know Rebecca and Felicity; well they have both fallen pregnant.”

“You would have thought they were past it at their age, it must be the season.”

Richard turned away so his mother could not see his face. He had fucked both Rebecca and Felicity, a number of times. {See previous chapters}

Rebecca would be pleased, she had pleaded with him to make her pregnant. Felicity married to a pig of a husband on the other hand might not be pleased and would undoubtedly blame him.

Richard rang Rebecca as soon as he left home.

“Yes Richard we did it, I can’t describe how I feel. I’m floating on air it’s marvellous.” She was so happy he could feel it in her voice. She was giggling like a schoolgirl. “I can never thank you enough.”

It took him longer to reach Felicity Goldberg, the maid telling him that her boss was sick. “She’s suffering from morning sickness, she’s going to have a baby,” she announced. Richard could hear the amazement in the maid’s voice. Eventually Felicity came to the phone. “You sound tired” he said.

She perked up at the sound of his voice. “Oh Richard I’m glad you rang, don’t worry darling boy, I’m pregnant and I’m happy it’s yours.” “I want it; it will be my love child.” Then her voice changed as she said, “let me hang up as I need to go to the bathroom.”


Asuka dominated Richard’s thoughts as he set out to deliver fresh cookies to the supermarket. He had taken no precautions with her last night .She had not had sex before, so she wouldn’t have been using any contraceptives. If two of his lovers were pregnant he would have to take extra care in future with Asuka and Ryoko.

In a short period of time his sexual experience had grown from nothing to now where he quickly recognised the signs that signalled a woman might stray if given a discreet opportunity.

All of the mothers who had loved him were women with sexual experience, some more than others. They had all taught him in different ways, how to love a woman.

Asuka was different. Completely innocent, 45 years of age, but still a teenager as far as sex was concerned. His cock pushed awkwardly in his pants as he thought of her innocent enjoyment last night.

Ryoko met him as he arrived at the supermarket. As usual she followed him to the rear loading area where they were hidden from prying eyes while they unloaded.

Richard pulled Ryoko to him as soon as they were out of sight, holding her in his arms he whispered, “last night was fantastic.”

“Thank you Master Richard,” she moaned. “My body is still happy from you loving.”

Ryoko spoke quietly, “Asuka has rang me a number of times this morning she is besotted with you.”

“You are a very kind man, she can never forget you.”

“I don’t want you to forget me,” Richard murmured, as his hands played with her tight flat bottom and his hard cock rubbed against her stomach. “We will make love many more times.”

Ryoko blushed and whispered, “I am married and should not commit sin, but Asuka says it’s not a sin when husband so bad.”

She smiled happily and asked shyly,” May I tell Asuka you will call?

“Of course that’s a good idea; we can arrange to meet again at her apartment this afternoon.”

Richard smiled as he drove down the road, “besotted eh, that’s a word you don’t hear very often.”

Richard found it hard to concentrate throughout the day, his thoughts kept returning to Asuka. “I’ve got it bad” he mused, “I can’t get her out of my mind.”

He couldn’t believe she really was a virgin. As a doctor she would have learnt all about sexual reproduction. She would have studied the male anatomy. It was hard to believe that she had never tried to experiment.

Her girlish enthusiasm and innocence, when compared with some of the bored sophisticated mothers in the cookie club excited him, making him squirm as his cock became rigid within the confines of his pants.

“Master Richard” she whispered excitedly when he arrived at the door of her apartment. “I have been waiting all day for this moment.”

She took his hand, kissing it, “thank you, thank you” she sighed as she backed inside and led him to where Ryoko sat drinking tea.

Ryoko jumped to her feet and sat Richard down, squatting down to take of his shoes, whilst Asuka brought a robe, and slippers.

“Asuka bough you this robe today so you will be more comfortable,” Ryoko explained cutting off his protests.

“She wants to bathe you and make you relax so you will enjoy her company.”

Gradually Richard şişli escort succumbed to the old world charm of these two fascinating ladies. They led him to the spa bath, undressed him and joined him, washing his body all over.

Asuka used the bath time to run her hands over every inch of his body. She inspected him from head to toe as Ryoko sat back and issued instructions.

After assisting him from the bath, Asuka laid him on the bed. Quietly she proceeded to massage baby oil over his chest and back before moving to his thighs and his erect cock.

Royko stood near Richard’s head telling him about Asuka.

As he listened he put his hand out to find she wore nothing under her dressing gown. Without thinking he ran his fingers down her stomach moving her legs apart to enter her moist pussy.

She shuddered and came immediately.

“Oh Richard not me,” she moaned.

“I’m married, I want you to love Asuka, she needs you.”

She took Asuka by the hand and drew her up to stand in Ryoko`s place beside Richard as he laid on the bed.

Richard turned on his side and looked at them both, his finger was still playing with Ryoko`s now sopping wet pussy. Ryoko gently took his hand, pulled Asuka gown apart and placed his hand on Asuka`s hot cunt..

Asuka flinched, “I’m sorry Master Richard she moaned, Asuka still a little sore from first time sex.” She turned to Ryoko and burst into tears speaking urgently in Japanese.

Ryoko whispered to Richard, “She is worried you will be unhappy with her because she is sore.”

“Don’t worry,” he replied, “I have just the medicine she needs.” He slipped off the bed and dropped to his knees. Holding Asuka by the hips he licked around her inner thigh and took as much of her pussy as he could gently in his mouth.

His tongue flicked lightly along the red areas of her pussy lips. It quickly grew moist from his saliva and her secretions, allowing him to sink his tongue slowly into her hot moist cavern.

Richard became concerned when she moaned out loud in Japanese.

“Am I hurting her” he cried pulling his head away.

Ryoko placed her hand on the back of his head pushing it back towards Asuka`s swampy cunt, “No! Oh no! She’s saying that’s wonderful, it hurts a little but she wants you to continue.”

Ryoko again stood with her body touching Richard, her hand stayed on the back of his head as his tongue returned to its gentle loving of Asuka`s hurt pussy. Richard could not believe how kind and considerate Ryoko was to Asuka. She was standing right beside him whilst he sucked and licked her friend, making no demands of her own or showing any jealousy.

He moved his left arm slowly up under Ryoko`s gown to stroke her backside. Her body responded and turned slightly towards him allowing his hand to reach her pussy where he inserted a finger.

A gasp of surprise from Ryoko caused Asuka to ask “what’s wrong?”

“Nothing, oh nothing.” Ryoko moaned as Richard started to finger fuck her.

Within minutes Ryoko shuddered and came, groaning as she gasped for breath under the intensity of her orgasm. Asuka who had been standing dreaming, as Richard applied his tongue to her pussy found Ryoko`s bucking orgasm too much, and joined in as her body fluids smeared Richards face.

My god Richard whispered as he slumped back on the floor, “you are two very horny ladies,” what am I going to do with you.”

“We will eat together, then you will let me go home to my family” Ryoko said.

Asuka sat close to Richard as Ryoko served the meal, then joined them to sit close to him on his other side. “This is the life Richard thought,” as they both plied him with food, rubbing their bodies against him as they placed tit bits on his tongue with their fingers.

“Master Richard, will you stay the night with me?” Asuka asked as they escorted Ryoko to the door.

“Yes stay with her Richard” Ryoko urged. “She wants to tell you about herself and ask your help.”

Time sped by as Richard lovingly massaged, oiled and loved Asuka`s pussy and arse.

Her body was in a constant state of arousal, She moaned and cried as his fingers and tongue sought and found areas that responded to his touch. Later, while his fingers rubbed cream on her hips, belly and bottom, he sucked on her nipples, licked her neck, bit her ears and nibbled her lips, until she cried “no more, no more.”

“I must talk to you, but I can’t while you touch me.”

“I can’t concentrate. I forget what I am saying,” Asuka moaned as she pushed him away.

Asuka became highly agitated. She stalked up and down on the carpet in front of him, her gown flowing out behind her displaying her fine long legs.

“My good friend Ryoko would have told you that I came to your country to lecture and train doctors.”

“Next week I am going to a major International conference in the capital where I am keynote speaker.”

“The conference has 3000 delegates and lasts ten days.”

She went down on her knees in front of him, her gown open displaying mecidiyeköy escort her hard firm body and weeping pussy.

“I want you to come with me as my partner and escort.”

“Please say yes” “I love you Master Richard; I want you to be with Asuka.”

“Ten days shit, who would do the cookie run, what would mum say.” “Bloody hell, who cares,” Richard thought as he looked into her pleading eyes and was lost.

“I’d love to” he whispered, as she threw herself on him like a teenager, kissing and screaming, “thank you, thank you.”

“Sit down mum,” Richard told his mother as he grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her down at the breakfast table.

“Yes, I have been sleeping with a woman.” “Yes she is much older than me.”

“Yes she is Japanese.”

“Yes I am going away with her for 10 days.”

“Yes I love her, but I’m not thinking of proposing marriage.”

“I’m eighteen and I know what I’m doing, so settle down and help me arrange the cookie club and the deliveries, I’ll be ok.”

Richard quickly became aware how important Asuka was to the conference, the delegates and officials waited on her every word. She was the star attraction.

The fact that her partner was young and good looking created some minor interest, especially when Asuka demanded he accompany her to every event. “He is my partner and I want him to enjoy the conference,” she told the ladies who had been appointed to be her guides and mentors.

In their room he kissed her, lifting her off the floor, grinding his hard cock against her belly. “You are magnificent” he said. “Watching you stride through the conference to the applause of thousands of international delegates, my heart fills with pride.

“Most people here know you as a serious highly skilled doctor, if they could see you operating on me,” he joked, “the applause would be far more generous.”

She laughed, and tried to stop him as he started to clap, “I would award you a gold medal in the fucking event,” he shouted as she jumped on him and kissed him warmly.

The nights with Asuka after the conference concluded each day were a delight. Her happy enthusiasm was infectious. “What would you like to do tonight?” he would ask her at breakfast each morning. She would blush, drop her gaze and giggle, “fuck and suck.”

That response followed by her regular early morning cuddle, where she sat on his lap kissing him deeply, playing with his nipples until nature took its course, generally made her late arriving at the conference’s morning session.

At night they would laugh and play with each other until they drifted off to sleep. During the night who ever woke first would stroke and kiss the other until they achieved a response.

Asuka had gone out and brought every available illustrated sex book, which were produced when ever their love making slowed. Kissing him in her newly acquired expert fashion, she would laugh as she jumped up and raced to find a book. Bringing it back to bed she would lie on her back with her legs bent at the knees, her body erotically open to him, and invite him to “try this new position.”

If Richard failed to be excited with the new position she would curl up in his arms like a baby and proceed to suck and play with his nipples, her hand rubbing his but and teasing his arsehole until he could no longer say no.

Richard quickly learnt that she loved to be on top, he could easily get her to forget the book by rolling her over on top. Holding her up by the hips he would steady her as she lowered herself on to his ever hard tool. “This is position number one, our position” he would tell her as their pace grew and their juices flowed.

Late one afternoon Richard was sitting in the foyer of the hotel, when he heard voices behind him discussing Asuka. “She’s a lot softer this year” he heard one woman say. “She is dressing more elegantly. She looks happier than I have seen her in the past.”

Another woman said “why wouldn’t she be, look at her young boyfriend.”

“Christ he must be good in the cot to unfreeze her frozen fanny.” A much deeper voiced woman added.

“You’re right; I have never seen her ever take any interest in men.

Another voice chimed in “that’s all changed; when he comes near, she positively glows.”

“Good luck to her,” the deep voice responded . “I wouldn’t mind getting him alone and find out what he’s got.”

They giggled, “You wouldn’t.”

“Of course I wouldn’t mind. These bloody conferences are boring. A little bit of hanky panky could make them more exciting.”

Well I must say he’s the first fuckable addition to these conferences in years.” a quieter voice added

The group stood up and moved to walk past Richard.

He could hardly contain himself as he hid behind his newspaper, so they did not recognise him.

“You’ll never get him away from Asuka she just dotes on him.” A tall blonde was saying. Richard’s head shot up when the tall striking dark brown woman walking beside her replied in a deep voice, “You never know, if he gets an opportunity, he might like to try a South American dish.”

Richard watched as the four women walked away. The striking dark skinned woman had a great bum; she wore long stiletto heels that displayed her fine pair of legs. “Yes.” Richard thought, “I wouldn’t mind a slice of that hot South American tart.”

That night as they rolled over to cuddle each other to sleep, he told Asuka what he could remember of the women’s conversation.

“They like the changes in you,” he whispered as his fingers entered her pussy.

“You have made me different,” she sighed as a shudder ripped through her body. “I was ‘a woman doctor’ now I am both a woman and a doctor.”

She lay quiet, then in a small voice asked, “Are you going to fuck the South American lady Richard?”

Sensing she may be jealous and not wanting to hurt her he said, “No, I am going to fuck you.”

His response started another round of love making, that left them both lying wrung out on the floor.

Asuka lay quietly in his arms for a while, then said, “Richard I would like you to fuck her.”

“She might never know the happiness you have given me if you reject her.”

He sat up and hugged her close, “It would be different with her, what we do together is special because of you.”

The conference dinner and award night was black tie.

Asuka looked stunning in a long white silk dress that was cut low in front and back. She had pleaded with Richard to accompany her shopping as she looked for a gown that would signal clearly to her peers that she had changed.

She clung to Richards arm as they walked the red carpet to the head table. He smiled as they moved smoothly across the room .Other than a nervous wobble as she climbed out of the car and clung tightly to his arm, the assembled guests and onlookers would never have guessed that under that slinky dress, Asuka was wearing her first pair of high stiletto heels.

When they first arrived at the conference she had caught Richard staring at an over endowed blonde in high heels. “You like big breasts?” she had asked.

“Oh no, I like stiletto heels, they make a woman’s legs look very sexy.” Richard replied quickly.

That afternoon she had gone out and bought the tallest pair she could find.

Richard found her struggling to walk when he returned to their rooms.

“I have never danced” she cried as she wobbled in Richard’s arms. “I want to dance with you.” From then on at every opportunity she practiced walking and dancing in their room. When they were alone she was proud of Richard’s reaction to her body. She revelled in his attention as she practised walking in little more than heels and stockings. Richard sat watching until his cock was so hard it hurt. When he could stand no more he whispered “come here.”

“Stop looking,” Asuka cried, “you make me stop walking and want fuck, come dance with me.”

Richard could not believe the way his body reacted to the combination of her body rubbing against his as she wobbled in stilettos and hung on to him as they practiced dancing.

Angelique had taught him what she called the foreplay method of ballroom dancing. She had said that it was certain to get a woman horny and ready to fuck. Asuka had no need to learn that method. Each time they practiced ‘dancing in heels’ as she called it, they ended up down on the floor coupled together.

As her confidence grew, Asuka gave Richard his own personal fashion parade. She would start dressed in her ball gown and would gradually remove items of clothing until walking in high heels and stockings and nothing else, she swung around the room her eyes flashing with excitement. “Can you see the love bites? Can you see what you have done to mark me?” “Dance with me.” She cried.

He grabbed her “Let’s fuck first and dance later,” he shouted. He took her in his arms and positioned her so they could watch in the mirror. “I want you to see what I see.”

“I want you to see what we are doing.” her growled.

Looking in the mirror he slid his already leaking cock into her wet soft hole.

“Can you see it?” he moaned “Oh yes” she whispered, as she bucked her body in response to his thrusts. “Look at your new heels,” he groaned. “Look at your long legs in those stockings, my god you’re …….ah!…. oh!… aah.” His words became jumbled as a fantastic orgasm mentally blacked him out for a few seconds. “Oh hell.” he cried as he slumped in her arms.

The ball was a raging success. Many of the young male doctors sought out Asuka. There was a constant line of visitors to their table as they introduced themselves and sought to dance with her. Her beauty attracted them like moths to a flame.

Richard with the experience of his training for the Governors ball was an excellent dancer. He was never off the floor.

Angelique’s foreplay method of dancing had many wives asking for more. One short haired brunette with tits like rock melons, on their second dance together laid her head on his shoulder as his hand slipped down to her rear. “Fuck me,” she groaned.

Richard bent his head and kissed her ear as he moved her further into the crowded floor.

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