Can’t Take NO For An Answer

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Before I start my tale, let me assure you that this is 100% true. The only alterations I have made are the names of the people involved and the towns they live in, and a few critical dates. Everyone involved in the story is over 18. Also, this is a story about a relationship. There is sex involved, but not for a while, and it isn’t the main point of the story. If you are looking for a hard core tale, this isn’t it.


My story starts in January of this year (2008). I have a fairly large family and we are the result of marriage, divorce and remarriage. As my step-mother puts it, “We put the ‘fun’ in dysfunctional!”

I had been living abroad for over 20 years. I never got along well with my family, especially my father, so right after high school, I struck out on my own and I made my own family on the other side of the country. Time and fate worked together to finally bring me back home this past January. My dad was in declining health and my siblings encouraged me to come and bury the hatchet in case he didn’t make it. I agreed, and traveled to our Pennsylvania homestead. I figured that not only was it a good chance to make peace with the old man, but it was also a great opportunity to scout out jobs and a new home, since I had just gone through a pretty nasty divorce and was now homeless and out of work. My family took the opportunity to make it a family reunion and I got to see my step sister and my half brother for the first time since I was fifteen.

From the minute I walked in the door and saw her, I was totally stunned by my step-sister, Abby. The last time I saw her, she was 12 years old and just another irritating kid. Now, at 37, she was a total MILF! Her petite frame was blessed with a set of pert tits that definitely stood out and a tight little ass that just screamed to be grabbed. Those weren’t her only good features, she was totally fit and trim, and had a sweet face with lips that longed to be kissed. All this after having four kids! But she’s my sister damn it! We never did go for that whole step- or half- thing that defines some families. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her, no matter how hard I tried. After the reunion, I didn’t get to see her again for a few months, but we kept in touch by email and one of the more popular social networking sites. During this time, we found out that we had more in common than we ever realized, and though my marriage ended in divorce, hers wasn’t as happy as it seemed. We talked each other through some pretty rough times and actually became friends. More importantly, we learned to trust each other.

As luck would have it, I got to see her again in August for her birthday. Funny enough, her best friend, Tammy, is also my brother Doug’s girlfriend and they both share the same birthday — August 5th. By now I had found a job and had settled down in Maryland, about three hours south of the family home. They invited me up for their joint birthday bash which they scheduled for August 2nd and 3rd. Abby called me the day before and told me in no uncertain terms that I would be there and she wasn’t taking ‘No’ for an answer. Who was I to deny her? I jumped in the car and broke every speed limit between point A and point B getting there. I had told myself that no matter what, I had to keep my wandering, lustful gaze off of my sexy sister. I spent the day flirting with every woman there (including my brother’s girl friend) and keeping my mind occupied by getting to know Abby’s husband, Tom. I knew I was totally in lust with her, so I figured that if I learned to like Tom, it would keep me from doing something everyone in the family would regret. It wasn’t working.

We partied well into the night, and alcohol flowed like water. Long before midnight, there wasn’t a sober soul on the block…Except me. And Abby. Somehow, we found ourselves in the kitchen drinking coffee into the wee hours of the morning while the Antep Escort Bayan party went on outside. No, we didn’t do anything yet, but now I knew…Brother or not, Abby was attracted to me too. We talked about things that brothers and sisters don’t normally talk about. Without shame, and without hesitation. I think we both knew where we were headed, but we weren’t ready to take that last step yet. But we didn’t have to wait much longer.

Finally, everything came together just days ago. Abby invited me up again to another party. This time it was a combination Christmas party and another birthday party for her next-door neighbor, Tanja. She told me Doug and Tammy would also be going, and she had shown my picture to Tanja. Tanja was dying to meet me, so I was told. Again, she wasn’t taking no for an answer.

I arrived early in the afternoon, and the alcohol was already flowing. I don’t recall being without a drink all evening but I never got to the point of being drunk. Tanja welcomed me to the party, but didn’t seem to care less if I was there or not. Abby, of course, was never far away and I would be a liar if I said she didn’t look absolutely incredible. Like January and August, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her. I could only hope that no one noticed. Boy, was I ever wrong! Several times, I caught Abby and Tammy looking at me and whispering. I had no clue what they might be whispering about though.

Finally, around one a.m., Abby excused herself from the party, said good night to everyone, and said she was headed home to check on the kids before heading to bed herself. I waited about half an hour and excused myself as well.

When I got to Abby’s, she was sitting at the kitchen table, drinking a glass of white wine and smoking a cigarette. She smiled when I came in and told me the coffee was hot if I wanted a cup. I grabbed some and sat down with her at the table and lit a cigarette of my own. Time flew by with Abby and we talked. Just talked. About my divorce, my recent break up with a new girl friend (she dumped me for her ex-), and her marriage. Or lack thereof. She was miserable and she wasn’t ashamed to let me know. She hadn’t been intimate with Tom in almost two years and she was climbing the walls. She needed sex like a dehydrated man in the desert needs water, but she couldn’t risk going outside of her marriage. Tom had made it clear that if she did, she would lose her kids. She wouldn’t chance it.

Around 3am, Tom, Doug, and Tammy came back to the house. Tom mumbled a few drunken words and went to bed while Doug flopped and crashed on the couch in the living room. Tammy joined us at the kitchen table and joined in the conversation. Abby and Tammy had no secrets from each other. To say that they were like sisters was an understatement. They were more like one soul divided into two bodies.

This is where everything changed for us forever.

My heart was really going out to Abby and without a single impure thought in my head, I told her, “Abby, I understand that you’re miserable, and I understand that you can’t step outside of your vows, but if there is ever anything I can do to help, please, tell me. I’m your big brother and I love you. I want you to be happy.”

However she took this, her entire face lit up and as she turned the most beautiful blushing red. She looked at Tammy and said, “C’mon, go to the bathroom with me!”

And just like that, I was along at the table. Minutes later, they returned to the table, both of them grinning like little girls with a dirty secret.

“Robbie? (That’s me) Did you mean what you just said?” Abby asked me.

“Absolutely.” I answered.

“OK. What I’m going to say never leaves this table. I can say it in front of Tammy because we don’t have any secrets from each other, and I trust her more than I trust anyone. Do you understand me?”

I nodded slowly, looking at her and wondering what was to come.

“Robbie, I really hope you meant that, because I need You. Ever since January, I haven’t been able to get you out of my mind. After this summer, I told Tammy what was on my mind and she supports me 100%. She’ll do anything she can to help with this if you agree to it.”

Somehow, I knew what she was saying but at the same time, I still wasn’t getting it.

Abby continued, “I want you Robbie. I want you to make love to me, to fuck me. I want you inside of me and I want every dirty thing you’ve told me you’ve been doing with those women you’ve been seeing since your divorce.” “Don’t misunderstand me…I’m not looking to change my life. I won’t go through any more changes. I need a man and I know that I can trust you. Can you do this? Can you fuck your little sister?”

Both of them were looking at me with anticipation. Instantly I knew that both of them wanted me to do this. Abby needed it to keep her sanity and Tammy needed to see her soul mate happy.

How could I refuse?

After a second or two, I asked, “Why me?”

“Robbie, you’re sexy as hell, and you would never hurt me, so I know you won’t make this what it can never be. Please don’t take this part wrong but we didn’t grow up together. I do love you but I’ve never been able to think of you as a brother. I can do this if you can.”

I only had two more questions. “When and where?”

“Tonight Rob, here. There’s a couch in the basement. I already have it made up for you to sleep on anyway. Tammy will be up here in case Tom, Doug, or one of the kids wake up before I come back up. She’ll keep them from coming down by telling them that we’re talking…That you’re drunk and upset about that bitch who just broke up with you.”

Now I had to laugh. “You two didn’t just come up with all this in the bathroom just now, did you?”

Now Tammy chimed in. “Robbie, we’ve been talking about this since August. We agreed that the next time you came up, we were going to ask you. It’s so sweet that you love Abby enough to do this!”

I didn’t know what else to say, so I said nothing.

Instead I leaned across the table and kissed Abby on the lips.

Without hesitation she kissed me back. In seconds, our tongues were exploring each others mouths. Abby wimpered softly as I placed my hand on the back of her head and pulled her in closer. After a few minutes, she broke the kiss.

She turned to Tammy and kissed her on the cheek. “Good night Hunnie-bunnie! And thank you!”

With that, she grabbed my hand and led me down to the basement den.

As soon as we got there, she started pulling off her pants. With a nod, she indicated that I should do the same. I didn’t need any prompting. She shoved me to the couch and stradled my lap. “Robbie, I need this. More than you know. Please, let me do this. Give me this, and then we can do anything else…”

With that, she grabbed my already erect prick and guided it to her pussy. She was soaking wet and I entered her without a problem. 38 years old and four kids and her pussy was tighter than I could have ever imagined! As soon as I was buried inside of her, she found my mouth and started kissing me with a passsion I’d never seen before. Of course, I returned it with vigor. I wanted her as much as she wanted me. She rode my cock like a jack hammer and in less than two minutes collapsed on my chest in a shuddering orgasm.

After a minutes rest, she slid off of my lap to kneel on the floor. “I don’t know how much time we have, but I want want I can get.”

And with that she took me into her mouth and started sucking me. I can’t describe it. She told me to talk to her. Talk dirty. She liked that. I grabbed the back of her head and pulled her even deeper. “I never would have thought that my little sister was such a great cock-sucker!” I quipped. I heard her chuckle and she continued on with even more vigor. As much as I wanted this to last, I couldn’t hold back. “Swallow?” I asked.

Abby nodded around my cock meat and I lost all control. I shot my load down my sister’s throat and she didn’t miss a drop. She licked her lips as she joined me back on the couch. “Thank you Robbie.”

“Don’t thank me Abby,” I told her, “I wanted this too. Hell, I want it again. Do you?” “Hell yes! Tonight, and in the future too! I hope you’re up to it!”

In response, I laid her back on the couch and mounted her. I entered her this time more slowly. I had given her the fuck she needed, now I was going to make love to her. With patience and tenderness, I entered her. Slowly we rocked against each other and found each other’s mouths. It was great. It was fantastic, and it was as romantic as I could make it. I whispered all the things a woman loves to hear and I meant every one of them. I told her how beautiful she was. I told her how much I wanted her. I told her that I was hers to use as long as she needed me.

When I came, she pulled me into her depths and came too. There was no weirdness. No shame. There was just the two of us, two concenting adults making love.

As I rose up from her and took her into my arms, I saw something out of the corner of my eye…Tammy was there at the top of the steps. Watching us. Her hand in her pants furiously rubbing herself. She was as much a part of this as we were. I didn’t say a word or let on that I even saw her. As we cuddled on the couch, Tammy slipped away silently.

A minute later, Abby got up and started putting her pants back on. “Thank you Robbie. I love you. I want to stay, but we can’t push our luck. Not now.”

She bent over and kissed me again. Then she was gone back upstairs.

As I lay there, thinking about everything that had just happened, I pulled the covers over me and noticed the tiniest bit of sunrise peeking through the basement window. I was drifting away into a totally contented sleep.

That’s when I heard it…

The creaking of the steps. I looked up and there was Abby again. “Robbie, are you sleeping?”

“No, is everything ok” I asked.

“Yes, but God help me, I have no will power. I want more…”

Again she took her pants off and sat at the edge of the bed. She spread her legs to me and gestured her desire. I dropped off of the couch and crawled between my lover’s legs. In an instant, I found her clit and began to lick and suck her with gusto. I used every trick I had ever learned and inserted a finger into her vagina to rub her G-spot as I tongued her clit. She came again. And again. When she was sated, she pushed my head away and lay there catching her breath. The sound of a car moving down the road startled her. She grabbed her pants, bent over for a last kiss, and without a word she was gone.

Several hours later, I woke and made my way up stairs. Abby was in the kitchen with Tammy and the kids were in the den playing some computer game. Tom and Doug were still out cold. “Coffee’s ready Brother Dear.” Abby chimed.

“Sleep well? Tammy asked.

“Better than I have in a long time, thanks!” I answered as I took my first steaming cup from Abby’s tiny hands.

With that small exchange, everything that needed to be said was. There would be no mention of our tryst. As if it had never happened.

A few hours later, after Tom and Doug had woken up and we all shared a very late breakfast, I had to say my good byes. I had a long drive back home in front of me and the weatherman on the TV news was predicting six more inches of snow this afternoon.

I saved my last good bye for Abby and as I hugged her and gave her a very brotherly kiss on the cheek, she took me by the shoulders. “We’re having a big bash for New Year’s next week. You’re coming right? I won’t take ‘No’ for an answer!”

I don’t really remember much of the drive home. Visions of New Year’s Eve and the promise of the next twelve months filled my head.

That’s still eight days away. I’ll let you know how it goes!

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