Bri Ch. 02

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This the second part of my Bri story. It is about love, hate and incest. Although it is not necessary to read the first part, I think it would be beneficial, so that you can become familiar with the characters. Thank you for reading, hope that you enjoy.


“My sister? Not a chance pal. Pick something else, cause you know that’s not going to happen. Never. Got it? Never ever. My sister, really, what the fuck is wrong with you?”

“You made up the rules Ken. Not me, and you said, “whatever I wanted” and I held up my end of the bargain.” I knew that this wasn’t a fight that I was going to win.

“Yeah, yeah, and fucking my little sister was such an undue hardship for you, you’ll probably have to be in therapy for months because of it.”

The blood in my veins felt as if it was about to boil. I wanted to scream at Kendra that I didn’t “fuck” her sister, instead, we had “made love” and as I had mentioned before, there is a significant difference. I had no idea why I felt the need to defend Bri, she was the same little bitch, that a short time ago I loathed, but now I longed for her and if Kendra found out, it would be my demise.

“Listen forget about it. I’ll give you your choice then and you can pick and like usual, you can make all the fuckin rules, just like you always do. So, it’s anal with you or a three way with the red-haired assistant you have.” I have no idea why I was conceding to her, I didn’t really want either of those things, I wanted my sister-in-law.

“On all counts Ryan, fuck you. Go to sleep.”

Sleep did come to me, but it was fretful at the very least. My thoughts raced with all the possible scenarios of Kendra and myself, me and Bri, Kendra, me and Bri, it was like a spinning roulette table and I had no idea where the ball would land.

Kendra was first out of bed and into the shower, I tried to join her, but got the cold shoulder and a “not a fucking chance buddy”. By the time I had finished my own shower, the room was empty, the house quiet, but the smell of bacon filled the air, so I knew that Bri was fulfilling her promise of making us breakfast.

Kendra’s dark-haired little sister, my new lover, stood with her back to me at the kitchen island, she was making toast. Her cute little ass, clad in tiny white cotton panties, swayed along with David Gray singing “Sail away with me honey…”.

In what world would this be fair? I once considered myself a strong-willed person, someone that knew right from wrong, a person able to walk away from a bad situation, but that had all changed. Just looking at Bri braless in her little tank top and those tiny panties, I knew I was fucked. There would be no saying no, I wouldn’t be able to resist. I melted and she hadn’t even looked in my direction yet.

Placing my hands on Bri’s shoulders, I said good morning. “Breakfast smells great. You better be careful, or you’ll have to make it all the time.” This brought me the gift of a giggle. Sharing the fruits of her labor, we chatted about the day ahead and let on as though it was just another day. It wouldn’t be.

We went our separate ways after breakfast. We both had lots of work to do and I tried, honestly, I tried, but my mind was playing tricks on me. Every time I heard a noise, I thought it was Bri, was she calling me, was she outside my door and when I checked and she wasn’t, I was hurting. I knew the best thing would be to let her have some space and take some for myself. Maybe a little reflection on the situation might do me a world of good.

We avoided each other for the better part of the morning and for a few moments I was able to get some work done and focus on something that wasn’t Bri, but all good things come to an end.

Bri peeked her head in my office door and said that if I cared to join her, she had made us an avocado and tuna sandwich for lunch. She was waiting for me when I arrived. Leaning up against the island, glass of iced tea in her hand, wearing the same thing that she had had on in the morning, it was killing me, I could feel myself hardening in my pants. I tried to look away, tried to at least divert my eyes, but not with much luck at all and it was all my fault. If I had kept my mouth shut when she asked those questions, maybe she wouldn’t look like this sexy little vixen standing in front of me, perhaps, just perhaps, she’d still be the frumpy little bitch that used to loath me and that I once had dreams of drowning.

“Ryan, what’s up? You can’t make eye contact with me.”

“Not true. I’ve been looking at you all morning.”

“You may having been looking at me, but not into my eyes. Does what I’m wearing bother you?”

“Yeah, but in a good way.”

Closing the distance between us, Bri put her hand to my face, raising up on her tippy toes, she kissed me and said, “I’m going to lay down for a bit, want to join me?”. I should have ran, but I didn’t possess the willpower, I was a weakling.

When I got to her bedroom, Bri was closing Eyüp Escort the drapes and motioned for me to lay down. I knew that Kendra wouldn’t approve of what was going to happen next, nor would she understand why I let it happen again, but I was beyond worry. When I lay my head on Bri’s pillows, all I could smell was her, the soft, sexy, scents of her hair and body. I was intoxicated once again. My sister-in-law slid into the bed and lay down on top of me, the warmth of her small frame covering me like a fleshy blanket.

My hands explored every inch of her body, cupping her breasts and her ass, rubbing the small of her back, playing with her silky hair and tracing their way down her soft smooth belly until they found their target. Bri’s vagina was wet and waiting, my middle finger separated her folds as I eased it and another into her opening. The walls of her pussy pulsed and squeezed at my fingers, like it was asking for more. The sloppy sounds of sex travelled through the room as my fingers made a piston like action, in and out of her wetness. Bri pulled my hand from her love nest and licked my fingers clean.

“I wanna try something different today, alright?” Really? Like I was ever going to disagree. I was happy when Bri mounted my head in a reverse cowboy position, bent over and took me into her mouth, apparently my 19-year-old lover wanted to try a 69. I bit and licked at her pussy through the tiny white cotton panties that had my attention all day. In no time at all their crotch was soaked with our combined juices. When my fingers grabbed the sides Bri lifted her hips up so that I could remove the wet garment for better access to the treasure that lay beneath.

I used my fingers and tongue to please Bri in all the ways that I could, the steady attack on her clit paid me dividends, my lovers mouth moaned around my cock and she sucked as hard as she could. I cupped her sweet firm ass and pushed my tongue as far into her as I possibly could, causing her to grind her hard clit against my chin.

I could feel the pressure building in my balls, I tried to hold on and enjoy the feeling, but it just wasn’t meant to be, I exploded into the soft, wet haven that was Bri’s mouth and she swallowed every drop. My orgasm and the direct focus on her clit brought on her own climax. My face was awash with her sweet nectar, her sticky juices were everywhere, my face, my tongue, my neck and I couldn’t have been happier.

Laying there, relishing life in the afterglow of sex, I couldn’t think of anything but being with her, Bri was my sexual muse, I couldn’t get enough. The sight, sound and smell of this vixen, turned me on so much, I was perpetually hard around her and she seemed to notice every time. I was falling down a dark hole that didn’t seem to have a bottom, but I did nothing to stop the descent.

When Bri spun around and started rubbing the head of my cock against her opening, I could have stopped her, I could have told her no, instead I reached up and cupped her magnificent tits. Bri eased my shaft into her waiting womanhood like we had done it hundreds of times. Today, she was a completely different person, she was do the riding, and she was in charge, no mistake about it. Bri set the tempo and her hips controlled the pace.

I adjusted the pillow behind my head so that it was raised enough to watch my cock pushing in and out of her tight little pussy. It was a million-dollar view. If I wasn’t a hundred percent hard from coming just minutes earlier, I was now. My shaft was covered in her lady lava, it was spreading her tiny lips apart just enough so the that the tip of her hard clit was visible to me, so I reached between us and started to manipulate it with my thumb. That was all it took. It sent Bri into a downward spiral, she stiffened and grunted as she came. I could feel the lips and walls of her tight vagina pulsating around my cock, but I needed more.

Flipping Bri over onto her belly on the corner of her bed, I mounted her from behind. My hands pulled her hips and ass up off the bed so that my thrusts were hitting squarely on their target. Sounds of sex and slapping skin were clearly audible. I pounded into her with reckless abandon. Bri’s sexy love noises and tightness, pushed me to my limits, my ejaculation seemed to last forever. We both collapsed onto the bed, with my cock still throbbing in her tight hole.

I didn’t want to move. I had no idea how much time had passed. We were locked together as I nibbled her neck, ears and shoulders, but Bri snapped us back into reality when she said, “Ryan, we have to get up, Kendra will be here any minute”.

Now I know that it was Kendra’s idea for me to show her younger sister some love and affection, but she probably thought that it would be a one-time thing. Knowing my wife like I do, I was fully aware that being with Bri again, probably wouldn’t go over very well. So, the race was on, I dressed as quick as I could and headed to the kitchen to start supper. Eyüp Escort Bayan

Salad made, vegetables on, chicken searing and a bottle of wine open, we were golden. Kendra arrived 10 minutes later, looking way happier than she was when she left.

“Hey bae, what’s for supper?” she asked while filling a wine glass.

“Just a salad and some chicken. How was your day?”

“God, it was so busy. You?” I didn’t get the chance to answer. Kendra moved in to give me a kiss and when her lips touched mine, she stopped cold in her tracks.

“Ryan, go wash your face, it smells like my sister’s cunt.” and that, was that, I was busted.

Supper was a quiet affair, Kendra glared at both of us, Bri wouldn’t or maybe couldn’t, look up from her plate and I just sat there in a state of indifference, this was Kendra’s mess, she should clean it up. The uneasiness and pressure were at a breaking point, so I gave the girls some much needed room.

“Fuck it, I’m taking the dog for a walk.” It was the perfect out. I loaded both pockets of my jacket with a tallboy and away we went. Nothing like the cold fresh air of Connecticut to calm the senses. After a couple of miles, I was nearly out of beer, options limited, I headed for home. Bri and Kendra were sitting in the living room when I returned, both looked as though they had been crying. Nope, no way, not a chance, I went upstairs and hopped in the shower, washing all the traces of today’s events down the drain.

Kendra was waiting for me in bed when I was dried off. “Just so you know, you are forgiven for today. I talked with Bri and she knows that it’s over. You were only on loan to her, to help her get through a tough time, so there will be no more hijinks between the two of you while I’m at work. Understood?” and then she furled the skin on her forehead and said, “Because, if I find out that you do, it might just, and I quote, piss me off enough to call Big Bill.” There were lots of things said in those few sentences that were very clear and some that were subliminal, like the threat of having her father shoot me, but only one thing that was said, pissed me off.

“Forgiven? Who the fuck, do you think you’re kidding? I will never be forgiven. You don’t have that bone in your body. I called that when you first asked me to do it. I knew that the first time something didn’t go your way, you’d throw some kind of shit in my face. Stick your “forgiven” up your fucking ass.” I was on a roll and could not stop the train. “As a matter of fact, maybe you should ask your sister for forgiveness. Toying with her emotions the way you did. You knew full well that she was so happy with the changes in her life, she was in a vulnerable state. Did you intentionally want to fuck things up for her? What, couldn’t you stand for her to be in a good place? Forgiven. Good fucking luck with that, maybe it’s you that needs to be forgiven.” Kendra couldn’t have looked anymore shocked than if I’d slapped her.

Sleep didn’t come to me. Making a hasty decision to work from my actual office for the next couple of days, I was up and out of the house before anyone arose. I fully emerged myself into anything that would keep my head clear and uncluttered from my thoughts of home. The first day went by so quickly, that it wasn’t until 5:30pm that I texted Kendra.

“At the office. Staying in the city for a couple of days.” Short and sweet. I never did get a response. By day three I had fallen into a groove of productivity, things were getting accomplished and I couldn’t have been happier. David, my boss popped by and invited me out for a beer after work, it was a welcomed release, having a few pints and a bite to eat at a great little pub downtown. The night ended, so I grabbed a cab and was heading toward my hotel when I heard the incoming text. It just said, “Come home, please!!?”. Originally, I thought that Kendra had sent it, but upon review, I noticed that it had been sent by Bri.

I was so torn. I wanted to send something, I wanted the spill my heart out and apologize for everything, but I couldn’t, so I sent back “Soon.” and powered down my phone.

When Friday came to an end, there was really no reason for me to stay in the city, so I grabbed the train and headed for home. On schedule, the train arrived at our destination, but I had to force myself to depart. I didn’t want to go home, I couldn’t go home. The two women that I loved were there, I knew that I could only have one of them and as selfish as it was, it was breaking my heart.

Try as I might to enter the house under the shroud of darkness, my barking dog, was a dead giveaway, my arrival was announced long before I entered. Kendra was working on something near the sink and not once acknowledged that I was home, Bri on the other hand stared at me from behind her Ipad, tears and sorrow filled her eyes, yet nothing was said. The best thing for me would be to keep my distance from both. After a hot shower I went to the downstairs Escort Eyüp office and closed my door. I was in over my head and the sinking feeling that is in my gut just won’t go away.

After a couple of hours of mindless web surfing I heard a faint knock and watched as a sheet of paper was slid under the door. Written on the paper were lyrics from Ray LaMontange’s, Such a Simple Thing. “Tell me what you’re feeling, I can take the pain. Tell me you mean it, that you won’t leave again. Tell me what your heart wants, such a simple thing. My heart is like paper, yours is like a flame.” Love, B.

It ruined me, my chin swelled up, my eyes overflowed with tears and I cried for the first time in many, many years. How could the act of making love cause such emotion and grief? It was yanking at the heart strings of two of those involved, except for the person from whom the idea originated. I had no idea what to do or what to even begin to say, I was at a loss. What bothered me the most was Kendra’s cold and callus attitude toward the events that had transpired, and they were all due to her forcing the issue.

I must have dozed off, because I awoke in darkness to the sound of raised voices coming from down the hall. Seconds later my office door swung open. Kendra, dressed in her silk robe, stood in the doorway, silhouetted by the hall light. I couldn’t see lots, but what I could see wasn’t happy.

“Are you coming to bed or are the two of you trying to wait me out? Wait until I fall asleep so that you can fuck again?”, there was no mistaking the tone in her voice. It was a full-frontal accusation.

“Kendra, knock that shit off right fucking now. I regret that I let you talk me into this, but I’m not in the least bit -sorry for it. It was a loving experience and now you’re trying to hurt both of us by making it sound ugly. All because you can’t handle it. I told you before, you’re the one at fault here and if you can’t handle it, you need to get yourself some help.”

Kendra spun and stormed off. As much as I loathed her in the heat of the moment, I knew it would be best for all parties involved, if I actually did go upstairs and sleep in my own bed.

The soft sound of sobbing alerted me to the fact that Kendra and my conversation had have been overheard.

Bri was sitting on the floor outside of her door with her arms hugging her knees, gently rocking as she cried almost silently. I reached out, pulled her to her feet, and embraced her. When our eyes met, hers were filled with sorrow and pain. Her chins swelled as she tried to choke back the tears. I had no idea what to say ease the pain, but I couldn’t leave it like this.

“Please stop, you have nothing to be upset about. You’ve done nothing wrong. If you’re mad or upset, that’s fine, blame us, it’s our fault. We brought you into our home and took advantage of you and the situation.”

“Ryan, I’m so, so sorry. Please don’t make me leave.”

I was heartbroken. “Make you leave? This is your home too. You can stay here as long as you want. Stay forever.”

“I think Kendra wants me to go.”

“No, she doesn’t, she’s just upset with me and she’s just taking it out on you, if she wanted anyone to leave, it would be me.”

Bri hugged herself as tight as she could to my body and whispered, “take me with you.”

“Neither of us is going anywhere.” I should have left it at that, but I couldn’t. With our eyes locked on to one another’s, I cupped Bri’s chin and kissed her with more passion then I had the right to. It went from soft and loving to raw and sexual in a heartbeat.

As much as I wanted her, I had my orders. Having sex with Bri now, would be having an affair on my wife. The first time Bri and I made love, I was following instructions or a request. The second time fell into a gray area where I thought that I was still under the umbrella of permission from our first encounter. Either way, the third time would be cheating and we both knew the facts. I would not hurt Bri again.

“Both your sister and I love you. We just have really weird and different ways of showing it. Try to get some sleep. Hopefully things will sort themselves out in the morning.”

My sister-in-law / lover turned away from me, entered her room and closed the door behind her. Alone in the hall my options were limited to sleeping in my office or going up my bedroom and removing any suspicions of Tom Foolery from Kendra’s mind. I chose the latter.

Kendra was reading under the light coming from her night table. I angry as I was with her, she was still a very beautiful woman. It amazes me to think that person who possesses so much beauty, can also have such an ugly side. Luckily, it’s a side that I rarely experienced.

Our bed may have had ample blankets on it to keep us warm, but I’ve never been in a colder one. As soon as she was sure that I would be joining her, Kendra turned off her light and rolled onto her side. Once in bed, our bare lags touched briefly, and my wife kicked mine back to my side and moved the linens as to build a barricade between us. Although the situation was not a very funny one, I couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Go ahead and laugh you fucking asshole. It’s not funny.” Kendra was spewing venom.

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