Careful What You Wish For Pt. 03

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It wasn’t the next week. It was the following month but John and Matt had kept their promise. I was having the time of my life, dancing in front of the crowd, when I recognised a familiar face. It was Peter from work. He grinned at me and my heart sank. This was not what I wanted.

I have never really thought of myself as attractive to men. I suppose it’s just not been relevant to me. My two visitors had shown an interest and that did make me think. I couldn’t dwell on this however as there were a lot of things to decide.

Like how would I explain the marks on my face. I decided to say I had been the victim of a mugging but I knew that explanation would only work once. I just couldn’t allow a repeat; whatever the cost.

I also decided that I would have to meet my new friends again, if only to stop them coming round to my house. I was concerned about the prospect of paying them what sounded like blackmail but more than that there was the question of what else they might want. I didn’t believe them when they said they would give me a really good time. I couldn’t be so lucky

So it was work again the following day and I told my story which received a sympathetic reception. Everyone was sorry for me with just one exception, my assistant Peter. Peter made a comment about my bad luck but he was ignored and so my only problem was the difficulty I found in concentrating. After everything that had happened that’s not surprising.

The next weekend görükle escort bayan came round and it was time to meet John and Matt again. I was smartly dressed when I went out that evening with plenty of money in my pocket. They had said they wanted money and I thought it wise to satisfy them.

I saw them and they greeted me in a friendly way before asking me for a sum of money that was rather smaller than I had anticipated.

John explained.

“We want to make this a regular thing, not bleed you dry. Anyway you get something for your money, we want to give you a good time.”

“Well, are we going for a drink?”

“Oh, nothing like that, just undo your trousers and Matt will show you.”

So I loosened my belt and opened my trousers. I knew I couldn’t resist as he felt inside my underpants and took hold. He was very gentle but it was humiliating to feel the slow tug on my penis and I tried my best to look away. I felt myself become erect and then I made a mess over his hand. He seemed annoyed which was a little unfair.

It was John who spoke.

“Never say we don’t do anything for you.”

That was that. I tidied myself up and we parted on good terms, after making an arrangement to meet again.

And so that was what we did each week for over a month. I gave them money and then Matt, or sometimes John pleasured me. It became a routine and one that I was starting to enjoy. I learned to make an exhibition altıparmak eskort of the way I dropped my trousers and struck various poses before they held me. I even started to look into their eyes and feel the full humiliation as they humbled me.

One week the routine changed. They took my money but stopped me before I exposed myself.

“We know a club we think you’ll like. Do you want to come?”

So we came to the club, which I soon realised was a gay club, not a woman in sight.

“I think you guys have the wrong idea. I’m not gay.”

It was John who answered.

“Sorry Josh, I think it’s a bit late to take that line.”

There was a stage at one side of the room which John pointed out.

“We think you’re hot. So will everyone. You see the guys dancing. The best dancer wins a cash prize. Why not try it?”

So this was what they wanted. There were four guys on the stage, all in their underpants. That was the point, I was supposed to dance in my underpants to earn some money. I was appalled to see quite a crowd watching what was going on but quite excited at the same time.

“Why not give it a go, Josh. If you don’t then we wouldn’t be pleased.”

Again I was being blackmailed and I knew I had no choice but to agree.

I stepped up onto the stage to a burst of cheering and I started to anticipate what I was going to do. I looked at the other guys and realised, with a quiet nilüfer escort sense of pride, that I would be an improvement. Certainly on the fat guy in the dirty old boxers.

One of the bouncers spoke.

“Rules are you leave your underpants on. We don’t want to be closed down. Understand?”

“Yes I understand.”

So I started to dance, feeling slight uncomfortable that I was the only one fully dressed. Fortunately there was a solution.

First I took off my shoes and socks without much fuss. My jacket followed and then the big decision. Should I take of my trousers or my shirt?

It would probably be more manly to take off my shirt and leave the trousers until last. Easy decision then. I felt for my belt and began to tease the crowd by suggesting that I was about to undo it. I could see they were getting more excited and I could hear cries that I should get on with it.

The more excited they were, the better I felt and suddenly I was really enjoying the experience. I took off my belt and started to flick it at the crowd before someone grabbed it and threw it on the ground. I opened my trousers to a cheer and showed off my briefs before hiding them again. There were more calls and I responded by pulling my trousers down to my thighs.

I threw my arms in the air, knowing that was pulling my shirt up so my underpants were exposed. I wriggled around and felt my trousers slipping down my legs. I pulled them off then pulled my shirt over my head.

I was left in my briefs, dark navy blue with a black waistband, which showed off a small but distinctly visible bulge between my legs. I thrust myself directly at the crowd, aggressive and submissive at the same time. I was having the time of my life.

And then I saw Peter.

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