Carole , Her NePHEW

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This is an incest story suggested by a three line précis by Wolfman on the Literotica bulletin board. I definitely do not condone any form of actual incest so no Liberal outbursts please. This is fiction pure and simple.

* * * * *

Carole was my mother’s kid sister. She was a twenty four year old blue eyed blonde with a figure straight out of a porno flick. She was a tall, leggy chick. About five foot nine in bare feet. Her tits were about a 36C and her ass was as perfect a specimen as ever filled out a bikini brief. Her long blonde hair and stunning looks were everything a horny eighteen year old like me desired. I had fantasised about sinking my cock into my luscious aunt so many times I was in danger of pulling my dick out by the root!

I was staying at her house for the summer before returning to my studies after the summer break. Carole had taken to using her swimming pool just after her husband Brian had left for his work in the city. Brian had a high paying job that meant that my aunt didn’t need to do a tap herself. She was very much the lady of leisure, able to lounge around poolside all day. I was happy with this…Boy was I happy with this.

You see I had worked out that if I got up early I could look out of my bedroom window and enjoy the view. The view consisted of Carole in a tiny bikini. Today was a little different, today Carole and Brian were arguing. I surreptitiously pulled the blind back to see what was going on.

She was wearing a small yellow bikini that accentuated her curves. I loved that bikini. Brian was only feet away in a sharp business suit. Christ! If he was any more straight–laced he’d be a fucking waxwork!

“You’re ALWAYS too tired Brian!! …I have needs you know!! A woman needs to feel wanted…I need sex Brian!! If you don’t give it to me I’ll look elsewhere!

Brian was never one for confrontation. He spun on his heels and disappeared through the gate in the twelve foot wall that surrounded the property. I heard his car spin on the gravel and he was gone.

I turned my attention to Carole. She dove into the pool and swam furiously, obviously trying to burn off the frustration of not getting fucked. Dammit I thought to myself. A perfectly good piece of prime pussy going to fucking waste. I had planned to try and get to see more of Carole’s curves. This little episode finally pushed my libido over the edge.

I knew Carole always did twenty laps then went back to her bedroom to change. Bahçelievler Escort Luckily for me the house was a large, meandering affair that would enable me to reach there without being seen by my aunt. It took me no time at all and I had no problem in finding a hiding place. The large drapes covering one window were still drawn and afforded me a good view of the whole room. I quickly ensconced myself and waited.

It wasn’t long before Carole arrived. She let out a huge sigh. Boy was she on a downer! She went to a draw and took out a towel and headed to the shower. En suite of course. I waited until I heard the water splashing and padded quietly to the door. I took a quick look into the bathroom. Carole had her back to me and was already well sudded. The soap ran down her lithe body as the water jets hit her blonde hair.

Was it my imagination or was my young aunt spending an inordinate amount of time soaping and rubbing her pussy? I was tempted to join her but the time was not yet right. Carole reached to turn the flow of water off and I beat a hasty retreat to my hiding place.

Carole returned to the bedroom. She was totally naked. My aunt perched her perfect ass on the edge of the four poster bed. My hand went to my cock as I saw her begin to towel herself dry. I was hard as iron at the sight of the hot blonde slowly rubbing her blonde bush. It was neatly trimmed to allow her to wear those small bikinis. I had only ever dreamed of being close enough to tell that my aunt was a natural blonde.

She returned to the towel draw and took out a small vibrator. It just couldn’t get any better!! I was about to see Carole use a sex toy to get herself off!! But no…she just sighed once more and replaced it in the draw.

Then much to my dismay she walked to my hiding place and pulled the drapes back. Busted!! I stood there looking eye to eye with my aunt. She looked stunned as her jaw dropped earthward. Quickly taking the initiative I moved forward and took her in my arms. My mouth mashed against hers.

I had hoped her pent up hormones would take over and Carole would demand my sexual services. Boy was I wrong. She pushed me away and grabbed the towel to cover her ample charms. She was wide-eyed and looked like a rabbit caught in car headlights.

“John…what do you think you are playing at!! ”

She edged towards the bedroom door. The only route of escape from her horny nephew. I wasn’t prepared Bahçelievler Escort Bayan to lose my prize now though.

“You try for the door I’ll rip the towel from you. ”

Carole stopped in her tracks. Realisation was dawning. Her eighteen year old nephew was making a major play for her body.

I moved slowly towards her. The blonde retreated until the backs of her knees bumped against the bed. Carole gripped the towel tightly in front of her for protection.

I smiled at her and kissed her once again.

Carole looked uncertain as to how to react.

“What do you want?” She asked. Her voice barely a whisper

“I heard your argument with Brian. I want to give you what he won’t. Sex”

I gripped the towel firmly and pulled downwards. Caroles grip gave way and she was naked before me once more. Her one hand instinctively covered her tits and the other her pussy.

“You forget I just saw you naked…saw you go to use a vibrator you are feeling that horny. Put your hands behind your back and show John what’s on offer. ”

“Please John…nothing’s on offer. I’m your aunt. ”

In response I pulled my Tee shirt off and shed my speedos. All I was wearing. My nine inch cock sprang forward. It was fully erect and begging for attention.

“I heard you telling your husband you wanted cock…well here you are. Now I want some pussy and you want cock. Fair exchange?”

Carole’s eyes were nearly popping out of her head. She still looked unsure. Time to make her mind up for her I thought.

“Hands behind your back NOW Carole. I want to see what I’m about to fuck. ”

Carole decided to do as bid. I reached out and gently touched her now exposed breast. She made no move to resist as I teased her nipple to fullness.

Finding her voice she expressed her fears.

“John please, I’m your aunt. What if your mother finds out I let you fuck me…what if Brian finds out! ”

I moved my hand slowly to her perfect ass and pulled her as close to me as I could get. My cock was digging in to her and her reaction was what I anticipated. She moved her lips to mine and we kissed deeply. Her hand found my tool and gently ran its full length.

“I’m not going to tell! …Are you?I mean if we keep quiet and I can satisfy your sexual needs and Brian can keep you financially satisfied. Everyone is happy”

I led back on the bed and beckoned towards Carole.

“If you Escort Bahçelievler want this as bad as me get your ass on this bed NOW! ”

Carole climbed on and I led right back. She led alongside me and gently massaged my balls with her delicate hands.

“Sit on my face”


“I said sit on my face Carole. I want to taste that pussy. ”

Carole slid herself up and lowered herself to my mouth. Her pussy lips were full and moist. I ran my tongue slowly over the entrance to her cunt. My fingers spread her sex open to my wet, probing licks and its darting motions were too much for the blonde. She pushed herself onto my face and her pussy mashed into me. She was losing herself totally. Her juices were flowing freely over my face. The poor, sex-starved bitch had given it up to me. She was pushing against me until I almost smothered.

I managed to flip her over on to her back. I didn’t have to say a word as she willingly spread those long legs of hers. I decided to tease her. Quite a feat as every sinew of my body was screaming inside me to just spear the pussy in front of me.

“You want to be fucked now Carole don’t you. ”

I pushed her legs even further apart and ran my fingers slowly around her pussy lips.

“Answer me Carole…do you want to be fucked?”

Carole remained silent but nodded.

I inserted a finger into her cunt and quickly located the button of her clit. I playfully teased it, pushing into her pussy. I removed the finger and slowly ran my tongue over it, tasting her juices. I took my dick and inserted an inch into her moist opening. Carole tensed slightly but my full length slipped easily into her slippery cunt. My body covered hers and those long legs of hers wrapped around my back, drawing me into her, extracting every pleasure she could from my long, thick rod.

“God you’re huge!! ”She moaned as I slowly picked up pace and made her body mine. I took a tit in my hand and squeezed none too gently. My mouth locked on to her large, tanned globe and I feasted on its gloriously engorged nipple.

I kissed her deeply and our tongues entwined. We broke free as Carole’s back arched when a glorious orgasm wracked her body. She was panting like a dog, or should that be a bitch as I pistoned my cock into her soaking pussy. Her nails raked my back, scouring deep gouges from shoulder to flank. This was the final spur to my cumming. I was in seventh heaven as waves of ecstasy combined with Carole’s thrusts pushed me over the edge. I came in a long, shuddering climax, pouring my cum into my young aunts all too welcoming cunt.

I looked deep into her deep blue eyes.

“I’m glad you decided to give it up to me bitch. Now the fun really starts. ”

To Be Continued if feedback is positive…

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