Bum Chums Have Fun In The Sun

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Big Dicks

Martin’s palms felt sweaty as he got off the bus and started the long descent down to the beach, and his heart pounded away in his ribcage. It was like being caught with his hand in the cookie jar; just being in the proximity of “the beach” made him feel like he was committing some grave sin, but his lust and desire and excitement drove him on.

He had been travelling all day: first he took a bus from the sheep station he lived on down to the railway station and from there had a long journey into the city. Then he had to catch another bus out to where he believed “the beach” to be. And all to lose his cherry. At twenty five he was still a virgin and desperate to do something to change that situation.

He had heard that there was this beach where men went to swim in the nude and to eye each other up. That first time, when he read those words, he was so fucking horny he had sat in the outhouse for over an hour and wanked himself silly until his balls ached and his fleshy, uncut cock was rubbed raw. He couldn’t believe that there was such a place: what were those city folk like! But then he had started researching it on the internet, on his boss’ computer when he wasn’t looking, and there it was with a map and directions and everything. There was even a picture of a guy getting bum fucked right there on the sands.

Half an hour later Martin was down on the beach. It looked pretty deserted and he felt extremely disappointed. He had not made this long trek just to be the only guy on the beach. Still, as he had come this far there was no point turning around without at least having a swim. He quickly stripped out of his clothes and raced down to the sea. It was cool and refreshing on such a hot day. After splashing about for a bit Martin walked out of the sea and enjoyed the feel of the sun and the breeze on his body. He couldn’t believe that he was naked on a public beach. If his boss and the other jackeroos could see him now!

He was drying himself off when he suddenly heard a voice:

‘Nice body you got there, mate!’

Martin was certain that the man couldn’t be talking to him. His body was ordinary and he had a jackeroo tan; brown face and arms, white everything else. He lowered the towel to see an older man, perhaps in his fifties, looking at him. He was still in fine shape and had a very handsome face and a large bush of black pubic hair from which jutted out a large brown cock and the biggest pair of nuts that Martin had ever seen. The stranger saw Martin’s gaze drop down to his big cock and he slowly pulled back the foreskin revealing the shiny plum it concealed.

Martin’s cock sprang into an erection and he felt extremely embarrassed and tried to shield it with his hands. The older man came closer and gently brushed Martin’s hands away.

‘There’s no need to be shy.’ he said. ‘That’s a real beaut you have there, mate’.

Martin was like a startled rabbit caught in headlights; he just didn’t know what to do. He wanted sex: oh boy did he want sex. But he had been hoping for someone closer to his age. In his mind’s eye he would come to the beach and meet someone and they would chat and then hours later go off and have a meal and then later they would go back to Martin’s hotel and make love. But something was telling him it didn’t quite work like that. That something was his blood engorged cock that felt so good in the stranger’s hands.

The man was a master at manipulating cock. Each stroke and tug made Martin feel more and more turned on. Nervously he scanned the beach to see if they were being watched but there was no one else about. He already knew that the beach could not be seen from above so he relaxed a little.

‘Come over here in the shade.’ the man told him.

Meekly Martin followed his new found lover, watching his meaty bum bouncing as he walked across the hot sand. He had laid out his towel behind a small bush close to a large rock, where they were well hidden from view. It was a large towel and there was plenty of room for Martin.

‘You seem a little tense.’ the man observed.

‘I’ve never done this before.’ Martin replied.

‘What…never, not even a wank?

‘No, nothing at all.’ Martin was embarrassed to admit this.

‘Wow!’ was the breathy response as the older man laid Martin flat on his back and began to nibble his pale, smooth taut belly. His little butterfly kisses turned Martin on enormously and he took the older man’s head in his hands, feeling the warmth where the sun had caught his bald spot. His hair was short and halfway between spiky and silky and it was a feeling that Martin knew he would never, ever forget. It was the feel of a man, a man who needed to be wanted by another man; he was not alone in his desires.

Nor too would he forget the feel of that hot mouth closing around his throbbing cock for the first time. Martin grunted and thrust up into that exprienced cock sucker’s mouth and almost shot his bolt. It was just the best feeling in the world. As the middle aged cock magician licked Martin’s knob he gently stroked his thighs, driving the young Sakarya Escort stud wild. He wanted desperately to cum; he had a week’s worth of clotted cream waiting to burst out of his balls and yet he wanted to prolong this ecstatic agony, and give the older man his pleasure.

The older stud knew he had a real live wire here. The way the young stud kept thrusting up into his mouth he knew it would not be long before the dam burst. How much he would have loved to catch that tangy gush of man goo on his tongue but he had a need even greater than that. He came off Martin’s cock and started kissing up his belly again and then on to his chest. He lingered long enough to tease Martin’s nipples until they were like little missiles ready to launch. He teased on up to Martin’s flushed neck and then nibbled his earlobes, all the time gently stroking that fat, eight inch wand of perfect man flesh. ‘Would you like to fuck me?’ he whispered in Martin’s ear.

Martin could not believe what he had just heard! Did he ever!

‘Can I?’ he whispered back.

‘For you, mate, I would do anything.’

Martin watched the middle aged hunk apply some lube to his ass. He was glad that he did it himself because somehow Martin didn’t think he would want to be sticking his fingers up the guy’s ass, even though he wanted desperately to fuck it. Everything was so new to him and it would take some time to figure out what was what, and what all his feelings were. But one thing he knew for certain: his cock was rock hard and when the older man laid down on the towel and spread his cheeks and pushed his meaty rump up in the air, exposing his fur fringed chute, Martin was ready to fuck.

He positioned himself behind the waiting bumhole and pushed himself in with one savage thrust. The poor man let out a howl of protest.

‘Did I do something wrong?’ Martin was perplexed.

‘Just take it a little easy at the start, huh?’ came the reply.

Martin was a quick learner and did as he was told. Soon the guy underneath him was cooing away as Martin gently slid his big cock in and out of his silky, warm chute. Martin looked down at his cock sliding in and out of that tanned, meaty rump; he had daydreamt about fucking his boss many, many times and his boss was built just about the same as the guy he was fucking now. When he closed his eyes he found he was fucking the boss’ beefy bum and it made him so excited he was having trouble breathing properly.

The older man was lost in a world of pleasure now as his relaxed ass delighted in Martin’s deep drilling. The young stud was like a stallion as he rogered the older man into the towel, squashing his hard cock between it and his belly. He had to push his bum back in the air to gain access to the stiff prick that matched Martin’s in length and girth. As he pushed back it heightened the amazing feeling that Martin’s cock was experiencing. His cock head was incredibly sensitive now and to intensify that sensitivity he instinctively pulled his cock all the way out of the man’s ass and slid it back again. They both cried out in delight and Martin repeated the trick over and over.

Martin’s balls were drawn up tight as he slid his slippery cockhead past the guard of the older man’s ring before pulling it out again to repeat the whole process. The older stud could feel his orgasm building; it seemed to start right around his asshole and he started clamping down on Martin’s cock. The more he did so the more intense the build up became and soon he could feel the rush and he grunted out loud as the world went black for a second or two. Heavy ropes of jizz shot out of his cock and onto the towel. He clamped his assring around Martin’s cock one last time and triggered the young stud’s release.

Martin could not believe how good it felt when the older stud had started clamping his assring down on his cock. He was already experiencing pleasure beyond his wildest imagination when suddenly it had switched up a gear or two. His balls were starting to protest when he gave one last thrust into that beautiful hole and a geyser of red hot jizz juice erupted out of him and deep into his lover’s ass guts. He literally saw stars as the fuck fluids exploded out of his cock and pleasure coursed through his body like a giant wave.

He collapsed onto the older man’s broad back and wiggled his cock about in his jizzed up ass before falling asleep in the cooling breeze.

Martin woke a half hour later when the older man gently shook his shoulder. He was dazed and confused at first but when he saw the naked man next to him he remembered where he was.

‘I have to go now.’ the older man told him. ‘My wife doesn’t like it if I stay out too long.’

His wife! What the hell was he talking about? Martin gulped and felt his face flush. He had hoped to spend more time with the skilled lover that had drained his balls, but it was not to be.

‘Well, nice to meet you.’ Martin remembered his manners.

‘You too.’ came the reply. ‘I don’t think I will ever forget that hot fuck.’

It was good to know Adapazarı Escort that it had made an impact on him too. Martin knew that he would never forget the feeling of being buried in that beautiful bum, and the way it clamped down on his cock, milking the cream right out of his balls.

He watched the older man walk away and then went back to his towel. He noticed that there were several other people about on the beach now. He lay down on his towel and tried to decide what to do. If he left now he could get back home that evening and not have to pay for a hotel room. But if he stayed he could see loads more naked flesh and see what the men got up to. His older man was already out of sight and Martin felt slightly disloyal. How could he be thinking about sex so soon after such a satisfying fuck, the first and only one of his life. But, the man was married after all, and he was going back to his wife.

Martin was gazing out to sea when a pair of hairy bears walked past him and settled on a towel not far away. He watched them strip off and run into the sea. When they came out their little dicks were shrunken to short, fat nubs. They laughed as they embraced and began to kiss. Soon they were laid out on the towel and fondling each other and did not seem to care who was watching them. It was when the one guy got up and straddled the other guy’s face that Martin had to turn over onto his towel. The guy on his back was eating the other guy’s ass right there on the beach in full view of who ever wanted to watch. Martin felt sick with lust.

He tried not to look but his eyes were drawn back time and again. It seemed like such a disgusting thing to do: why lick another guy’s bumhole? But the moans and groans of the guy being eaten was all the answer that Martin needed. If the bear didn’t stop making such a racket Martin felt sure he would just explode. Soon he went down on his lover’s cock and that shut him up. Martin looked around and saw several guys jerking themselves off as they watched the horny, hairy bear lovers. Martin’s own cock was swollen to the maximum and he turned over onto his back and gently tugged on it as he lost his fear of exposure.

And then Martin saw someone who made his head turn. He was slim and well proportioned and pale and delicate looking with long blonde hair. All eyes turned as he walked across the sand. His dick was thin and small and almost dwarfed by his blonde pubic bush. Men seemed to be shaking their meat sticks at him, inviting him to stop a while but he strode on. When he came closer Martin noticed how pretty he was, with smoky green eyes and a really sexy mouth. His waist couldn’t have been more than twenty six inches and his belly and chest were smooth, with tiny brown nubs for nipples.

He suddenly stopped in front of Martin.

‘Mind if I put my towel down here.’ he asked.

‘Be my guest.’ Martin replied.

He introduced himself as Sandy, and told Martin that he normally came to the beach with a friend of his own age who could not make it today. He was twenty two but to Martin he seemed somehow older and street wise.

‘The older guys give me a hard time.’ he told Martin .’ They never want to leave me alone. They’re always after sucking me off or fucking my ass.’

‘Do you ever let them?’ Martin asked.

‘It has been known occasionally.’ Sandy replied with a chuckle. ‘How about you?’

‘I fucked a guy in his fifties earlier today. It was my first time ever having sex and it felt really good.’ Martin told him.

Sandy took a good look at Martin. A virgin, was he? He could second in line. That would be just as hot. He had a nice build and a really hot looking cock. It was a pity about the jackeroo tan.

‘And did he fuck you?’ asked Sandy.

‘No. He had to get back to his wife.’ Martin told him.

Now Sandy’s interest was fully aroused. He knew that all eyes were on them as they were the only couple under thirty on the beach and he was determined to put on a good show.

‘I’m just going to have a quick dip.’ He told Martin.

Martin watched his smooth, tight little bubble butt bouncing as he ran down to the sea. There was something slightly feminine about him and it turned Martin on enormously. Earlier in the day he had been with a hairy stud with a big bum and now he was lusting after a skinny, smooth twink with the hottest little bubble butt. How strange was this thing called desire.

Sandy came skipping out the water and stood over Martin, dripping cool water over him. He dropped down and sat on Martin’s belly and pretended to wrestle with him. The lusty pair was laughing like playful pups and soon aroused even more interest than they had before. Martin’s hard cock was sandwiched between Sandy’s smooth bum cheeks, rubbing over his little truffle. A drop of precum oozed out of Martin’s cock and slithered over Sandy’s slit, making him feel so incredibly horny. He was tempted to just sit down on that fat cock but he had promised himself that he would be the first to take Martin’s ass cherry.

Sandy leaned down and kissed Serdivan Escort the dark haired stud and the world stood still as they melted into each other. Their hard cocks were now crushed between them as their tongues duelled. Some of the voyeurs had moved closer, positioning their towels on the sand to get the best view of the action that they knew was about to happen.

It was Sandy who broke off their kiss.

‘Turn over on your belly.’ he told Martin.

Somewhat apprehensively Martin did as he was told and rolled over, exposing his firm, smooth beautiful bum. Sandy stroked Martin’s well developed, slightly furry thighs and then up onto the swollen flesh of his buttocks and then onto the silky smooth small of his back. All Martin’s apprehension vanished as he relaxed into this wonderful butt and thigh massage. And then Sandy suddenly parted Martin’s cheeks and buried his face in his crack. Martin let out a little yelp as Sandy’s tongue made contact with his little rosebud. He had heard the other jackeroos discussing eating pussy, but he was sure none of them knew the delights of having their little man pussies eaten.

Martin squirmed around on the towel, unsure of how much pleasure he could bear. He looked around and saw men kneeling, cock in hand, as they watched Sandy eat his ass. He felt like the most desirable person in the world then, which was a big change from how he had felt back on the sheep station. Sandy reached into his bag now and took out a bottle of lube. The cooling gel sent a shiver of delight through Martin’s body, followed soon after by the sting of his first invading finger. Instinctively he clamped down on it, trying to eject it but somehow that made it feel much better so he tried it again. Sandy soon had Martin’s virgin bumhole worked loose and applied a dollop of gel to his slender, five inch cock for good measure.

He positioned himself behind his up outback stud and lay down over him and gently teased his cock up and down Martin’s crack. The feel of that warm cock sliding about in his crack was unlike anything Martin could have imagined. He understood now why the man he had fucked earlier had gone so fuck crazy. Each time that warm spongy head slid over his ring Martin wanted to jump right out of his skin. Sandy could tell that the hot hunk was ready for his first dicking. He pressed gently against the slippery folds and was soon sliding into the warmth of a hole that had known no other but him. That knowledge intensified the pleasure Sandy felt as he slowly slid his super hard cock home.

Martin was still waiting for the pain when he realized that Sandy was buried to the bone. He could feel his pubic hair up against his cheeks. He relaxed and was soon transported to another plane as Sandy began to gently stroke off inside him. Martin’s chute was tight and warm and Sandy was soon driven to stroke harder and deeper which Martin took in his stride. Soon Sandy was withdrawing that skinny cock of his all the way out of Martin’s bumhole before slamming it back in again. And the harder and deeper he fucked the more Martin wanted. The other men had crept ever closer so that they were now no more than two feet away. Hard cocks were being stroked and big balls caressed as the men fondled themselves and each other to release.

The sweat poured off Sandy as he fucked and his belly ached. Each stroke seemed better than the last and seeing all the voyeurs going ape shit crazy around him was driving him wild. Martin could sense that his lover was close and when he started gasping and grunting he clamped his ass ring down on Sandy’s cock the same way the older man had done to him. Sandy cried out loud and long as his tiny balls spewed forth a surprisingly large load into Martin’s hot guts. Sandy shivered and shuddered as his orgasm coursed through his body before withdrawing his spent cock.

Martin’s ass was on fire; he needed more cock. Sandy’s thin cock was like a starter that had opened him up for the real thing. He looked around and saw a chunky Greek looking guy in his forties with an incredibly thick cock that tapered from a base so fat that his fingers did not meet around it to a pointed arrow shaped head. It was about seven inches long and looked absolutely perfect to fulfil the need that Martin felt.

‘Please,’ he begged the man ‘could you fuck me with that big cock.’

The man wasted no time. In a flash he was kneeling behind Martin and pushing his beercan fat cock into Martin’s slippery crack. Martin sighed in contentment as his bumhole was filled with the perfect piece of meat. Sandy got up and came and sat cross legged in front of Martin and massaged his scalp as he got fucked.

Martin was completely filled by this super fat cock and it took a little while for him to adjust to its girth but soon he was riding the dragon. He felt really slutty as he bucked his until recently virgin ass against that thick brown cock that made him feel so damn good. A hand, he wasn’t sure whose, closed around his balls and started gently fondling them. He was soon hard again and the hand gently milked his hard rod, keeping him on the edge of cumming for ages. Another guy came and knelt to his right side, waving a pale, nine inch cock in front his face. The gently applied pressure to the back of Martin’s head and he soon found himself going crazy on the red head’s spicy cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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