Brother and Sister Share a Bathroom

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I am Jack and my sister is Jill. Please no jokes, I have heard them all before. When I was young I asked my mother why she picked that combination. She said that both were nice names and that actually it was Jill and Jack since my sister was born first. Over the years I have got used to it. However it does cause amusement when we are together and are introduced to new people.

I am twenty-two years old and Jill is twenty-nine. She has her own place but I still live at home. She was sharing with a long-time boyfriend until a few months ago. It ended because, to quote her, ‘He was fucking my best friends.’ I asked her if she really meant more than one, she just said “Julie and Anne.”

His behaviour really surprised me. It would be difficult to find a more attractive woman. My sister is five feet six inches tall. She has long black hair that frames big brown eyes, a button nose and full lips. Her figure is curvy and I have heard more than one boyfriend refer to her as ‘Stacked’. I think her bra size is 40DD. I cannot remember how I know that but it has stuck in my mind. If she was my girlfriend there is no way I would fool around.

We have always got on well together so when I needed to attend a training course near to where she lives I was more than happy to stay with her. I should have been staying in a hotel paid for by the company I work for. However when I explained to my boss that my sister lived a fifteen minute car ride from the training centre he was OK with me being there instead. I would get a weekly allowance that I could pay to my sister as rent. It was a reasonable amount but a lot less than the hotel rate. The course was six weeks so it was going to be a big saving for the company. My sister was delighted I was going to be with here. It was an arrangement that suited everybody.

On the day I was travelling I was excited. It felt as if I was going on holiday. I had packed early and was eager to go. She lives two hundred miles from the family home. With a break I reckoned it would take me four hours. Most of the journey is motorway so I should be able to keep up a good speed.

I got there in just under five. The traffic was bad. I was tired and hungry as I pulled into her drive. She must have heard the car because as soon as I stopped she was standing at the front door waving to me. As I got out she rushed over and gave me a big hug.

“It’s so good to see you. I was getting worried.”

“Hi sis, I am glad to see you as well. That last hour was a nightmare.”

She released me and stepped back. I was glad she had because the smell of her perfume and her very large chest was making me uncomfortable.

“Let me look at you.” She gave me the once over. “So my handsome brother any girlfriends? Come on tell me.”

I gave a shy grin and just said “No.”

“They don’t know what they are missing. If you were not my brother I would date you.” She then added “I forgot, after what that bastard did to me I never want to go near another man ever again.” Her words were harsh but there was a smile on her face so I smiled as well.

“Sis are we going to stand out here all night?”

“You can if you want but it’s too cold for me. Let’s unpack. Put everything in the hallway and we can take it up to your room later.”

It didn’t take long. I had brought very few clothes all packed into the one suitcase. I had enough for two weeks before I needed to do the washing. Another suitcase was packed mostly with books and manuals that I thought might be useful for the computer course I was on. There was other bits and pieces in carrier bags.

“Do you want to see your room?” Before I could say anything she was half way up the stairs. I quickly followed.

“Do you like it?” I could tell she had given it a good clean. It wasn’t as big as my bedroom at home but it had everything I needed, single bed, table and chair, wardrobe and television. Also some shelves for my books.

“Do you?”

“Thanks sis it’s perfect.”

She beamed. “I am glad you like it. Let me explain about the bathroom.” I was puzzled, what was there to explain? She saw the look on my face and said “Let me show you.” There was a door at the other side of the bedroom. She walked towards it and I followed. When she opened it she said “This is your bathroom and mine as well.” She pointed to another door opposite to where we were standing. “That opens into my bedroom. We have to share.”

“I thought you had another bathroom?”

“No. David and I. Sorry that bastard and I were planning to convert the small box room but we never did.”

“We can manage with just the one but we need to be careful.”

“What do you mean?”

“When Julie stayed we kept trying to use the bathroom at the same time. It was embarrassing. The worst was when I was on the toilet and she rushed in needing it as well.”

“The same Julie that.”

She cut me off with a firm “YES, that Julie.” I got a look that said don’t mention her name again. “By the end of her stay we had a system. Knock before entering and wait.”

“Why don’t we just lock both doors?”

“There are no locks. Yes I know we should have them Giresun Escort but we never go round to putting them on. Not many people have stayed with us.”

“Sis I guess we should be OK. Just don’t spend ages in there like you did at home.”

She was smiling. I wasn’t sure why because what I had said wasn’t that funny.

“Do you know what they call this sort of bathroom?”

“A pain in the arse?”

“Very funny.”

“I have no idea. Go on tell me.”

Grinning she said “A Jack and Jill bathroom.”

“You are joking.”

“It’s true. A Jack and Jill for Jack and Jill.”

I waited until she had stopped laughing before saying “Very amusing. Give me a hand to get my stuff upstairs.”

When that was done Jill went downstairs and I emptied the suitcases and bags .The room looked good not too cluttered. I shouted to Jill “What about the suitcases? Anywhere I can store them?”

She shouted back “In the loft. There is a pole in the corner. Attach it to the hook in the ceiling and pull. Be careful it’s just a simple wooden ladder.”

“Got it.”

As I was pulling the ladder down I could hear Jill on the stairs. She came in. “Be careful. I don’t want my little brother breaking his neck.” I just nodded. I climbed up with a suitcase under my arm and Jill went into the bathroom. She closed the door and I heard her switch on the light. I wondered if there was a light in the loft. I couldn’t see one but the moonlight coming through a small skylight was enough so that I could see my way.

I dumped the suitcase in the corner and looked around. What got my attention was a small shaft of light coming from the floor. I walked over and bent down. I was curious so I put my eye to it. It gave a great view of the bathroom and of Jill sitting on the toilet, a hand between her legs. Her dress was pulled up high and it looked as if she was wiping herself.

“How are you doing up there?”

Startled I quickly raised my head. Had she seen me? No way, the hole was small. She was just checking if I was OK. I composed myself and replied “Good. Plenty of room for the suitcases.” I went back down for the second one, but before taking it up I spent some time rearranging the books on the shelf. I then climbed back up and placed it next to the other one. I knew I shouldn’t look but I did.

Surprisingly she was still on the toilet but now with her legs clamped together, a hand squeezed between them. Her head was tilted back and her eyes were closed. She then got up looking unsteady on her feet. With a fainter more hesitant voice she said “Just finished. When you have showered come down and I will fix you some supper.”

I sat in the loft shocked at what I had witnessed. My sister had just fingered herself. I had seen the start and the end of it. It hadn’t taken her long to come so she must have been ready for it. I felt guilty but the strongest feeling was of excitement. My cock was thickening at the thought of what I had seen. I knew that later in bed I would play with myself and for the first time when I climaxed I would be thinking of Jill. I also knew that I would be compelled to return to the loft. My mind was already trying to think of ways that I could do it without making her suspicious.

I must say I did like the bathroom. It was compact but had everything in. I had showered but there was also a reasonably sized bath as well. The sink had a large mirror above it, perfect for when I needed to shave. Also lots of space in the cupboard at the side of the mirror for all my toiletries. There was only a few of Jill’s things in it so I guess she has removed stuff to make space for mine.

There was a faint smell of cooking. Jill must have already started. I had better hurry up. I was in front of the mirror towelling my hair when my thoughts turned to big sister again. If I wasn’t her brother would she be attracted to me? I don’t know. I am six feet tall with black cropped hair. I have the same big brown eyes as Jill but my nose it bigger. I like to think I have better than average looks. I have a muscular build even though I don’t work out. Generally I do OK but haven’t had a regular girlfriend for the last few months. My cock could be bigger. It’s six inches. Actually it’s a bit smaller but six sounds a lot better than five and a half. Perhaps I shouldn’t worry, up to now there have been no complaints in bed. Would sis expect more from a boyfriend?

My thoughts were interrupted by Jill shouting “It’s nearly ready.”

“On my way.”

I slept well that night despite first-day nerves. Ignoring everything Jill had said I walked into the bathroom without knocking. Her clothes were on the floor, she must have showered earlier. I then remembered her instructions. It’s lucky she wasn’t still in because I was naked. That would have been embarrassing.

I picked the clothes up to put them in the corner out of the way. Her bra was on top and I stared at it admiring its size. Sis was a big girl. I found the label, 42DD. Bigger than I thought. I was wrong, sis was a very big girl. I thought of what it would be like to hold those tits, to play with them Giresun Escort Bayan and to suck them. My cock was rising. No time for that now but I was compelled to search for her knickers. They were small and red and the material was soft. They were heavily stained at the front and when I put them to my nose there was a heavenly musky smell of cunt, my sister’s cunt. Last night I had climaxed thinking about Jill but I still needed more. I wrapped her knickers around my cock and masturbated furiously. I came within a minute. When I opened my eyes I saw the mess on the floor. The tiles would be easy to clean but what about her knickers? They were wetter and more stained than before but if she noticed I hoped she would put it down to them being on the wet bathroom floor.

“You were a long time in the bathroom.”

I nearly chocked on my food.

“Are you OK?”

“Yes, just eating too fast.” I then added “I had a nice long shower.”

“Sorry about my clothes. Now that you are here I must remember to tidy up after myself. Did they get in your way?”

I didn’t look at her in case she could see the guilt on my face. “No I just moved them into the corner.” I didn’t mention that before doing that I had pleasured myself on her knickers.

The first day went well. I had worried over nothing. The other people on the course were friendly. Mostly guys but one or two cute girls. At the end of the day I was optimistic that I was going to enjoy it.

The first week flew by. I didn’t see sis much except at meal times. The bathroom routine was going well, I was remembering to knock. There was nothing left in the bathroom to tempt me and all my thoughts about Jill were now pure. Well mostly pure. It was difficult not to think of what had happened but I had it under control.

“This is your first weekend. Any plans?”

“No sis. What about you?”

“Just relaxing. It’s been a busy week at work. Lots of sleep and long baths is what I need. I am not doing anything that requires any effort.” She then added “If you are looking for something to do you can tidy up the loft. Did you notice it’s a mess?”

“It does need sorting out.” I was hesitant to volunteer. The spy hole into the bathroom was tempting and knew I was weak. I was hoping she wouldn’t push it but she did.

“Yes or no?”

I hesitated but said “OK.” She was letting me stay with her so it would be mean of me not to help. I spent the morning studying, re-reading my notes from the lectures and doing my homework. I had to write a program before next Wednesday. Plenty of time to do it but I wanted to get it out of the way. I had just decided to stop for the day when Jill shouted from downstairs “I am going to do some shopping. Help yourself to lunch. Not much in the fridge which is why I am going to the supermarket. Should be enough for a sandwich though.” She shouted something else as she was leaving but I only managed to hear ‘loft’ and ‘mess’. I groaned. I knew what she meant.

There was enough for a sandwich, but it had to be cheese. Not my favourite but there wasn’t much else. I did fancy the strawberry yoghurt but that was until I opened it. ‘Furry’ was the only way to describe it. I put it in the bin. As I ate the sandwich I thought about the loft. Should I do it now or later? I could have it done in well under two hours. I searched the cupboards for biscuits. Nothing. Would it be better doing it tomorrow? I decided to get it done now out of the way. I might even be able to finish it before sis got back.

I sat on a box in the loft and looked around trying to get the measure of what needed to be done. After a few minutes I had a plan. First I would move all the stuff to the middle. I would then go through each item and decide where to place it. I was aiming to keep things together, for example all the boxes that contained books in one place.

It was taking longer than expected. I had been working for an hour and it looked as if it would take me at least the same again before it was done. I heard Jill on the stairs and then a knock on my door “Can I come in?”

“Yes I am in the loft.”

As she entered I popped my head through the opening. Looking down on her I said “Did you get the food?”

“Yes all your favourites. Sorry the cupboard was bare.” Then she added “How are you doing up there?”

“It’s taking longer than expected. I should have known it would because everything always takes longer than expected.”

“Sex doesn’t” was her reply. She then laughed at her own joke.

I just gave her a weak smile whilst my thoughts turned to what it would be like with her.

“You carry on. I am going to have a bath.” Before I could say anything she added “Do you need the bathroom before I start?”

“No I can wait.”

“I hope so. I might be in there ages.”

What I did need was to see her naked. I sat there for a while thinking. Eventually I got up and quietly walked to the hole. There was a stirring in my trousers as I bent down. She was facing the mirror so I could only see her back. Her hands were high, it looked as if she was doing something with her hair. Escort Giresun The mirror was steaming up so she stopped to wipe it with the hand towel. Suddenly she moved her head to look behind her. For a second I thought I had been caught out but she was just checking the bath water. I started to breathe again but I now had a nagging feeling that this would not end well, but I carried on watching.

Her hands were now lower, she was unbuttoning her blouse. As it slipped from her shoulders she turned round again to look at the bath. It was now ready. She bent down and stopped the flow, added something to the water then mixing it in with her hands. I had the perfect view of her large tits straining against her white bra. They jiggled as she moved and I was mesmerised by them.

Standing back up she reached behind to unhook her bra. I moved to get a better view and in the process kicked a box. I quickly lifted my head.

“Careful. I don’t want you falling through the ceiling.”

I shouted back “Sorry. My foot slipped.” After a few seconds I risked looking again. She was now back at the mirror but without her bra. Slowly I unzipped my trousers and grasped my cock. I was breathing heavier now and my eyes were focused on her back waiting for her to turn round. When she did I opened my mouth in awe. They looked much bigger now that they were not constrained. However it was the nipples that shocked me. Long and thick. A match for any I had ever seen in the flesh or in porno films. They complemented her large tits perfectly. As she stood there my hand was moving on my cock as I admired them, wishing I could suck them.

She seemed to be thinking about something but then started to remove her skirt. It was quickly off revealing red knickers, possibly the ones she has left in the bathroom earlier in the week. My hand was now moving faster in anticipation of seeing her cunt. I almost groaned in disappointment when she was eventually naked. The knickers had come off whilst she had her back to me. Her Stepping into the bath had revealed very little other than she looked to be shaved. I guess that was always going to be the case. It wasn’t likely that she would lie on the bathroom floor then open her legs wide and point her bald cunt towards the spy hole.

What I could see was still keeping me excited. The bath was foamy covering all of her lower body but her magnificent tits were on show. Her eyes were closed and she was relaxing. I kept imagining what those nipples would feel like in my mouth. Sucking one and rubbing and pinching the other. I was tempted to close my eyes and finish myself off with that thought. That changed when she started to wash her tits, slowly splashing water onto them with both hands. The washing quickly turned into massaging. She was now firmly squeezing them. One hand stopped and disappeared under the water. I could now see her knees because she had spread her legs wide. Her mouth was open and I could see the water ripple as she fingered herself. There was a low moan that was steadily getting louder. It was a race between us. She won, climaxing with a loud groan that became a long sigh. I was still working towards mine so I closed my eyes and concentrated.

“Are you doing any work up there? I can’t hear any boxes being moved.”

She had said that just as I climaxed so I wasn’t in a fit state to say anything.

A few seconds later she added “Little brother. You OK?”

I managed to compose myself enough to reply “Yes.”

“You sound breathless.”

“I am, it’s hard work.”

“Thanks for doing it. If you want me to do anything for you as a reward just ask?”

I thought of lots of things I would like her to do, including ‘fuck me’ and ‘suck my cock’, but I just said “Make that fish dish I like.”

I could hear her laughing then she said “You are easy to please.”

Spurred on by the prospect of a good meal I finished in just over an hour. Jill popped her head in to check it was OK and declared it a success. Later on whilst I was enjoying the fish I reflected on a job well done. I also thought of Jill in the bath. It had been a good first week. Would it get better?

There was not much time to relax in the second week. I now had three projects to complete by the end of the course. I studied hard but still managed to spend some time with Jill in the evenings. We talked and watched television. I had suggested that I should do some cooking but she dismissed it straight away saying she didn’t want to be poisoned. I knew I wasn’t a great cook but it hurt my feelings. When she saw the upset on my face she belatedly thanked me for the offer.

There had been a ‘near miss’ on the Wednesday morning. I barged in without knocking and almost walked into Jill. She was wrapped in a large towel so nothing was on show. I got a mild telling off but she seemed more amused than annoyed. As I was leaving she pointed out that if I had come in a few minutes earlier she would have been naked. It almost sounded like an invitation. Fortunately she couldn’t see my face as I imagined that happening. I did eventually get into the bathroom. There was a pile of clothes in the corner, topped by sis’s bra. However before I could search through it and get to her knickers she shouted “Sorry, forgot my clothes.” After checking I was decent she came in and retrieved them. I was disappointed but also thankful that I hadn’t already started using her underwear to relieve myself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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