British Visitor

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I met Jenny in London on a recent business trip, I invited her to visit me in Dallas. I got a call from her a month later asking if she could come for a visit. I sent my private plane for her and brought her to my ranch outside of Dallas. Jenny is 35 single never married, no children, 5′ 9″ tall slender curvy body, small breasts and butt. Jenny is in the bathroom after a hot bath, her pussy tingling. She shaved her legs smooth; she is very carefully shaving her pussy, working her way very carefully over the lips and up around the hood of her clit. I said I liked a shaved pussy because it made it easier to get my tongue on a woman’s clit. Thinking about our conversation was starting to get her hot. She is thinking about masturbating but knew I would be home before too long; so she wanted to save her arousal for me. She left a nice trimmed strip of hair up above her cunt; otherwise, her vulva is smooth as a baby’s bottom.

She got out of the bath and dried herself off. Standing naked in front of the mirror, she blew her hair dry, watching her body in the mirror, imagining me going wild with lust watching her. Her breasts are firm, not huge or saggy. The nipples are pink and erect. She made her boobs bounce and jiggle just to see what that looked like and decided it looked sexy. Her tummy is perfectly flat, she looks down at her crotch and sees her cunt lips exposed below the trimmed patch of hair. Finishing with the blow drier, she rubbed moisturizing body lotion all over herself, imagining that her hands are my hands, a little bit rough, but gentle. starting with her feet, then up her legs, feeling the warmth and tingle as she spread it over her newly shaven lower lips, then on to her tummy, and up to her chest. She rubbed the lotion onto her breasts, massaging her nipples, imagining Jim suckling on them, and feeling the response in her pussy, and the clenching inside her belly that it caused.

She ran down stairs wearing red lace panties, thigh stockings, red spike heels and no bra. She is so absorbed in her day dream, she didn’t hear the front door open as I came home and came to the kitchen. I got to the doorway of the kitchen, I stood there staring for few seconds. I see her smooth pussy, opening up wet, all the way across the room. I see how aroused she is. I watch her butt waving in circles round and round. My lust is instantaneous, with jealousy knowing her boyfriend sees this all the time. The jealousy arouses me more. I can tell how much she wants to get fucked. My cock is rock hard throbbing painfully demanding to be used. I wanted her and I wanted her NOW.

I take two steps across the kitchen. Before Jenny realized that I had come home, I’m on her, grabbing her around the waist with one hand, around the breasts with the other. I snarled at her in my animal lust. ” Looking at your butt sticking out so you show your pussy from behind, and knowing that showing it off makes you want to cum, I know; You are a bitch in heat. You are just like a mongrel, wagging your tail, hoping to get mounted by whatever mutt comes along. You don’t care Sex hikayeleri who fucks you, as long as you get fucked. You are obviously asking for it.” My words hit her like an electric shock sending shivers all over her body. Jenny is so shocked, she can’t speak;
she has never been talked to like that, she lets out a groan of lust and desire. She broke out in goose bumps.With a growl I pick her up bodily from behind. I carried her to the big dining table. I fling her against it, bending her over the table, her ass sticking out against my hardness.

I leaned close to her ear growling low, deep and menacing. If Jenny wasn’t nervous before, she is now scared. Jenny clutched the table edge with her hands and tried to push me away, as she did this I rose up and pressed my body harder against her back. In a throaty jealous growl, my jaw clenched I spoke ” You fucking sexy little bitch. You want fucking? OK, I’ll give you a fucking you naughty British slut.” With one hand I hold her down against the table so she can’t raise up. I stood to one side placing my leg behind her legs, trapping them. With my free hand, I feel between her legs, wiping the pussy juice across her lips, stroking, feeling how wet, open and aroused she is. I spoke: ” You fucking naughty little British bitch, you’re so wet, I’ll bet you’d let anyone or anything fuck you right now!” My dirty talk has shocked her, she doesn’t know if she likes it or hates it. She screams ” Fuck me John, fuck me now, please John, ohhhhhhh, please, fuck me. Fuck Me! FUCK ME! FUCK MEEEEEEE!” Her scream ending in a a wail, a mixture of pain, lust, fear desire, and need.
I said,” OK, bitch, you really wanta get fucked, now? ” Oh, yes, oh yes.” She gasps. ” Please, fuck me like a dog.”
I force her legs apart, feeling the wetness of her pussy, rubbing her cunt lips and clit with my hand. I force my thumb into her dripping tight cunt. The entry makes her gasp with pain and pleasure. ” Is this where you want it, bitch?” ” Oh, god, yes.” She pleads. ” Yes, now, please, I can’t wait any longer.” My index finger feeling her clit, making her writhe. I pull my now dripping thumb from her cunt and push it against her asshole. My index finger now replaced my thumb in her cunt. My thumb forcing its way into her tight ass, causing her to gasp with pain and pleasure. I squeeze my thumb and forefinger together inside her, while massaging her clit with my middle finger. She shivers. She feels a orgasm coming. It has been building all afternoon, wanting it, holding it back, needing it. With a groan, she came, gushing over my hand and down her legs, spasming, convulsing, her legs stiffening.

The sight of her orgasmic convulsions brought my lust to its peak. Her exhausted body is too drained to raise up, I quickly unzip my pants pulling out my cock. Not bothering to drop my pants, I got behind her, then I mounted her wrapping my arms around her waist locking my hands on her breasts as she screamed in complete terror. I push forward with my cock, not searching for her pussy as dive-bombing it. She screams Sikiş hikayeleri again trying to raise up from the table, I lung forward over her grabbing her neck with my teeth. I bite down hard and growling in anger, I whisper in her ear ” Stay the fuck still!” My teeth broke her skin not deep, just enough to get my point across and she feels blood seeping out of the wound. ” Okay,” She gasped. ” I’m yours! I’m whatever you want! I’ll do anything you tell me to! Just please, please don’t hu–” Crushed against her butt, Jenny feels the rough cloth of my pants and the zipper of my pants. Jenny sucks in an agonized breath as my hot sticky baseball bat size cock enters her tight pussy. She screams then she quietly whimpers, as my teeth still hold her neck. Her body shaking trying to get me out. Instead, I force myself in deeper.” No,” Jenny is sobbing.

” Please no! Let me go!” She feels me going crazy, thrusting in and out and grunting like an animal. She feel the weight of me pushing her down onto the table. She is being bounced around under me helplessly. She grabs onto the opposite side of the table with both hands, hanging on for dear life. She is crying hot, sulfurous tears, the tears burning her eyes, her nose, the back of her throat. My hard cock deep in her pussy is hot and sulfuric too, slamming in and out of her, gouging at her tight pussy, assaulting her, destroying her sanity one thrust at a time. It is more pain than she could have ever imagined. ” Nuhungunaaaah,” Jenny is unable to make coherent noise, her thoughts are incoherent. She is a woman with a ragging bull on her back…and in her pussy. My hard thrusts continue walking her forward against the table. My thrusts driving her unmercifully forward against the table. Jenny feels my surging cock stretching her pussy, the head coming almost out and then back in, feeling my forceful penetrations. Her pubic bone is being ground against the top of the table. Her clit is mashed against the table edge. Her feet are coming off the floor with the force of my thrusts. Her nipples are throbbing.
By now she is sobbing so hard her chest feels like an exploding bomb. Her body aching, her pussy stretched to the limit and I still slam into her. ” Please God, please don’t let him do this to me,” She kept saying, over and over. Jenny turns her head to look back at me, she finds herself watching me slam into her. She watches horrified, seeing my cock is as big around as her forearm, pasty white with a cobweb pattern of vicious red veins. It looks a foot long at least.

Terrifying as it is, what is at the end of my shaft is worse. The back of my shaft is twice the thickness of the shaft and an angrier red and white color, it looks like a horrendous round knot. Jenny has never seen a cock like mine in her life. ” No,” She moans with sorrow as I continue to rut her. ” I can’t. I can’t. No, no, no, please.” I tell her, she can and that she will very soon. Jenny watches as my knot grew nearer to her with every thrust. Then my knot hit her as my shaft bottomed out in her, with a sucking, Erotik hikaye slurping sound that made her retch with revulsion, stuck in her for a moment before I yank myself back…as the wave of pain hit her like a Pacific tidal wave. On the fifth try I finally buried my cock head in her cervix, she is thrashing around wildly with pain, making horrific noises and beating at my thighs with her fists. Then she feels my hot wet cum shooting into her then cascading down her thighs and splattering on the floor beneath our coupled bodies, her stomach cramping. I’m grunting, making animalistic noises, forcing words out between grunts: ” Ohhhhh Gaaaawwwwed what a slut you are! You just remember that your body is MINE, you little British fuck! Nnnnn, mmmmm, I’m gonna use your sexy cunt any time I want, anywhere I want and any way I want mmmpph, unnnkk, ggggghhhh. You’re such a horny cunt. Oh, ohhhhh, ohhhhh! I’ll take your ass, but good, you bitch! You want cock? I’ll give you more cock than you can stand! Remember that it’s my cock that’s gonna get rammed up your ass, uhh, ohh, nnn! You feel me, bitch? You hear me bitch?” My grunts and groans mixed with my words in a fury of lust.

My dirty talk got to Jenny. She can’t take any more. It put her over the edge. Her legs curling up behind me. Her feet wrapping around my legs, clutching at them. Her fists tighten on the far edge of the table. She feels the spasms all through her body. She lost awareness of anything except the feel of her stretched, swollen pussy, her over-stimulated clit, her crushed nipples, the rippling of the convulsions washing over her in wave after wave, cumming, and cumming. With a huge groan I feel her pussy clenching my cock hard like a vise. I went into convulsive spasms. My weight falling onto her hard as my legs lost control. My fists digging into her breasts harder and harder. She cries out with pain, causing me to groan a sadistic chuckle. The pain, the pleasure, all mingled together as with a new surge of warmth, she feels my body, laying on top of her, surging rhythmically as I thrust into her, again, and again. She imagines my seed again spurting deep, deep up into her, driven into her, forced into her. My spasms subside as I lay on top of her, satisfied and spent. I lay there for a while, my cock slowly shrinking. She feels the dampness under her, spreading. I stood up backing out. She feels the gentle suck of my cock coming out, the emptiness in her pussy, missing me inside her.

With my left hand pressing her back down on the table, I rub my right hand over her butt. I reach in between her legs and gently stroke her pussy, feeling inside her cunt, then rubbing the wetness up across her anus, circling it with my fingers. I lift her legs and rotate her body up onto the table top. Then I roll her over face up. I rub my fingers, wet with her juice, on her lips, then lean over and kiss her, long and hard, while stroking her belly, breasts, thighs and pussy. I lean back, staring at her well fucked body while I pull my pants up and zipping them up. Then I said: ” I’m gonna go take a shower. Clean up and put some damn clothes on for dinner. I’m going to do this again later, only it will be your tight ass.” I left her lying exhausted, sore and bruised, on the table. She smiles.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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