Car Ride to University

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It was going to be a long, LONG day. I finally got to leave home. Ditch all my friends and start a new life at uni… I wasn’t quite bold enough to leave everything I knew behind. I applied for the same university as my big sister.

‘The university of Sussex, little sister!’ Charlotte called out to me. ‘I’m so excited to see your halls! Eeep! I’m so sad I’ve got my last year in uni. Then it’s travelling the world with friends, before having to get a real job and be boring assed shits like mum and dad… Ooooh I’m going to miss uni. And now my baby sisters coming! I get to corrupt you! You’ll have no idea how much fun we’re going to have.’

‘No corrupting me Lotta.’ I smiled back’ You have been away for years. I can drink you under the table! Speaking of which… Are you sure I shouldn’t pack my little foldaway table for course work? What happens if halls don’t have one? I don’t think I’ll be able to afford a new one…’

Charlotte laughed at me some more.’ Babybell, I’m telling you now. You will fail your first year. There’s so much drinking, drugging and dicking. It’s OK though. Chalk it up to an experience that you get paid to have. Then the next 3 years will be tougher but hey. You’ll never forget your freshers year.’ Charlotte continued to chuckle to herself as she left.

Let me introduce myself. I’m Rebecca, although I hate it. It makes me sound so old. My friends call me Belle, because I have deep blue eyes. My mum is a photographer and her Facebook picture for the last billion years has been of a picture of me and my sister as kids, looking for fairies in a bluebell wood. My eyes match the colour of the flower so in secondary school, as friends starting getting FB and insta and stuff, someone mentioned it and it kinda stuck.

My sister is called Charlotte, although again, my parents named us like 40 year olds before we were even born so she likes being called Lotta. It used to be Lottie, until after she discovered boys. Then some cow in school called her Lottacock, but she laughed it off and adopted the name for herself.

‘Don’t worry Belle,’ she told me one day. ‘If I embrace it then people can’t hurt me with it. Also. I fucking love dick, so I’m OK with it on that level too!’

She’s the best. We’re both the same, looks wise too, I guess. Both blonde, blue eyes a pert handful of boobs and, although we’re not sporty, we’re fit. We live up on the coastline of Scotland. My dad moved us here 10 years ago as he hated the commute to and from the North Sea oil rigs. So I still have a southern accent, at least according to the locals around us. However, if we go down south to visit family, they love it as we have a very soft Scottish lilt to our words. I’ve always struggled with thick Scottish accents, but find slight accents exotic.

The only major difference between me and Lotta is this. She’s a size 10 instead of an 8 now, because uni and drinking go hand in hand and, I have two very annoying dimples in my cheeks. It makes me look cute. It’s why people still ask for my ID despite that fact they know, I’m 18.

Anyway, I’m off to uni. It’s an 11 hour journey, but we’re doing it over 2 days. Dad’s off shore so mum will be driving, which she hates, and also because we live in the ass end of nowhere we’ll be stopping at in Manchester for dinner and a stop over before continuing. Hence the long, Long day… Not complaining, I guess, but I just want to get there.


It’s departure day and I may have fucked up. Lotta has a duffle bag as she’s packed light while bursa escort bayan I, on the other hand, have packed everything I think I need. I decided to take my little foldaway table as I really wanted to make sure I had somewhere to do my coursework… Of course Lotta couldn’t stop laughing at this as she’d already told me: I was going to fail my first year… I didn’t want to believe her so I chose not to.

Anywho, the reason for my fuckedupedness… We have

A) a lot of stuff

B) 3 people

C) 2 seats…

‘I’m gutted mum!’ I called out ‘I literally need everything here. Can’t we send Lotta by train, or make her walk or something?’ I laughed, Lotta smacked me, and mum smiled. ‘Sorry Rebecca, you’re going to have to leave something… Leave the table and stool and a few more bits, then we can repack it all again and get the 3 seats.’ Me and Lotta groaned. It would take FOREVER to get it all out, and besides, there was nothing I didn’t need. I was being stubborn on my table, but I’d used to to pass all my GCSEs and A levels. I felt it was almost a good luck charm by this point.

I finally had a great idea! ‘Muuuummmmm’…

‘Yeesss’ she answered back to me sarcastically.

‘Why doesn’t Lotta sit on my lap. We’re mostly hidden from view. If we crash, we’re packed in like sardines so nothing will move, and I can have her on my lap for 5 hours easy!’ Lotta piped up ‘ You sit on my lap you little midget. I weigh more than you now so it’s only fair!’

Mum shrugged, told us to have our toilet breaks now and we’d leave. I hugged Lotta for putting up with my shit dragged her to the toilet, then the car talking her ears off all the way. Before I knew it we were on the road.

Sat in the back, surrounded by piled stuff I gave up talking to mum as the car was so loaded her replies were often muffled by crap. I knew I was taking too much, but hey, we were traveling from North Scotland to southern England, I could hardly grab anything I left at home on a weekend trip.

I was on my phone, texting my old friends, Lotta on hers texting her boyfriend. She looked like she was having an argument. There were a lot of capital letters her side and emojis on his… ‘boy troubles?’ I hedged. ‘it’s nothing.’ Lotta was abrupt, but I figured she just didn’t want to talk.

About 15 minutes later and 45 minutes into our journey Lotta started fidgeting. I tried not to wiggle, as I knew my bum was a little boney, but I didn’t realise I would make my sister so uncomfortable so quickly. ‘You OK Lotta?’ I asked. She looked a little flustered but smiled ‘I’m good Babybell. Just hot in here is all’. I didn’t find it hot. I was in my summer dress, but it was below the knee, and Lotta had her shorts and t-shirt on. Both loose, so it must’ve just been the confined space.

I felt a buzz on my lap. Checking my phone no one had sent me a message. Its OK, just one of those phantom vibrations you feel from time to time. What was weird was I got those phantom vibes every couple of minutes. They were weird though… I felt them in my bum, back and weirdly… Between my legs. After another 15 minutes I told Lotta I thought she had a message as it definitely wasn’t my phone vibrating.

As I tuned to look at her, her face buried onto my shoulder, a groan escaped through her lips and her hand snaked between my legs and grabbed her pussy. I was so shocked! ‘What the fuck Lotta!’ I whisper shouted at her, as her teeth buried hard into the flesh on my shoulder. ‘Everything gorukle escort OK back there?’ Mum called from the front. I had no idea what had gotten into my sister but I knew what had just happened. With Lotta panting on my shoulder still, I called out, ‘We’re ok. I’ve just got a boney bum and Lotta’s moaning about it.’ Mum sighed’ I knew I should have brought a cushion. Sorry Charlotte bad planning on my part!’ She just huffed away a reply.

‘Thanks little lady’ Lotta finally said 5 minutes later while I was still in shock. ‘Fuck, I’ve never cum that hard… I’m so sorry I really didn’t mean for that to happen, I jus… ‘

I quickly cut over her in a furious whisper ‘You just came!? What the fuck is going on? Why the fuck did it happen? More importantly why are you still holding your pussy?!’ I quietly raged at her. Lotta gripped me tight with her free hand. Right on my right breast.

‘Shut up and I’ll explain… Its not my fault!’ I gave her a flat stare. ‘OK, well its kind of technically my fault, but it’s yours and Ted’s fault too.’ She began to explain, how me, her and her boyfriend ended up in this ridiculous situation. ‘You saw me sending angry texts? Well basically I was gonna have a bit of fun with Teddy. Before the end of the year we invested in a remote vibrator and while we’ve been apart he’s been making me cum…

He really wanted to tease me on the journey down, so when I saw him we’d get straight to fucking for a week. Anyway, you weren’t meant to be sat on my lap. I didn’t get to take the vibrator out, so when I told Ted not to do it he said it’d be hotter. Getting me close with my sister in my lap… When you told me my phone was vibrating he’d clicked it to the higest setting. You could literally feel my pussy vibrating and pulsing…

I’m sorry baby sister but, it was really hot. You, sat in my lap, wiggling your bum, and then you noticed and I couldn’t help but cum. Really hard. I’m so sorry, it was really naughty and the first chance I get ill take it out… I just can’t here, and I haven’t text Ted to say I’ve cum, so hes still blasting my pussy and I’m so sensitive I’m on the verge of cumming again… ‘

Lotta’s eyes dropped, her breathing stayed heavy and I was speechless. I mean, of course she was upset, I’d never heard her ramble for so long and by the end, she knew this was going 1 of two ways.

1) We’d laugh it off, or

2) I was going to flip!

I thought, and twirled my hair and considered what this meant. Truth be told I probably wasn’t in my right frame of mind either. I’d been feeling vibrations through me for the best part of an hour and while lost in thought about how to deal with this issue I noticed Lotta start lightly grinding her hips in to me. I know how it feels to be turned on but this was a whole new level.

Here I was, my mum sat a few feet away, view blocked by all my uni stuff. My sisters breath heaving and her pussy grinding into my ass under me.

Braless in my little summer dress with Lotta still groping my tit…

Suddenly I felt another deep vibration, and before I knew what I was doing I reached down and placed one hand on my pussy and with the other, I pushed Lotta out the way and pushed hard through her shorts to rub her clit. Lotta froze but I didn’t care, I was only barely aware of what was happening. I was so close to coming as well that I frantically tried to get the friction I needed.

Fortunately Lotta didn’t stop for long. While I was rubbing bursa merkez escort bayan both our pussies she clamped one hand on my leg, digging her nails in enough to hurt, the other rammed down the top of my dress squeezing my nipple and her heavy breathing right in my ear. All the sensations combined led to a tingle, which slowly spread to heat and finally a convulsion which ripped through my body. I felt all my juices leak through my knickers pooling under my ass, saturating Lotta’s already wet shorts. I held my hand on my sisters pussy as she continued to grind against me.

‘Fuck Lotta’ I whispered back, voice hoarse. ‘Fuck. I’ve come all over you. My knickers and dress are soaked. Oh my god. All I can smell is our sex!’ I quickly rolled the window down calling out to my mum, ‘Sorry mum, it’s hot and stuffy back here I’ve had to open my window. Can you open yours a bit to stop the drumming?’

‘Course I can Rebecca. Are you both OK back there? Charlotte sounds very uncomfortable.’ but before I could respond Lotta called out that she was OK but she was just going to shift me around a bit.

With that Lotta, still grinding against my palm, told me to lift my skirt and remove my knickers. ‘Right now Babybel. I apologised for cumming uncontrollably but you’ve just wrecked my shorts and you still haven’t made me cum. Now it’s my turn.’ With that she thrust my hips up and drew my thong down. She was an expert at undressing me and I subconsciously wondered if this was her first time as a lesbian. We’d kissed a bit before. Nothing sexual, purely out of exploring our bodies and practicing kissing boys, but this was something else.

While I was propped up, she pulled her shorts and knickers down. We ended up skin to skin. The feel of Lottas perfectly smooth pussy bone grinding against the soft flesh of my ass. She reached down and pulled the vibrator from her sopping pussy. ‘Breathe deep Babybel. This is only fair for both of us’.

With no resistance the egg vibrator plunged straight through the ring of my ass and embedded itself deep. With that Lotta spread her legs, landing me on my now full ass. She pulled me tight against her so the vibrations pulsed through my body and on to her. I felt helpless so I did the only thing I could. One hand freed my tits from my dress and groped my nipples while the other snaked behind my back for better access to Lottas pussy. It was awkward at first but I managed to get into a rhythm of 2 fingers massaging her G spot and my thumb circling her clit.

As lotta finished penetrating me with one hand she deftly swapped, burying 4 fingers in me and putting the other soaked fingers in my mouth. She whispered then, ‘I’m gonna take a video of you like this and send it to Teddy. It will drive him wild, and if you’re lucky he’ll fuck us both.’ With that Lotta filmed me.

I wasn’t prepared for the assault on my senses.

My mouth full of pussy juice. My big sisters hand nearly on the verge of fisting me. A used vibrator shaking deep inside my stretched asshole, and suddenly, Lotta biting my shoulder as she muffled her body rocking orgasm. It was all too much. I came everywhere. Lotta’s hand dripped with my juices, while the walls of my pussy tried to pull her in deeper. I frantically sucked all my sweet nectar from my sisters magic fingers, clamping up everywhere and not letting Lotta go.

We were spent. The back seats of the car were a wreck. Hair and clothes completely destroyed. I was used, abused and totally fucking exhausted.

With a few taps on her phone, Lotta said ‘Sent to Ted and his friends Babybel. I told you you’d fail your first year. Too much drink, drugs and dicks. And now you can add eating pussy to that list as we’ve only just got started… ‘

I smiled and promptly fell asleep. Tomorrow was going to be amazing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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