Boy Stud-4

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Thanks for all the great comments about my stories. I love to hear from y’all. I’m posting chapters 4 and 5 of this story, as well as the second chapter of ‘What’s Wrong With Me?’ If you haven’t seen that one yet, take a look.
Thanks again–

But before I came, Dad pulled off my dick once again and he thanked me. “That tasted wonderful, son. Thank you for sharing it with me.” Then, he moved back a bit and forced Joe’s face into my crotch. Dad said, “So, do you want him to blow you. You can come in his mouth if you want. But don’t forget, you still have to punish him for trying to attack you.”
I looked at my dad and felt my dick throb. Dad’s mouth had felt great, and I wondered if Joe’s mouth would feel just as good. But then my father put another idea in my head. “Adam,” he said, that big grin plastered to his face, “have you ever wondered what it would be like to fuck another boy? You know, fuck his asshole?” Well, I had. Especially in the last two weeks, after seeing the act in one of the magazines my dad gave me. Dad gave me a wink and, by Joe’s reaction, I knew he’d tightened his big fist in the boy’s hair. “I’ve made sure that this boy’s butt has never been violated. He’s as much a virgin as his sister was. I think a good punishment would be for you to fuck him just as hard as you did the girl. That big cock of yours in his butt should remind him of his place. You need to show him that he belongs to you now and that if he misbehaves, there will be consequences.”
Well, within a minute or so, Dad had Joe up on the bed, on his hands and knees, all without releasing the grip he ha on the boy’s head. Marie was still right there, but she’d curled-up into a ball, holding her legs closed with her knees almost into her chest. She was still crying a little bit, and for just a bit, she watched what Dad was doing with her twin-brother. But, as Dad instructed me to get behind the boy, the girl closed her eyes.
“That’s it, son. Get right behind him. Now, you aren’t going to have a cherry to break through, like you did with her, but assholes are usually tighter than pussies, so when you go to get it in, make sure really give it a good shove.”

I was on my knees between Joe’s legs, his little butt spread in front of me and I could see his dark little hole. It seemed so small. I wondered how my dick was ever going to get inside it. My dick was still wet with Dad’s saliva and a little bit of the goo from my first fuck. I put the tip of it right against Joe’s tiny brown pucker and pushed forward a little. The boy couldn’t move his head, as Dad was holding him by his hair, but when I put that little bit of pressure with my dick on his butthole, he moved his backside so that my dickhead was no longer touching his butt. Before I realized what happened, one of Dad’s hands came out of the Joe’s thick black hair and slapped the boy across the face. Joe’s whole body shuddered and I heard him let out a yelp. Then, surprising me yet again, Dad said, “I’m sorry, Adam. I shouldn’t have struck him without your permission. I had no right to hit your boy, no matter how badly he behaved.” Dad had both his hands tangled in the boy’s hair again, holding his shaking, little body as steady as he could. “You’re a man now, son, and it’s your responsibility to make sure your pets behave. If he doesn’t, you need to show him that you’re the boss. Give him a couple smacks on the ass, Adam, make sure he knows izmit escort who’s in control.”
I didn’t use a lot of force the first time I spanked Joe’s butt. “Don’t show him any mercy,” Dad said, urging me to take a second swat at my boy’s butt. “If you show him any weakness, he’ll never learn.” I hit his butt again, this time much harder, and I heard Joe let out a yelp. “Again,” Dad said. I spanked him again. And again. And again. In fact, I spanked the boy’s butt until my hand was so sore I couldn’t continue. Joe’s butt was mottled red from my spanking and he was now sobbing. “That’s good, son,” Dad said, then he suggested that I finished what I’d started and fuck the boy. When I lined my dick up with his butt again, Joe wiggled just a bit. I smacked his ass one last time, then took a hold of his hips, to keep him in place. “Shove it in, Adam,” Dad encouraged.

I did it. With everything I had, I thrust my hips forward and felt myself sink inside the boy. I let out a whoop at how great it felt to have my dick inside such a hot, tight hole. Joe let out a shriek at his hole being penetrated by my dick. Dad let out a deep laugh and said, “Feels good, huh?” I nodded my head, pulled my hips back a bit, then shoved forward again. Joe let out another shriek. Dad laughed some more. And I let out another whoop. “Fuck him, Adam” Dad said softly, “Fuck him hard. Show the little bitch who’s in charge.” I did exactly as my dad said. My father kept his hold on the boy’s head, I kept my hold on his hips and I started to fuck him. Every time my cock bottomed-out inside Joe, he let out a shriek. And each time I let out a whoop. I remember wondering, of the three holes I’d had my dick in that evening, which felt the best. Marie’s pussy seemed like the best ever, when I was fucking her. But then feeling it inside Dad’s mouth, covered in the juices of our virgin-fuck, well, maybe it was just the nastiness of thinking it was my father’s mouth my dick was in, but that had felt pretty damn good too. But now, my dick pounding deep into Joe’s ass, which was so hot and so damn tight…
I fucked Joe’s asshole hard. After a few minutes, Dad suggested I spank him some more, while I fucked him. Now, the boy’s poor hole, getting fucked for the first time, clenched around my dick like a vice. However, when I slapped his butt-cheek, Joe’s little body constricted so tightly I could barely pull my dick out for the next thrust. As I fucked the boy, I heard my dad mumbling things like, “That’s it son, use his fuck-hole. That’s what he’s here for, for you to use. He belongs to you now, you can do anything you want to him. Show the little bitch who his boss is. Don’t let him ever forget he belongs to you now.”
I slapped Joe’s bright-red ass-cheek again, just as I was getting ready to drive my dick deep again. His body clenched tight, his hole squeezing my dick so hard I thought I wouldn’t be able to get it in. But I did, and Joe let out a howl, I let out a groan and pulled back for another thrust. I don’t know how long I fucked Joe that first time. It seemed like hours to me, it felt so fucking good, I never wanted it to stop. And as much as I loved the feeling of his body clenching around my dick when I slapped his butt, I couldn’t do it too much, otherwise I’d climax way too quickly. In reality, I probably fucked him for ten minutes (the same amount of time that I’d fucked three loads into his twin-sister) before I started kocaeli escort to cum. At the end there, I was beating his butt so hard, feeling his body clench around my dick with each slap, each time I shoved my dick in, the hardest smack and the hardest thrust, making both of us howl when I sank my dick as deep in Joe’s bowels as I could and started to come.

Like the first load I shot inside his sister’s pussy, the first load I shot up Joe’s ass didn’t pump out in spurts, but gushed from me like I was pissing. I kept my dick deep inside the boy, while I sprayed his guts with my cum, still pushing forward as much as I could, trying to get inside him even deeper. It was my fourth incredible orgasm in half-an-hour, and I’m sure that I dumped just as much cum inside Joe, as I had with any two of the three loads I’d given Marie. With the boy whining and whimpering and crying under me (Dad had, at some point while I was fucking the boy, let go of Joe’s hair) I got-off for the first time inside another boy. I collapsed on his back when the best of my orgasm was over. Joe’s body collapsed under me, sprawling on the mattress under me. My dick was still quite hard, and still embedded inside him, as the last few twitches of my load dribbled out.
When I caught my breath, Dad told me to get off him. As I pulled my dick out of Joe’s butthole, which was now just as red and puffy as his sister’s pussy was when I’d finished with it, I looked down wondering if I’d see blood, as I had when I pulled out of Marie, or maybe even shit… There wasn’t anything, except for some white blobs that I knew was my own cum. “Come down here, Adam,” Dad said. I climbed off Joe, then off the bed and, with a bit of help from my father, as my legs were a bit wobbly, he stood me so that my dick was right in front of the boy, who’s face was in the mattress, sobbing. Once I was steady, Dad grabbed Joe by the hair on the back of his head and pulled him up so that we could see his face. He looked pitiful. His eyes were puffy and red and his hair was all sweaty and I could see that he was in pain and quite scared. My dick throbbed. “Now, unless you ask for it, this is the last piece of advise I’m going to give you about this little bitch,” Dad said, jerking Joe’s head with his last words, as if I didn’t know who he meant by, “…this little bitch.” Tears were running down his face, his big blue eyes wide with terror and anticipation. My dick was still hard as a rock and still coated with the goo from fucking his butt. “Tell him to open his mouth, and clean his ass off your cock,” Dad suggested. The thought made my dick throb.

“Open your mouth,” I said meekly. Joe looked at me, pleading with his eyes, and I could see that he was feeling my dad’s hand pulling his hair, but he didn’t open his mouth. I looked at Dad and pulled my hand back. Dad nodded, and that big grin crossed his face. Before he knew what hit him, I slapped the boy across the face and, yet one more surprise, I yelled, “Open your mouth, Bitch!” I think Dad clenched his fist in the boy’s hair even tighter, and whether he opened his mouth for my dick, that first time, because I told him to, or because he was about to scream-out in pain from having his hair pulled, I’ll never know. And I suppose it really doesn’t matter. As soon as Joe’s mouth was open, I shoved my dick in. Any noise he might have made was muted. My dick went so far in, I felt his nose push against my lightly-haired izmit escort bayan pubic-bone, and my smooth balls push against his chin. I’m pretty sure that Dad was holding the boy’s head there, and when Joe gagged, I couldn’t believe how good it felt. I pulled my dick out a bit, then shoved it back in. I popped back into Joe’s throat and he gagged again, and it felt wonderful. I did it again. Dad was chuckling, holding the boy’s head so I could fuck his mouth. Then, I felt my dad’s other hand on my butt, pushing me into the boy’s face, making me fuck Joe’s mouth faster and harder. Again, I can’t say how long I went. Not as long as when I’d fucked the boy’s butt. Maybe five minutes or so. And when I came, it just happened. I’d just grabbed Joe’s head (though Dad kept his hand wrapped in the boy’s hair too) and started pounding my dick in and out of his mouth. There was no warning. I felt my body clench, and all the sudden, I was blasting my spunk down the boy’s throat. He gagged harder and coughed some, though it couldn’t have been easy on him with my dickhead lodged deep down his gullet. And it all felt so fucking good, I shot wad after wad down the boy’s throat. He was crying and sobbing. Between Dad and I, the Joe’s head wasn’t moving anywhere, but his body was twitching around on the mattress like he was having a seizure. Each time he gagged on my dick and the load I was shooting down his throat, I heard wet, sloppy gurgling sounds and felt the muscles he used to swallow gripping my dickhead and a good part of my shaft. And each time he choked, it seemed like I had another wad of cum ready to blast out.
Dad told me later that he pulled Joe off my dick just before he thought the boy was about to loose consciousness, my dick and the load I was spurting down his throat and blocking his airway. With my dick finally out of his mouth, he coughed-up several big blobs of my cum, which landed between my hips. I couldn’t believe how much there was, knowing that Joe had to have swallowed some of it too. Then Dad made one more suggestion, which I followed, making Joe lick-up all the cum he’d spit all over me, then spit it out into his sister’s pussy. Marie didn’t seem to like what I was making her brother do to her, but she didn’t complain. Joe licked my cum off me, but when I told him where to put it, he hesitated. He was on his hands and knees, his face between his twin’s legs, but he wouldn’t get close enough to her pussy to do as I told him. With a glance at Dad, which brought that grin onto his face, I slapped Joe’s ass, then shoved a finger up his exposed butthole, and told him one more time to spit my cum into his sister’s cunt. This time, he obeyed.

I was spent. I’d come five times in less than an hour, all of them big comes, three inside Marie’s pussy, one in Joe’s ass and one down his throat. While I watched the boy lick-up my load and deposit it into his sister’s pussy, believe it or not, my dick went soft. Not because I wasn’t excited. Watching the boy put his mouth right at the pussy I’d just deflowered and spit my load into her was more than I could ever imagine. But I’d just had enough.
We left Marie where she was, and (after Dad made me punch my code to unlock the door) we took Joe with us, back into the long hallway. Dad punched a code into a another door, the green light came on and I heard the click. Once he opened the door, Dad pushed the boy inside and I heard the click again, once the door was closed. As we exited the secret area, back into my dad’s office, I remembered what he said when we’d first gone in. When I came back through this door, I would be a man. And, in a way, I felt like I was…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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