Caroline Ch. 01

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Caroline Stewart was a 19 year veteran of the FBI stationed in Cleveland, and was the Senior Agent in Charge of the office in the downtown area. She had moved up through the ranks quickly because of her ability to analyze complex situations and to devise solutions that minimized collateral damage. She had participated in many agency raids and was responsible for quite a few felons serving sentences in federal prisons across the country.

She supervised an office with 18 agents; 14 men and 4 women, and they were very successful, for a government agency, at their jobs. Although Caroline spent most of her time in the office, she still relished the opportunity to occasionally join her agents in the field.

Caroline had been married for a few years during her 20’s, but her moves within the agency put a strain on the marriage so they divorced after four years. Since then, Caroline had dated several men, and had sex with only four of them. There were times when she regretted the failure of her marriage, but then her job would intrude and she would soon push it out of her mind. She certainly wouldn’t have had any problems getting dates if she wanted. Even with a small scar on her cheek, she was still a looker. Caroline, at 40 years of age, was 5’6″ tall and a solid 125 pounds. She measured a respectable 36-25-37 and had dishwater blond hair and a very pretty face that made her look much younger than her 40 years.

In her 19 years with the agency, she had only been hurt one time when she was run off the road outside of Baltimore during a high speed chase, which resulted in the small scar on her cheek when her windshield disintegrated during the subsequent crash. But that was 10 years ago and even with the scar, she was still pretty hot.

Antoine Jefferson was the indirect cause of her scar. He had been running drugs and prostitutes out of a small compound in South Baltimore when Caroline and seven other agents raided the facility. Antoine and his lieutenant escaped in an SUV and Caroline and her partner pursued. In a last ditch effort, Antoine veered his SUV off the side of the FBI’s Impala resulting in both vehicles wrecking. Although all four were briefly hospitalized, Caroline and her partner were on hand to testify and see Antoine and his cronies get 15 year sentences with a chance for parole after ten years. A few years later, Caroline transferred to Cleveland.

It had been a long week and Caroline decided to meet two of her girlfriends at Alexander’s Irish Pub for cocktails and dinner. They sat and caught up with each other and Caroline listened to her friends complain about their husband’s bad habits and their perfect children. Caroline usually couldn’t say much because of the sensitive nature of her work. One of her girlfriends had to leave, so Caroline and Cindy stayed for another drink.

As they were sitting at the table, a young black man was sitting at the bar watching them. The man’s name was Andre Jefferson and he was the son of Antoine. He was 6’3″ and about 220 pounds of muscle. Andre was only eight years old when this FBI bitch sent his old man to prison 10 years ago. He cut her picture out of the paper after the trial and kept it in a box in his room waiting for his opportunity. And now, it looks like it just might be coming soon.

He had begun stalking her two months ago and knew that she stopped for coffee every morning at the same coffee shop. So he made it a point to spend the last six weeks being seen by her there. Some days he would be sitting at the table reading a book as she bought her coffee, and other days he would just be leaving as she was going in. Some days he would be in front of her in line and other days, he wouldn’t be there. Over the five weeks, she eventually took notice of the young black man who seemed to be on the same morning coffee schedule as her. They even spoke, in passing, a few times.

He slowly walked up to their table and said, “Excuse me Maam, but I recognize you from someplace.”

She looked up at the handsome black man and said, “Coffee. Don’t you stop every morning at Candy’s Coffee Shoppe?” He smiled and nodded his head.

He smiled at the two women and asked, “May I buy you ladies a drink?”

“No thanks,” Cindy said. “We’re just going to finish these and then head for home.”

He smiled at them and said, “OK, maybe next time.” He looked at Caroline and said, “My name is Andre. See you tomorrow.”

The next morning, Andre managed to be in front of Caroline in line. “Good morning Andre,” she said.

“Well, good morning, uh . . . er . . . “

“Caroline,” she said.

“That’s a pretty name. Good morning Caroline.”

They continued their routine for the next week. On the next weekend, Caroline again went out with her girlfriends to Alexander’s. She wore a skirt that was just a couple of inches above her knees and a tight tee shirt. When they walked in, Caroline immediately noticed Andre sitting at the bar. The women found a table while Caroline walked over and said hello to Andre. Ankara travesti “Well, Andre, I haven’t seen you since this morning.”

“Caroline,” he smiled and touched her arm. “It’s good to see you. Out with your friends again, I suppose?”

“Yep. Most Friday nights we’re here.”

“Well it’s good to see you again. You look nice tonight. Maybe we should go dancing after your friends leave.”

She smiled and blushed at his comment and said, “Andre, stop it. I’m old enough to be your mother.”

“Oh, I don’t think so, Caroline.”

She raised her eyebrows and said, “Just how old are you, young man?”

He pulled his wallet from his pants and showed her his fake driver’s license that showed him to be 29 years old. “See. So unless you’re 50 years old, and I’m sure you’re not, you’re not old enough to be my mother.”

She was surprised at his age. She would have guessed him to be in his early 20’s at best. And she couldn’t understand why she was still standing here talking to this young black man. Granted he was handsome and big and strong. And Caroline had no problem with black men. She reported to one early in her career and she had three currently reporting to her. She had never gone out, or even considered going out with one. It was almost like they were taboo. She always felt that she was in control when she dated, but her deeply held feelings about black men were confusing. She wasn’t sure that she could be in control, or even if she would want to be in control.

Damn! Why was she even thinking about this? She had just met Andre. She knew nothing about him. He was too young for her and he was black. She laughed at his remark and said, “Well, I’m not 50, but I’m old enough to be your older sister.”

He smiled and said, “If I had an older sister like you, I would have to spend all my time fighting off the guys.”

Caroline laughed and said, “See you later,” and returned to her friends.

Andre sat at the bar and watched the women in the mirror. He was glad that he had abandoned his original plan to just break in to her apartment, rape her, tie her up and then ship her off to his brothel. He now thought it would be much more enjoyable to seduce her and make her into his own personal slut. His Dad would like that.

As he watched the women in the mirror, he noticed that she would look over at him occasionally. She didn’t think that he could see her doing it, but he smiled knowing that she may be starting to show an interest in him.

As the women were leaving, Caroline found herself, uncharacteristically, stopping to say good bye Andre. He said, “I thought we were going dancing.”

“Oh no, Andre. I need to get home. But thank you for the offer.”

He smiled at her and touched her shoulder. “OK, I’ll let you off the hook this time. But next weekend, we’re going dancing.”

She smiled at him and said, “We’ll see. Good night.”

As they left the bar, Cindy turned and said, “So you’re robbing the cradle now, huh? Come on. Who is he?”

Caroline was embarrassed. She said, “He’s just a guy that comes in to the coffee shop where I stop every day. There’s nothing between us. Like you said, he’s just a kid.”

“Yeah, maybe so. But he’s a hot kid, and he sure likes you, Caroline.”

“Stop it,” Caroline said. “He’s not my type.”

Caroline only saw Andre twice the next week. One day he was reading a book while nursing his coffee and on Friday, he was just leaving as she got there.

She said, “Hey Andre. I haven’t seen much of you this week.”

“I’ve been kind of busy. Are you stopping at Alexanders tonight?”

“I don’t think so. Cindy is watching her kids and Amy decided to stay in.”

“Well why don’t you come in and we can have a few drinks together? Remember, you promised to go dancing with me.”

She laughed and said, “I didn’t promise, Andre. I said, we’ll see.” She thought about it for a second and then said, “Sure, I’ll come out for a couple of drinks tonight, Andre.”

“Great. See you there. Wear something sexy for me. Please?”

What the hell was she doing? This guy is too young for her. She knew she needed to e careful. He was a big dude, and even though she was trained on hand to hand combat, she thought Andre could break her in half if he wanted.

She didn’t know why she did it at the time, but at lunchtime, she walked over to the women’s wear shop and bought a button up the front shirt dress with matching belt. It was about mid thigh which was shorter than anything in her closet.

That evening, she showered and put on her new dress. She looked in the mirror and thought it was too short for a 40 year old woman, but nonetheless, she actually thought she looked pretty good in it. She had well toned legs from her exercise regimen and knew that her breasts, although only a B cup, were still firm. She unbuttoned the top two buttons of the dress, showing just a little cleavage and then left for the bar. In the cab on the way, she just kept wondering Konya travesti why she had butterflies in her stomach and why she agreed to meet this young black man.

When she walked in, Andre stood up and put his hands on her shoulders and leaned down and kissed her cheek. His soft lips felt almost hot on her cheek. He put his hand on her back and they walked to a table. She told him of her life as an FBI agent and he told her of his made up life as an importer and distributor, although he neglected to mention the product being illegal drugs. He also told her that he had a small ‘service’ operation, but also failed to mention that it was prostitution. As the night wore on, Andre paid the check and then grabbed Caroline’s hand and said, “Come on. We’re going dancing.”

She said, “Andre, I probably should be getting home.”

They walked out of the bar and headed towards a navy blue Cadillac parked in front. He said, “No, not tonight, Caroline. We’re catching a cab to my friend Leon’s Bar over on the east side. Then we’re going to dance and then I’ll see that you get home. OK?” He held the door for her as she got into his car.

“OK,” she said smiling. She knew that certain areas of the east side could be dangerous, but she thought she would be OK with Andre.

They pulled up in front of a decent sized bar with a flashing neon sign ‘Le n’s Ba ‘ over the door. “Looks like your friend needs to work on his sign,” she said.

Andre laughed and pulled her in to the bar. She wasn’t surprised to see that there were only two other white people in the bar, and she figured them to be prostitutes. Music was blaring from speakers everywhere and she noticed a half dozen couples dancing, some slow and some fast. Andre led her to the bar where he ordered drinks for them. After they took a quick drink, he led her onto the dance floor. The music slowed and he pulled her into his arms with both hands on her back. Her arms were around his waist as they swayed back and forth.

As they danced, Andre was thinking how pleased his Dad would be to see his hated FBI agent in his son’s arms. Andre was thinking of how much he was going to enjoy this little bitch, and he looked down and saw her looking up at him with a strange look in her eyes. He narrowed his eyes at her, but she just kept looking into his dark brown eyes. So he figured, what the hell, and leaned down and put his lips on hers. She didn’t pull away so he pushed his tongue into her mouth and she reciprocated.

He slid his hand down to her ass and pulled her closer. As he gently squeezed her ass, he heard a soft moan escape from her lips. He kissed her again. Caroline had a feeling of raw lust come over her and she knew, at that moment, that she couldn’t deny this black man whatever he wanted. She knew that she would be his for the taking tonight. And Andre knew it too.

When the dance ended, she held his hand as they walked back to their drinks on the bar. He looked at her and said, “Let’s go.” She nodded and they drove to his large condo without speaking.

Caroline’s mind was churning and she wasn’t sure she was doing the right thing, but she knew that she couldn’t reject this young black man. Andre’s mind was also churning, but he was thinking of how he was going to turn this older woman into his slut.

When they entered his condo, Caroline turned to him and he slowly unbuttoned her dress as she looked wantonly into his eyes. He almost laughed at her, but knew he was still on precarious ground. After he dropped her dress to the floor, he removed her bra and panties leaving her standing naked before him and still looking up at him. He lifted her in his arms and carried her to his king size bed and gently laid her down. He took off his clothes and then climbed between her legs and felt her wet pussy before gently pushing his massive cock into her. She came immediately. “Mmmmm, Andre. Oh! Aaaarrgh!”

He fucked her, at first gently, and then harder and harder for the next 20 minutes. She came several times and was moaning and screaming the whole time. Sweat was pouring off both of them when he finally shot his cum deep into her pussy.

When he rolled off, he said, “Clean my cock.” She looked at him for just a moment before she understood what he wanted. She had never put a cock in her mouth after it had fucked her before, but now, it seemed like it was the right thing to do. So she went down and sucked his cock clean.

When she finished, she snuggled back up against his muscular chest. She liked the look of her tiny white hand on his muscular chest. He fucked her again before they fell asleep.

The next morning, she woke up with her arm across his chest and her well toned leg across his legs. He looked at her and she smiled at him. “Thank you, Andre. I needed that.” He was going to insist on a blow job, but realized that that might be pushing it a little soon, so he smiled and nodded.

He said, “Let’s shower and then go get breakfast.” They got in the shower and Andre fucked İzmir travesti her again against the shower wall. After they dressed, they went to their coffee shop and had breakfast before Caroline went back to her apartment.

For the rest of the day, she questioned herself for going with Andre last night. She knew that trusting someone like that could have resulted in her being raped or killed. She knew that he was too young for her. She knew so many things were wrong with this. But he was hot. And he seemed interested in her. And she couldn’t turn him down.

She thought it was best to avoid him for the next week so she made coffee in her apartment and took a cup with her. On Friday night, her friends called and asked her to join them at Alexanders. She hesitated, but then thought, “I can’t hide forever.” The three women were sitting at the table when Andre came in. He smiled at them and went to his usual seat at the bar. “Hey look,” Cindy said. “There’s your friend.” Caroline felt her pussy getting wet. “Go over and say hello to him.”

“Maybe later,” Caroline said. The women sat and had a few drinks together, and then all got up to leave at the same time. As they passed the bar, “Andre motioned to Caroline and said, “Can I see you for a minute, Caroline?”

The two women smiled at her and said, “Have fun. Our cab is already in front. Will you be O?” Caroline nodded at them.

Caroline walked over to Andre and looked down at the floor. She said, “Andre, I think the other night may have been a mistake. You’re so much younger than me and we haven’t known each other . . . “

“I want to fuck you again, Caroline. Tonight!”

“But didn’t you hear what . . . “

“No! We both enjoyed ourselves the other night, right?” She slowly nodded. “I want to fuck you again. Tonight. Do you understand?” She nodded. “OK, let’s go,” he said.

They left the bar, got into his car and drove to his condo. Once inside, he stripped her as he had done the week before. He gave her a wicked smile that sent chills down her back as he lifted her and carried her to his bed. He held her tighter than necessary, and as he was laying her on the bed, she noticed restraints attached to the four corners of the bed. She tried to struggle, but he easily attached her to the restraints. “Untie me, Andre! Damit, this isn’t funny. I want to leave now.” He just smiled his wicked smile at her. “Andre, you’ll go to prison for this. Do you understand me? Let me go.”

He lightly ran his hand from her ankle to her wet pussy on both legs. Then he lightly ran his fingertips up from her stomach to her neck. He then grabbed her neck with both powerful hands and Caroline knew that if he applied just a little pressure, she was finished. But he smiled at her and gently slid his fingertips back down her chest and around her nipples. Then he reached to the nightstand and found a large knife. Caroline was petrified. He slowly ran the back of the blade between her breasts and then touched her nipples with the point. It didn’t hurt, but she knew she was completely at his mercy.

He ran the back of the blade across her stomach and down one leg and up the other. Then he turned the knife and slid the handle along her pussy. She came immediately. She had goose bumps all over her body. He continued to tease and taunt her body for the next two hours. He would bring her just to the verge of an orgasm and then back her off. She begged and pleaded with him to fuck her, but he just smiled at her and never said a word. “Please,” she screamed. “Fuck me Andre. I need your cock in my pussy. Please, baby.” She was reduced to a quivering wanton cunt under his machinations.

Finally he smiled his evil smile at her and said, “Tell me you want my cock.”

“Oh, I do, Andre. I want your cock. I need your cock. I love your cock. Please. I’ll do anything if you’ll just fuck me.”

“Tell me you want to be my bitch.”

She hesitated, but his hand slid across her pussy and she yelled, “Make me your bitch Andre. I want to be your bitch. I need to be your bitch.”

He smiled at her and positioned himself on his knees over her head facing her feet. As he began twisting her nipples and lowering himself onto her face, he said, “Suck my balls, bitch.” Caroline greedily licked and sucked his balls until he pulled them from her mouth and drove his cock into her mouth. Then he alternated between his balls and his cock. He continued to twist her nipples, driving her to the brink of an orgasm. He lifted slightly and said, “Lick my ass, bitch.” He lowered himself back on to her face, and at first felt nothing. He squeezed her nipples and then twisted them hard which he knew would make her orgasm. After she came, he felt her tongue begin licking his ass hole. As he continued to twist her nipples, the tongue was driven deep into his ass.

He made her rim and lick his hole for quite some time as he continued to abuse her nipples. When he finally came on her chest, he stood and scooped the cum from her chest and said, “Open wide.” Without hesitation, Caroline opened her mouth and ate his cum. He stood and looked down on the defeated and abused superstar agent who had put his Dad in prison. As he leered at her, he thought that he had turned this decorated agent into a black ass licking slut.

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