Brothers and Sisters

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Note: Ok I finally got this out, sorry I took so long but life got in the way and some parts come quicker then others. Again thank you for all the comments and help. I really like hearing from everyone, it helps. I guess I should say something about voting? Yeah? Ok. That’s it.


“Fuck, that was intense.” Kate said, her eyes finally moving from their friend to Cindy. “I mean seriously that was… Fuck. You two were totally holding out on me.” Kate said shooting an accusing glare at her Asian friend. “Fuck.” She added yet again, at a loss for words.

“Well it certainly illustrates the diversity of the word.” Cindy replied her eyes gleaming with post orgasmic bliss. “Wait, she’s coming around.”

Carmen shifted on the bed and her eyes slowly slid open, her body completely at ease, she felt as though her bones had melted but it was a pleasant feeling. Her two friends peered down at her and she shot them back a lazy smile.

“Wow.. That was good.” She said laughing at the looks on her friend’s faces. They obviously thought ‘good’ was an understatement.

“Le petite morte. Little death.” Cindy said grinning at her beautiful friend.

“Huh?” Kate asked looking between the two beauties.

“That’s what it’s called when you orgasm so hard you pass out.” Carmen said closing her eyes and letting a little contended groan escape her lips. “I must say that was faaaannnntastic.”


Carmen arrived home to see her sister’s car parked and immediately wrenched her mind from the continual play by play of the night before with Kate and Cindy. She walked through toward her room having called out for her sister but not having received a reply. She thought she may have been down at the pool and a picture of her sister lying naked under the sun and gleaming with suntan oil floated through her mind, a smile pinning itself to her face. It faltered a little when she saw her sister sitting in her room looking at her computer screen and disintegrated when she saw what her sister had been looking at. She was so stunned she couldn’t move, couldn’t speak, she could only stand frozen and stare.

The silence stretched on as Maria turned to look at her, her eyes a mystery. Carmen wasn’t even crying, she knew she probably should be, she knew the type of thing that was surely running through her sister’s mind. ‘Sick’, ‘perverted’ and other words were flashing behind her eyes.

“Car..” Maria started, clearly at a loss for words. “I.. What?”

Carmen shuffled to her bed and fell heavily onto it. She didn’t even know how she had managed to make her body move but as she sat on the bed she couldn’t take her eyes off the picture of her brother holding his cum covered cock that was splashed across the screen of her computer. She couldn’t force her eyes to meet her sister’s and tears slowly started to leak from her eyes and slide down her cheeks.

“Car, don’t cry, seriously, I’m not angry I’m just really shocked. I needed to check something on the net and I stumbled across these. I just don’t know what to say.” Maria sat there watching tears stream down her little sister’s face but couldn’t get up and go and comfort her.

She was rooted to the chair after seeing the pictures of her sister fooling around with her friends and then the pictures of her brother. She was literally blown away.

“I’m sorry.” Carmen replied not able to come up with anything else, she couldn’t explain herself.

“How did this happen?” Maria asked wanting to understand. Trying to understand.

“Kate came up with the idea and I ended up taking pics of her and Cindy for Jake. He took some for us and it kinda went on like that for a while. Eventually I decided that I wanted to take a few and then you saw the one’s with the three of us.” Carmen was on complete cruise control, she wasn’t even thinking about what she was saying, just reporting. It’s like she wasn’t even there.

“Oh.” Maria said still at a complete loss, she just never saw her sister doing something like this, it was so out of character, so far from anything she expected. “Listen seriously relax, it’s ok, I’m not angry it was just really not what I was expecting. Seriously Car, snap out of it.” Maria tried to laugh to ease the tension but even to herself it sounded strained.

It had the desired effect, sort of. Carmen managed to look into her sister’s eyes and her nervous smile lessened the enormity of the whole situation.

“You must really think I’m crazy though, first you walk in on me, well you remember.” Carmen said, far too embarrassed to verbally mention when her sister had walked in on her watching lesbian porn whilst masturbating. “Now this.” She sighed knowing how bad it must all look.

“It’s a little shocking, especially the pics of Jake.” Maria replied but quickly carried on not wanting to make her sister feel any worse then she already did. “But more so because I didn’t really expect it, it’s crazy and you’re usually pretty toned down with this İkitelli Escort type of thing.”

“Yeah, I see what you mean.” Carmen said but her sister could still see she looked dejected and knew she had to somehow even things out. She had to put them on an even playing field.

“Car seriously it’s ok, it’s not like I haven’t partaken in some craziness myself.”

“Yeah like taking pictures of you and your friends doing stuff together for your brother? Not sure you can top that.” Carmen replied, dropping her face to her hands almost in defeat.

“Well that is pretty wild but taping yourself having an all girl threesome is pretty out there too.” She replied and watched as her younger sister’s face shot out of her hands, a shocked expression written all over it.

“Seriously?” Carmen asked incredulously to which Maria only arched her eyebrow and smiled.

“So you’ve gone.. there?” Carmen asked clearly interested but still too embarrassed to straight out ask her sister.

“I’ve been bi for awhile Car. I love guys and they’re fantastic and I couldn’t live without them but sometimes girls are just easier, safer. I don’t know how to phrase it.”

“You’re bi?” Carmen said speaking more to herself then to her sister.

“Don’t feel so bad about fooling round with your fiends now do you?”

“No, not really.” Carmen said finally smiling her special smile for her sister. “Wait who did you have a threesome with?!”

Maria just laughed at her younger sister’s enthusiasm but made a spot decision to be honest with her, especially seeing as she had seen her sister fooling around with her two friends, was only fair she guessed. And it felt good to be honest with her sister, she didn’t really want to hide anything from her anymore and she felt happy to have her little sister know her better.

“Lisa and Ella.” She said and giggled when her sister gasped and her hand went to her mouth in surprise.

“Ella I might have guessed, but Lisa?”

“Yeah, Lisa and I have been fooling around for ages actually. She was the one who convinced Ella to do it. I convinced them to do it for the camera.” Maria said winking at her little sister who let out a shocked little giggle.

“No ways!” Carmen said still shocked.

“All true, so don’t worry about anything you do being wild, I’ve got that corner covered. ” Both sisters laughed. “Seriously Car, if you ever need to talk to me about anything don’t be shy, I think we’re both old enough now to be completely straight with each other.”

Carmen nodded looking up at her sister and seeing the look of love and caring clearly.

“Thanks big sis. I love you so much.” She got off the bed and embraced her older sibling, holding her tight.

“Anytime little sis.” Maria replied as they finally moved apart and she started to gather her things to head home.

“By the way, you’re awesome.” Carmen said as she kissed her sister on the cheek as she left.

“I know, I know, it’s my burden to live with.”


Maria was a little taken aback when she looked up and noticed she was home. She had barely been aware of the scenery that was passing her and felt a little guilty when she realised how little attention she had been paying whilst driving. Thoughts of the conversation with her sister, the images of her sister fooling around with her friends and more surprisingly those of her younger brother were flashing through her mind over and over again. She walked into her apartment still in a daze and started when she realised her friend called her name.

“Wow, where are you Maria?” Lisa said looking a little amused.

“What sorry, I didn’t really notice you there, sorry.” Maria replied grinning at her.

Lisa brushed her wet short blonde hair out of her eyes and rewrapped her towel around herself as she cocked her head and looked at her friend.

“You look kind of keyed up, what’s up?” She asked as she moved toward her room to get changed, expecting to be followed.

She dropped her towel and slid on a pair of tight little white boy shorts and turned. She moved back out of the room and saw Maria still standing there with a strange look on her face.

“Seriously what is up with you?” Lisa asked her hands on her hips her perfect little breasts on display.

Seeing her friend and sometimes lover standing there topless made something click. She had been working through something subconsciously, the shock of seeing what her sister was getting up to had slowed her usually thought process. But now she realised that she was excited. Very, very, very excited. Her nipples must have been hard and begging for attention for some time as they were starting to get painful. She could feel that her pussy was soaking wet and knew her little white panties must be completely drenched. She hadn’t realised that what she had seen had turned her on to such a degree and she still didn’t really know what to do with those feelings. However İkitelli Escort Bayan Lisa standing there topless, having made her click, was now a perfect outlet.

“Get your shorts off, get over here and eat me out. Now.” Maria breathed, roughly pulling off her clothes in record time as she sat back on her usually comfy chair and spreading her legs wide.

Lisa, for her part, was shocked for a second then grinned devilishly, slipping out of her boy shorts and leaving them on the floor by her feet. She walked slowly toward Maria looking almost feline then knelt down in front of her friends open legs.

“Fuck.” The blonde girl whispered as she looked at Maria’s soaking wet pussy, open and ready, only a few inches from her face.

She inhaled the beautiful scent, the smell making her body react immediately then felt her friend’s hands grasp her head and pull her forward.

Maria started screaming as soon as her friend’s tongue touched her pussy.


It had been a long day. Uncomfortably hot and stuffy under the cloud cover. He walked into his bathroom and pulled off his shirt, it slid off his sweat soaked body and he tossed it to the floor. The cold water blasted onto his body and he sighed as he tried to relax his muscles. It was hard, the tension was stemming from the thoughts that were spinning through his head and try as he might he couldn’t push them aside. He had tried. A lot. Thinking about not trying to think about it made it all he could think about and he felt himself start to stiffen. He slammed the taps shut and started a constant stream of swearing under his breath and he dried himself off and finally got out of the shower.

He walked into his room and stopped short. He wondered if he was having déjà vu. Wish fulfilment? He blinked a few times but she was still there.

“What were you swearing about?” Carmen asked cocking her head to the side smiling up at her brother.

“Nothing.” Jake replied a little too quickly and Carmen just grinned at him. “So, what’s up?” Wow. That was so lame. He blamed the weather.

“Weeeellll, I was thinking we kinda got interrupted earlier so..” She let the sentence fade and Jake had no problem picking up her train of thought. It was all he’d been thinking about really. He tired to play it cool but thought he was failing miserably.

“Well I must say I’m not sure I could say no.” He walked closer to his sister who was sitting in the exact same spot as the morning and watched as she slipped her top up and over her head releasing her fantastic breasts.

“I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of looking at those.” Jake said, sighing. Carmen smiled a wide beaming smile then her eyebrow rose as she looked up at her brother then down at the towel.

Jake took the hint and slowly unwound his towel and let it fall to the floor as he stepped out of it, stepping closer to his sister.

“Up and ready?” Carmen asked, grinning wickedly.

“You have that effect on me.” Jake said as he winked down as his beautiful sibling. She really was beautiful, it was insane. And hot. And Sexy. And cute. Wow. He laughed to himself and Carmen looked up at him confused but he just shook his head.

Carmen’s hand had only the smallest trace of hesitancy as she raised it to wrap around her brother’s cock but even that soon fell away as she slowly started to pump up and down. After the whole day of tension, and thinking about it, how it had been wrong, the feeling that shot through him was anything but. He realised that nothing this good could be bad. Or maybe that was why it felt so good? He was confused but as his sister slowly squeezed him, moving her hand slowly up and down his penis he could only groan as everything else was blown out of his mind.

“You feel so hot.” Carmen said her eyes looking at her hand that was moving smoothly up and down her brother’s cock. She still couldn’t quite believe she was here, doing this but she felt no guilt anymore. Now it just felt hot, sexy she almost couldn’t describe it. It felt right.

“That feels soo good Car.” Jake groaned and his sister felt a little through her at how she could make her big brother feel so good.

Jake’s cock continued to leak out pre cum and Carmen just spread it quickening her pace as she felt her brother began to tense and sure enough he was soon groaning. They both felt the taboo of the situation getting to them and they both knew that this time they would not be interrupted.

“Fuck Car, I’m gona cum soon.” Jake warned his beautiful sister as he felt the familiar feelings begin to shoot through his body. He knew he couldn’t hold it back for much longer.

“That’s why we’re here.” Carmen whispered back and she looked up into her brother’s eyes seeing the lust in his eyes.

That look was all it took. Looking into her beautiful eyes, seeing the excitement and lust sent lightning down his spine straight to his cock.

“Fuck, I’m cumming.” Jake managed Escort İkitelli to spit out before he was rocked with convulsions.

Carmen, for her part, groaned as she felt her brother’s cock swell in her hand and saw the first jet of cum spray out. She watched in awe as she continued to pump her fist up and down watching as each spurt of white cum burst from her brother’s penis then landed all over her chest. Every spurt was accompanied by a grunt from Jake and as they slowly started to decrease in amount and intensity he felt his legs start to go weak. He had trouble standing up even after he had finished cumming and his sister’s hand continued to slowly, almost loving, stroke him up and down.

Finally Jake opened his eyes and he swayed a little, seeing black spots in his vision. He noticed his sister staring up at him with a shy, pleased little smile pulling up the corner’s of her mouth. Her hand slowly let go of his cock and he looked down to see that it was covered in his cum. Then his eyes followed hers as she looked at her chest and Jake let out another groan. He had literally covered her breasts; there was very little skin that was not covered in his sticky white cum.

“Wow, I didn’t expect that much.” Carmen said looking down at her chest and seeing her brother’s cum all over her tits.

She couldn’t deny that the sight turned her on as did the feeling of being covered in warm cum. The thought that it was her brother’s cum suddenly drifted into her mind and a jolt went straight to her pussy, she didn’t need to look down to know she had left another huge wet mark on her brother’s bed.

“It looks so hot Car.” Jake said as he gazed from her beautiful face and the look of lust that was plastered there and down to her beautiful perfect tits covered in his cum. His cum. Wow.

“It does. Feels pretty hot too.” Carmen whispered in reply then had an idea and tacked on. “Get your camera.”

Jake stared at his sister for a few seconds wondering if she was being serious then after looking into her eyes for a fraction of a second more left his room. He had to tear his eyes away from her but was back in record time. The sight that met him made him realise that his legs had taken on the consistency of jelly. He stumbled the last few steps and lined up the camera to take a few shots.

“Make them look good.” Carmen said as she leaned back on one of her arms her chest seeming to push out making her perfect boobs look even better. Her other hand drifted toward her panties. She wore little black French cut underwear and for the first time Jake realised how sexy she looked in them.

“I think making them look bad is impossible.” Jake mumbled as the flash continued to go off as he took in everything from her beautiful face, her tits covered in his cum and how it was slowly sliding down her chest to her beautiful legs and her sexy panties.

“Car, can I just say that I think you’re possibly the sexiest girl I’ve ever seen?” Jake said as he finally put the camera down and looked at his sister with new found respect and love. And lust.

Carmen blushed and looked down for a second as she picked up her top, giving herself time to think up a suitable reply.

“Yes, I wouldn’t mind.” She looked up at her brother who laughed and winked then slowly seemed to glide from the room.

Jake stood in the same place for a few seconds then crashed onto his bed face first and didn’t move.

“Oh my god.” He half mumbled, half moaned into his bed cover.

Carmen grinned to herself as she left his room and went into the house to go masturbate. For hours she guessed as she laughed to herself.


It was Friday night and Kaeda had convinced her sister to go to her favourite club, Midnight. They played alternative rock music that was Kaeda’s favourite and Cindy had, of course, pulled her two friends along. They were all getting ready at Carmen’s place a little nervous as none of them had ever gone to a place like Midnight and they were a little weary of the goth types and the unknown factor.

Jake came home from the track glistening in sweat, in his running kit and walked in on the three girls as they were laughing and joking around the kitchen table. He stopped in his tracks looking over the three beauties dressed differentially from what he was used to seeing. Kate was wearing a short black mini skirt that was showing off her perfect legs that really did seem to go on forever and a black and grey vest with a bright red heart. Jake thought the black heels topped the whole outfit off well. Cindy was in comfy jeans, black converse and a black shirt with a white legend that read ‘angel/devil?’ He looked around as his sister came into the room in tight fitting blue jeans that showed off her fantastic ass and a black vest that hugged her body presenting her perfect breasts to whoever wanted to look. She wore one of her brother’s Ironfist arm bands but was looking a little sheepish as she walked in then spotting her brother began to blush.

“What’s the occasion?” Jake asked looking over his sister thinking she looked hot. Very hot. Cindy noticed the look and laughed to herself.

“Kaeda’s taking us all to Midnight.” Carmen replied, trying in vain to stop the blood shooting to her face.

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