Brooke , Mary

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My girlfriend Brooke and I had been a bit bored. Brooke was a big city girl, tall and curvy with wild auburn hair and a mellow slow-to-burn attitude. I was a coddled, suburbanite college girl. My looks and cleverness had made me ambitious and grasping. I learned the art of exploitation early, and by 19 I was a master of manipulation; the art of the wide-eyed flirtatiousness, the breathy plea. I was kind of a bitch to her.

Brooke was the latest of line of girls I was sort of testing. I was looking for a girl I could fuck around with who was open to the same ideas I was; someone I could broaden my horizons with. I was with Brooke for a month by then. I was sure she could tell that I was losing interest. She called me in mid-December, the night before I planned to end it she did the last thing I expected.

“Hey.” She purred, “Why don’t you come and hang out with me and my friends tonight?”

I argued that I was counting on running some errands the next morning.

“C’mon I got something for you… it’s a surprise. I promise you won’t regret it!”

I didn’t intend to go; I had midterms in a week but something in her voice made me curious.


When she opened the door I was as usual struck by her beauty. Brooke Camise is 5’10 with the long muscular legs of ballerina, wide hips, a round, firm ass and a radiant cream complexion. Her perky b cups sat unrestrained in a deep v-neck cashmere sweater. She kissed my cheek and pulled me inside an apartment I had never been to.”This is Mary,”she told me casually flinging her hand towards a blue sofa in the living room. On the couch lay a strawberry blonde goddess with large perfect 32 Ds that bounced atop a 23” waist.

Those magnificent tits were damn near bursting out of her green plaid bustier, her pleated skirt sat low on delicate hipbones, and her rimless glasses set on her pert little nose. She stretched like napping kitten and sashayed over to us. She went straight for Brooke, slipping a hand into her cleavage, and tugging her small right breast out by a pebble hard nipple. The blonde alternately Ankara escort nibbled and licked the angry red nipples, ferociously lathing and sucking at the soft flesh. She slowly glanced up at me, hungrily eying my own d cups. I sat and watched as Mary laid Brooke on the floor, stripped her of her underwear, lifted Brooke’s skirt and ate her hot pink pussy. After 5 minutes of watching the naughty blonde make her fingers disappear into Brooke’s steamy snatch, I could no longer be just a spectator as Brooke eagerly squirmed and writhed and came in the pretty blonde’s mouth. Before this bold stranger had finished swallowing pussy juice, I was bottomless and riding Brooke’s baby face with all I had. Why? Because the entire time she was slurping at that juicy cunt her eyes did not leave me once.

The sexy blonde watched me fervently and continued drilling 3 fingers into my wanton girlfriend beneath me. The sight of her studying me while she teased Brooke’s protruding clit caused me to gush all over my little slut’s face. I closed my eyes as I rode the waves of my orgasm and ground my hips into the redhead’s probing tongue.

“That looks… delicious.”

During the haze of my orgasm, I hadn’t realized that the delectable blonde was no longer kneeling at Brooke’s cunt. Instead I found that she was about 2ft to my right; examining the liquid our mutual lover was drowning in as she struggled to keep the droplets from escaping.

As she watched Brooke, I gazed at her kiss-swollen lips and the pale pink nipple peaking over the top of her sinful bustier. I palmed both her tits and sat enthralled by her licking droplets of Brooke’s cum off her perfect pink lips. This horny minx let out a mewl, accompanied by a breathy moan that made my pussy flood into Brooke’s mouth. As I rode my orgasm out on the sexy redhead’s darting tongue, the blonde temptress was gone and back again with a blindfold and handcuffs.

“Your slutty little friend says you love surprises”

Did she now? This is even better than I thought. The strange beautiful goddess covered my eyes. I felt myself being carried Ankara escort bayan to another room. I began to feel that another person had joined us. I sniffed; the warm musky scent told me our visitor was decidedly male. I grew excited. It had been so long since I’d had a nice stiff rod penetrate me. Don’t get me wrong, I love pussy but sometimes I need it hot and hard and fast in every hole and plastic doesn’t cut it.

My suspicions were confirmed when I was laid on my back on what I thought was a slightly uncomfortable bed, when a pair of muscular arms wrapped around my waist and a massive erection slid home inside my quivering quim. I bounced reverse cowgirl style for a short time, a mouth attached to each of my nipples.

“She’s so tight and wet. I could pound this pussy all day.” I heard from behind me.

A popping noise and a sudden draft came from my left breast. “Remember what your job is.”

Before I could think to ask the question on my mind, (Job?) My cunt was devoid of cock and a slurping sound told me someone had gotten a very tasty treat.

Then all at once that big slippery cock was shoved in my asshole and I felt a long tongue enter my pussy alternately lapping at my hole and sucking my clit.

“OHMIGOD!” I heard another male voice say from across the room before the sounds of fucking multiplied. My own moans accompanied by another’s, the wet slapping sounds of sex. Hearing these things and feeling my small puckered hole stretched and straining and the tongue swirling around my clit became too much for me.

“Oh oh omigod omigod omi- pound my ass pound it fuck my ass oh oh I’m gonna cum I’m gonna cum”!

I was too distracted to notice the sounds of the other couple had died away, at least until the tongue slipped out of me leaving my cunt hot and dripping all over my thighs only to be replaced by an even bigger dick than the one in my ass. I screamed with carnal pleasure and came hard. This one was at least a foot long and felt so good rubbing against the thin wall separating the two cocks, but his jerky movements told me he Escort Ankara wasn’t far from cumming. Sure enough, less than a minute later he pulled out till only the head remained and sprayed a huge load in my pussy. I could still feel the first cock jack hammering my asshole, stretching it further than ever. I began to beg for hot cum in my ass. I begged shamelessly for cum in all my holes. I also told them I was about to squirt from such a scrumptious ass pounding.

My blindfold was ripped off of me. As my eyes adjusted I saw that the cock inside me was thick and veiny and brownish purple. I saw Brooke on her hands and knees with huge pink dick in her and her tongue lathing the chocolate balls slapping against my ass. And the sexiest strawberry blonde pussy I’d ever seen was 2 inches from my face.

“Cum in all your holes? That can be arranged.”

She swung her leg over my head, her cunt an inch away from my probing tongue. I could feel the cum in my pussy beginning to drip onto my thighs and still I bounced on top of the stranger with the thick rod. I watched her as she palmed her own breast with one hand and fiddled with her clit.

“Why don’t you open wide and drink Mistress Mary’s cum, you naughty girl.”

Mistress Mary. This made me hotter than ever.

All at once I felt the cock mercilessly slamming my asshole, spray what must have been a gallon of hot jizz into me at the same time Mistress Mary squirted her tasty nectar on my tonsils. I felt Brooke pull the cock free from my ass and suck it clean, then she stuck her tongue in my backdoor and scooped out the cum. This was the last straw for me. My creampied pussy spurted all over Brooke’s deceitfully angelic face, delighting her and prompting her to leisurely slurp and suck on my quim until we all collapsed together in a cum-drenched heap.

I awoke on the unfamiliar carpet later to see Mary wearing what looked like a strapon with 2 shaft. Both dildos were being shoved in and out of Brooke’s wide open asshole while four of Mary’s fingers fucked her pussy shallowly so her cum splashed like droplets of rain.

“I hope you don’t mind”, Mary said seeing I was awake. “This whore begged our companions to dp her slut cunt while you were sleeping. I’m punishing her right now.”

Hmmm, I think I’ll keep Brooke around for now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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