Case 01.2 – Fiona

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These are a series of stories starting with women I have met in my life and adventures started. There are some embellishments to make the stories interesting. They start in the days well before cell phones but the memories are vivid. The women were real, some of the finishes were more than happened but why let the facts ruin a good story! All people were over 18 and so much fun.


The break up with Theresa had hurt despite Lucas knowing she wasn’t the love of his life. He busied himself the following weekend planning to go to a party but first meeting up with some friends looking to work on the van he’d brought, but got stopped in the drive by Fiona, the blonde girl next door. For the last year she had teased and flited with him, always making him blush but lately she hadn’t had the same effect on him and was trying harder.

As he approached his car, she swayed up, long tanned legs swinging and stroking a soft hand across the bonnet. “Leaving Lucas? I was wondering what was under here and if it’ll get you far. On a date with your girl.”

He smiled, walking past her to the door. “You could play with the cover but getting under the hood means getting dirty. Are you that sort of girl? And I’m looking at a different model now.”

For the first time, she blushed while he drove away.

That night at the party, he tried to chat up another girl but got bombed down which was a reality check. On the lonely drive home, he realised he had been cocky and angry, not listening to her signals. He resolved to get over Theresa, remembering the good times and what he learned with her.

Next morning Lucas was sleeping in, his mother and aunty having left early on some outing he couldn’t remember. It also gave him peace from their fighting. Then there was a knock on the bedroom door and Fiona’s voice saying hello. He opened his eyes to see her standing by the bed in a short skirt showing long smooth legs that she bent slightly. She had a t-shirt on which was a bit small and as he looked up, she pushed out her chest making her breasts stand out more. Her blonde hair fell to the top of her shoulders and completing it was her smile.

“Come on sleepy head. Don’t waste the day in bed. Or did you have a hard time last night and can’t get… up?”

Lucas paused for thought, then turned to face her. “The best hard times are in bed which is no waste but really good fun.”

She reddened again but didn’t move. He got out of bed wearing just shorts and started to look through the drawers for clothes. “You’d better go Fiona. Now that I’m… up, I could misbehave with a good-looking girl in my room.” She didn’t move so he turned to see her looking at his body.

“Promises, promises! How much would you know about being a bad boy?” He moved closer, reaching a hand to her bare arm to lightly rub the soft skin.

“I know quite a few things but it could take a while.” Lucas moved his fingers along her arm and up to her shoulder. She hadn’t moved but closed her eyes and pushed her chest out again. He had meant to just tease her but now he looked down from her face to her boobs shaking under the t-shirt and her hips rocking when she moved her legs. Her cheeky comments and shyness Anadolu Yakası Escort were exciting him and he was unsure but decided to risk a bit more with her.

He moved his fingers along her shoulder and softly across the neck of the t-shirt barely touching the rise of her breast. She shivered and softly spoke. “What are you doing?”

Her eyes stayed shut and Lucas smiled, dragging his fingers down over her breast, brushing her nipple, then moved to her other boob. Her chest lifted erratically against his hand and he cupped her breast, rubbing gently. He didn’t reply until she softly sighed. “I’m touching you. And I want to do more, starting by taking this top off.”

She opened her eyes and looked at his hands caressing her boobs. He felt her nipples harden through the material, then started to move the edge of the top up. She lifted her arms, letting him remove it, then crossed her arms over her blue lacy bra.

“Oh no, don’t hide them from me. I want to see.”

Lucas took her hands and slowly lowered her arms, then ran one finger along the bra strap tracing the material across to her cleavage. Then his other hand reached back and deftly undid her bra, letting it fall off her arms to the floor. He grinned remembering the technique he’d practiced with Theresa. She gasped in surprise but his hands stroked her skin and cupped her breast before she could think to cover herself.

“Wow, you look fantastic and so sexy.” He lifted her face and softly kissed her while his hand worked her warm large breast. She soon kissed back and looped her arms around his neck letting him cup both her boobs. He kept up the slow movements, staying calm and thinking about her response.

He kissed her neck, hearing contented sighs and manoeuvred her to sit on the bed beside him. “Fiona. You have great boobs and kiss really well.”

He stroked her skin and felt her nipple between his fingers. “Oh, that’s good. But just a bit more though.”

He kissed from her neck down to her boobs running his lips across the dark aureole and the bottom swell lifting the tender flesh in his lips, before sucking her nipple deeply. She moaned and held his head while he kept kissing each boob. When she relaxed more, he lowered her to the bed while still kissing her.

“What are you doing?”

“Just getting you comfortable so I can do this.”

He kissed one breast while using his hand on the other. She sighed under him letting him continue. Fiona was breathing deeply but he alternated soft and deep caresses and kisses, feeling her relax. He was still a bit uncertain but turned on, pushing his cock against her hip and quickly kissed down her stomach. She jerked against him and gripped his head. “Wait, this is too much, we can’t. And it’s way more than I’ve ever done.”

He held his face to her stomach to take it in. He had pushed too fast, but he had heard her words; she was a virgin. That excited him even more. “My fault Fiona, I’m turned on so much. We’d better slow down and just hold each other for a while.”

He looked up past her boobs to see her nervous smile, then lay his head down again, kissing her stomach. He slowly moved up kissing her chest and neck but not pushing her.

“I think you’ve had experience Kadıköy Escort but I’ve hardly been out on dates. Being an only girl, I’m watched like a hawk. That’s why I enjoy teasing you.”

“Why do they let you over here then?”

“Well, my brothers saw you a few months ago and didn’t think you were…ummah… a threat. But you’ve changed since then.”

He kissed her boob deeply. “A lot has happened since then. If they knew me now or what we’re doing, you wouldn’t be here.” He sucked her nipple and cupped her breast. She sighed and lifted to his lips.

“They wouldn’t like it but I do.”

He kissed her lips deeply then slowly kissed down her body. Several minutes sucking her boobs and he felt her squirm under him and smelt her arousal. He kissed down past her stomach to above her skirt, then undid the single button, letting the material part, and kissed her panties, feeling her curly pussy through the material.

“Lucas, you…”

“It’s alright Fiona. I want to kiss you and it feels great to do it just here.”

He kissed the vee of her panties, rubbing his nose across the material. She lifted in surprise and he quickly kissed between her legs feeling her labia. He kept going until she sighed and opened her legs giving him better access. Lucas kept kissing her lips through the material and running his nose across her gash. His hand stroked her thighs and she looked down as he smiled at her.

“You are so beautiful. But I did say I could misbehave and I’m loving it. Are you?”

She bit her lip and softly nodded. His finger pushed her panties against her vagina and her eyes flared then closed.

“You need to be kissed just here.”

His lips joined his finger pushing against the material while she lifted off the bed against him. He nervously moved his hands and quickly slipped the panties down to kiss her naked pussy. She sighed and opened her legs to him. Now he worked her pussy, teasing her and feeling her excitement grow. His own nerves calmed when she opened her legs for him to push his tongue into her hot vagina. He sucked her labia tasting her juices, feeling her quickly orgasm against him.

“Shit. Shit. Shit. Ooey.”

He lapped up her last juices then watched her boobs shake as her orgasm peaked. He was turned on and rock hard looking at her lying there naked with her warm virgin pussy. He stood up and took off his shorts then found a condom from his wallet and rolled it on. When he got back on the bed between her legs, she opened her eyes and saw what he was about to do.


“Don’t worry. I’ve got protection. I’ve shown you how good it feels to be kissed all over. Now I want to show you this can feel even better.”

He kissed her lips, then her breasts and rubbed his cock against her pussy hairs. She was holding his arms and shaking under him. She was entranced and nervous at the heat of his cock pressing against her sensitive lips.

“I’m not going further Fiona unless you want it. I’m just going to kiss you.”

He kept kissing her lips and breasts, rocking against her but not trying to take her. He felt her shaking settle then finally she smiled wickedly and looped her arms around his neck, pulling his lips down to hers. He moved his hips, İstanbul Escort guiding his cock along her wet gash, getting the lips to open. He pushed forward, watching her bite her lip but nod. His cock felt for the hot opening. He pushed against the tightness, just getting the head inside, staying there and rocking his hips. He kissed her deeply then pushed his cock a little deeper until she groaned under him.

“Shit that’s big. Please don’t go fast, I don’t want it to hurt too much.”

“Lift your legs up, that’ll help.”

He put a hand under each knee and lifted, opening her up and pushing deeper. He kept up the pressure and she moaned under him. There wasn’t any sudden invasion, just slow easing until finally he was buried fully inside her.

She grinned wickedly again. “Fuck, your cock is inside me. That feels so full. And it didn’t really hurt when you took my cherry.”

He grinned back with lust, secretly thinking this was the second virgin he’d been in. The euphoria made his cock feel rock hard inside her. “Fuck, I can hardly move you’re so tight. This is going to be slow.”

“Sounds good to me!”

She looped her legs around his waist and he pushed deeper inside her. She sighed and then moaned when he pulled back from her tight cunt and pushed his cock forward again. He watched her contented face while he slowly fucked her. Then he pulled her back to the edge of the bed and stood on the floor, lifting her legs up and fucking her faster, his legs starting to slap against her thighs.

“Yes, yes, like that. This is how I want it.”

He thrust deeper, watching her body shake and respond. He remembered the wicked saucy looks she’d given him and realised how sexual she had been, wanting to explore. His cock grew harder at the though and he fucked her faster, feeling her tightness ease and her pussy get wetter. He palmed her shaking boobs and slowed his pace, watching her reaction and setting his movements to a good rhythm for her. She kept her eyes closed but he gauged her breathing and the way she held him, then felt her legs shake, knowing what was next.

He pushed deep and stayed still watching her orgasm colour her face. Realising she had given in was too much for him. Another few thrusts and he came hard a moment later. She could feel the pulses and her eyes opened wide in surprise. She locked her feet behind him and clamped her arms around his neck, squashing her sweaty breasts against him. He moaned with release and kissed her earlobe.

“How are you feeling now?”

“Mm, good. Thanks for that, making it special for me. I’d thought about sex a lot and that was how I wanted to do it.”

He kissed her softly and she released her grip, letting him pull his softening cock out. “You’ve teased me for months but you’ve always given hints of a sexy tilt to you.”

“And you found out how to bring it out of me.” She grinned while he removed the filled condom from his cock. “By putting it in. Things aren’t going to be the same for me. My brothers won’t stop me going out now.”

They got dressed and she hugged him again, kissing his neck, her long blonde hair tickling him.

“I won’t hold you to any more than this. Living next door, we’d eventually get caught. Thanks again for making it easier than I thought, my first…fuck.”

“It was definitely a pleasure Fiona. Everything fitted… snugly.”

She smiled and left the room, off to start her own social life. Lucas still saw her occasionally, the banter hot between them but they never fucked again.

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