Brother Jerks while Sister Sleeps

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This is a true story that I have never told anyone before.

When I was 25 and my little sister was 18, i would jerk off every chance i got (as boys at a certain age do) and there were multiple occasions that my sister would walk in on me doing it. We shared a bedroom with bunkbeds for years which made privacy difficult, for both of us. At first, I thought it was disgusting and I’d get so nervous for getting caught doing it. I’d gotten better about locking the door or waiting until everyone was asleep.

Anyway, some years later our parents went for holidays and we both alone were at home for a week.

And a secret of mine would be i smoke joint sometimes and those days i had the best time and joints of my life and would feel so fucking horny all the time.

So the first night, i came home after smoking alot of joints and my sister was sleeping ( i thought ). the room was full dark with a light of bulb which was dim and after getting on my bed i felt horny and started watching some porns.

Nothing şahinbey escort of incest or my sister came on my mind at first. I was enjoying my time of porn on my bed with my boxers on, and it felt hot sometime later so i got nude and started jerking and wanted to finish my self.

So i got out of room to sitting room, all those time i thought my sister was sleeping.

After a while, i was still jerking and the door opened and i suddenly put my hard dick inside and was playing with my phone. my sister got out and she started eating beside me at the sitting room table, but still my dick was hard and it was peeking outside from a side of my boxer. Half of my dick was outside and at first i didnt notice but did notice my sister looking at me sometimes, the sitting was all quite and peaceful. after eating she went inside and i knew she was starring at my hard dick peeking outside of the boxer.

And at that time incest thoughts kept hitting my mind and thought şahinbey escort bayan of having my hard dick inside her mouth. Oh fuck, those thoughts and the joint.

So i went inside to my room and she was sleeping and i got on my bed and went full nude mood and started jerking and i knew she was not asleep and looking at me and my hard dick from a side of her bedsheet. i kept teasing her and myself for sometime and got up all nude and went to the bathroom and i knew she had seen my hard big dick and i finished off myself that night.

The next night i came home after smoking alot of joints and got on my bed while she was playing with her phone on her bed. i was horny but tired too, i got nude on my bed and put bedsheet all over me and slept.

After a while i woke up to someone touching my dick and grabbing it, and that point i knew it was my sister, but i wanted to see how far she would go. nothing really happened beside that touching and grabbing escort bayan şahinbey and jerking for a few times and she went back to her bed and i can hear her fingering herself. I wanted to cum but i slept that night.

The next night the same thing happened, while i was sleeping nude, but to my surprise she started sucking my hard dick and licking it and my balls, oh fuck she knew what she was doing, i must say a cock slut she was, deepthroated and everything but i pretended sleeping. it didnt take much time for me to cum in her mouth and she did swallow everything. I had the best blowjob so far from her.

The next night when i came home and got on my bed she said she wanted to watch a film with me, but was a boring one and i fell asleep after 15 mins, but again to my surprise woke up again to my sister sucking my dick. And i didnt want to ruin those fucking good moments so i let her but i made sure it was for more than 30 mins, she kept sucking my dick, licking and deepthroats and i know she know i was awake.

She kept teasing me with her sucking skills. Hitting her face with my dick moans and calling me daddy while sucking me, And after a while she said ‘daddy please cum in my mouth’ and it didnt take me long to cum all over her face but she started sucking and swallowing everything, and she left to her bed leaving me all naked.

to be continued…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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