Can’t Spell Joyce without Joy Pt. 05

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The next morning, I woke up just before Stacie. I lay awake, and just before Stacie woke up, I had an idea. When I heard her stirring, I feigned the deep, even cadence of sleep breathing. I could feel Stacie looking over my face, searching to see if I was really asleep. When I felt her presence pull back, I cracked my eyes open just a bit, and oh fuck yes, Stacie pulled her flannel nightgown over her head, and I saw the hot, shapely sexy body of my wife. Seeing her nude for only the second time since our marriage, my cock grew fast.

I opened my eyes a bit wider, as she paraded around the bedroom. I worked on keeping that sleep breathing sound, and she never even looked back at me. Perfect, I feasted my eyes on the big, round tits, her nipples were stiff, and I ached to play with her sexy milk jugs. I watched, drinking my fill as she turned this way and that, grabbing all the hot views I could get.

Her body curved downward, her waist nipped in, and her stomach was lean, making her jugs look even larger. The hips had once hell of a curve, that neatly trimmed nest of pubic hair, as blonde as the hair on her head. Still that perfect ass, god, I wanted to jump her, throw her down on the bed and fuck every hole she had. Unlike our wedding night, I knew that Joyce would be coming to me right after Stacie left, and she would take care of my morning wood.

She was facing the mirror, I saw her hand slip down, and stroke softly at her pussy. Her head lolled back, she let out a few soft moans, then she yanked her hand away like she’d gotten burned by a hot stove. She shook her head, quickly got dressed, and hurried out of the bedroom.

Sure enough, a few minutes after Stacie left, the door opened and Joyce came in. Ummm, she was wearing a pink see-thru nightgown that floated around her body like a cloud, the matching see-thru thong underneath, with a big bow on each side. Her eyes were glowing, and she crawled onto the bed.

“Untie my thong, Uncle J, then I want to suck your cock, while you lick my tight little pussy, let’s make each other cum like crazy!”

When she pulled back the covers, she cooed, “Ohhh, so hard, so big, you are certainly ready for it!” She squatted over my face in the classic 69 position, and cooed, “Eat me lover, god I love to be eaten, lick me, Uncle J, make me cum.”

I grasped her hips, pulling her tight against me, I let my tongue swab at her pussy lips, before slipping between the seam, my tongue meeting the hot, wet rush of juices, as I stuffed my tongue as far up as I could go.

I heard a long drawn-out ahhhh of pleasure from Joyce, as she bent forward, and her mouth surrounding my cock head, her hot, wet tongue sliding around and around it, then taking me in. I let out a matching growl of pleasure as she slid her mouth down, surrounding my cock in a wet rush of saliva until I was balls deep. She tightened her lips down, drew back with that eager, hungry grip, then plunged down again. She got into the rhythm, her mouth a tight, sliding ring of pleasure, milking eagerly at my cock. Oh yeah, she really knew how to suck cock, and I worked over her clit, which was throbbing eagerly, I knew I wasn’t going to last long.

I felt the jerk, my cock swelled up urgently, and Joyce felt the readiness. She pulled back, and swallowed me down one last time, my cock slid into the top of her throat, and I felt the rush.

With my face buried between the lips of her pussy, I let out muffled growls of pleasure as I felt the first blast, I was deep enough that I must have jetted that straight down her throat. Joyce pulled back halfway, with that tight, eager pulling, and another blast exploded, splattering against the roof of her mouth, I felt three more streams pouring out to cover her tongue, her mouth was taking every drop, swallowing my morning load. I felt her pussy start to twitch wildly, as she pulled her head off my cock, crying out, “Yes, oh yes lover, so good, yes, YEEEEESSSSSS!”

With a shriek of pleasure, Joyce climaxed, pouring out a rush of juices all over my face, her pussy squirming around on my mouth, squealing and moaning. She bent forward again and swallowed me back down, I felt her tongue licking all over my cock, eager to clean my prick of every drop.

As our orgasms ebbed, she pulled away, and face to face, she flopped down against me.

Sighing contentedly, she cooed, “Ummm, my Uncle J, my lover, you make me feel so alive, so wonderful, you are a wonderful man, and an even more wonderful lover.”

Over a breakfast of pancakes and bacon, we checked out the weather, kaçak iddaa it was predicted to stay sunny and warm, a perfect day for our hike. I suggested the 8-mile loop that’s known as The Overland, and Joyce was all ready for that. We got ourselves into shorts and T-shirts, she was a treat for my eyes, wearing tight, clingy Daisy Dukes, and a tight T-shirt. The tightness advertised the fact that she was totally commando, with no panties, and no bra. Her pantyless slut side was a wonderful view to behold. Her luscious milk jugs were proudly pushing out the front of her T-Shirt. Her shorts were wrapped around her buttocks, outlining every smooth, soft curve, the crack of her gorgeous ass clearly defined by the tight hug of the fabric. I would certainly build up a head of steam, I could already feel the excitement starting to build. I put together a backpack with a first aid kit, lots of water, and high-energy protein bars, and we were ready.

At the trail-head, we set out, Joyce was an accomplished hiker, and we set a good pace. Being a weekday, we had the trail pretty well to ourselves, the smell of pine and the shade provided by the towering trees was most welcome. We started to get sweaty, and it wasn’t just the warmth of the day that had me, and probably Joyce, break out in perspiration.

We reached the 4-mile mark and swung around to the trail as it led back towards the trailhead. About a mile into the return trip found the large pond that marked our position, we were 3 miles away from the trailhead. The pond was fed by a waterfall that fell from the cliffs. We ducked into the trees surrounding the pond, the waterfall was throwing up a fine spray, offering even more relief.

“Wish we’d thought to bring our swimming gear, that water looks refreshing,” I mused.

Joyce grinned at me as she stood up. She pulled her T-shirt over her head, enjoying the way my eyes locked on her sexy milk jugs, now standing out proud and unencumbered, her nipples stiff and perky. She slid her fingers in between her hips and her shorts, and with a few very sexy wiggles of her hips, they slid down to the ground. She stepped out of the leg holes, slipped off her hiking boots and socks, and stretched, letting me feast my eyes. Seeing her sexy body fully naked, out here in the open, covered with the sweat of our hike, making her body glisten, got my cock rising quickly.

“Swimsuits, who needs swimsuits? Not us!” she giggled.

She strode down to the edge of the pond and stuck her foot in, and pulled it back.

“Ooh, it’s brisk, but what the heck! This will cool us down for sure!”

Joyce took a deep breath and started wading into the water. She let out a squeal as her heated skin met the coolness of the water. My eyes just drank in the vision of her sexy naked back, tapering down to that wonderful rump, watching Joyce’s sexy nude body stride into the water was like watching an image that a master painter like Rubens or Van Gogh would have loved to capture on canvas. The water was just up to her hips as she ducked under the waterfall, and she let out another squeal as her whole body was now covered with the cooling water. The water splashed over her, running down her body, making my cock stiffen up.

“Come on out and join me, Uncle J, the water’s so refreshing!”

I shed my clothes, my cock throbbed up to full erection in the sunlight, and I could see Joyce’s eyes locked on my erection, as I waded out to the waterfall. The water did have a cooling edge to it, and I felt a bit of a shock as it first splashed down on me. Joyce smiled as I stepped up to her.

“Don’t you just love that nice cooling nip, it feels so good to lose that heat!” Joyce enthused.

She gazed at my cock, the water had done nothing to shrink it, and her lusty smile covered her face, as she gazed up at me.

“So much for cold showers taking away your desire!” Joyce giggled, “Ummm, the only way to take away that desire is to quench it. Come to me Uncle J, my lover, quench your desire, and my desire, too, give your pantyless slut niece your wet spray,” she cooed.

I pulled Joyce to me, and our lips mashed together, tongues quickly meeting, swirls of passion making my cock hotter and harder. I stepped in between her legs, and ran my fingers over the folds of her pussy, listening to her moans of pleasure. I felt her hand wrap around my stiff cock, starting to slowly stroke me, feeling the throb of my cock in her fingers. I grasped her ass cheeks in my hand, lifting her slightly, I felt her legs circle my waist as I lined my cock-head up against her warm entrance.

“Oh, kaçak bahis yeah, that’ll be just right”, Joyce cooed. “There’s lots of heat in there, I need my Uncle J, my lover to cool off his niece’s inner heat for me. Spunk me down Uncle J, I’m so horny, I can’t even see straight!”

I felt my cock nudging against her opening, then she wiggled her body, and slid down me. I gasped at the warmth of her tight hugging sheath as it enveloped me, sliding slowly down my length, right to the balls as she took me in. We stayed still for a few moments, enjoying the sensation of being joined.

Joyce cooed, “Ummm, oh yes, more hot, incestuous sex with my fabulous Uncle lover. Makes me so hot just to say that fuck me, fuck your niece’s hot, needy cunt, and pour your incestuous sperm deep inside my hungry womb!”

I lifted her body up, and then slowly let her wiggle down the length of my cock again. I wanted to take it slow, draw it out, she squealed with pleasure as I slowly filled her up again. With her tight against me, right to the balls, I started to pull back and pump my hips forward, settling into a slow, steady rhythm, she gasped and grunted with pleasure as my steely hard fuck pole slid into her, slowly, again and again.

The repeated penetration of Joyce’s sweet pussy was so tight and buzzing, that every thrust felt like an urgent request for me to gush my load. I fucked her tight, fiery cleft deep, feeling my nut sack cinch up tight, my balls moving into firing position, ready to gush my hot load into her burning cunt. With my hands gripping her cheeks, I moved a hand in closer, closer, and started to rub at her tight little ass hole.

“Oh fuck, YES, I love having my asshole played with!” Joyce gasped, “Give it to me Uncle J, shove that finger right up there, it feels so fucking good! Flood me, gush your load, I want my Uncle lover’s incestuous spunk deep inside me, splatter my cervix, spunk my womb, let me have it! Yes, yes, yes, fuck me, fuck, fuck, fuck MEEEEE!”

As her voice rose to a shriek, I buried my finger into the tight grip of her asshole. I could feel her body wrap tightly around me, her asshole tightened down on my probing finger in time with her pussy clamping tightly around my cock, the rippling spasms milking eagerly at my cock.

Gripping her ass cheeks tightly, I let out a roar of pleasure as I slammed it home. Joyce’s second shriek of pleasure made my cock explode, and as her pussy wrenched hard, clamped tightly around my cock, and spasming wildly, the hot, tight hug sucked at me, and I squirted wildly inside her hot welcoming depths, my seed spurting hotly, splattering her cervix. I could feel her body shuddering as she rode her orgasm, and the pulsing, orgasmic grip of her tight inner folds, milking my throbbing cock, sucking the last drops from me, draining my balls. I held her close to me as she drifted down, her head on my shoulder, giving off little coos of wordless pleasure.

“Oh yes, that was just what I needed to get a complete cooldown, my Uncle lover can always give me what I need”, Joyce whispered in my ear.

We stayed under the waterfall for another 15 minutes, enjoying the feel of the cool water showering down on us. We made our way to the shore, and lay down in a patch of sunlight, letting the water dry up from our bodies. We drifted, my mind went back to the hot fuck, and just as my cock started to revive, I felt Joyce’s hand gently grasp my cock, and slowly stroking me back up to a hard and ready state.

Joyce rolled over to her hands and knees, her fabulous rump inches from my face.

“Now, take me doggy style, I love it!”

I quickly complied, as I took the position, I could feel her hand grip my shaft, pulling me towards her. I felt the warmth against my cock head, and as I thrust forward, Joyce cried out in sheer pleasure as I once again impaled her.

“Yes, oh fuck it feels so good, my Uncle lover, fuck me again, I want another load of your hot, incestuous cream!”

I could already feel the hot juices as my eager, rock-hard cock started to plunge wetly up between her open thighs. Joyce was grunting and moaning, already ramped up with sexual heat. She began to move wantonly backward to meet the driving in-strokes. Oh god, the deep penetration was superb, as Joyce kept driving her hips backward to meet the hot rushes of my plunging cock. She was moaning and crying out with pleasure as she rotated her buttocks around and around my pumping cock in sexual need, grinding her greedily clinging cunt back over my dick plundering her inner depths.

Joyce illegal bahis shrieked, and I could feel the tight grip of her spasming walls, milking at me. I was building up a load, and Joyce purred, “Oh yes, still so hard, let’s change position, I want to ride you! Ummm, I love it, my Uncle, my lover gets to watch my naked body as I ride his cock, it makes me so horny! Using my Uncle’s hard stiff cock for my incestuous pleasure, Uncle and niece locked in hot forbidden incestuous fucking, out here in the open, makes me crazy! I’ll bet your balls are working up another thick juicy load, to splatter my womb with, let’s not keep your hot, incestuous load waiting!”

On my back, I watched as Joyce positioned herself. I felt her fingers grip me, positioning my cock and running the head along her opening, her lips, syrupy and slick with her juices, rubbing over the length of my shaft. Her hips rolled back a little and the tip of my cock pushed against her pussy. With a low moan, Joyce thrust her hips downward, in one drive, she had me buried in the hot, wet steaminess of her juicy fuck-hole. Her gasp of pleasure mixed with my grunt as I felt myself wrapped in the tight, wet, clutching heat of her eager teen pussy. We started to move together, she was humping her hips down as I arched up to her, she moaned, deep in her throat, as I felt my cock once again nudging hard against her cervix. Her warm, wet muscles were milking my cock eagerly as she rode my cock, over and over.

Joyce purred, “Tell me Uncle lover, tell me how good it feels!”

I growled, “Oh yeah baby, fuck, your hot cunt is so wet and so tight, you’re gonna suck every drop out of my hard prick!”

“Fuck me Uncle lover, keep stuffing my tight little cunt, fuck me until you squirt your hot load up me, splatter my cervix and fill up my womb with all the incestuous cum you can pump into me!”

We started to move faster, each downward thrust of her hips had my cock head nudging hard against her cervix, her gasps and cries of pleasure filling the air, the muscles of her pussy gripping my shaft as my cock plunged wetly between her tight lips. Watching her riding me, her body dappled with sunlight and shade, seeing her gorgeous breasts bouncing up and down in time to her hard thrusts down on my stiff cock, was one hell of a visual turn-on.

Oh yeah, the cum was starting to churn, she smiled as she took my hands, lifting them to her breasts. I cupped the delicious fullness, tugging and tweaking her nipples, enjoying Joyce’s moans of pleasure. She ran a hand down, swirling it over her belly in a loving caress. Going down further, I felt her hand down there, her thumb and forefinger circled my cock, squeezing gently as she rode up and down. Her hand moved back a little, and I heard moans and cries of pleasure as she ran her finger in circles around her bulging, coral pink clit. Her breathing became choppy, and I could feel her pussy start to ripple.

“Oh yeah, so hard, give my tight little pussy your incestuous cream while I cum all over your cock! Uncle and niece, incestuous fucking, it’s so, so, so…. oh fuck, fuck, cream MEEEEEEEEE!”

I felt the rippling spasms grip me tight, and I felt the rush as my cock swelled, piercing her cervix, and with a wild groan of pleasure, I arched up into her, our howls of mixed pleasure joining as her pussy milked and sucked hungrily, drawing another load of hot spunk into her womb, not relaxing until every drop was pulled out of me.

Joyce flopped down on top of me, gasping, as our orgasms started to ebb. We stayed joined until my cock lost its erection, and pulled out, she moved to lay side to side, her eyes filled with a post-coital glow.

The sun was starting to move towards late afternoon, and we dressed and continued down the trail. Back at the car, we drove home, and arrived ahead of Stacie, I started to make dinner, while Joyce stayed in the kitchen with me.

Her voice husky, she purred, “Ummm, Uncle lover, that was a glorious afternoon. Thank you for such a wonderful hike. I hope we can do that again real soon. I’m going to go and buy some sexy lingerie, so you can have a visual treat when I next come to your bed.”

The front door opened, and Joyce quickly switched gears, talking about something she learned in class, as Stacie breezed in, smiling.

At dinner, Stacie said, “Oh, by the way, I have to drive over to my sister’s place this weekend. I thought I would leave tomorrow afternoon since it’s three hours away, I’ll pack tomorrow morning, and then be on my way.”

Joyce and I exchanged glances, I could see the excitement in her eyes, as she said, “Ok Auntie S, I’ll make sure to take care of everything around here.”

She gave me a mischievous look, and I knew how well I would be taken care of.

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