Can’t Get Enough Ch. 03

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Steven watched as Dani sucked and licked his cock, taking him as deep in her mouth as she possibly could. Every time she moaned with his balls in her mouth the vibrations made him shudder. She was a Class-A cocksucker and he’d never been so happy in his life. He’d finally gotten the one pussy he’d always wanted.

Steven felt himself getting close and reluctantly pulled her mouth from his cock. “That’s enough for now, baby…I said I was going to have you again and I meant it.” Dani smiled naughtily and Steven chuckled. He gently touched her face. “Do you have any idea how beautiful and sexy you are?”

Dani looked away shyly. She never felt sexy or beautiful. She even tried to dress in a way that would make her feel that way and it never helped. Her ex-husband had rarely complimented her, even in bed, so when she heard Steven telling her that he thought she was beautiful and sexy, she didn’t really believe him.

Steven grabbed her chin and lifted her face so she had to look into his eyes. “Do you really think I would do all this if I didn’t see you that way? God that fucking moron of an ex really did a number on you. I could kill the bastard.” This made Dani smile because no one hated her ex-husband more than she did. “Come on,” Steve said, taking her hand and walking down the hall to where he knew her bedroom was located.

Dani stood and watched him as he pulled back the comforter of her big bed. She was amazed by what she’d done already with him — her best friend’s son, but more so that she knew she was going to do it again. She shivered and her nipples puckered into hard buds. Reaching up, Dani stroked her hand over them and moaned — she was so turned on.

She watched as Steve rearranged the pillows, his sexy little ass making her mouth drool. She admired his broad shoulders and sleek back with just the right amount of muscles. And when he turned to face her, she licked her lips when she remembered how good he’d felt in her mouth only minutes ago.

“Come here,” he growled. Dani suddenly looked shy. “Come here,” he growled again, more forcibly. Dani walked to him slowly, her hips swaying with each step and Steven felt himself harden at the sight of her. He would never tire of looking at her shapely hot body. “Lay down on the bed.”

Dani obeyed and Steven smiled. “Good. I always figured you for a bit of a sub.” Dani gasped in shock. “No, baby…no worries. I’m not into any of that hardcore stuff. You just like being told what to do sometimes. Maybe once in a while I’ll let you drive.”

Lying on the bed as instructed, Dani tried to push the thoughts of what she was doing with Steven was wrong but the more she remembered how he made her feel, the less logical she became and simply wanted him more. She spread her legs and Steven chuckled deeply.

“That’s it, Auntie…spread those lovely soft thighs for me.” Dani trembled.

He growled as he situated himself between her thighs but didn’t enter her. Instead, he lavished her full tits, teasing each nipple until it was rock hard. Like everything else about her, Dani’s bursa escort tits were amazing – full and soft with big aureoles and big protruding nipples, but not freakishly so. No, they were prefect. He bit gently on one of her nipples and she groaned, thrusting her hips up against him. He growled again as he bit down gently on the other one, his tongue tracing the outer edge of the aureoles. Dani was thrashing below him, her body unable to handle the sensations of his teasing mouth.

“I’ve never seen more beautiful tits,” he whispered before moving lower, his mouth and tongue teasing down her stomach and around her belly button. Steven held her hips down but he loved how out-of-control she felt.

Then he found himself gazing down at the lovely silky smooth pussy he’d dreamed of getting for years. “I love that you shaved it. That’s so fucking hot.”

“It…it makes it more sensitive…” she sputtered out, feeling his warm breath ticking her puffy slick pussy lips.

“Really? That’s so hot.”

And then he licked her — from her tiny puckered rosebud to her clit — one giant lap, and Dani thrust her hips upwards and cried out. She was like a firecracker and Steven nearly came just hearing her. So he did it again. And again. And with each lap of his tongue over her, Dani thrust her hips up and cried out a deep feral groan.

“Steven…honey…s.stop teasing!” she cried out when Steven then licked all around her pussy lips, tasting himself there but not caring. He licked everywhere except her clit. He knew the second he touched her there she would come. And he wanted that, but he liked the slow sweet torture of her, even if it was torture to his cock as well.

“Patience, baby,” he ground out as he spread open her slick lips. “Fuck me,” he whispered when he saw more of his come seeping out of her. “That is the hottest fucking thing I’ve ever seen. My come leaking out of your hot little cunt.”

Dani groaned again. Her mind screamed. He was – it seemed to her – slowly killing her. He’d gone to all this trouble to have her and now that he did, he was taking his fucking sweet time about it! Argh!

Steven must have read her mind because the second she let out another groan of frustration, he put his tongue to her clit, flicked it hard and then took it between his teeth and bit down. Dani screamed and came – hard — her hips thrashing wildly now and Steven had never seen anything as hot as more of his come, now mixed with hers flowed from her cunt.

Done was the teasing. Steven got up on his knees and covered her body with his, sliding his cock inside her while her body still quivered and shook from her orgasm. They both moaned as he slid so easily inside her hot wet heat and Steven wondered if he would ever feel anything more perfect.

Lifting her legs so her knees were near her tits, he leaned on her his arms locking her legs and he began to thrust himself inside her. Slowly at first, then harder and faster. They were both moaning now, the sensations incredible as they rutted.

“Fuck me but you’re so fucking hot, baby,” bursa escort bayan Steven grunted, pumping himself inside her.

“Oh Steven, yes! Fuck me. Fuck me hard!”

This spurned Steven on and he sped up, pounding his cock into her as hard as he could, his balls slapping against her to the point of near pain. He began to grunt with each thrust — the animal in him taking over. He pounded her for all he was worth.

Then he stopped and Dani gasped in surprise. He grinned wickedly, bent down and thrust his tongue inside her mouth as he ground his body against hers.

Dani moaned into his mouth realizing what he was doing. The pressure of his body rubbing her just right in this position, Steven was grinding himself against her clit. “Yes!” she cried out. “Oh I’m gonna come!” and she exploded, squeezing tightly around him. And as she came down from her orgasm, Steven began to fuck her hard again.

He wanted to come inside her again but at the last minute, changed his mind and with a couple of more thrusts, his balls ready to burst, Steven pulled out and sat up, aiming his cock at her tits and blew his load, coating her hard nipples with what little seed he had left in his balls. Then he leaned forward and rubbed the come with his cock around her nipples.

“Mmm…honey.” It was all Dani could say, her body still glowing from their mating. She rubbed his come some more around her nipples before licking her fingers. Steven groaned as he watched her.

After jumping up and taking a shower, Steven returned to find Dani sleeping, the crisp white sheet barely covering her fabulous body. He didn’t want to disturb her, after all, she’d earned her rest tonight. Steven smile when he thought of all the ways that she would earn it further as he stepped out of her room and turned off the light.

On the entire drive home, he could only think and remember the way that Dani had responded to him. She was a firecracker for sure, and he knew he wanted to see what else she had in her.


The next morning, Steven awoke to his usual morning hard-on and stepped into the shower. He didn’t bother to masturbate. No, he was saving himself now for his hot, sexy and fuckable Aunt Dani.

As he neared the kitchen he heard his mother on the phone.

“So John and I drove by your house last night on our way home from the movies and I could have sworn I saw Steven’s truck parked on the road in front of your house.”

Steven’s heart stopped. I never would have occurred to him to have hidden his truck. Stupid, stupid, he thought, angry at himself. He could just imagine what Dani was thinking, what she was saying. He may have just blown his chance to have her again because if she thought for one second his mother would find out, it would be over before it got any further.

“Oh really?” his mother responded. “I didn’t know that. He never mentioned her. No. No I won’t ask him about her, I know it’ll embarrass him. But maybe he’ll open up and tell me. John and I have always been open with him about sex and that there’s nothing wrong escort bursa with it between consenting adults.”

Steven didn’t know what the fuck Dani was telling his mother but it sounded like whatever it was, it worked to distract his mother from thinking anything else.

“So, tell me about your date. Was he hot? Did you fuck him?” Steven could almost hear Dani scream on the phone. “Oh come on, Dani. You haven’t had a date in what…forever. It’s about time you got out there and got some.”

There was a pause and Steven held his breath. He knew Dani wouldn’t actually tell his mother that they fucked but would she tell him that she’d had sex with someone? Her date…what was his name…Jonah?

Then he heard his mother. “Really? Oh my god! That’s so hot! Right there, in your living room? Was it good? It sounds like it was good.” A pause, then, “Yeah? Wow…that’s hot. I’m so happy for you, girlie.”

He heard his mother giggle and smiled, as proud as a peacock. He would have to remember to ask Dani later what she said but it sounded good. He was happy he had pleasured her so much. Despite wanting her as badly as he did, he wasn’t completely selfish — he did want her to enjoy herself too.

Steven walked into the kitchen and kissed his mother on the cheek in greeting. “Oh Dani, Steven just got up, I’ll talk to you later okay? Great. By for now, girlie.”

“Good morning, sweetie. You got home late. Did you have fun last night?”

Steven smiled over his cup of coffee. “It was fantastic.”

“That’s good sweetie. Did you meet up with a girl?”

She was fishing. He knew it.

“Maybe,” he hedged. He needed to talk to Dani before he said anything further. He was too afraid to say something opposite to what Dani had told his mother about his truck being parked in front of her house. “I gotta get going, Mom. I promised Dani that I’d start painting some of her rooms.”

“Okay, sweetie. We’ll talk some more later. Don’t be getting under Dani too much today, she’s feeling a bit…er…under the weather.”

Steven had his back to his mother leaving the kitchen and smiled. “No worries, Mom. I’ll see that she lies down and relaxes.”

“Good. See you later.”


Then Steven was out the door on his way to Dani. Again, he drove like a madman, knowing at some point he was going to get stopped by the cops for speeding.

When he got to Dani’s he parked on the road again and raced up to the door. He knocked but then tried the door and it was unlocked. He’d scold her later for not keeping it locked. Entering the house, he strained his ears for sounds and heard nothing. Walking down the hallway, he got to Dani’s bedroom and opened the door. The sight that greeted him made his cock harden instantly.

There she lay; face down naked on top of the comforter, her face towards the opposite wall. Her ass was exquisite and Steven’s cock twitched in his jeans. He approached the bed and marveled at the sight of her bald pussy peeking from between her legs.

“Wake up, baby,” he said gruffly as he unzipped his jeans. “I said I’m not through with you yet.”

And as Dani stirred from her sleep, she felt the bed sink from Steven’s weight and sighed contently when she felt his mouth dip between her legs, seeking his prize.

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