Brad , Sylvie

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Sylvie and Brad had grown up in the same small town in Nevada. Both of them were from dysfunctional families; one with a single Mom and the other just with his Dad. They kept each other company and helped each other with their homework, on many occasions.

As they grew, Sylvie fast became a beautiful young lady. She had strawberry blonde hair, green eyes and luscious pair of lips. By the time she turned eighteen, her body was nearly fully formed. Her bustline was about a 36c with a tiny waist and hips about 38. She was about 5’9″ and she had long legs that looked so great when she was in either shorts or a bikini.

Of course, Brad noticed the changes in her and started to have sexual feelings whenever he watched her, either walking around or playing sport.

He had also filled out and his body was very muscular and he stood at over 6′. He was a sports jock at school so he kept his body fined tuned. He had a flexible six pack and dark brown hair that curled around his nipples and ended in a V extending into the top of his swim trunks. His hazel eyes seemed to change color with his moods. He wore his hair in a military cut for convenience.

One day they were hanging out at Brad’s place; his Dad was not due home for a few hours. They were lying by the pool at the back of the house and Sylvie suddenly sat up!

“Let’s go skinny dipping in the pool, Brad.”

“Wha….. what?” said Brad.

“I said let’s go skinny dipping. No one will be able to see us and it would be such fun.”

“I don’t know Sylvie. We really shouldn’t.”

“You’re a scaredy cat then. I am going to go in anyway.”

When Brad saw that she was starting to strip off her bikini, and dive into the water, he believed her.

Oh well, he thought, I may as well make the most of it while I can.

“Righto Sylvie, here I come, so watch out.” He made a flying leap into the pool and splashed water everywhere.

Sylvie was swimming laps and Brad joined her. They began to race and encourage each other. Sylvie started to tire, but was determined not to let Brad see it. Unfortunately, she started to slow down about halfway up the length of the pool and splashed about a bit, trying to dog-paddle to keep herself afloat. Brad came back down the pool and noticed her plight. Thinking she may have a cramp, he swam towards her and grabbed her by the waist, grabbing her bust by mistake.

He let his hands softly fondle the sides of her breasts as he stood behind her. He started to get an erection and didn’t know whether to let her go or hold her tighter. At that Ankara escort moment, Sylvie turned and put one arm around his neck and pulled herself closer to him. She then realized what had come between them and instead of pulling away, grasped his butt with her other hand and dragged him closer to her body.

“We had better get out and dry ourselves,” said Brad abruptly.

“Uhm …… yes ….alright,” Sylvie replied, in a daze.

“I don’t know what happened in the pool Sylvie, but I am so sorry.”

“I don’t think either of us has anything to be sorry for Brad, I think we both know what we want from each other; don’t you?”

“Please Brad, I need you.”

She trailed her fingers over his bare chest and felt his muscles flex beneath her fingertips.

Her lips followed her fingers as she pressed kisses along his neck. She threaded her fingers through his hair and drew his mouth down to hers. The taste of him was exquisite.

He moaned throatily as he pulled away from her slightly.

“You are so beautiful, Sylvie.”

Her stomach tightened as he lowered his mouth and kissed her again, so deeply that she felt a pool of warmth in her belly. She felt so perfect as long as she was in his arms.

His tongue swirled around her lips begging for their co-operation, and she eventually opened them and allowed him access to her hot, hot mouth. Their tongues did a dance and she felt so good as their tongues did a dance of passion.

“I think we had better take this inside, don’t you,” queried Sylvie.

They walked quickly up the stairs to Brad’s bedroom.

As they stood together, she ran her hands over his body, feeling his nipples then advancing to his belt buckle. She wanted him naked in front of her. He must of read her mind, because he quickly dispensed with the rest of his clothing and stood before her, a God-like living statue.

He was beautiful. His tall, broad body glowed in the light of the setting sun. The brown hair covered his chest and tapered to a V as it got closer to his groin and she was about to find out that it went right down to the start of his rigid pole. His hot, hard sexual rod stood out straight and long, with a mushroom head, jutting towards her and almost begging for her touch.

She reached out and grasped it with her hand, he groaned and tore at her clothes. Even though he was hungry for her, he was still tender in the way he touched her. There was a wild frenzy lurking between the two of them that needed to be fed.

She went to step back, but he held her by the arms.

“Please, Ankara escort bayan let me look at you, I have dreamed of this for so long. To see you naked in front of me like this makes all my wishes come true.”

His hands traced her body contours as he held her against his own. His mouth traveled down her throat and his lips slowly moved to her breasts, his lips taking her right nipple and sucked it deeply into his mouth. He then trailed down and across her stomach and she stood there, tantalized by the touch of his lips against her skin.

As his mouth reached her thighs she expelled a gasp and arched her body towards him. Parting her legs, he bent to touch her most intimate parts with a kiss that shook her whole being. Pleasure ripped through her. Her body writhed beneath his touch, crying out for some release.

He moved her back towards the bed and lay her down. Keeping her arms anchored by her side, he again went down to her wonderful quim. He thrust his index finger into her warm cunt until he found her G-spot, working that finger in and out, feeling the warm liquid starting to form and run over his hands and down the crevice of her thighs. He continued to suckle her breasts one at a time, while getting her ready for his rigid pole. She felt so wonderful! She was in heaven! At last she was getting all of Brad; she’d had sexual feelings for him for about 12 months, but knew that she couldn’t do anything about it.

He looked at her with love in his eyes and she whispered, “I love you Brad.”

“I love you too, Sylvie. So very much. I have to have all of you, now……. I have waited so long for you.”

Slowly and carefully he inserted himself into the entrance of her warm place. He then plunged himself into that dark abyss of heat. She looked up at him and he mouthed to her to watch. The connection between the two of them was electric.

“Sylvia,” he gasped as he sank into eternal bliss of being buried in those wonderful realms of her body.

They sank into a rhythm, passionately giving and taking, building to a climatic crescendo. As they both started their spiral, he leaned down and took her nipple into his mouth and sucked at it deeply, causing her to free-fall into absolute ecstasy. Brad let out a roar that signified that he had reached his ultimate peak.

They made love again during the night, each time more pleasurable. They didn’t know how they had lived without each other before this. Not only was she a sensational lover, but she was strong and kind as well.

He found his lips graduating to her pussy Escort Ankara and licking and tasting her sweet honey juices. He loved the release of her pussy fluids onto his tongue. He really wanted to emphasize that he loved her, but held himself in check for the moment. Sylvie had already whispered that she loved him, but it felt too new to allow those feelings out yet; even though he had already whispered it to her earlier.

She spread her legs and whispered to him, “Make love to me again, my darling. I want you so much.”

“Spread your legs for me, sweetheart.”

She did so, and he delved deep into her cunt. She writhed and undulated under him, trying to get him deeper into her love hole. She wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him right into her. Something in her belly began to coil and spiral towards that sexual centre of sensation. It was so great that she nearly stopped breathing. The feeling intensified every stroke he made inside her.

Suddenly, she felt her body shatter. She felt as though she had broken into a thousand pieces and she cried out.

Brad answered with a cry of his own and plunged into her for the last time, making her convulse again.

As they came down from their high, Sylvie vowed that she would be everything that Brad wanted her to be. She wanted to have children with him and raise them in a loving family. She only hoped that Brad wanted the same thing.

They lay there, embracing and feeling each other’s body. Brad had never felt this satisfied with a woman as he did at this moment.

“I love you Sylvie. I must tell you something before we go any further.

“I was doing an Internet search looking for my biological mother, and found out that she lived in the same town and that I also had a sister. You will be shocked to know that it is your Mom who is my Mom, and that you are my sister.”

Sylvie gasped, shocked but calm, she replied. “That must be the chemistry that has been between us all these years. I don’t care though and nobody can blame us if we fell in love; we weren’t to know these details.

Oh darling, I was so worried what would happed when I told you. I didn’t know how to break it to you. That is what I was trying to get up the courage to do this afternoon.”

“Although I know we are brother and sister, I want to spend the rest of my life with you, making you happy and maybe even having children. What do you say, my love? Will you marry me?”

Oh Brad, you have just made me the happiest woman in the world. I love you so much. Yes…..yes…..yes …..Of course, I will marry you.”

The explanation to this story is that they had the same mother and father who had separated, but each kept one of the children. They never told either one of the children that they were brother and sister

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