Briefs and Heat

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Cormac awoke wet with sweat but well rested. He had no air conditioning in his small 9th floor studio apartment and he was too stubborn to remedy that now, so late in the summer. His body pulsed with the hot sticky air despite the fact that he wore only a pair of purple briefs which were pasted to his waist and stretched out tight. He was hard.

Cormac stood up out of bed and stretched his body out tall as his arms reached for the ceiling. He let out a small satisfied groan standing on his toes. He slid his underwear down his legs standing there naked. The warm sun from the window shined on his back and Cormac cracked his knuckles.

His bathroom was exactly five steps from his bed and he crossed these five steps with vigor. His erection bounced with each stride as if it was agreeing with every step he took. He reached down and turned the tap of the shower to cold and looked at himself in the mirror. He would need to shave. Cormac had gone three days without shaving and his stubble was turning into a beard making him look haggard. His skin was flush from the heat of his apartment and slick to the touch. Cormac rubbed the sleep from his eyes with the insides of his fists and proceeded to brush his teeth.

As he turned to the shower, Cormac took a deep breath and jumped under the gushing jets of water like he was ripping a band aid off. The water stunned his hot sweaty skin and his muscles went taught with the cold water washing over him. Slowly he relaxed under the chill shower and began washing himself as his erection finally subsided hanging thick and flaccid between his legs while the suds washed down the drain.

After drying off and leaving the bathroom he could hear, nine floors below his apartment, the street busy with activity, horns honking and music playing. The day had started without him, and Cormac felt like he was missing something. He felt a yearning to be included with the world on this beautiful sunny morning. The sun seemed to be grinning at Cormac as he looked out his window. It clung pinned there in the brilliant blue sky beaming like a giggling mad god. Cormac grinned back.

He dressed quickly; a pair of tight clean yellow and red striped briefs, a lean blue t-shirt, and black slacks. He grabbed a banana from his tiny kitchen counter for breakfast which he ate with gumption while he laced up his beaten brown leather work boots. Cormac was happy and ready for any adventure the day might throw his way.

It was his day off and he walked down the mangy hall-way to the old decrepit elevator that smelled of Thai curry and stale farts. He pulled back the metal gate and slid inside the grimy yellow and gray interior pressing the button for the first floor three times to be sure.

The elevator went through a quick series of clicks before a low groan and started to descend. At the fourth floor the elevator slowed to a stop.

A small slender woman in her mid-forties stood at the entrance of the elevator, and Cormac pulled open the gate for her. She stepped in smiling her gratitude towards Cormac looking him in the eyes. She had light grey eyes that made Cormac’s chest swell, and her smile was warm and honest. She wore a blue sundress that hugged her breasts and hips. Her light blonde hair was tied back into a ponytail. Cormac could feel his face flush in embarrassment brought on by lust, but he managed a small smile in return. She stepped to his side and faced the elevator door.

At 6’3″, Cormac stood more than a foot taller than the beautiful women in the sundress and through the corner of his eye he could see her chest rising and falling with each breath and the fabric of her dress clung proudly to her full breasts.

“It’s so beautiful outside, I thought I’d better go take a walk.” She said in a small smooth voice.

He thought he heard some sort of Eastern European accent in her voice.

“Ahem, yeah it really is, I was just going to do the same.” He said.

She looked up at him and flashed another gorgeous smile, a sweet little gap between her front two teeth, as the elevator made its way to the ground floor.

“Would you mind if I joined you?” Cormac asked with a little bit of confidence in his voice. “It would be nice to get to know one of my neighbors. I’m still pretty new to the building.” Cormac had just moved into the building two months ago after leaving school with his master’s degree.

The elevator groaned to a stop and Cormac pulled open the gate.

“Sure that would be nice. I’m Natalia,” she said extending her petite hand after they had both stepped out of the elevator

He took her svelte little hand in his big grip and replied, “Cormac. Nice to meet you.”

They turned together and walked to the glass entry with its duct taped crack in the glass and loose black handle. Cormac held the door open for Natalia and he watched her pass before him. The dress swung from her hips with a touch of sass. He exited behind her and reached her side in two strides. She walked south so he just followed. şişli escort

They talked about the building; the domestic disputes in the hallways, the invitations to play chess from the creepy old man that leered at Cormac with his tongue on his upper lip, the odd noises coming from any number of apartments near their own separate studios, and the gruff eight-fingered maintenance man, Crujillo, who Cormac learned, broke more things than he fixed and swore in six languages. Generally it was a very eclectic and eccentric building, so naturally it was entertaining to talk about with another resident. They were getting along very well.

“How old are you Cormac?”

He was beginning to revel in her accent. “27,” he responded.

“Oh dear, you carry yourself to be much more mature, but you do look like a young colt, one with a lively stride!” she replied with a smile. “Well, I’m enjoying your company. In fact this has been a wonderful start to the day, so thank you for walking with me,” Natalia stopped and turned towards Cormac, anticipating a reply.

“Natalia, it has been a pleasure. I very much enjoyed it as well.” He said with a corny self conscience grin.

A breeze flattened Natalia’s dress to her remarkable body, and Cormac couldn’t help but notice the outline of her nipples pressing against the thin blue cloth, her waist curving into her perfect hips. Natalia followed Cormac’s eyes with a bit of surprise; this tall handsome young man was checking her out. She cocked her hip to one side, playfully, and tilted her head.

“Would you like to visit me for a nice lunch, later today?” her arms crossed just below her breasts, making them swell over the fabric, her cleavage prominent.

“That would be brilliant,” he beamed a toothy smile. Cormac felt his pulse quicken, but he tried to remain calm. Surely she was asking out of kindness, and friendliness, nothing else.

She explained that she was going to run to the grocery store and that he could meet her at her studio, number 413, at one o’clock, and they departed.

Cormac walked gingerly back to the apartment building, thinking about Natalia. His excitement and nervousness was making his pulse race and his cock was mobbed with blood feeling heavy and substantial but restrained by his tight briefs.

He reached his door without even noticing the elevator ride and he let himself in. He looked at the clock, it read 10:17 and he sat down on his couch. Sweat sticking to his forehead he reached and turned on the box fan to his right.

As the flowing air cooled his slick flush skin, he thought about Natalia’s light grey eyes and the way her loose bangs feathered across her brow. He grew harder and more ardent just thinking about the way she smiled at him and his head fell back as he lost himself in thought. The prospect of intimacy with Natalia, an older woman and so beautiful, thrilled him to his core. He wanted to hold onto the dynamism in his loins and save it for the potential which may lie ahead.

Cormac took a deep breath and reached for the novel on his coffee table. He was going to try and clear his head with some preoccupying prose and let his mind fall down the creative hole and escape the ardent urge for sexual release.

Two hours later, Cormac put the book down, his eyes adjusting to reality His back was sore and his mind dancing with the clarity only the perfect ending to a great book can bring. He stood and stretched his back, his muscles flexing and his body rigid as he groaned the comfort back into his body. His stomach grumbled as he relaxed, the clock read 12:30 and a smile crept across his lips as his mind returned to Natalia and their lunch date.

The anticipation made his heart skip and with a spring in his step he went to the kitchen. He filled a tall glass with cold tap water, lifted it to his mouth and killed the contents in one long draw. Cormac could feel the cool effects of the water float down through his body, it felt good. He washed his hands under the tap and splashed his face with the water and wiped himself dry with paper towels.

He went to his closet, pulled his blue t-shirt over his head, and chose a crisp black short sleeved collared shirt which he buttoned over his bare chest. The shirt was a bit tight but fit well around his shoulders and waist. He changed into a yellow pair of slacks and decided to run down to the corner store to grab a bottle of wine to bring to Natalia’s apartment. Getting dressed up and bringing a gift might be overkill, he thought to himself, but really it was in his general nature to want to look good and reciprocate others generosity so he locked his apartment and took the elevator down to the lobby.

Cormac picked out a modest bottle of Sauvignon Blanc and made his way back to the apartment building. In the elevator ride back up to Natalia’s floor he felt the vivaciousness in his loins poise itself and make itself wholly present and accounted for.

The elevator stopped and Cormac took a long breath through mecdiyeköy escort his nostrils and pulled the gate to the elevator open. He had never been on this floor and it seemed nicer than his floor, the carpet newer, and the walls brighter and the smell was floral. Really it was a completely different feel from the 9th floor where his studio apartment was and it seemed a sign of good luck. Cormac walked down the hallway swinging the wine from the bag in his fist and arrived at Natalia’s door, number 413. He checked the time, 12:58, “perfect,” he thought to himself. Cormac loathed truancy and relished in his timing. He knocked three solid but unobtrusive knocks and put his hands to his side.

He waited 7 seconds but could hear movement behind the door. Several locks cranked and clicked before the door swung open. Natalia stood in the entrance framed by the sunlight coming through the windows behind her. She wore a thin pink sleeveless tank top with a V-neck that plunged down her chest and a purple and white skirt that clung to her hips and swooshed around her thighs. It was plainly obvious that Natalia wasn’t wearing a bra as her nipples clearly pressed into the soft fabric. Cormac felt a nervousness grip his chest as he smiled hello. Natalia looked graceful and pleased as she stood on her toes barefoot.

“Darling, you bring us wine,” She said in her wonderful accent, “And your smile is infectious. How do you manage to bring more light to such a sunny day?” Her own smile beamed as she held out her delicate hand and led Cormac into the apartment.

Natalia’s pleasant and flattering greeting had calmed his nerves a touch and as he followed her into the apartment. He watched her skirt swish across the back of her knees and it twirled around her hips as she spun to face him. She put the bottle of wine on the small two seat table bathed in sunlight. The windows were open and Cormac could feel a slight breeze but the temperature was not much different than his own sweltering apartment. It was hot but at this point in the summer he was almost used to it. Natalia had let her hair down and it feathered across her shoulders, she tucked a loose stand behind her ear.

“I got caught up in a lovely novel before you came and I’m afraid I have nothing prepared just yet to eat.” Her eyes showed a little embarrassment.

Cormac was hungry, but the heat was subduing his need to eat.

“I was doing just the same before I came over.” Cormac said. “The wine is chilled, would you mind sharing a drink first?” Cormac needed a cool drink to relax his racing heart.

“Of course, let me just cut up some fruit as well and we can bask in the heat together and drink! Sit down.” She said with a twinkle in her eye and a smile across her lips.

Cormac sat down at the table and watched Natalia work. She picked up apples, pears and peaches from a bowl on her counter and she gave each one a squeeze, testing their ripeness, before choosing one of each and washing them in the sink. She had an unexpected litheness to her body and movement and Cormac admired her as he sat in his chair.

“Cormac, would you do the honors of opening the wine?” she asked. “The corkscrew is on the window sill.”

He deftly sliced the seal and popped the cork as Natalia approached with the plate full of sliced fruit. As she leaned to put the plate down on the table Cormac stole a look down her shirt. Her breasts hung swelling against the fabric and he could see down the sides of each round breast. He looked up and caught her eyes locked with his. Cormac’s heart stopped momentarily with embarrassment, but she held the pose, the view into her cleavage like a dark tunnel of fantasy and lust. She brought one hand up from the plate and rubbed the side of her neck then let her fingers trail down her throat and briefly down the V-neck of her shirt before letting it fall down and grip Cormac’s knee. Natalia leaned in closer, her hand moving up Cormac’s thigh.

She put her mouth to his ear, her loose strands of hair tickling his cheek as she whispered, “Cormac,” his name dripped from her lips, “I share your desires.”

Natalia inhaled deeply and licked from his ear down his jaw line as she sat down by his side, her hand leaving his thigh to pick up a slice of peach.

Cormac was floored. He sat frozen in his chair. He was excited and boiling over with sensory overload. Never did he expect her to come on so strong. He quickly adjusted his expectations for his afternoon.

Natalia bit into her peach slice and closed her eyes as she chewed. She gave a quick “mmm” which Cormac thought could maybe be for him or the peach.

“Cormac dear, enjoy this fruit with me.” She implored. “It is ripe and refreshing.”

Natalia offered the half eaten peach slice to Cormac. He went to take it from her, but she stood and circled behind him and with her arm wrapping over his shoulder she fed him the peach.

She lowered her head to his ear once again, “My fruit is delicious, isn’t it?”

Before Cormac could respond Natalia bit his earlobe. Her hand traveled down his chest as she gnawed and sucked his earlobe, her hand went further down his stomach and finally stopped on his groin. His hard cock jutted horizontally across his thigh trapped beneath his pants and Natalia rubbed her little hand across the length.

“Mmmm… Cormac. Oh my!” Her last word.

Cormac only managed to groan as Natalia squeezed his girth and nibbled his neck. She pulled her skirt down with one tug and walked around to face Cormac. She moved closer straddling both the chair and Cormac’s legs and lowered herself onto Cormac’s lap. Cormac noticed how light and small Natalia really was, her hips grinding against his crotch.

“It was so nice of you to walk with me this morning.” Natalia purred biting her lip as she ran her fingers through hair on the back of Cormac’s head.

“Natalia, you are a sexy and incredible women. You looked so beautiful in the elevator.” Cormac replied as cool as he possibly could.

“You are a sweetheart my dear. Such a young stud, how did I ever get so lucky today?” Natalia spoke as she started to lift her shirt.

Cormac watched her gorgeous light grey eyes as he began to rub his hands up and down Natalia’s thighs, his thumbs dragging across her soft inner thigh. She nipped his bottom lip with her teeth before she lifted her short over her head and she tossed it to the floor.

Cormac looked down. Her blonde hair trailed over her shoulders, tumbled down her chest and stopped just before the nipples of her breasts. Her breasts hung from her chest and curved slightly away from each other dotted sparsely by cute little freckles. Her areolas took Cormac by surprise, they were as wide as hockey pucks and her nipples coned out to a point angling slightly up.

Cormac could feel his pulse pump through his cock beating against his thigh like a war drum. Natalia grabbed both breasts in her hands and squeezed and massaged them before standing. Still straddling Cormac she lifted her tit to Cormac’s mouth and pressed his face into her breast. Cormac sucked her nipple into his mouth and swirled his tongue around her soft areola. He felt her nipple stiffen as he bit down and gently chewed her flesh with his front teeth. Natalia gasped with pleasure and raked her manicured nails through Cormac’s scalp. Natalia took a step back; a slight “pop” resonated over her quickened breath as her nipple escaped Cormac’s mouth.

“You have made me so hot with desire Cormac. It has been so long since I’ve felt such a need for a man’s body. You make me feel like a young girl again, but I want to simmer in the fire you lit inside me. I want to thank you for how you’ve made me feel.” She almost whispered.

Natalia took his hand and had him stand up from the chair. She pulled his shirt up; she was too small to lift it over his head and out stretched arms so Cormac finished, throwing it on top of hers on the floor.

“Those pants hug you like a jealous lover,” She said, her voice teasing and naughty.

Natalia looked up at Cormac batting her eyes as she undid his belt and then dropped to her knees to pull his pants down his legs. She gathered the pants at his ankles and let him step out of them. As he lifted each foot, she removed his socks.

Cormac stood over Natalia in only his briefs. They were tight to his body, revealing his young thick cock that reached across his left thigh. Natalia studied his groin and gently ran her fingertips across his clothed cock before pressing her cheek to him. She ran her face across his dick and then pressed her mouth up into his balls. Cormac grunted deep as she moved her face back and forth forcefully over his package.

“I’m going to take your cum and keep it for myself.” She said as she ground her face over his sex. “I want you to give me your seed, send it swimming down my throat. I’m going to make you feel good Cormac. I’m going to trigger your release and you will relinquish yourself inside me.”

“God, Natalia!” He said through clenched teeth. He grasped her head and pushed her face harder into his crotch. With both hands he rubbed his trapped balls against her now open mouth, he could feel his briefs beginning to get wet with her spit.

“I think you are ready for me.” Natalia whispered as she raised her hands to his waist. She ran her fingernails down his hard stomach. Her nails traced down the twin muscles that made the v shape of his lower abdomen and her fingers hooked inside the band of his briefs.

He looked down and saw Natalia stare him in the eyes, her light grey eyes filled with eagerness. His own passion was an unbridled fury now and his knees shook with the power that she granted him. She began pulling his briefs down. Cormac’s cock was pulled down along with the briefs and he could feel the tension of his hard cock being forced down. He could feel the reluctance and tension all the way in his ass. When the elastic band finally lowered over his mushroom crown it vaulted up like a warring trebuchet striking Natalia under her chin, her head reeled back from the blow and her eyes lit up with surprise and a giggle escaped her mouth as she recovered.

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