But I’m straight

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Now let’s get this straight; and I mean STRAIGHT..

I am not gay!

I repeat I am NOT gay!

Yes, I realise the present situation would seem to suggest otherwise, me waking up in bed naked with another guy equally naked, his arm wrapped around me and tell-tale signs that we were “intimate” last night, but I assure you, I am not gay. This sort of just, well happened, an accident really….

It started casually enough, you see I had been up to see my daughter (see “daughter” can’t be gay) and as the journey is a good 10 hours, I decided to break it up by staying in one of those anonymous chain hotels that are just off the motorway.

As it was a wet January evening I decided not to venture out but eat in the hotel’s equally anonymous restaurant. You know the type, pretty basic standard fare although perfectly edible.

Anyway, I plumped for the daily special – fish and chips with mushy peas and was tucking into then when I heard…

“Excuse me, you couldn’t pass the vinegar could you?”

I looked up, it was a guy at the next table, who was also alone and was also going for the daily special.

“Sure,” I said casually passing the condiment.

“Can’t have fish and chips without vinegar,” he chirped, “Not the done thing.”

“I guess not,” I answered and from there the two of us began chatting about nothing in particular as we ate our meal. But you would do when you’ve not talked to anyone for the past 6 hours, wouldn’t you? Nothing strange in that, just good to have some company.

His name was Mike and was roughly the same age as me. He’d been travelling to some business meeting or other which had run over. Not wanting a long drive after a full day, he too had decided to check into a hotel for the night. We hit it off quite well I suppose, we had similar interests, laughed at the same things and from what I gather had similar views on things. Again nothing unusual there, I mean, you could say that about any of my friends.

I pushed my plate away, my meal finished.

“So, do you fancy a drink?” Mike asked.

Now looking back, I guess this might have been a clue. He said ‘drink’ not ‘pint’ or “beer”. There is definitely a difference; when do you ever ask a woman out for a quiet pint to get to know her? It’s always a ‘drink’. But I honestly thought nothing of it so we went to the bar and I had a pint.

Actually I had several. We both did. Conversation flowed easily and it was certainly better than spending the night stuck in a hotel room.

“Are you married then?” gaziantep escort he asked.

I shook my head.

“Divorced, five years now, you?” I answered.

“7 years for me, was difficult at first but in hindsight a good thing.”

I nodded taking another drink of my beer.

“So do you date much?” he asked, moving slightly closer. I guessed he didn’t want others eves dropping on our conversation.

“I have but internet dating is a bit of a minefield. There have been some nice women but well, there wasn’t quite the chemistry there, or their kids got in the way,” I sighed remembering some of my failed conquests.

“I know what you mean,” agreed Mike “but well…” He hesitated.

“Go on,” I urged.

“There is an alternative.”


“Yeah. A couple of years ago I was on one of those sites, bored at night, as you do.”

I nodded, I certainly knew the feeling.

“When I clicked on the search button and then clicked on the “looking for man” button out of curiosity as much as anything else,” he added.

I guess then I should have walked away. I should have seen the signs but a few pints on and, to be honest, I was intrigued so I found myself asking, “so what happened?”

“I started chatting to a couple of guys and eventually well….met one. Er have you ever?”

“God no,” I shook my head perhaps a bit too indignantly.

“Neither had I but I was surprised at what it was like…being with a man. “We ended up dating for two years till his job took him abroad.”

“I’m sorry to hear that, that he went abroad not that you dated for two years.”

We both laughed, breaking the tension.

” You know, they say that on your death bed you regret what you didn’t do rather than what you did, so I tried something different” he said calmly looking me straight in the eye, a slight smile on his lips and a glint in his eye.

“Is that a fact?” I asked.

“Reckon so,” Mike replied before finishing his drink.

“Looks like we’ve both got empty glasses,” he said putting his glass on the table. “So…would you like the same again or you like to try something different?”

Yes, I know there was no denying this was a “come on” and I will admit what he said interested me, I could feel myself getting turned on by his flirting so I said…

“Something different.”

God there was clearly a tension in the air!

“Anything in particular?” he asked.

“You choose,” I replied,” I’m in your hands.”

As he took my glass he smiled. I could feel myself blushing. I was definitely flirting — and with a man. What was happening? This was not like me. Nor was it like me checking him out as he stood at the bar. I noticed how tall he was, what good shape he was in and (can’t believe I am actually saying this) what a good butt he had. I kept saying to myself “I’m not gay, I’m not gay” but he really did have a good butt.

My heart was pounding as he came back with two glasses and handed one to me.

“Whiskey,” he said sitting down, that same smile across his lips — yes I was noticing his lips too.

“I don’t usually drink whiskey,” I replied.

“Well it’s good to do things we don’t usually do once in a while don’t you think?” he said holding his glass towards me.

I clinked glasses with his.

“To new things,” he toasted.

“To new things,” I replied taking a large swig of the whiskey. It burned slightly as it went down causing me to shudder a little.

“You okay?” Mike asked.

I nodded, “yes, just not used to it.”

“So how is it?” he asked his eyes fixed on me.


“Strong? Is that a good thing?”

“Oh yes,” I found myself saying, “I might even get used to it.”

Mike laughed at my answer and as he laughed I found myself noticing more things that I had never noticed about him before: his strong jaw, his closely cropped salt and pepper hair, his strong lips. What was happening? You have to remember I had had several drinks and this was most unlike me.

He moved his head closer to me, so much so I could smell his aftershave and the whiskey on his breath.

“You know,” he began, “nobody here knows us.”

I nodded.

“Whatever, happens,” he said resting his hand on mine, “is between me and you and you really are a handsome man.”

“T..thank you,” I stammered and could feel myself visibly blushing.

God what was he doing to me? Here I was in a public bar flirting outrageously with another man, his hand still resting on mine. And do you know what? I didn’t want to pull away, it felt so good and if truth be told I just wanted him to kiss me there and then but instead I somehow held back and simply smiled not knowing what to do next.

Fortunately, Mike clearly did.

“Come on,” he said “finish your drink.”

And with that we downed the drinks, got up and headed towards the lifts.

To get there we had to pass through a set of double doors and then into the lobby. Being an out of town hotel on a January night the hotel was less than full and there was no one else. Mike walked behind me keeping far less distance than you would expect, so much so I could feel his breath on the back of my neck.

“Nice butt,” he said patting my butt. Yes, he really patted my butt …and in public! And instead of screaming or telling him where to go, all I did was smile and say, “Thank you, so is yours.”

“Hmm, so you noticed then, been checking me out have you?”

“Might have,” I teased.

Mike reached pass me to press the lift button, his head moving closer to mine. God, I so much wanted him to kiss me there and then; I so wanted to feel those lips on mine but as luck would have it a noise from the stairs interrupted us bringing us back to reality. A maid coming down the stairs opposite carrying a pile of laundry. Abruptly we moved further apart.

“Good evening gentleman,” she smiled, “Enjoy your stay.”

We looked at each other, slightly sheepishly.

“I’m sure we will,” I said as the lift doors opened and we entered.

Now what happened next I am not too sure exactly, as to who did what to who, but all I do know is that we had our first kiss, and not one of those tentative pecks but a full on, hard, passionate one. Whatever was happening was not happening in half measures.

The kiss was only interrupted by the lift doors opening. Fortunately, on to an empty corridor.

“This way,” said Mike taking me by the hand, out of the lift and down the corridor. Me obediently being lead and not dreaming of letting go. His hand was warm and strong, his grip firm. What anyone would have said if they had saw us I don’t know and right then didn’t much care.

We reached his door and Mike fumbled with his key card.

“Not nervous?” I chided.

Mike laughed, “No, you?”

I shook my head.

“And if you want to stop you can,” he reassured me.

“I know, now get that bloody door open!”

Now the next thing I do remember: once the door was open and even before we were fully inside Mike had his arms around me, big powerful arms that wrapped me up as he kissed me with those lips! Now I know it shouldn’t but it felt wonderful. There he was this, what I had now decided was a hunk of a man, passionately kissing me and I was responding, our lips pressed firmly together as his tongue explored my mouth.

“Erm….” I said breaking off from the embrace.

“What is it? You okay?” Mike seemed slightly alarmed by my sudden break.

“Yes, just thought we might need to shut this,” and with that I closed the door.

With that we both laughed and again Mike took my hand leading me, well you can probably guess where.

To be continued…

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