Burned Ch. 02

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Double Dong

Both Leah and Chris are 18. The events occurred the summer before they begin their freshman year in college.

This chapter has been slightly edited from the original.


Chapter 02: Oh my god!

Leah was gone when I awakened the next morning. The pocket door between our rooms was closed. My underwear was crusty with dried semen. I was sure her panties must be just as crusty. What was she thinking?

Oh my god! This could be awkward. How would I be able to face my cousin? This was going to be so embarrassing. She came to me for comfort and instead was molested in her sleep by her sick cousin. What was I going to do? What would I say? What would she say? Would she tell my parents? Would she tell her parents? Oh my god!

Finally, I screwed up enough courage to get up and go to the bathroom. I opened my door, turned to go down the hall and noticed the bathroom door was cracked open. As I approached the door, I heard the familiar sound of bathwater splashing, rippling and burbling. I stopped, and as I listened, I closed my eyes and imagined my cousin sitting in the tub, recumbent in the warm bath, the water enveloping and caressing her naked body. I could see her breasts buoyant in the water, suspended in the embrace of the warm liquid, undulating as the water rocked back and forth across the tub. I imagined her hands tracing leisurely across the skin of her flat stomach and over the mounds of her breasts, soapy and slick. Did she have pubic hair? I envisioned the oscillations of a forest floating and moving in the dark sea between her legs with the ebb and flow of tides between, through and around her thighs and labia.

I sat on the floor, leaned my back against the door jam on the hinged side. I listened to the swirling water. Could she be washing her hair? Her arms would be raised, her fingers soaping and scrubbing her scalp, bubbles running down her arms, across her shoulders onto her chest, flowing over her breasts and trickling off her tumescent nipples. Her tummy wet, flat, the little naval a tidal pool of water with soapy bubbles lapping at its shores.

The sound of rushing water crashing into the tub startled me out of my reverie. I clambered to my knees, turned and peeked through the narrow opening and was rewarded by the reflection in the mirror of my cousin kneeling, her head and hair under the faucet. The cascading water pouring down, around and through her hair rinsing away the soapy lather that I had imagined. It coursed down her hands, arms, neck and shoulders. It slewed down her glistening skin. The torrent raced across her body and cascaded off her dangling breasts that swayed with the movement of her arms and hands as she worked the cleansing flow of water through her tresses.

She reached and closed the tap; the torrent ceased its flow. Her torso straightened, head thrown back, arms up as hands swept her mane off her lovely face; eyes closed. Her full breasts hung dependent on her glistening chest; nipples stood hard and proud on their plump areolas. My eyes were drawn to the dark patch between her legs. Trimmed neatly, pointing the way to the full lips that covered and guarded her secret and private place of pleasures.

I backed away. Stunned by what I had seen and by what I had done. I didn’t want to be found out as a voyeur as well. I quickly returned to my room. In a few minutes I could hear her movements on the other side of the pocket door. I went to the bathroom and took my shower. On returning to my room to dress, I noticed that the pocket door was not quite closed all the way. I was sure it had been, maybe not. Maybe it was still left slightly ajar from Leah’s late night visit. Maybe. I didn’t think so. Could Leah have opened it?

After throwing my towel on the back of the chair. I made a point of not looking at the pocket door. I could feel eyes on me. Was Leah watching me? I wanted her to be. I wanted her to see my nakedness. I wanted her to see my penis. I wanted her to know what had pressed into her ass last night. I wanted her to see what had created the crustiness on her panties. The knowledge that my cousin could be looking at my nakedness excited me.

Thinking these thoughts, thinking she might be watching, wanting her to be watching all conspired to Küçükköy Escort make my penis begin to swell and grow. God, what should I do? I decided to pull on my underwear to hide the fact I was getting an erection. It would be too embarrassing at this point for her to see me have an erection for no reason. Shortly after I had pulled my underwear on, I heard Leah’s bedroom door open and close.

I finished dressing and went upstairs. My parents had already left the house for work. Leah was making breakfast and it was clear she was making enough for both of us.

“Good morning Chris,” she happily greeted me. Then she turned her head and looked intently at me with a coy smile on her lips as she asked, “How’d you sleep?”

“Great. How about you?” I answered as my heart skipped a beat. Had I misread the look?

“Very soundly. The sleep of the dead. Thanks for putting up with a crybaby. I hope you weren’t weird-ed out when I crawled into bed with you.

“I wasn’t weird-ed out at all. I’m glad I could help. I wish I could do more. I hate knowing you are sad.”

Did she really sleep that soundly? Was she just giving me an out? Was she not ready to talk about it?

“Holding me was enough. You are a good cousin Chris and I love you.”

I walked over, took Leah in my arms and gave her a big hug. “I love you too Leah.”

She put her arms around me and hugged back. When we pulled apart, she reached up and kissed me lightly on the lips. Her lips left a tingling sensation and I experienced a sudden brief lightheadedness that felt wonderful.

We ate breakfast chatting about nothing in particular. We didn’t discuss last night or this morning. I said nothing about the bathroom door or the pocket door. Just time spent with a normal meal with normal cousins with normal conversation.

I felt anything but normal. I had spent the night sleeping with my female cousin in my bed. I had ejaculated against said female cousin’s ass. I had watched the same female cousin take a bath. I had probably exposed myself to the same female cousin. Was I a pervert? I shouldn’t be thinking or doing any of these things. I must be a pervert because I didn’t give a damn; I wanted to do these things and more. I couldn’t help myself. I think I was losing control.

I took Leah to the mall so she could shop. She needed more clothes as she only had a few things that had been saved from the fire. She required everything from underwear to dresses. I spent the day watching her model clothes. She modeled everything for me. I had a great time. I didn’t need any excuse to ogle her. She looked marvelous in everything she tried on. She even modeled bikinis for me. We would go from store to store where she tried on a multitude of different things. Sometimes she had a bra on and sometimes she didn’t depending on the style and look she was going for.

I caught glimpses of her breasts and nipples through see through materials of several blouses. Other times she would only partially button a blouse or dress and as she would spin and pirouette the material would balloon out and expose a naked breast. I was in heaven. I was supposed to look closely and honestly tell her what I liked best.

She would have me zip and un-zip the dresses she was modeling. She was wearing thong panties. No panty lines for my cousin. I couldn’t believe it. I could see her lovely bare ass when I worked the zippers for her. Was she teasing me or just unaware? I didn’t care. I was having the time of my life. But my poor penis was suffering from being painfully trapped in my pants all day long. Up and down it went. It was exquisite torture.

Finally, she wanted to try on shoes. She would make her choices, the salesperson would bring out the boxes, but Leah would only let me help her with slipping them on with the help of a shoehorn.

At first, she was very modest and careful. Her knees together and her dress kept carefully pulled down over her knees. I was enjoying touching her feet and the calves while helping her slip into the shoes. She tried on everything from simple tennis shoes and pumps to high heels. When she switched to her search to high heels, things became seriously interesting. The heels naturally made her knees lift higher. Küçükköy Escort Bayan Her dress was no longer carefully pulled down over her knees.

When she stood to walk, her knees came slightly apart and I received a quick glimpse of her crotch. She was teasing me. She let me see her ass while helping with the zippers. Now, she was letting me see her plump barely covered pussy. Each time I helped her with another pair of shoes, her knees would drift further apart. She would hesitate a little longer before standing up. The shear fabric of her thong barely covered her plump labia and with each viewing a widening area of dampness and transparency was becoming evident.

She walked across the floor. The high heels tipped her ass up in a lovely way. “I don’t like these. They aren’t comfortable. Let me try the black ones next,” she said with a demure smile.

As I slipped the red shoes from her feet, she held her knees apart and let her skirt ride half way up her thighs. I held her right foot in my hand while I reached for the black shoe. Her pussy was visible through the translucency of her now soaking wet thong. Her clit barely poking out and visible between the upper portion of the dark crevice formed by her labia. My cock was getting uncomfortably hard again. I couldn’t take much more of this.

She finally admitted she was tired and couldn’t go on. Shopping mission completed and successful, at least for today. We headed home. Mom and Dad were in the kitchen and supper was almost ready.

“What have you guys been up to all day?” my dad asked as we came into the kitchen together.

“Chris has been a good sport. He spent the day helping me shop. He was an incredible help. I just about have my wardrobe put back together. A couple more days and I’ll be set.”

“Really? How did you get him to agree to that? He hates shopping,” my mom interjected looking at me with a quizzical expression.

“Oh Mom, stop. Leah has to have new clothes. How was she going to get them unless I showed her around?”

“Well, I’m glad you’re being so good to your cousin. I’m proud of you,” my dad interjected. “Keep up the good work.”

If my mom and dad only knew.

We enjoyed a good supper and watched a couple of movies. We all headed for bed about the same time. I let Leah use the bathroom first. When I heard her next door, I peaked through the gap in the still ajar pocket door. Leah slowly undressed by her bed. I marveled at her beauty. Her skin was flawless. The shape of her breasts and nipples took my breath away. I loved the curve of her ass and was rewarded with a view of the cleft formed by her ass cheeks as she turned and bent to put on her sleeping panties.

As she stood straight and pulled the panties over her bum, I realized that she had pulled on a pair of the new thongs she had purchased today. The thin ribbon of material slipped and disappeared between her rounded and muscular cheeks. God her ass was beautiful. Leah then pulled her nightie over her head and slowly down over her breasts. The peach colored material slowly fluttered down her body and gently came to rest barely covering her bum.

Taking a deep breath I pulled myself away, walked to the bathroom and took a quick shower. Back in my room, I threw my towel across the back of my desk chair, slowly combed my hair and finally pulled a pair of sleeping shorts out of my dresser. I had turned so my cock would be visible from the pocket door where I hoped Leah was covertly observing me.

I pulled my shorts on and walked to the door and quietly tapped. “Yes?” responded Leah from just on the other side.

“You going to be alright tonight?”

“Yes. No. I don’t know. Nights are the hardest. I get most homesick for Mom and Dad after going to bed. Do you mind if I stay with you again?” she asked timidly.

I pushed the door open, reached through the portal, took Leah’s hand and guided her to my bed. We crawled under the covers together and immediately spooned like the evening before.

“Thanks Chris. You must think I’m the biggest pain ever.”

“No way Leah. It’s understandable that you are stressed out. anybody would be. I want to do anything I can to help.”

I put my arms around her. As I Escort Küçükköy did, she took my hands and pulled them to her chest and pressed them against her breasts. “Is this alright?” she asked timidly. “I want your arms around me. It doesn’t bother me if you happen to touch my breasts. I know it’s hard to hold me and avoid touching them. Its OK,” she assured me.

My knuckles and the sides of my fingers brushed her soft curves and the swell of her breasts. I wanted to hold and caress her breasts. I resisted. I couldn’t just openly fondle my cousin.

Leah snuggled her bum against my pelvis. “Chris, did you know I have had a crush on you forever?” she blurted out.

This revelation shocked me, but also pleased me. Pleased me very much.

“Really? No. I had no idea,” I said hesitantly. “I kinda have a crush on you too,” and without thinking, I squeezed her breasts gently while pulling her against me even more lovingly. I put my face into her hair, breathed in her scent and kissed the top of her head. Leah moaned softly.

I didn’t dare do more. I didn’t want to spoil the moment. I loved having my cousin in my arms. Feeling the curves of her body against me. Feeling her warmth mingle with mine. Leah’s breathing became regular. Her body relaxed and melted comfortably into mine as she fell into a quiet slumber.

My penis was still very uncomfortable. It wanted to be fully erect but was trapped angled down between my legs demanding to be released. I reluctantly disengaged my hand from Leah’s breast. Reached between my legs to free my cock. I boldly pulled it through the loose fly of my shorts and let it slip under the lower edge of my cousin’s nightie.

Leah shifted and pressed her bum against my now free and naked cock. Her butt cheeks pressed against my erect shaft and nearly enveloped me in the warm depression of her crack. It felt good. It felt right. I knew it was wrong.

The warmth of her nether regions fueled the fire building in my groin. It was harder and stiffer than I had ever felt it. Leah moved more tightly against me. I was unbelievably turned on and excited by the direct flesh to flesh contact of my penis with my cousins ass. As Leah shifted in her apparent sleep, my cock seemed to be moving and sliding more freely in her crack. Pre-cum I thought. I must be producing and leaking pre-cum into her bum crack.

I pressed my hips, my cock glided in the slot between my cousin’s ass cheeks, creating heavenly sensations. I rocked gently and ever so slightly again. The movement was smooth, well lubricated and delicious. Leah sighed and pressed more firmly against my swollen member and wiggled her bum causing my shaft to shift and seat more firmly in the cleft of her bum. I pumped again, my rod slid effortlessly with exquisite bolts of pleasure coursing through the nerve endings surrounded by her flesh. Leah wiggled and pressed again. I responded and slowly pumped my shaft up and down in the groove that was a perfectly fitted slot that my dick now fucked.

I was out of control. I should not be doing this. I could not help it. I had to do it. I had to come. I wanted to ejaculate my semen onto my cousin’s ass. The thought of my cock spewing my white sticky seed onto her body, onto her perfect skin, onto her exquisite ass spurred me on. I forced myself to be gentle so as to not waken my cousin from her peaceful slumber. My hips gently rocked as my cock swelled ever more stiffly and my balls drew up as the mounting tension built toward the climax that would not and could not be stopped. My orgasm hit with an intensity that almost overwhelmed my ability keep my thrusts gentle. My organ contracted and ejaculated gouts of cum into my cousin’s crack and onto her rounded ass. The contractions were violent. The violence equaled the intensity of my excitement and equaled the volume of sperm that spewed out of my body.

I realized my hands were holding and caressing my cousin’s breasts. I held her so tightly I felt as if we were one.

Leah stirred. “Ummmm, are you alright Chris? Nightmare?”

“No, no. I’m OK. Go back to sleep my Leah.”

She put her hands to mine, which were gently cupping her breasts. She sighed. Her breathing became gentle and rhythmic. Deep sleep seemed to take her again.

I lay nestled and spooned against her. My cock was now softening. I could feel drops of cum leak from the end of my penis. I felt the moist thick liquid drip onto my leg, running off her round firm bum. I fell into a contented sleep wondering how I would explain the mess I had made.

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