Broken Dishwasher

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Peter and I were sitting together eating our lunch in the cafeteria. Peter is in sales and I am in product development, which means that we make good lunch companions because we don’t give a damn about the other people in our respective departments. We are opposites in many ways: he is stylish, I am a Sears wannabe; he is married and I am “between girlfriends” (I’m seem to always be); he is outgoing and I’m kind of quiet. We met during a sales prep meeting and since then we try to schedule lunch together at least once a week. Our coworkers shake their heads when they see us seated in animated conversation.

Peter was complaining was another sales convention in Las Vegas that was going to be five days long and run over the weekend. He was whining about the long hours staffing a booth and losing the weekend. Peter was bitching, but I knew he was also excited because one of the powerhouse VP’s was leading up the team and he would get to schmooze him for five days. Once a salesman, always a salesman and Peter loved to sell himself.

Since he was peddling one of my pet products, I took his whining in stride. Peter mentioned that his wife was upset about the trip and she was anxious about being alone. I nodded with detached concern and went back to my pet product, but Peter turned the conversation back to his wife.

“Hey,” I volunteered, “do you want me to call her while you are gone just to check in?” He was selling my stuff; I was willing to do my part on the home front to make sure my numbers were good. One phone call: that would be, what, two minutes of my time.

I had met Jessica once at a required attendance function. She was tall with a good figure and a

little reserved. She had said “hi” to me, held on to Peter and stared down at her drink. It must have been a fascinating drink.

Peter nodded at my suggestion and concluded, “it couldn’t hurt.”

He left on Thursday and true to my word I called Jessica Saturday morning.


“Hey, Jessica, it’s Brad. I told Peter I would check in with you to see if you needed anything.”

I heard silence from the other end of the line. “Are you okay?” I asked showing a little concern in my voice.

“I don’t know what to do,” whispered Jessica. I could hear the anxiety in her voice and I bent down trying to hear her better.

“What’s the matter?”

“Peter would know what to do,” she began, “he would tell me what to do.”

“What’s the matter?” My own worry meter was starting to quiver.

“The dishwasher. It. It won’t run.” Her anxiety was palpable.

“Oh.” I paused considering what I was getting myself into, “Would you like me to come over and look at it for you.”

“Yeah,” she croaked and I could hear the tears forming behind her words.

I told her I would be over in half an hour and slapped on a pair of almost clean jeans. I only got lost once and made it to Peter’s house in forty-five minutes. Toolbox in hand because I keep one in my car, which only proves that product development is a good fit for me, I knocked at the door. Jessica opened the door with red eyes and a sniffling nose. She was wearing an old blouse, a jeans skirt and that was about it; she was barefoot and a bit unkempt.

“Um, thanks for coming,” she said as she twiddled a strand of hair around her index finger and stared at the floor.

“No problem,” I proclaimed and stepping around her, made my way to the kitchen after a few sweeps to find the room. Jessica followed after me, almost on my heels. Putting down my toolbox, I tried the dial on the dishwasher and the machine was dead.

“Can you fix it?” Jessica said worriedly. I looked up at her with sincere puzzlement on my face. A dishwasher is no big deal, the sink still works after all, so what was all the worry about.

“Easily,” I said with a sagely nodding of my head. The look of relief on her face was so thorough that I knew that something was going on inside her head that just didn’t fit the usual. My eyes dropped down taking note of her braless breasts against the cotton of her blouse. Finding the floor I stared for a moment at her feet and her perfectly painted toenails; it was the beauty of symmetry.

“Where are the circuit breakers?” I asked coming back to my senses. Jessica mulled over that one for a moment and then asked me if she should call Peter and ask him.

“Don’t bother,” I replied, “we can find it ourselves.” And off we went with me leading the pack as Jessica followed at my heels. The panel was not in the garage but it was next to the washer in the laundry room. The circuit was good.

“We need to go back to the kitchen,” I announced and Jessica latched on to my heels again. I was beginning to wonder about this woman. In the kitchen I opened the doors under the sink to check the wires running through the cabinet. It was crammed tight with cleaning crap. I asked Jessica to fetch a laundry basket; she jumped up and scurried off to find it.

After removing a ridiculous number Konya Escort of cleaners, scrubbies, mops and ant killer, I found the wires had been jerked around and twisted by all of the stuff. Jessica bounded back into the room with a smile and the basket. I pointed to the mess and told her to load up all of the cleaners. She gave me another smile and I shrugged not knowing exactly how to reply.

Back to the circuit panel to kill the circuit with my newfound friend attached at my hip with her filled basket, we then returned to the dishwasher. I removed the panel at the bottom, found the wire that had been ripped off of the post and re-attached it. Back to the panel again, Jessica stayed at my heels.

The dishwasher worked; I was a hero and I had acquired an admirer. Understanding machines comes easily to me but figuring out people takes me a little longer. As I twisted the dishwasher dial through its paces, the pieces of the puzzle that was Jessica began to fit into a pattern. She was shy to be sure, she acted damn near helpless, and she did not want to be alone. It wasn’t just alone though, she wanted to be near. Even more, she smiled and came alive when I gave her tasks to do.

More out of curiosity I turned and looked Jessica in the eye, “Make me a cup of coffee, you would?” That smile came back to her face and she almost pranced to the pantry to grab a coffee filter and the grounds. Here was a woman who loved to take orders and do what someone ordered her to do; Peter must be some lucky guy.

As the coffee finished brewing, Jessica looked up and asked me if the dishwasher was all fixed up. “All done and good as new,” I answered.

She poured me a mug and handed it to me. Our fingers touched and I felt a spark of electricity go through my body but Jessica continued to lean in and kissed me on the cheek and said softly, “thank you.” The musty smell of her sweat tickled my nostrils and I breathed deep to inhale her scent.

I melted. My smile strained all the way back to my ears and Jessica’s face, when I looked up, mirrored mine.

“Do you have anything to do today?” I managed to ask without choking on my nerves.

“Just the dishes,” she answered with a little pout on her lips.

“Join me for a cup of coffee.” The pout disappeared and she reached for another mug and filled it.

We sat at the kitchen table and we talked. We talked about this and that and even touched on Peter a little. My stomach rumbled loudly and Jessica offered to make me lunch. We were both lonely and she does make a really good salsa.

I excused myself to use the pot and when I returned Jessica was staring at me, running her eyes up and down my body and frowning. “You know,” she started, “those clothes don’t look good on you at all.”

I think my jaw dropped a foot as my whole head dropped to view my fashion disaster.

“No, no,” Jessica giggled as she grabbed me by both arms. “I don’t want to stay home today and I want to help you get some new clothes. Consider it my way of saying ‘thank you’ for saving me from my dishwasher.”

“Don’t you want to wait for Peter to call?,” I offered, warring between my newfound desire to be near Jessica and my loyalty to a friend.

Jessica looked out the kitchen window and got a distant sort of look in her eyes. “He isn’t going to call.”

She snatched up my hand in hers and begged, “take me. Please.” At that moment I knew that I really wanted to take her, literally, but figured it was all just a fantasy of mine. I shot her smile and turned towards the door still hand in hand. She grabbed her purse on the bench by the door and off we went.

We could have been any other married couple in the mall. She pulled clothes, sent me to the dressing room, consulted with the salesman, and gave me looks from ‘Oh God, no’ to ‘that ain’t bad.’ I felt pampered and privileged as she pulled the shirt this way and the hem in back of my pants that way until she was satisfied that the piece fit. I don’t think my mother fussed over my clothes the way she did. That could explain a lot but let’s not go there.

When the time came to pay, Jessica insisted I wear the new clothes and bag the old ones because “they were still good enough to paint in.”

I felt like a million bucks in new clothes and a striking woman on my arm. As we walked out the door I turned to her, still clinging to my arm, and instead of saying “thank you” like I planned, I planted a kiss on her lips. I have no idea what came over me but her lips were soft and generous. I looked into her eyes for a sign, any sign, and Jessica softly called, “If you ask me to kiss you, I will.”

“Kiss me,” I blurted out and she did. Her hand reached up behind my head and pulled me down to her parted lips. As our lips rested lightly together, her tongue snaked out and found mine and we tangled together. My penis was now a raging cock in my pants and it pressed against my clothes with a delicious hardness.

“Get a room!” snarled Konya Escort Bayan some fat, gnarled bitty as she walked by us. She so startled me that I stood up straight breaking our kiss. Jessica brought her hand to her mouth to wipe off our spit off of her lips and smiled wickedly behind her cupped palm. We both began to laugh and I offered Jessica my arm again and took her to my car.

Jessica turned to me in the car. “Anything you ask me,” she stammered, “I’ll do. Anything. Just tell me to do it.”

I looked at her hard while the words slowly percolated through my synapses. Her eyes began to go wide again and I saw the anxiety begin to creep upon her face, just like this morning.

“Jessica,” I barked a little too strongly and she jumped in her seat, “give me your panties.”

She took a deep breath into her lungs and her smile snuck back onto her face. Without a word she slipped her hands under her skirt and pulled her panties down. She let them dangle in her hand and presented them to me. I panicked for a moment and looked to see if anyone else was in the parking lot before taking them from her.

I needed to get her home; hell, I needed to get me home. I tucked the panties in my pocket and tore out of the parking lot. Jessica kept staring at me, waiting for my next command. I was thinking furiously while trying to keep the car on the road. I glanced at her and she kicked up her eyebrows at me. I was worried that I would make a mess in my pants, my new pants at that. I hit the red light and stopped. I felt my lungs fill and release three times over and a certain composure returned.

“Lift your skirt and play with yourself,” I said with more calm that I expected.

Jessica brought her feet up to my dash, spread her knees, and pulled her skirt front up to her stomach. The light brown hair was neatly trimmed and, with a second look, I realized that she shaved her labia.

“I thought you’d never ask,” she said and her finger traced the opening between her two lips. She dipped her middle finger into her slit and ran it up and down several times. She brought her finger to her mouth and sucked it in. “Delicious,” she announced, “want to try some?”

“Fuck, yeah!” screamed my brain; “Of course,” said I.

Jessica brought her finger back to her pussy and plunged into her slit and down further into her hole. She gave out a moan and rolled her hips up and down. She pulled her finger out and put in on my lips: “It’s really nice and juicy now, just for you.”

The scent of Jessica in heat left me with ragged breath as I inhaled this intoxicating smell. Juice was too crude a word, her secretions were an exotic nectar and I slurped and sucked every drop on that finger. We turned into her subdivision and made a beeline for the house.

“Let’s go,” I demanded and grabbed her as she got out of the car. I slammed the door with my foot and rushed her in the house.

Inside I drew her body into mine and brought my mouth to her lips. My hands explored the contours of her back and her ass. My urgency was rapidly losing control and I didn’t want to make this cheap, tawdry, or pathetically infantile. Tens of possible commands and scenarios flew across my thoughts and each one seemed to be lacking. I finally came up for air with resolve and spoke, “Jessica, make this unforgettable.”

Jessica cocked her eyebrow at me and I felt her approval in the wry grin at beamed at me. “Well,” she began as she began unbuttoning my shirt, “I have three possible ways of giving you pleasure: my mouth, my pussy, and my ass.”

With each choice my cock gave a jerk in my pants, which she could surely feel as her hips pressed into mine. “Which do you want first?” she asked coyly.

“Let me think,” I teased her as I undid her blouse and pulled it off of her shoulders. No wonder she didn’t wear a bra, she didn’t need one. Her breasts were small, upright, and capped with rich brown nipples that were perking up before my eyes. I gently took her nipples and started to roll them between my thumb and fingers. I was rewarded with a growl deep in her throat.

My eagerness overcame my ambition and I told Jessica to leave our clothes in the foyer and go to the kitchen, the only place I could remember. We stripped and ran. I hopped up on the table and proffered her my cock. “Oh, it’s pretty!” she squealed.

She bent down and took my crown into her mouth, and then inhaled me all the way down to my pubes. As my brain tried to sort out the incredible sensations, Jessica released my pole and pulled my hips to edge of the table to take my balls with her tongue and lips. I warned her that I wasn’t going to last long and she took my balls in her hand and gave them a slight twist; that stopped me.

“You’re a bad girl,” I admonished her and she went back to swallow my cock. She nodded and smiled at me with a full mouth. I started pumping my hips and Jessica took all of me down her throat. She brought up her hand to jack me off Escort Konya but I swatted her hand away.

“I like a man who wants to do it the hard way,” she cooed. She cradled my balls and I began to pump my cock in her mouth again. As the urge built to the that delicious tipping point, I warned that I was going to cum. Jessica sucked harder and placed her index finger on my asshole. She pushed once with her finger and I erupted with a powerful burst down her gullet. “Oh God!” I moaned while my muscles spasmed uncontrollably.

I pulled Jessica up to me and brought her close to kiss her. “Don’t”, she warned me, “I’ve still got your cum in my mouth” and she swallowed once more.

“I don’t particularly like the taste,” I countered, “but if you’re going to swallow, the least I can do is say ‘thank you'” And I kissed her and she responded all the more.

“Two more to go,” Jessica announced when we broke our kiss. I switched places with her and began an exploration with my tongue from hollow just above her collar bone onto her breasts. As I suckled her nipples, her hands gripped my biceps and started squeezing. Taking the hint I worked down her soft belly and into her crotch. In a near frenzied hurry I dipped my tongue between her lower lips to take a another taste of her excitement, this time from the source. Jessica let out a loud moan and leaned back on her elbows to give me better access. From the top of her mound down to that little oasis of skin before her anal ring, I licked her pussy with the flat of my tongue. Coming up, the woman in heat lifted her hips to meet my tongue and grab some extra friction on her button. I eased a finger and then two into her depths while my tongue did a soft dance down her inner lips, studiously avoiding her clit.

I close an easy pace for my fingers as I skirted around her clit, zinging it once in while just to keep her in suspense. My cock was at half mast and I felt it dangling in the cool air as I worked over her pussy. With Jessica’s moans urging me, I launched a full assault on her button with rapid-fire stiff licks. Her thighs started flexing and her stomach rippled as her climax built until suddenly her vaginal muscles power gripped my fingers and a shout of ecstasy echoed across the room.

“Damn,” she reflected as she brought my fingers to her mouth. Feeling her tongue on my fingers brought my cock back to full hardness and I brought Jessica’s fingers to it to show her.

“Ummm” was she comment with a full mouth and I made a decision, “Get your ass in the bedroom, now.”

Taking my order with a smile, she hopped off the table and started walking away. Jessica turned slightly and looked back at me with an devastatingly sultry look. Her hair swayed over her left shoulder. “Coming?” she chirped.

I let her lead the way and found myself staring a beautiful, naked woman with her legs pulled up to her chest and my cock buried deep in her pussy. I stood next to the bed while she lay on her back at the edge of the mattress. Watching my cock slide between those bare lips was an erotic sight by itself.

“Don’t wait,” she begged me, “do it hard. Fuck me like you mean it.” I did. It was a near mindless pummeling of my cock and her moans and urgings filled my ears as her juices collected at the base of my cock and began to drip down onto my balls. Jessica shifted her leg to pose

straight up my body and I held it to my shoulder as my rhythm slowed to accommodate our new position. Her hand snaked down to rub her clit and she warned me not to stop.

Jessica started pumping her hips up and down and run her finger in circles around the top of her slit. It was another sensual snapshot added to my memory. Faster her finger went and harder her hips pumped until she broke out in another cry of orgasm and her muscles grasped my cock, holding me immobile. I held my breath with hers.

Jessica released me and used her hands to wipe the sweat from her forehead. She pointed to my hard cock, which was all red and slick, and spelled out the obvious, “it’s still hard. Why don’t we put it to some more good use?”

She rolled over onto her knees and waggled her butt in the air. “The go-go juice is in the night table drawer.”

I a gave my head a slight shake of amusement at her cute name and reached into the drawer for this large bottle of oil. “Buying the economy size, I see” I teased her.

In truth I was a little nervous inside; I had never had anal sex before. Lord knows I had read about it and jerked off to pictures and stories, but never the real thing. The bottle had a nozzle that tapered to a thin opening at the top. I placed the nozzle at her rosebud and gave a squeeze. A dollop plopped onto her anus and began to drip down. I stopped the oil with my finger and brought it back to her hole and probed her anus with my finger.

“Open me up with your finger,” she encouraged me, “and use a lot more go-go juice.” When I got a generous helping up her chute, I slapped some more on my hand and applied to my cock. Climbing onto the bed my cock lined up with her tempting rosebud and pushed past her ring of muscle.

“Mmmm, yes,” she murmured. I drove a little deeper, pulled back and then deeper again until after many small steps my hips touched her cheeks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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