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Twenty year old’s first experience with an older gay man.


I was home schooled by my mom and led a very sheltered life. In my teenage years, I played soccer, but after the games, I went home with my mom and never became friends with any of my teammates.

Photography was my passion and after months of pestering my mom, she allowed me to join the local club. I had my driver’s licence and wanted to go alone to the first meeting, but my mom had other plans. The only way I was allowed to go was to have her join me.

I loved my mom and knew she was doing what she thought best, but I wanted my independence and she was smothering me. Dad was a pilot and spent more time away than at home and Mom didn’t have her pilot’s licence, but she was a helicopter mom and I was her passenger.

The photography club members were about my mom and dad’s ages or older. Most were males, but there were many female club members as well. The President of the club spent most of the evening introducing me to club members and explaining all the benefits of the club.

Mom was impressed with the executive members of the club and I imagine pleased that all the females were at least twice as old as myself. She signed me up for a year’s membership and more surprising, she said that I could attend club meetings and excursions without her tagging along. This was so uncharacteristic of her and so was the long and tender hug I gave her.

I attended every weekly meeting for three months and my mom only joined me for one of the meetings. Mr. Fraser, the club president was particularly nice to me and he offered to drive me on our first photo excursion. This excursion was an all-day event in a park several hours away from home and to my surprise, mom gave this trip her blessing.

The night before, I packed my Nikon camera, with several different lenses, filters and stand. I was so excited to be away from home, doing what I loved, with a man that was so nice and treated me like an adult, not like a kid who needed his hand to be held.

While loading the car with my equipment, mom and Mr. Fraser spoke on the porch. I imagine my mom provided him with all my health information, food likes and dislikes and that at the first sign of shortness of breath, I was to take my puffer. Mr. Fraser nodded over and over and finally bowed his head slightly towards my mom and walked towards the car.

He gave a quick wink and a smile, confirming that all was well.

As soon as my house disappeared, Mr. Fraser patted my knee and said, “This is going to be a great day.”

We reached the city limits and Mr. Fraser’s arm patted my leg once again. “I’m glad we’re travelling together. You’re a nice young man with quite an eye behind the camera.”

This time he left his hand just above my knee and it felt warm and comforting. My dad was not much for touching and hugging, unlike my mom who did both constantly. Every now and then he would move his hand up slightly and when I flinched, he would move it back down, closer to my knee.

This went on for an hour. His hand moving up my leg, going higher and higher, until my body would flinch and he would go back to my knee. His touch came so close to my penis and when I flinched, he moved his hand down slightly, but not back to my knee.

Blood began to flow inside my penis and I could feel it begin to grow and thicken, enough that it reached where his fingers rested. gaziantep escort My cheeks flushed with warmth and blasted with heat when Mr. Fraser’s fingers slid over my engorged cock.

I masturbated daily and sometimes did it two or three times in the same day. Normally, I imagined having sex with a girl down the street and sometimes even masturbated with thoughts of fucking her and her mother. I even must admit to having thoughts of fucking my mom and sometimes those were my most powerful orgasms.

I had never thought of gay sex, nor had I ever imagined Mr. Fraser placing his hand on my penis. He moved his hand slightly, sending such delicious tingles flowing from my mid-section up to my head and down to my toes. Without thought, my hips rose and fell to his hand, loving the new feelings swirling in my tummy.

My stomach rose and fell. My breath deepened more and more until it caught in my throat and I went beyond the point of no return and streams of cum spurted and spurted into my underwear.

Mr. Fraser groaned and said, “good boy.” His fingers curled around my hardness as the wetness in my jeans expanded, touching and going under his fingers.

My mom had dreamed of my wedding and my bride, a daughter-in-law that would be perfect for both her and I. I don’t think she ever imagined me being masturbated by another guy and cumming so quickly from his touch and although I remained hard, my heart sank as I realized I might be gay.

“It’s okay. What you’re feeling is normal,” Mr. Fraser said.

He took my hand and slowly placed it, along with his, over my still engorged cock. I resisted slightly, but stopped when his fingers began to caress the top of my hand.

I swallowed. “I don’t know what I’m feeling.”

“I’m a gay man and proud of my sexuality. I was attracted to you the first time we met and my hand tingled when we first shook hands.”

Barely audible, I said, “I felt a tingle too.”

Mr. Fraser smiled. “At the park, we will join the others and we will go as a group along the trails and stop at some scenic spots for photos. After that, we will have lunch together and then pair off to explore. We will pair together and I know of some nice secluded spots where I will photograph you masturbating for me.”

I bit my lower lip, unable to put together a clear thought.

“You will masturbate in front of me, won’t you.”

It sounded more of a request than a question and my lips seemed too dry to allow a response. My cock, refusing to deflate may have hinted at my response. I felt my wet and sticky underwear and could smell the scent of my cum.

“Eric, you have such a sweet scent. It’s so unique and sometime soon you will smell mine. Don’t worry or over think this. Just relax and only do what you are comfortable with. You don’t have to masturbate in front of me and I would never do anything that you didn’t want, but I would love to guide you through this path.”

I slipped my hand over his and rubbed the top of his hand with the tips of my fingers. Precum was dripping from my slit, making the wet spot expand more than ever before.

Mr. Fraser sighed deeply and I looked at his crotch, seeing the bulge of what seemed to be a thick, sizeable cock.

He glimpsed over, caught me staring and smiled.

Twenty-four members met at the park and after a brief announcement by Mr. Fraser, the members headed down a trail and I ended up at the rear. The stain on my pants had almost dried and I had loosened the straps on my camera bag so it hung lower and covered any signs of my orgasm.

We stopped several times and I snapped dozens of photos, but I don’t remember one of them. My mind wandered to the drive and Mr. Fraser’s hand on my private parts. So far, they were still private, but would that last beyond the end of the day. I felt myself getting hard again as thoughts of masturbating in front of Mr. Fraser played in my mind.

Could I actually expose my cock in front of another male, an older male at that. One who admitted he was gay and got aroused by my orgasm, or my willingness to let him touch me over my pants?

Would he touch it?

Would he suck it … or is this preparation stages for him to get me to suck him?

Nobody had touched my cock and I’d only dreamed of a wet mouth surrounding my hardness, or I could just say no and this morning would be nothing more than a memory of a guy being so horny that he let somebody touch him sexually.

We stopped for lunch in a clearing, overlooking a lake with mountains in the background. The sandwich filled the emptiness in my tummy and the apple added much needed sweetness.

My mom had written a note, wishing me a good day and to behave myself and not cause any problems for Mr. Fraser. I kept few secrets from my mom and this mornings activities would be one of them. She was very liberal, but her expectations were a daughter-in-law and not a son-in-law.

People started to pair off and within a few minutes, Mr. Fraser and I were alone, heading up a narrow path with thick bushes and trees on both sides. Mr. Fraser turned right and left and right again, until we were at a dead end and a small clearing.

Mr. Fraser slipped his camera from his case and began to snap photos in my direction. I was uncomfortable at first, but relaxed as he smiled and circled me, taking one photo after another.

I began to make some funny faces and his laugh was contagious.

“We’re all alone,” he said. “And sound travels well, so you have no worries of somebody stumbling across us.”

After a pause he continued. “Of course, we can head back down the path, if you like.”

This was the moment of truth and my body spoke first. Like this morning, blood began to fill my penis and my brain had not yet reached a decision. My fingers had made a decision as I unsnapped my jeans, lowered my zipper and then my pants.

Mr. Fraser’s smile glowed, encouraging me to reveal what had stayed hidden from another for twenty years. My thumbs slipped under the band of my boxers and instead of embarrassment, I felt a thrill rush through me at the thought of showing off my penis.

It was thick and just over six inches and I knew Mr. Fraser would like to see it, perhaps get aroused again at the sight of mine. I wiggled my hips slightly, which drew a groan from the man so close to me.

This was encouraging, enough for me to lower my boxers, exposing the head of my cock. Mr. Fraser drew closer, snapping pictures as more and more of my cock became exposed. A gentle breeze brushed over my light brown pubic hair and it felt wonderful to have my ball sac greet the sun’s warm rays.

I grasped my hardness with my right hand and began to stroke quickly, up and down.

“Slow down,” he whispered.

It was difficult to control my speed. I wanted to go fast and experience another release, but I did manage to slow down and watch as shimmering precum flowed out of my slit. At home I had to be silent, but here it was so natural to sigh and let that sigh be followed with a guttural moan.

Mr. Fraser scooped some of my pre-cut with his fingers and raised them to my mouth, which I greedily licked. He slipped his index and middle finger in my mouth and I suckled on them like a starving baby.

That did it and a long groan was followed by spurt after spurt. My first two spurts must have gone further than four feet and there was so much, much more than I thought possible.

I squeezed out the last thick drop and Mr. Fraser captured it and raised it to my lips.

My tongue swiped it off his finger and I savored the taste, wanting more and more.

“The next time you taste cum, it will be mine,” he said and his fingers grasped around my cock and then slid to my ball sac.

I was in heaven and his touch was so unlike my own. Soft, gentle and caring. My eyes closed and my lips felt his. I was being kissed by an older man, not the girl down the street. His lips were sensual and sweet and my lips softened and parted when his tongue pressed and slipped between them.

My tongue had touched many things, but another tongue wasn’t one of them. It sort of tickled, not in a laughing way, but in a way that made me want more. His tongue lapped at mine and I lapped back over his.

He began stroking my cock as our tongues danced together, awkward at first, but then moving as one. His tongue explored mine and mine explored his. It was so arousing and my cock felt harder than it had ever been before. That changed when his tongue began to probe and then move in a more in and out fashion.

It was like a cock thrusting into a pussy and when that thought crossed my mind, my cock erupted once again with streams of creamy cum.

At the first pulse, I began to suck on his tongue … sucking his tongue harder and deeper with each spurt.

I gasped in a deep breath and then another.

“Good boy. You’re going to enjoy this life I have planned for you.”

Some of my cum had gone on the back of his hand and he raised it to my lips. Without a word from him, I began licking my own cum off his hand. It was bitter and salty, but at this moment it was delicious.

I wondered what Mr. Fraser’s cum would taste like and for the first time in my life I thought of sucking a cock, but not any cock, Mr. Fraser’s cock. And not only suck his cock, but have his seed spur in my mouth.

He must have read my thoughts, for he tilted my head up and our eyes met.

“Not today, but soon you will become my cock sucker. You will crave it and I will teach you how I like it.”

My cock didn’t go all the way soft, but it deflated enough to make it somewhat comfortable inside my boxers and jeans.

He didn’t touch me on the way home, but did stop close to my house.

“I trust this will be kept between just you and me,” he said.

I nodded.


He leaned and kissed me. I moaned and wrapped my arms around his neck and he kissed down to my neck. That sent warm shivers through me and I tilted my head, allowing him more access.

“How I would love to mark you,” he said.

He broke our embrace and as I walked towards my house, I began to devise all the truths and half truths that I would tell my mom. Of course, I would keep my secrets and the thought that soon, mom’s dear boy would become a cock sucker.

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