Brandy Ch. 01

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My name is Brandy Wells, and this is my story.

I’m 32 years old, of mixed race, and have always loved and been loved by men and women both. I have never had to work much, and I suppose you could say the closest description of my occupation would be a professional student.

I was raised by loving and permissive parents, an only child. My father was a talented black jazz musician, a very successful studio musician and had steady work, although we were not wealthy by any means, and my mother was a white artist who would occasionally get her work shown in galleries. She was a wonderfully free spirited woman who basically let me raise myself, as long as I kept out of trouble and my grades in school were decent. I found it easy to do that, as school came very easily for me, and except for the occasional overzealous classmate who would ring me up constantly, and the girlfriend who would turn jealous and start rumors about me, my school days were happy ones.

We lived in Notting Hill, England from the time I was 10 until my senior year of high school, and when I was there, although I attracted a lot of attention from men, boys and the occasional besotted woman, I basically focused my time on getting good grades and reading, one of my favorite pastimes. I also loved music and dance, and became quite proficient at both, which were wonderful outlets.

My parent would give me lessons in anything I wanted, and I studied piano and modern dance, with the occasional ballet class thrown in, although I found ballet to be too confining and soon switched to modern and jazz dance studies.

They were also quite the non-conformists, very liberal and had frequent parties in their home, which was often filled with other artists and musicians, and it was a happy one. Although I had many admirers when I was in school, up until the age of 18 I would ignore them, focusing more on my studies, music, reading and dance because I loved them so much. However, when I was 18 one of my father’s friends seduced me at a party at my parents house.

By that time I was told by friends that I was quite stunning, with long, thick brown hair, blue eyes, and mocha colored skin. I was tall and slender, and had a beautiful body, and was often stopped by strangers on the street who would tell me how attractive I was. I was even given cards by several agents for modeling jobs, that sort of thing, but I didn’t want to pursue this, all I was interested in at the time was school and my reading and dancing.

However, at this particular party, since I had just turned 18, I decided to let loose a little. I had some champagne, my parents would allow it as long as I didn’t overindulge, and one of their friends, an older drummer, started talking to me about music and dance. He worked for one of the local dance companies occasionally and we had a lot in common as I had heard of that company and it was quite well-respected.

We spent the time at the party together, and he gave me his phone number and asked if he could call me. In England where we lived, the Age of Consent in is 16, so I thought it was high time I found a lover and he came Bostancı Escort along at just the right moment.

His name was Brian, and he was tall, black, and very handsome. He had an ex-wife and one younger child, and he even offered to let me babysit him, although for some reason I never did. In England divorced couples get along usually much better than they do in the states here, so there was no problem for us to start dating, although I?m sure we raised a few eyebrows among my parents more conservative friends.

He called me the day after the party and asked if I would like to go out to dinner. I said yes, and we went to an Indian restaurant. We talked and laughed, and he let me have some wine, although he wouldn’t let me get too tipsy. He asked me afterwards if I would like to go back to his place for a nightcap, and I said yes.

I was very attracted to him, and we really enjoyed each other’s company. He took the time to get to know me, and made me feel very grown up, as he was in his thirties and I was still quite young and still a virgin.

When we got back to his place, he put on a jazz tape of some music that he was working on. We also had some more wine, and the music was strange and interesting and I loved it. I asked him if I could dance for him, and he said sure, and he watched me dance with a strange look on his face.

After a few songs, I asked him what was wrong and he said something very strange for a 18 year old virgin to hear.

He said that he had gotten divorced from his wife because he thought he was gay, and hadn’t been attracted to women after he met her until he met me. I was so innocent, and didn’t know quite what to make of this. He said he was hesitant to get involved with me, as he wanted to explore the gay lifestyle, and he supposed since he did feel so drawn to me, he was actually bisexual.

I said I didn’t care what you are, but if you don’t kiss me soon I’m going to scream! With that he laughed, put his wine down and came over to me, and hugged me gently. I reached up and held his face, and he looked down at me, and smiled into my eyes for what seemed like an eternity. Then he gave me a romantic, lovely kiss, which was one of the most soulful kisses I have ever received, before or since. It lasted several minutes, and I didn’t want it to end. Sometimes kissing can be more intense than doing anything else, you know? So after that, he asked me if I would like to make love. I said yes and we went to his bedroom. He left the music playing and I brought my wine glass with me, and he said he had had a snip so I wouldn’t have to worry about getting pregnant. He held me gently, and slowly and romantically undressed me, kissing me gently as he did, and telling me softly how beautiful I was. I began to get very turned on and rather impatient frankly for him to hurry up, but he told me that I should just relax and let my feelings build.

He soon had me on his bed, completely undressed, and I was breathing hard and longing for his touch. He just watched me for a while, and then stepped quickly out of his clothes. I could see his cock, which Ümraniye Escort was large, long, thin and erect, and although it seemed a bit imposing at the time, he said not to worry, he would be gentle, and he was.

He slowly kissed me and then touched and kissed my breasts, and then between my legs. He asked me to open them, and he slowly and lovingly caressed and kissed between them, and I had feelings that I never felt before as his fingers and tongue explored me there. He got me very wet and ready, and then started to enter me with his long, hard cock. It was a bit difficult at first, but he put some lotion on and just told me to breathe, and he was soon inside of me and started to move gently and slowly. At first it was very tight, and I was a bit afraid, and he told me just to relax. I did, and soon caught up with his rhythm, and we began to make love in earnest. It was really one of the most exhilarating feelings of my life. Now I saw what everyone was bonkers about, and I decided right then and there to change my ways and make love every chance I got.

After a few minutes, we started to get really close, and he stopped, and said he wanted to take his time. He said I should turn over, and he entered me from the rear, which I found quite thrilling. After awhile, he asked me to sit up, and I did, and he laid under me as he gently guided his cock inside me as I sat atop of him. I could see everything that was going on, and he caressed my full breasts and kissed me as his cock impaled me fully, and we both soon came to a shattering conclusion that was one of the most moving moments of my life.

Afterward, he held me, and asked if there was anything he could do for me, and I said no but could we do that again soon? He laughed and said anytime you wish, and we started going out for about six months.

As I was still in school and living at home, we had to be somewhat discreet, but I would often spend the night at his house, and while I suspected my parents knew what was going on, they never said anything, as they had known Brian for years and respected him. The only one that was a bit miffed was his ex-wife, when she found out I heard she threw a bloody fit, as he had told her he was gay, but I guess that was not the whole story.

Anyway, we went out until I was finished at school and had to go away to college. I wanted to go to college in the states, as my father got a good job at a music recording studio there, which was steady work. We moved to LA and found a place to live in Brentwood, which is a nice area and I started going to a small liberal arts college nearby in the Los Angeles area.

At the college I went to, you had to either live on campus or get a place of your own. I decided I hated dorm life after one semester so I found a small apartment of my own near the campus. My parents helped me set it up, and then pretty much left me on my own, bless them. I missed Brian terribly at first, but we kept in touch, and I was soon busy with my studies anyway and meeting new people on campus.

I majored in dance with an education minor, figuring I could teach dance someday Kartal Escort if I need the money, and soon was very happy with my classes and new friends I was making. Brian and I kept in touch over the Internet and Skype though, and he missed me very much, although I’ve since heard he’s moved on and says that he’s mostly gay after all.

When I was at school, there was a dance teacher who was very interested in me. I had just turned 19, and had taken several classes with her. When the last class was over, she invited a bunch of us to her house for a small party. She lived alone with several cats, which were beautiful animals, and she said she was working on a modern dance piece based on the cats movements, along with several other pieces. When the party was winding down, she asked if she could speak to me for a moment. I said yes, and went over to her in her kitchen, where she was clearing up.

I helped her clean up and then she and I sat down in her living room. There was a fire going, and it was quite cozy, and the others had left by then. She asked me about my plans for college, and what I wanted to do, and we talked for a while, and then she asked if I had a boyfriend.

I told her about Brian, how I missed him but didn’t have anyone at the moment. She asked if I had ever been with a woman. I said, no, but wasn’t against it, as my parent raised me to respect everyone equally, no matter what their religion or lifestyle was. She smiled and said would you like it if I kissed you. I said yes, and she gently leaned over and did so. As her class was over, I didn’t have to worry about any conflict there, and she gave me a very gentle, sweet kiss, that was quite different from Brian’s more masculine face and lips. She kissed me deeply, and tenderly, and we clung to each other, and she asked me if I wanted to be with her. I said I needed to think about it for a bit, so she gave me her home number and said to call her if I was interested.

I took the number and soon left, a bit perplexed. As I drove my little car back to my place, I wondered if I were bisexual. I had usually been attracted to men, but she seemed very interesting to me, and I decided to explore it and see what happened. So I called her the next afternoon and told her yes I would like to see her. She said great and told me she would call soon and get in touch.

The next day she called me after school. I was home studying and doing laundry, and she said she would like me to come over for dinner that Friday. I said that would be great, and asked if I could bring anything. She said bring dessert if I wanted to, and I picked up a nice tart from the bakery the next Friday and headed to her place. She made a delicious dinner, and we had wine and talked about school and dancing, and then she said do you want to stay over? I said sure, not really knowing what I was getting into. However she proved to be the perfect lover for me, very gentle, yet strong when she needed to be, and I found that I enjoyed her lovemaking as much as I did Brian’s. Hers was much more subtle and gentle though, and to this day I seem to attract both men and women easily. And since that first time with Brian, I have vowed to enjoy everything good that comes into my life, no matter how unconventional or out of the ordinary it may be. I’ve had a very pleasurable, enjoyable life, and I will be sharing more of my adventures in upcoming chapters.

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