Bunch O’Dicks Ch. 01

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Jane knocked at John’s, and his mother Sarah opened.

“Welcome home, Jane. John is still asleep, but I can awake him.”

“Can I do that, mom?”

Sarah giggled and answered, “Of course, daughter. By the way, I’m going shopping, so you’ll be alone for about a couple hours. Ah, the answerphone is active, so you won’t be interrupted.”

As Sarah went out, Jane sneaked into John’s bedroom without turning the light on. But she could even see in the utmost darkness, in which a cat would beg a lantern, so she easily found John. She quietly undressed — removed her pullover, her shirt, her trousers, her shoes and stockings, and finally her bra.

A drop of milk fell from her nipple on to John’s lower lip, and awoke him. Jane rode over his belly and fondled his eyes and cheeks with her nipples, while John stroked her thighs, grasped her panties, removed them and began playing with her genitalia.

While his fingers caressed her labia, her clitoris and her vaginal orifice, Jane introduced her right breast into his mouth, so John could easily suck her sweet, abundant, warm milk. While he did that, he even dared introduce a finger or two into her anus and stroke her rectum.

Jane removed John’s panties and sat over his erect penis — but didn’t let it in; she simply put her clitoris over his penis’ tip, and rubbed her labia and vaginal orifice against his penis’ shaft.

John was somewhat puzzled by her behaviour, but he nonetheless appreciated it, and the more he sucked, the harder it got. When he was done sucking, Jane whispered, “John, please, stay put for a few minutes.”

As John said, “Ok,” Jane rose on her feet, made an U-turn and kneeled on John, so he found her vulva near his mouth. He smelled it (the light was still off) and reached for it with his tongue.

“Don’t … Ok, do that!” Jane said, and John began licking her, while Jane put her boobs on his belly (and John noticed that their weight and size had somewhat increased lately), and grasped his dick with her hands and lips.

Once she found John’s penis hard enough, she clenched something around it and said, “John, don’t move it for a few minutes. Keep eating me, please.”

John did that, while Jane was clasping his dick, and managed to keep it firm even though John licked her cunt so masterfully that she squirted at last.

Then she released his still hard penis, turned toward him and says, “You’ve been good. Here’s your prize!”

John grasped her breasts, while her vulva latched his penis and she let it enter her vagina. John was immobilized under her, but her hip and vaginal muscles led them to simultaneous orgasm.

After that, while hugging and holding her, John asked, “What did you put around my penis and clenched it with?”

“Turn on the light and you’ll see by yourself.”

John did that and saw … that Jane had cast a mold of his penis with dental casting material!

“I see that you’ve learnt your craft very well! What are you doing with it?”

“I’m going to make a replica.”


“I’ve been admitted to University of Hawaii, and I can’t afford to come home as often as I’d like.”

“Gosh! Moreover, I’ve been turned down by all the universities I applied to, but the American University of Paris, which hasn’t replied yet.”

“If it admitted you, you’d count yourself lucky.”

“Not really. Mom should work overtime to pay for my studies in Paris. And even sex workers like her have been deeply hurt by the current crisis.”

“My mom complains about it too. But she fears that I could be harassed because of her profession, and therefore insisted on my studying across the Pacific Ocean. Had she thought about an American university abroad, she would have me apply to it.”

“What if I’m even turned down by the Parisian university and I escort you to the Hawaii as your bodyguard and … footman?”

Jane laughed heartily, “John, you’re only good when you’re horizontal. Despite your information technology training, your mom had to hire a computer consultant, and your family is the only one I know which has plastic dishes and cups in the cupboard.”

“Perhaps this means that I’ve been admitted to the American University of Paris — I never studied Gümüşhane Escort sitting, but only lying in bed …”

“And I established a token economy: five pages, a kiss; ten pages, a stroke on my tits; fifty pages; a mouthful of milk; 300 pages, a fuck; an encyclopaedia, a night full of orgasms and perverted sex.”

“We had many such nights, so, perhaps …”

“Don’t count your chickens before they’ve hatched. Darling, I have to thoroughly wash the mold before using it.”

“I’ll come with you. By the way, could you tell me why my fingers are still as clean as a whistle, even though I dipped them into your anus?”

“Before coming here, I used the trick of some porn actresses: I rinsed my rectum using enemas, enemas, enemas, until only pure water went out.”

“Had you told that to me in advance, I’d have been glad to administer them to you!”

“Next time, darling. I was more preoccupied about the mold.”

“How many replicas can you cast?”

“I’m going to cast a couple of them — one for normal use, another one as a prototype in case I smash the other. It’s less cumbersome than bringing the original mold to Honolulu.”

“Ok. But do you think that is there in Honolulu a dental lab willing to cast another mold and another replica of my dick?”

“If I find one run by a spinster, I could try and tell her that it’s actually an elephant fang — from a transgenic animal.”

John laughed heartily while Jane took his electric toothbrush, inserted a brush, spread some toothpaste over it, and bent over the sink to clean the mold. As she and John were naked, John could easily see her sagging (and for now empty) tits shaking under her body, her anus between the buns, and her labia between her thighs.

As he had a hardon, he rubbed his dick against her perineum; Jane told him, “Let me clean the mold first. You won’t let me enjoy a dick different from your own, will you?”

“No, I won’t,” John said, but he didn’t remove his dick from her body. When Jane was done and turned the toothbrush off, John asked her, “Please, take my mom’s hand cream.”

“What for?”

“As a lubricant.”

“Darling, it’s a really bad idea. It even irritates the mouth lining. You should instead …”

Jane watched the dental irrigator by the toothbrush and said, “If you can fill the tank with olive oil, and tune the appliance in order to gently sprinkle it, you could lubricate my butt with it.”

“And even insert the jet tips into it, thus lubricating your rectum better than an engine cylinder.”

“Yes. By the way, doesn’t your mom have silicone oil?”

“She keeps all the tools of her trade in a safe. Even though I and you have come of age, she still fears that we may abuse them.”

“Ok for the olive oil, then.”

They took the oil, but before using it, they filled the irrigator tank with water and salt, tuned the pump, Jane sat on the bathtub lid, and John begun inserting (carefully!) the jet tip into her anus. It was Jane at the appliance controls, so she could adjust (or interrupt) the jet of water as she saw fit.

The snout was pliable, so John soon discovered that he could bend it 90° without disrupting its work, and he even proposed Jane to penetrate her vagina while irrigating her anus as well.

“Let’s do simple things first,” Jane answered, and John kept irrigating her rectum, as Jane never said, “Enough,” and kept refilling the irrigator tank.

“Jane, do you want more water? You’ve taken in countless cups of it, and I’m amazed that you aren’t going to shit yet.”

“Don’t worry, it takes time to me to feel the stimulus. In the meantime, I need something to seal my orifice … Could you lend me your shaving brush? Its handle seems of the right size.” John had another idea, “If you really can take it, you can take something else. Give me the olive oil.”

Jane gave it to John, John oiled his cock, and slowly inserted it into her anus. Jane only uttered an “Ooh”, relaxed her sphincter craftily, so her anus sealed around John’s dick, without letting water leak out.

As John’s cock was fully in, the rectal muscles squeezed around it and massaged it energetically, while John was stroking her boobs with a hand, Gümüşhane Escort Bayan and her vulva with the other.

“Next time, we’ll use my milk. I’ve plenty of it,” Jane said while her milk was bursting out as she was having an orgasm. A few minutes later, John too had his, and was going to get out of her body, but Jane asked him not to do so.

“I have to pee,” John complained, and Jane answered, “Pee into me!”

John did that, and the extra fluid gave her added stimulation and another orgasm.

“It’s my turn to pee, John,” said Jane, and John had to lead her to the toilet seat, without removing his detumescing penis, for fear of leaking all the fluid in her gut.

One his dick was soft enough, he could remove it, and Jane released all the fluids in her bladder and rectum. John looked at them when she was done, and amazingly noticed that there were no traces of faeces — and his penis was only smeared with olive oil, semen and urine.

“Are you OK, darling,” Jane asked, and John answered, “It was a cleaner business than I feared.”

Jane answered, “When you were assfucking me, I thought that, had I already cast the replica, I could have penetrated my vagina with it, and enjoyed more pleasure. I’ll cast three replicas of your cock, darling.”

“Good,” he said, while Jane opened the shower faucets, and invited him to shower with her. They washed their genitalia and anal region first, and then could thoroughly clean their skins, enjoy tit-milking, and even vaginal sex in the bathtub.

Sarah, John’s mother, came back when they had already dressed and cleaned the bathroom; before cooking lunch for them, Sarah gave John an envelope from Paris: the American University of Paris had accepted his application!

John and Jane shouted with joy, hugged and kissed, and Sarah had to tell them, “First eat, then you can repeat what you’ve done this morning. By the way, where is the olive oil I need to dress the salad?”

“In the bathroom …,” Jane said, and Sarah, smiling, replied, “I’ll give you a key to my special safe. Specialized toys and chemicals are better than generic oils and appliances.”

In the bathroom, Sarah also found Jane’s mold, still hung to dry over the sink. She laughed her head off, and called the embarrassed boys.

“Jane, you’ve taken a mold of my son’s phallus, have you?”

“No, it’s a specimen from the zoo. Don’t you see that it’s too large to be the impression of a human penis?”

Sarah laughed again, and told Jane, “You don’t know how many times have I regretted to be the mother of so well-hung a son. You can’t diddle me, Jane. By the way, I understand you: if you’re going to study at the University of Hawaii, and John is going to study in Paris, you may not have as much sex as you like.”

“Yes, mom. That’s why I cast a mold of his penis.”

“Hmm … John, I have to talk to Jane alone. Please, go to the kitchen.”

When John was out of range, Sarah whispered Jane, “Do you still feel the lesbian urges you felt a few years ago?”

“Yes, I do. But I prefer John. Why are you asking me?”

“I’ll show you an item in my safe.”

When Sarah opened the safe and took out a strap-on harness, Jane said, “You’re suggesting me to find a lesbian girlfriend willing to penetrate me, aren’t you?”

“Yes. This harness can accommodate a variety of dildos; if you like, you can attach the cast of John’s dick, and your girlfriend will be able to give you the same sensations you feel when he is in you.”

“I should talk about it with John.”

“John!!!” Sarah shouted, and when John was in the room, she told him, “Let me show one of my tricks.”

She was wearing a skirt, so she had to remove it, thus exposing her fine white lace panties and her black stockings; then she wore the dildo harness, chose a dong of about the size of the cast Jane had taken, and told John, “John, as your girlfriend has taken a mold of your penis, I’m suggesting her to apply the cast to this harness, and ask a girlfriend to wear it, and please her. What’s your opinion?”

“Really arousing. But I think that Jane should test the efficacy of the contraption once she has cast the replica.”

Jane felt very aroused, Escort Gümüşhane looked at Sarah’s dildo and at the bulge in John’s pants, and said, “If you like, I can try it now.”

“Do you want me to penetrate you?” Sarah asked, and Jane answered, “No, you both. I’m so aroused that I’m leaking milk. Please, suck it.”

John and Sarah went near Jane, helped her remove her shirt and bra, made her lie on the bed, and they too lay at her sides — John at her right, Sarah at her left.

Their mouths grasped her nipples, while their hands stroked her belly, her hips and her thighs; while sucking, they removed her pants and underwear, until she was completely naked; Jane then pulled John’s fly open with a hand, and opened Sarah’s shirt with the other.

So all three were naked in a matter of minutes, and even managed to undress without removing their lips from Jane’s nipples; Sarah had to both remove her undies, and dress the dildo harness again in order to get ready to fuck.

As John and Sarah were sated, Jane spread her legs wide open, delicately detached their mouths from her tits, and waved to Sarah, so she understood that she had to please Jane first.

She asked John to help her pull Jane’s butt towards the lid of the bed, and they both grasped Jane’s legs and pulled. When Jane was in the right place, she raised her feet to Sarah’s breasts, and had her [Sarah’s] hardened nipples tickle her soles.

Sarah smiled, and rubbed her dong’s tip on Jane’s clit, while John couldn’t help sit near the tip of her head, pressing his genitalia against Jane’s hair, and fondling her nipples and areolas.

Jane’s last words were, “Put it into my mouth and throb together with your mom,” before John complied, and Sarah penetrated her vagina.

Sarah touched Jane’s buns, while Jane was stroking John’s, and they kept penetrating her body until John came, and once he removed his cock and Jane could speak again, she told Sarah, “Can you sodomize me?”

Sarah took some silicone oil and anointed her dong, while John kneeled over Jane’s body, so her breasts touched his belly, and his mouth kept stimulating her clit, and his fingers dilated her orifice.

When Sarah came back, she put a couple pillows under Jane’s butt, so she could easily sodomize her, and leave enough room to John to give her a 69.

Sarah tried to avoid direct contact with her son, but she didn’t succeed, as she couldn’t help touch John’s head with each thrust, and whenever she came (they kept making love until John could come again), she bent over John’s back and couldn’t help press her own breasts against his loins.

And when she was doing that, John voluptuously grasped his mother’s buns, and sensously stroke them. When they all were done, Jane asked, “What if my girlfriend wants me to reciprocate?”

Sarah knew the answer: took a double dildo from her safe, and cautiously inserted it into Jane’s vagina; then she sat on it and let it enter his body; as she was done, she told John, “Lube your dick with the silicone oil, before ramming it into our ass.”

John did that, and penetrated Jane’s rectum; while his mother hopped up and down, he thrusted in and out. Four hands stroke Jane’s breasts and buttocks, and John even felt his hands pressed between his fiance’s and his mother’s breasts, as the two women kissed while ke kept throbbing.

As they were done, the two women lay side by side in the bed, while John went to the bathroom. Sarah asked Jane, “Did you like it?”

“Yes, but I still have to learn how to anally penetrate a woman.”

“Ok, you can learn it from me,” Sarah said, put her butt near Jane’s double dildo (still inserted), and was letting it enter when John came back from the bathroom.

Seeing the most important women in his life do that gave him an istantaneous hard on, and Sarah didn’t stop him when he approached her cunt, opened it, and sneaked his dick into.

So Sarah was doubly penetrated, and enjoyed it a lot. When they were done, they decided to have Jane doubly penetrated again — Sarah from the rear, John from the cunt.

They spent so much time in that love session that it was now dinner time — but Jane wasn’t hungry, and John and Sarah were replete with milk. So they put all the food into the fridge, and, before bidding farewell, Sarah asked Jane, “How many copies of my son’s phallus are you going to cast?”

“Two. Why?”

“Too few. I advise you to get at least three for you, and to give me four.”

“Four? What for?”

“You’ll know why.”

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